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Avatar n tn My concern right now is the frequent urination. Can the 2 remaining stones in the kidney still be causing the urination problem if they are not moveing down the ureter? If the stones are contributing to this problem , would a medication such as Detrol help? Please advise.
Avatar n tn Secondly, you can get an ultrasound done to see of the tech can detect any stones in the kidneys. If stones are not your problem, then look to your diet. Frequent urination is often the result of drinking drinks with caffeine like coffee or soda. Another problem you may be having is with sugar substitutes from diet drinks and foods. You can see an allergist to see if you may have a sensitivity to them or just give them up for about a month and see if that doesnt' fix your problem.
Avatar n tn I am a 22-year old male with frequent urination. I use the restroom 6-10 times per day, always with a moderate or large amount of uine to void. Before this problem I was urination every 4-6 hours. There is no burning when I void. Some days I feel as though I constantly have to urinate. It is not as bad in the morning or at night. This problem has been going on for approximately 6 weeks now. I have been to my GP and a urologist. My GP put me on 10 days of Cipro, but that did not help.
Avatar f tn Since the last 5 days, i have been experiencing frequent urination. After i pass urine, i feel the urge to pass urine again after half hour or hour. Initially, there was slight burning when passing urine but not anymore. I got urine test done but it shows no infection. One month ago, i got digestive problems and acidity and doctor gave me Zantac for that and i was fine within a week. Now ocassionally, i experience acidity and burning in stomach so i avoid fried foods.
Avatar n tn Pass urine as soon as you feel the urge and do not try to hold urine for longer as this can cause infections and kidney stones. Cranberry and other citrus juices and citrus fruits help in washing away the infective organism from the urinary tract. Do keep us posted on your doubts and progress.
Avatar n tn After a short while i started having the urge to go to the bathroom a lot, most of the time only a little urine would come out. I had a check for kidney stones, there werent any. Ive seen a bunch of doctors, before my urine test used to have a little blood. Recently that has not been the case. Most of the time i feel like there's urine in the shaft of my penis and i have to go to the bathroom several times, sometimes a lot of urine comes out, im trying to drink less liquids.
Avatar n tn I have had half a dozen kidney stones in the last year or so. This definitely sounds like it could be a stone. The pain generally happens as the stone goes into the ureter and travels to the bladder. Once in the bladder, it doesn't usually hurt too much but may cause frequent urination, etc. If you don't have anymore pain, i would just strain your urine for awhile and wait to pass the stone. If you have more pain, you can go to the ER and have a scan done.
Avatar m tn i have been to see my gp a month ago with kidney stones, painfull cramps ,the pain has gone but im passing alot of blood when i urinate and it also stings when i urinate which is about 20 times a day im male and 29 years old any help please
540521 tn?1221703306 The stones seem to bother me the most when i am standing and being active, Can kidney stones lead to kidney Failure? How much worse can this get? I don't know what else to do , I am at a loss, any help would be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You..
Avatar n tn some pain in my left kidney which I have a small stone. Frequent urination and afterwards still feels like I need to go again.
Avatar f tn Also, is there any associated change in urine character ( red or tea colored urine), passing of sediments ( stones?) or difficulty initiating urination? I suggest that you seek immediate consult with a nephrologist to have this completely assessed by your physician .A urinalysis , CT scan of the kidneys,ureter and bladder and certain blood tests to determine kidney functions are essential. Presence of swelling in the extremities with pain and urinary symptoms may suggest kidney disease.
154765 tn?1237251544 If your urine culture returns as negative, then other very rare causes include kidney/bladder stones, urinary retention, pelvic masses and bladder tumors. If you have had bladder neck surgery for incontinence, there is the possibility of bladder outlet obstruction, or "foreign body" in the bladder, which can slso cause the symptoms. you need to get worked up by a urogynecologist or urologist for these, especially if there is also urine leakage.
Avatar n tn You say that you;re not sleeping at night, so ofcourse you are taking naps. dinking that much water ofcourse your going to bathroom alot..and the diarrhea could also be from the water..(ofcourse you should go to a doctor) but rationally all of your symptoms seem to have a reason behind are just scaring yourself...relax..
Avatar m tn Pain in the kidneys with the burning sensations of urinating and frequently urination needs to be investigated for infections and kidney stones. If the prostate gland is enlarged this can put pressure on the bladder causing sensations to urinate, but difficulty with urination. Having high sugar levels in your blood stream if you are glucose intolerant or have diabetes can also cause frequent urination.
Avatar f tn Yes, when I have a stone or stones, I'll have a much more frequent urge to urinate than when I don't have a stone. I've also experienced a very slight burning sensation at times with a stone too. Are you on anything like Flomax? I've noticed a more frequent urge since I've been taking Flomax too. Not sure if that's the Flomax, or just my age coming into play.LOL!
570898 tn?1286205761 Frequent urination Good afternoon. I know how unsettling it is when your pet is acting out of the ordinary. Polyuria, or increased urination, is seen in pets of all ages. Polydipsia, or increased water consumption, is commonly noted as well. Urine production and water consumption is controlled by the interaction between different systems within your pet’s body. Increased water consumption is noted because the body is losing more fluid via urination so the body compensates for this loss.
Avatar f tn This summer I experienced extreme pain in my right flank along with back pain on the right side and frequent urination. Dr thought it was either kidney stones or a pulled back muscle. After a couple of weeks this pain subsided, however then I developed swelling in my left foot that was thought to be gout. After a couple weeks this too subsided. Since Christmas I have been experiencing back pain on the right side, frequent urination again and occasional lower right abdominal and pelvic pain.
Avatar n tn it could be that the bladder is inflamed and causing the tummy to swell..or a stone thats causing the irritation will cause very frequent urination..he needs to have a pelvic MRI with contrast to see whats going on for a propper diagnosess..and that theres no interior bleeding from the colors of stools ifd there black or throwing up a substance like coffy grounds get to ther er asap..a stone this big can cause major infection or bleeding..
Avatar m tn (this is my 3rd doc but now i had it checked in a well known hospital, the last 2 check up was from a clinic and it was more then 5 months ago) i told my doc that my main symptoms were frequent urination and slight burning feeling and i told him that i took all the antibiotics for chlamydia and gono. so to his assumption he said that it doesn't look like an std and said it could be a kidney stone.
Avatar n tn Hi, Causes other than a UTI than can cause blood in urine include, kidney stones, underlying kidney disease, STDs that are not detected on routine urinalysis (chlamydia and mycoplasma infections), increased blood pressure, exercise-induced bleeding, general bleeding disorders, etc. Kidney stones up to 5 mm in size can pass through the urinary tract, though with significant discomfort.
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months i have had frequent urination and bladder pressure and discomfurt. I have had countles urin analysis's, the first one showing an infecton that was cured, but my symtoms never changed. I stopped drinking my normal 2 cups of coffe a day and it helped a little but it is still there. My doctor thinks it could be kidney stones. I was wondering if anyone had any other opinions.
Avatar f tn I was dx with a irregular heart rhythm at the age of 16 ( and flutters), no HTN, cholesterol is perfect, no diabetes, dx with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis and had a ablation done about 6 months ago. There is no family hx of kidney problems but my oldest daughter started passing kidney stones at the age of 12 and has had about three kidney infections in 6 years. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hello, These symptoms can be due to a kidney stones or infection of the kidney. From the colicky nature, site of the pain and difficulty in urination, this is an important possibility which needs to be evaluated. Patients with urinary calculi may report pain, infection, or hematuria. I suggest you to get an ultrasound or CT abdomen. Please discuss this possibility with a urologist. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn The blood test was normal excpet slightly low sodium levels, the culture showed staphylococcus aureus colony count 100 cfu/ml I also got a sonography done through which i got to know I have 5 kidney stones, 3 in right and 2 in left kidney, one stone in the right kidney is 6.23 mm rest all are 4 or 3mm.
Avatar n tn It does not hurt or have blood in my urine etc, but im concerned my stones may be developing again. Could a low blood count cause frequent urination? The iron tablets iv been given (ferrograd 150 mg) are giving me stomach pains also.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, From last one and half month I am suffering from problem of frequent urination (a urination after very five minutes). I visited the clinic and performed urine tests several times. Every time doctor told me that your results are normal. He performed a blood test for prostate, it also came normal. I took a course of ciprofloxacin and then doxycycline. Nothing worked.