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Avatar f tn I am a poor water drinker which contributes to the formation of most kidney stones. I suggest that you have your stones analysed if you have not done that. I was told by 2 urologists that there is nothing that I can take or do that will change my situation. Both urologist told me the same as what yours said, my chronic back pain was not related to kidney stones. They were correct and I was diagnosed with other issues that was the cause of most of my chronic low back pain.
Avatar m tn I myself am suffering from chronic kidney stones. It seems that once I pass one ( my largest was 9mm, that required surgery) there are at least two more taking its place. Both kidneys are full of stones. My left kidney is considered non functioning because of its size and also is completely full of scar tissue.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel, although I haven't had spasms everyday, I have experienced them on occasion. It is worse than kidney stones. Undescribible pain!! It could be a number of things. Your kidney could be floating, you could have hydronephrosis, your renal artery could be obstructed and the blood supply is cut off intermittantly, and of coarse the old kidney stone is a possiblity. You really need some test done to see what is going on. I know how hard it is to find a good urologist.
Avatar m tn I went to doctor about some lower abdominal pain I had been having, and he suggested that I get an ultrasound of my kidneys and organs in the abdominal area. The ultrasound showed that I have stones (2.5 mm) in both kidneys. My right kidney has a stone of 4 mm. It also showed that the right lobe of my liver is enlarged (135 mm) and that I have biliary engorgement. As I understand, various types of liver disease are typically characterized by enlargement of the whole liver.
Avatar f tn Looking for possible stones and see if they were working correctly. Right kidney slightly enlarged working at 40%, but told no sign of stones and maybe she was eating too many carbs and not enough fiber. In addition, plenty of people have worse kidney function and don’t feel pain, so the pain is not her kidney…And since blood pressure is low kidneys are probably not the problem. (I know she is not a high carb eater…but took it anyway.
661200 tn?1225486613 She lot 1/2 lb (for a 7lb dog, that's alot) Long story short, now we are on a weekly subcutaneous fluid therapy, still off the Lasix. I don't know how I can get her anymore fluids - she's on a kidney diet that I mix with chicken broth and has water bowls all over the house. She is tinkling fine. Remember that she will be 15 in January. I am taking it 1 day at a time. I am scheduled for a hysterecemy on the 18th and want her on my bedside during recovery.
482754 tn?1341795094 Hello, Yes, I can help with a Calcium oxalate diet for your little dog.... The KEY is Wet food and adding some x-tra water. LOW PROTEIN DIETS ( Thanks to Lowchen's ) Low protein diets play a role in the treatment of several conditions, such as kidney disease, advanced liver disease, and some forms of dominance aggression.
Avatar n tn I also have kidney stones chronically. I just got a CT scan yesterday, have a 4mm stone in my right kidney. My Dr said this should pass on its own. I once passed 18 stones in a 24 hour period, after lithography. That was awful. Nothing seems to work for me I am 47 and had them since I was a teenager. Seems the older I get the faster they come. My kidneys were clear in June, this is Aug and already have a 4mm stone, and passed a 2 or 3mm stone a couple weeks ago.
Avatar m tn I have one kidney. I have had stones and blockages in this kidney.. About three days ago I started having pain in my lower back and the pain goes to the front...very painful!! Had a CT Scan stones no kinks..that's the good news.. I had blood work done and the results were Creatinine was 1.3 GFR 47 ok how concerned should I be?
Avatar m tn People I know what I am talking about I have had kidney stones/kidney disease since 1965. Your doctor is wrong most kidney stones can be treated: the goal is to stop or slow down the formation of them. This is accomplished through metabolic testing... which many be done by a nephrologist in some parts of the US. Once it is determined what is causing the stones to form and the composition of them..
Avatar f tn Also, the doctors have said they are not entirely sure that my pain is kidney stones. The pain is a burning, stabbing pain that goes down my right backside and to my lower stomach on the right side. The stones are calcium-oxalate and are usually small. In the past six months, I have been passing a steady amount of "gravel" in my urine, which is basically small stones. Therefore, I am in pain all of the time.
389797 tn?1200693362 He's ready to send me to Mayo or Iowa City. I am desperate. I have been away from my job on unpaid leave for over 4 weeks now. I am afraid to drive or leave the house for fear that I may soil myself in public. Anxiety and depression are worse. My friends and family offer to stop and visit but I don't want to see them like this.
Avatar f tn i believe he has had every test possible. he has had problems with kidney stones. And has been told he has Celiac's. Most of his blood work up comes back abnormal. Each time its different. This last time his red blood cells were to high. Now he has cysts in his intestines and esophagus. He has gone threw around 22 surgeries to remeove them. Most of the times its around 3 cysts in each area of the intestines and esophagus. He has gone threw experimental shots in the back .
Avatar f tn It can cause extreme weight loss, severe dehydration, brain fog, memory loss, kidney stones and more. Treatment - stop the topamax, start estrogen replacement. I went from not having the energy to shampoo my hair, or take care of my children, home, work, etc, because of a medication and a lack of needed hormones. I also changed my diet to cut out as much processed food as possible.
2053959 tn?1330448602 My son had his surgery on Mar 12th. The doc removed 4 stones from the right kidney and 1 large stone from the left. Recovery was very painful for him. Had to go back to the ER for morphine to help the pain. Got a fever a few days after that. In the end, the surgery didn't help much for his overall pain. His right side still hurts all the time. He's hardly at school and I have to get his work from the office. He's seen a nephrologist who give him Rx to help new stones from forming. But that's it.
1452192 tn?1294930531 I had 2 positive ANA tests but also has 2 neg ones. In 2008 I developed sever kidney pain. They thought it was stones or a kidney infection..they did a urinary scope and found almost hive/freckles in my bladder leading up into my kidney. My Dr had never seen them before so he sent them to mayo clinic to see if they could help with a diagnosis. They as well had no idea. I have been told it is a connective tissue disease but they arent sure which auto immune disease it is.
1113762 tn?1266119076 he explained my pain like and amputee and the phantom pain they have where the amputation had occurred. He put this into example of my kidneys and all the stones my kidney had made and passed. He said the nerves in my kidneys were damaged from the stones and they were having pain even without passing a stone. He then put me on neurontin for the "nerve pain" and referred me to the pain clinic. There are 2 different pain clinics.
Avatar n tn I have been seen by over 30 specialists and have had a full work up at the Mayo Clinic. After suffering with this for 12 years now I am finally seeking help from a pain management specialist (this was the only recomendation the Mayo Clinic could give me). I have tried every anti-spasmatic available including nitro with no relief. I have been taking Darvocet preventitively and 10mg of valium before meals.
Avatar m tn The sharp stabbing pain also occurs on my right hand side just below the ribs, seemingly to cause a band of possible areas this sharp collicy type pain could occur. My GP sent me for a US of the upper abdomen, I was checked for Gall Stones, Kidney Stones and anything out of the ordinary. Everything came back clear from the US, and the doc said everything looks normal & healthy. I then was tested in March 09 for H.
Avatar f tn Esophageal Dysmotility/Reflux Heart Murmur/MVP Arthritis Kidney Stones Restrictive Lung Disease (mild) Vasculitis Telangastacia Antiphoshlipid Antibody Syndrome My current meds are: Arava 10mg, Zoloft 50mg, Prevacid 30mg, multi-vitamin at night Plaquenil 200mg twice a day Sorry this is long, but I need some input.
Avatar m tn • Medications such as some antibiotics, prenatal vitamins and antidepressants, as well as drugs used to treat high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and kidney stones • Oral problems, including oral infections such as gingivitis or periodontitis, tooth infections, and poor oral hygiene Sometimes the cause of a metallic taste can't be determined. In many cases, the problem goes away on its own after several months or longer.
Avatar f tn Pyelonephritis – infection of the kidney Glomerulonephritis (kidney inflammation), kidney cyst or tumor Urinary stones LEFT ADRENAL GLAND The adrenal gland, also known as the suprarenal gland, is located on the top of the kidney. It has two distinct layers, the medulla and cortex, which secrete various hormones that play important roles in the body. Adrenal adenoma (benign tumor) Adrenal carcinoma also known as adrenocortical carcinoma.
Avatar n tn I went to ER and they tested me for kidney stones. Told me I didnt have any and sent me home. The pain comes and goes and is a stabbing pain that makes it very hard to take a breath. It will last 30-60 mins and then go leaving just a tender area.
Avatar n tn kidney problem, with higher creatinine levels than normal. Then that was OK and a scan showed no kidney stones. I have pain lower left side, sometimes moving round to my lower back, left side. It feels "heavy" only description I can make. I never pass any blood in stools or urine. I've been vegetarian for 36 years. I am slightly anaemic, but it is only slight. Anyone got any ideas where I go from here?
Avatar f tn At this point, some of the symptoms that have not been explained are the significantly blurry vision, yellowing of the skin in small areas, low-grade fevers, what's causing the arthritis, numbness, and so on. There are also kidney stones and a possible salivary stone, fluctuating potassium levels, high heart rate, and low blood pressure leading them to question adrenal insufficiency.
Avatar n tn Heart valve issues (heart problems can initiate joint problems, or false joint problems and fatigue), hypopituitarism, kidney problems, sugar/glucose issues, and something that causes fluid to pool in the legs and there's not enough power to be pumped back out causing the fatigue. I can't recall what that is. Also, I read somewhere once that sometimes when the blood needs to reduce it's volume, that excessive urination will follow.
Avatar n tn I do pretty well and after a week or so at this temp. pains gets better. I have been to hospitals including mayo clinic. I with I could tell you what it is but I cant. I well tell you it is real.If I find the answere Ill post on this site.
Avatar f tn Finally got a copy of my US report and it basically says that I have a fatty liver (which I knew) and small kidney stones with no hydronephrosis (swelling of the kidneys). I have not seen the Dr. yet, but it appears that she isn't going to follow up as there must not be a significant issue for me. Do you guys know the answer to these questions? If the liver is enlarged, would it show that on the report?
Avatar f tn Having had 3 kidney stones removed I have been given antibiotics intraveniously and a separate dose by my gp, I have been seriously bloated I have been eating natural yoghurt for breakfast hoping this would help to combat the problem but have not noticed any difference, could you help me please
Avatar m tn With the symptoms you describe and the pelvic floor area pain, you may have kidney stones. That is why it is important to get the urine checked and ask the doctor to do a kidney function test and also record your blood pressure and possibly send you for an ultra sound of the urinary tract. If your blood pressure is elevated over a course of 3 weeks with other causes being ruled out, the doctor may put you on medication for this.