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Avatar f tn but the pain came back and then it went into my back as well this continued for about 4 days happening early hours of the morning late evening and early morning .. does this sound like kidney stones as I'm really worried its something more serious..I'm 31 a female and my ct scan is tomorrow. I'm scared . So any advice would be great .
Avatar f tn Urologist performed cystocopy (normal), ultrasound (normal with R kidney hydronephrosis), CT scan showed no hydronephrosis but two 2mm non obstructing LEFT kidney stones. I keep having symptoms of what feels like uti that subsides with drinking a lot of water. Macrobid removes all symptoms while i'm on it but they return 2 days after I stop taking them. I don't have any other symptoms, the pain I usually feel is bladder discomfort and pain in urethra, some burning and urgency.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry that he is having this much discomfort form his Post-op Kidney Stones. I've never had Kidney Stones. However, if they made an incision of any kind, chances are that he isn't supposed to be in a bath tub. Usually they aren't allowed to get that area wet. PLEASE don't laugh TOO loudly at me IF there is no incision as I must emphasize that I DON'T havae a clue as to how they are removed.
Avatar n tn but i sit here , on the toilet typing this , as for the last two days i have had horrific cramps and diahorra (sp) . Its heart warming to know that all my symptoms are of those relating to kidney stones .
Avatar m tn As far as I know, these are the only treatments - "Watchful waiting About 85 percent of the time, kidney stones are small enough to pass during urination. This occurs usually within 72 hours of the start of symptoms. The best treatment for these small stones is to drink plenty of water (as much as 2 to 3 quarts per day), stay physically active and wait to pass the stone.
Avatar f tn The treatment for kidney stones depends on their size and what they are made of and also if they are causing pain or obstructing the urinary tract. Small stones usually pass through the urinary tract without treatment. It is good advice to stay well hydrated as that should prevent the stones from getting any bigger or new ones from forming. For kidney pain you may take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen or naproxen .
Avatar m tn Recurrent kidney infection can be due to diabetes, some anomaly or defect in the kidney or due to the organisms developing antibiotic resistance. Recurrent kidney stones are found renal tubular acidosis, medullary sponge kidney, Dent's disease (genetic disease of the kidney), hyperparathyroidism, primary hyperoxaluria and Crohn's disease. Since the pain comes before periods too, it can also be due to endometriosis.
Avatar f tn It took a while but the pain I was having was finally diagnosed as a kidney stone and I have another symptomatic one in the other kidney. But I wonder if kidney stones cause anemia because I suddenly became anemic just over a year ago and we have not been able to find a cause. Although I had occult blood in my urine due to the stone, it was not a lot. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this too or if anyone might know if stones can cause anemia?
Avatar f tn I'm a woman in my early twenties with GERD, ovarian cysts, annual kidney stones, lactose intolerance, and pellet stools. I began having lactose intolerance when I was a kid. I have had pellet stool since I can remember. Everything else appeared when I wasin my senior year of college. I've been on Nexium for 2 years. I do not take it everyday bc I know it's bad for you. I feel fine if I just take them 2 times a week. Tums and Prilosec does not work.
Avatar n tn Pain in lower back, Pain in groin/crotch/bikini line sometimes radiating down butt & front/inside thigh, Pain in lower abdomin, Weight Loss, Fatigue, Nausea/loss of appetite, Blood in Urine, High heart rate I had Extreme cramping the other day in lower abdomin & down legs with pain in back, Pain worse at night because laying down painful, Sometimes peeing my burn or seem hard to come out like I have to push out but then sometimes it's normal, & I feel bloated.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Kidney stones should be added to the list of health problems linked with hormone pill use after menopause, according to an analysis of landmark government research that first raised alarms about the products.

 Among more than 24,000 postmenopausal women taking either hormones or dummy pills, those using hormones were 21 percent more likely to develop kidney stones over about five years.
Avatar n tn If your PTH levels are too high, called hyperparathyroidism, this could account for your chronic kidney stones. Also, I too have had stones since early adolescence. I usually get at least one every summer, so I know the pain, and I know when I am experiencing one. However, they do not always show up on scans, IVPs, etc. Also, they do not have to be causing an actual obstruction in order to cause pain.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
278016 tn?1220194704 I have been having multiple health problems for four years shortly after having mono, and kidney stones which were a year and a half apart. Focusing on the kidneys they are constantly sore. When I eat certain foods, especially salty foods, i urinate even more frequently, and leak urine. I have been to a urologist and my bladder is perfectly healthy.
Avatar n tn Hi, The way I understand your urinalysis showed rbc numbering at 3-5 /hpf and the normal reference for your laboratory was less than 3? Is this correct? Were you able to visibly or grossly note bleeding in your urine? In other laboratories, urine RBC's numbering up to 5 may still be acceptable. So I feel that in your case, this may be a mild case of microscopic hematuria. In the presence of mild hematuria,other factors have to be noted like bacteria and WBC levels.
11100381 tn?1436783508 joint were lodged out of place so I can barely walk through the store without having to wear a fairly tight therapy belt to keep my hips from grinding, then once I hit 24 weeks I began experiencing severe false contraction, and at 28 weeks I went to the hospital in uncontrollable screaming fits and ended up being kept over night in the assumption I have kidney stones or a kidney infection but with blood tests urine samples and ultrasounds showing nothing abnormal.
Avatar f tn I never had gall stones but with my first pregnancy i had kidney stones and had to have kidney surgery when i was 25weeks pregnant. That was horribly painful.
1528126 tn?1291771901 •burning or painful urination •pain in the back, lower abdomen, or groin •cloudy, dark, or bloody urine •foul-smelling urine •fever and chills •vomiting To confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may order an x ray called an intravenous pyelogram (IVP). In an IVP, dye is injected into a vein. The dye travels through the blood to the kidneys. As the dye is filtered into the urinary tract, it makes urine visible on the x ray and shows any blockage in the urinary tract.
Avatar f tn I also have MSK and my early experience with kidney stones is very similar to what your daughter is going through. In 1987 when I was 14, I started having incredible pain in my upper and lower back. My mother took me to our family doctor, and it was determined that I had a UTI. I was put on antibiotics, but they did nothing for the pain. I remember laying in my bed, crying my eyes out and telling her something was really wrong.
1120324 tn?1259238678 Now that he has a new pcp, we found out that his gfr was I think about 70 and we had absolutely no idea about this and he has had it for over a year so the new doc told us.
1522652 tn?1291241954 I know that there is a link beginning with my chronic uti's as a child, to my severe pms as an adolecent into adulthood, and then on to my chronic kidney stones and infections as an adult, and then the loss of my kidney, as well as the problems I'm experiencing now. My question is what specific tests do I need to request to accurately check my thyroid, parathyroid, and my calcium levels? Also, are there any specific questions that I need to ask.
Avatar f tn I have been lucky most have not been kidney infections. But from what I understand -- the stones are so porous that the bacteria easily is trapped in them. I wonder if the calcification works the same way ? Anybody know? Also I believe that we always have some type of stone activity going on but not all shows up on tests, leaving us wide open for infection. Just my two cents.
Avatar n tn This is an old post but thought I'd give it a go. My son has just been tentatively diagnosed with MSK. We'd already discovered that he had elevated calcium levels (spiked upwards from 9.9 to 10.6) and he had multiple kidney stones, one of which required lithroscopy. It just so happens that I had hyperparathyroidism and had a gland removed a couple of years ago, so I am familiar with elevated calcium and its effects.
Avatar f tn I just posted a comment for my symptoms and noticed your posting. It could very well be kidney stones or maybe an infection in your kidneys. I hope your appointment goes well and good luck.
470425 tn?1246926200 I am very worried, and I appreciate any help you can give. On April 19th, there is a local Kidney Early Evaluation Program nearby and I am going to go, but In the meantime I could appreciate any help or suggestions for preventing them until the 19th. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Now I am having left flank pain and tenderness (without any of the other hallmark symptoms of an acute kidney infection). My Internet obsessive searching indicates this could be a sign of chronic kidney infection. Does anyone here have chronic kidney infection (chronic pyelonephritis) as it relates to MS? The whole kidney damage/failure issue scares the snot out of me. I am a self-cather and thought that would keep me from getting this.
Avatar n tn I don't know where to turn... I have passed numerous kidney stones in the past ten years...two just this summer alone. And there are more in the kidneys, as noted by my most recent CT scan. I have had fluctuating blood pressure. My current serum calcium is normal, though in the past it has been at the "high end of normal". My PTH has measured normal (currently 20.6 on a scale of 12-65 pg/mL). My IONIZED calcium is moderately high, (currently 5.52 on a scale of 4.65-5.30 mg/dL).
Avatar f tn 05g nometaphrine- 399mcg metaphrines- 195mcg total 594mcg total protien urine 24 hour- 84 mcg aldostrine- 49mcg I am awaiting appt with new nephrologist to go over blood work.......................................................... However, urologist told me that my kidney disease and kidney stones SHOULD NOT cause pain (unless actively trying to pass stones). i can completely tell its my kidneys that are inflammed on and off.