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Avatar f tn Calcium stones are the more common ones. There are other types as well ( cystine, struvite , uric) Kidney stones may hold a genetic predisposition. In your case, the presence of kidney formers in the family may explain the onset of kidney stones at an earlier age. It is best to open lines of communication with your physicians. At this point, you may discuss on whether a referral to a pain management specialist may help.
Avatar f tn Was advised some pain killers and after about 1 week of excessive fluid intake, i passed out another stone. Does this indicate formation of more such stones? What is the probablity of developing kidney related chronic issues? Any preventive steps that can be taken?
Avatar f tn No i don't have any other pain conditions. Just stones and kidney infections as a result of the stones. I take antibiotics about 2 weeks out of every month to keep the constant infections at bay which i can't imagine is good. Im assuming he refferred me to the pain mgmt dr because he's afraid of prescribing pain meds on such a regular basis. I can understand it but its still not easy for me because I'm uninsured and can't really afford to add another dr to the mix.
Avatar m tn Recurrent kidney infection can be due to diabetes, some anomaly or defect in the kidney or due to the organisms developing antibiotic resistance. Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. Since the pain comes before periods too, it can also be due to endometriosis.
Avatar f tn This has helpful medical information that your doctor would be able to understand and discuss with you about more uncommon causes: Its important to remember that kidney stones are not uncommon and are easily treatable if followed up on. The other conditions are clinically rare.
Avatar m tn Hi, Bladder stones may not be as common as that of kidney stones and mechanism for their development is not as well understood. However, in calculus or stone formation it is important to note that certain factors play an essential role: Urine supersaturation,the interplay between crystallization promoters and inhibitors, particle retention and the matrix content (1). Supersaturation refers to urine supersaturation ( less water,the higher the concentration of particles)with certain salts.
Avatar f tn I do have multiple medical problems that being treated, which include kidney stones. My labs are good except my K+, which is low. Do you think that there is any risk in genetic testing and do you think that there is any need to test? hx htn, atypical migraines, complex partial seizures, kidney stones and diarrhea with bx noncaseating granulomas. My mother has had thyroidectomy, noncancerous, rt adrenal adenoma( active) not pheo, high calcium, hot pituitary per my sister.
599170 tn?1300977493 I realize others are more comfortable and want to know .. I have had a few CT Scans for kidney stones within the past 5 yrs so I know nothing is out there that doesn't belong, but I really don't want to know my destiny unless there's something out there for more prevention than I'm already doing. Just my 2 cents. Alzheimer's goes the same way with me. I'l pass. But no judgement passed on those who want to know.
4735069 tn?1358619393 Your daughter should see a kidney specialist for testing as to what the stones are made of and why she is making them. They could be infection related, or she could have a genetic cause of the stones such as cystinuria.
Avatar n tn Up to 20% of adults with kidney stones may have medullary sponge kidney; the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
Avatar m tn The disease that causes cystine stones runs in families (autosomal recessive) and result from a genetic disorder which causes cystine to leak through the kidneys and into the urine in high concentration. This leads to crystal formation that tend to accumulate into stones. Assessments of cystine excretion, stone analysis are few investigations which may help. Do write to me again with more details. Keep us posted on how he is doing. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn im so sorry to possibly waste time here, but could some one please spare a moment to help. I had a bladder lift operation approx one year ago, during the surgery my left kidney was accidently knocked causing it to shut down. After x3 stents and 9 months in hospital it is now working. My problem is the pain im having in the kidney, which at times can reduce me to a mumbling wreck, i have been back to urology where i had the operation and gone through all the usual... wonderful...
Avatar n tn Hi, The way I understand your urinalysis showed rbc numbering at 3-5 /hpf and the normal reference for your laboratory was less than 3? Is this correct? Were you able to visibly or grossly note bleeding in your urine? In other laboratories, urine RBC's numbering up to 5 may still be acceptable. So I feel that in your case, this may be a mild case of microscopic hematuria. In the presence of mild hematuria,other factors have to be noted like bacteria and WBC levels.
Avatar n tn They say that approximately 75% of the population will develop a cyst on one of their kidney's in their lifetime, and not even realize it. I've had PKD for a lot of years now, and until just recently, haven't had anything done about it. It started when I was 17-18, and has gone untouched until this point in my life (38). All my cycsts are 'simple' and only a 1-2 on the Bosniak-Chart, but they were causing renal pain, so my doctor decided I was a candidate for 'renal cyst decortication'.
Avatar m tn But still how would I save myself to have such horrible tragedies? as kidney stones can develop further involving a genetic risk.
Avatar n tn However, you may discuss with your son's doctor the advantage of an abdominal CT scan at this point .If there is a concern over the presence of a kidney stone, some stones may not be readily visible in an ultrasound and this where a CT scan may help.
Avatar f tn But genetic or not, if we never take that step into insanity ( such as using too many meds ect) then no worries, So I think there is a propensity, but we are not doomed. if that makes sense. I believe when we use it triggers something that it doesnt in "normal" people. My dear departed mother had kidney stones, and was prescribed vicodan, she also had cancer.
Avatar f tn i am used to the pain and can deal with it, what scares me is the kidney pain. normally i dont get kidney pain with the stones. i had to have only one stone removed surgically, it was stuck in the lining of my urethra, total pain on that episode before and after! Does anyone have any knowledge on preventing calcium oxalate stones that i havent tried already? i cant take diuretics because of a sulfa allergy, the potassium citrate does nothing, and i have slowed down on tea and cheese.
Avatar f tn They can be caused by any type of thing that blocks the flow of urine in the urinary tract which can be in your urethra, bladder or kidney. Kidney stones, for example. Kidney disease. Anatomy that is unusually shaped. You could have a genetic predisposition. Men should also have their prostate checked if they have chronic UTI's as that is a common cause of this recurrence. Not sure why anyone would opt to not treat a UTI since they are uncomfortable.
623083 tn?1295214681 Stones are not confidently seen but cannot be entirely excluded on this contrast enhanced study only. My son started have kidney stones the age of 5. He has had problems every since. He has show debris many times in his bladder on ultersound as well. this is a recent ct scan and no one wants to tell me what it means. He is on Remicade due to Crohn's as well. He has lost 10 lbs in a week, and not feeling well at all. He is 15 yrs old.
Avatar f tn I would suggest you seek a nephrologist or urologist at the nearest university medical center that specializes in kidney stones for further evaluation.
Avatar m tn At this point , there seems to be no association between polycystic kidney disease and kidney stone formation. Do you have any associated symptoms of nausea, vomiting or severe abdominal pain?
Avatar m tn I am a 35 yr old male that has been fighting reoccuring kidney stones since I was 18. I have been to numerous Urologists in my surrounding area for treatment and cures with no avail. I also fight a very aggrevating issue to me, which is the inability to gain weight. I a ... [More] m 145lbs tops and no matter how much I eat, I can not gain weight. I recently went to an Endo Dr.
Avatar f tn However, she feels that the kidney failure was not caused by anaplasmosis, but that she may have an auto immune or genetic kidney disease that caused this. It's all so surreal. However, today Aly showed more energy and even greeted me at the door when I came home. (Yesterday she was so letharic and seemed disinterested and depressed.). Today she ate some turkey meat and a cup of Acana Wild Prairie Regional Formula. That was extremely encouraging.
Avatar f tn Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. Diet high in animal fiber, dehydration, and low calcium intake can also cause recurrence of stones. Please discuss these possibilities with your doctor and see if you suffer from any of these disorders. Treating these would help reduce pain.
Avatar n tn A bleeding disorder may also cause kidney problems. You ave mentioned of kidney stones. I suggest that she be also worked up interms of her serum calcium and hyperparathyroid function.I also suggest that a genetic test be done to determine underlying genetic mutations in some genes responsible for blood coagulation ( aside from factor 5).Fibrinogen levels, protein C and S, homocysteine levels may also be determined.The pesence of an antiphospoholipid syndrome may also be assessed.
Avatar n tn Also, specifically, lemon juice appears to break down CaOx stones. I pass a kidney stone at least once a month, so I completely understand what you are going through. No doctor would expect a 9mm stone to pass on its own, its just too big. I personalyl wouldn't be that anxious to break it up though, because a 9mm stone can make quite a few smaller ones. Luckily, in some blessed individuals, stones can stay in the kidney painlessly for many years without causing any trouble at all.
2361255 tn?1339611918 As far as Meds for kidney disease goes,Dogs with kidney failure will end up getting ulcers, throughout their digestive tract, and because of the ulcers, the vet will prescribe anti ulcer medications, as well as anti nausea meds. Dogs with kidney disease will also experience a rise in their phosphorus levels, so typically a phosphate binder is given. And when the dog is not drinking, and not staying hydrated enough, then it is time to start administering Sub-Q fluids.
Avatar m tn 'Home Remedies to Make Kidney Stones Dissolve'. I don't think we are allowed to post links here, but if you search that, it should take you to a good piece on kidney stones, on a site called 'Live Strong'. It may give you some ideas that you may be able to use yourself and give you a little more feeling of control. This info may not eliminate the problem, but may help ease the discomfort. I am a firm, lifelong believer in homeopathy.