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Avatar m tn New doctor next week..Nice to have more information. Found a lot on emedicine.
Avatar f tn I agree with calgal. SOD "attacks" are worse than gall or kidney stones and most people suffer for years and even end up addicted to pain meds before they are dianosed. SOD wasn't even taught in med schools until the mid 80's and even though evidence based, some docs still prefer to think it is psycological. It took 4 years,4 docs and losing 65 pounds before I was finally diagnosed.
691983 tn?1266808432 so let me know how many have had theirs check??time will tell with the day to day kidney pain. even though i pass stones like weekly and thats ton of pain.
Avatar f tn She was given anti inflammatory injection(Nonsteriodal) at first. We all thought it was kidney stones we were wrong. So the doc ordered moraphen needless to say after 1cc was given she cried out it was causing her heart to hurt. Her blood pressure went up to 144/99 with a pulse of 125. Normally it is 90/50 to 115/74 with a pulse of 50 to 88. After the heart issue ended she said go ahead with the rest. They gave her 4cc and she was ready to take on the world with pain but able to speak.
61536 tn?1340701763 I was diagnosed with Fibro after I kept having bad reactions to medicines that were used to treat pain on my right side of my body due to a rare reaction to ciprofloxin (kidney infection and removal of kidney stones in ureter -6. Also still have stones lodged in both kidneys). I was on cipro for 40 days. I also have DDD, Degenerating Disc Disease in between my C5/C6 cervical vertabrae (Neck). I went two years in horrible pain due to a very bad doctor.
Avatar n tn You might also search the Medscape and eMedicine websites for further information. I hope your wife will be able to get some relief soon.
Avatar f tn The calcium to take is calcium citrate, not calcium carbonate according to Dr. Holick. (Calcium citrate will prevent kidney stones - cal calbonate can cause them). Ask your doctor to read Dr. Michael Holick's NEJM article or go to and watch the video presentation (external link on website), "ECTS Presentation". You should watch this also. It will take about 3-4 minutes to load and 35 min to watch.
Avatar n tn Just some data on myself... I'm 41 years old non-smoker No history of migranes Current headaches (again, docs say stress induced but I have mine 80-90% of time). Has anyone had success with a Home treatment? (heat? ice?other)?