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Avatar f tn I have kidney stones all the time and it is the worst pain ever!!! Drink plenty of water at all times. Avoid soda, coffee, and caffiene.
Avatar f tn She was very sick just over a week before she was diagnosed, and they don't know if she was sick from the kidney stones,or if she had the stomach flu,and getting dehydrated caused the kidney stones. However she never really got too "dehydrated" when she was so sick. She did vomit alot, but was still having plenty of urine. So who knows. Any experience on how long these things take to pass? Thanks again.
Avatar f tn definitely could be stones. i had 1 and mu hubby had them 2x.
Avatar n tn He sent me for a CT scan to check for kidney stones and this came back normal and no signs of infection were found in the urine. I am supposed to go back in a week for another urinalysis to check for blood. Since I saw the doctor, I have been passing white pieces of tissue in my urine intermittently. These range in size from a speck to about the size of a dime. They are white, except for one was pink and white. I am not on my period, but it is due in the next week or so.
Avatar m tn i wanted to ask as to whether i should completely avoid spinach,cabbage ,coffee and tea???? do they cause stones?? what other speefic foods i should avoid?? Also my doctor had given me potassium citrate 1100 mg three times a day when i had stones...should i take this medicine further for another 2-3 months...or does it cause problems in the long run???
Avatar f tn I'm a woman in my early twenties with GERD, ovarian cysts, annual kidney stones, lactose intolerance, and pellet stools. I began having lactose intolerance when I was a kid. I have had pellet stool since I can remember. Everything else appeared when I wasin my senior year of college. I've been on Nexium for 2 years. I do not take it everyday bc I know it's bad for you. I feel fine if I just take them 2 times a week. Tums and Prilosec does not work.
Avatar f tn My periods do not occur with out a medicine to start them, I cant take birth control of any causes me to form multiple stones daily...a glass of darkcola or coffee puts me into pain with in minutesof drinking. I dont know if MSK is what I have or not....but if I put my issues out there maybe someone can help me with a diagnosis or something I can bring up with my doctor and hope that that can help me get better...
Avatar n tn I have dealt with kidney stones for many years now some I've had to have surgery for others just had to deal with pain for weeks waiting for them to pass. I know that I have 5 dormant ones on my right side and 4 on my left side right now. They keep referring to them as dormant anyhow. I have been having some very bad days pain wise and having issues with being able to urinate much regardless of how much water I drink (I pretty much only drink water every day and my intake is high).
Avatar m tn Hello, Kidney stones can be or are caused by too much calcium and lack of Magnesium> Since you are researching. I'd like to direct you to Search Magnesium and kidney stones. This is one sign of lack of Mg, also included is anxiety and hundreds more., Dr Carolyn Dean's book is amazing. "The Magnesium Miracle.". It will help you understand your symptoms and have instructions what to take and how much,and you will be amazed at what problems lack of Mg can cause.
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear what you're going through, but yes, I've suffered with these nasty stones for well over 30 years now and some were multiple stones at one time in the same year, and then more stones at different times of that same year. In my case, here I was drinking all this water and still getting these multiple stone episodes of stones. I did some serious looking at what might be causing me to have this many stones, this frequently.
82861 tn?1333457511 They can become elevated if there is a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection or a prostate infection, or the elevations can be caused by damage to the kidney (either kidney disease or kidney failure). A urinalysis with a microalbuminuria test will determine if it is an infection or kidney failute. Lyme disease can commonly effect the kidneys also causing kidney failure. So if it has not been performed yet I would have your dog's urine tested and perform a lyme disease test.
Avatar n tn It makes me short of breath and terribly uncomfortable since I have a desk job. The closest thing I found to match my symptoms is kidney stones. I have a doctors appt tomorrow. Am I on the right track?
Avatar n tn I have been reading many message boards and feel am self educated about kidney stones by my own body. Each kidney stone is unique in severity of pain. The bigger ones don't always have bigger pain. The largest I have passed was5 ml. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im tired of passing them, tired of being in pain, tired of missing work and could be in danger of loosing my job. The painkillers are great , but takes a day or so to get back into functioning mode after taking them.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar m tn First off, many of the herbs and supplements suggested for kidney stones, at best, may aid in urine flow to some degree, but there is no plant or vitamin that can MELT kidney stones, because all stones are made with varying amounts of CALCIUM, which cannot be dissolved without risking losing other things made of calcium such as bones and teeth! Only Uric acid stones have the least amount of calcium content and therefore CAN be reduced in size through medication.
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing some symptoms which I believe point to gall stones but my latest symptoms are throwing me a bit and i want to avoid unnecessary gall bladder removal and as such would like opinions. History: I work permanent night shifts: About 6 months to a year ago i had a few episodes whereby I had acute upper central abdomen pain around 4am which disappeared in a space of seconds within 1h.
443757 tn?1217554790 The riba is known to be rough on your kidneys. Caffiene can cause kidney stones. Usually you have to drink it for many years, but the alkalines, inclusive of all forms od speed, have an irritating effect and change PH making stones more formable. Also your genetics and cholesterol levels determine if and when you will get stones and how resislient your kidneys are, so at any age there is risk to certain people, and certainly to those on Riba therapy.
Avatar f tn I know how you feel, although I haven't had spasms everyday, I have experienced them on occasion. It is worse than kidney stones. Undescribible pain!! It could be a number of things. Your kidney could be floating, you could have hydronephrosis, your renal artery could be obstructed and the blood supply is cut off intermittantly, and of coarse the old kidney stone is a possiblity. You really need some test done to see what is going on. I know how hard it is to find a good urologist.
Avatar m tn You should drink 8 oz of water for every cup of coffee you drink.When I had kidney stones my dr said for everything that you drink that is colored(coffee,tea,dark soft drinks etc) drink 8 oz of water afterwards.Water helps to keep your kidneys in good working order and can prevent you from getting kidney stones.I learned the hard way.I would not only rely on it as total liquid.
Avatar n tn and what is a usual size the should pass by itself? my father was diagnosed with kidney stones of a size of 4 mm is this called big?
Avatar f tn They gave him Vicodin and told him that he had kidney stones. The Vicodin is what really put the clinkers to it all. He almost immediately turned jaundice and went down hill from that. Is the portal hypertension most oftenly caused by cirrhosis?
1674610 tn?1317005820 How are the eats of drinking coffee and tea affect pacreastis? Why when I eat right diet still have issues badly? Can they cure pancreas elevations? I Amin a early stages of diagnose and already in servier pain. One starting I V hospital stay? It appears dr don't really want treat my medical problem, why do they act like they are so puzzled by the illment, look like to me that they are avoiding a hospital stay, when I have flare ups of my pancreas, why?
Avatar n tn An abdominal Xray is used to look for kidney stones. Bacteria in the urine and flank pain can mean a kidney infection / pyelonephritis but this is usually treated with at least ten days of antibiotics . Your urine culture can direct your antibiotic treatment. I doubt they would have sent you home if they really thought you had an appendicitis. Gallstones can also be in the differential and can be ruled out with an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn Have you had an IVP test? This is an x-ray with contrast, and is the best test for kidney stones.
Avatar f tn hi my friend has kidney stones and is 9 weeks pregnant she is in a lot of pain and has been bleeding is this a sign that she will lose her baby.
Avatar f tn Ever since the issue with the Kidney stones I have had some issues with my kidneys, the stones did pass naturally. I am now 24 weeks pregnant, and experiancing intense pain in my right flank. I had a diagnostic ultrasound done on my kidney and they didnt find anything abnormal. I was told that I had a simple Kidney infection and was put on Bactrim antibiotic and Vicoden for the pain. It has been a month since that last problem, and I did finish all my antibiotics.
Avatar f tn You will need to ensure that she keeps drinking plenty of water, avoids drinking any more coffee, takes bed rest, and keeps her legs elevated until you are able to contact your doctor. Kidney stones or UTI would cause bright or red-colored urine. Other possibilities related to coffee-colored urine include cancer of the kidney or ureters. Do keep us posted on any doubts and her progress.
Avatar n tn You could ask your doc if you're a candidate for a medication such as Actigal, but it may or may not work to dissolve the stones. There is a procedure in which the stones can be 'blasted' much as they do kidney stones, but it isn't in use much since docs feels it's easier to remove the gallbladder. Passing a stone can cause a heck of a lot of problems. Keep in mind that even if you get the stones you currently have reduced and 'gone' in some manner you may still produce others.
Avatar n tn For low back pain and abdominal pain, conditions like kidney infections, urinary tract stones, appendicitis, spine disorders have to be ruled out. Seek consult with your primary physician for a complete assessment and diagnostic tests.A warm compress over the area and OTC analgesics may be able to help temporarily. Do keep us posted.