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Avatar f tn The stones are generally painless, and you probably won't know you have them unless they cause a blockage or are being passed. Then, there's usually no mistaking the symptoms — kidney stones, especially, can cause excruciating pain. Bladder or kidney stones can also cause both gross and microscopic bleeding. Enlarged prostate. The prostate gland — located just below the bladder and surrounding the top part of the urethra — often begins growing as men approach middle age.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, I can give you zero advice about your specific proble. Although I've had more than several UTI, and countless kidney-stones, the only bladder issues I've had have been spasms caused by kidney-stone passage (which were easily rectified, incidentally, by taking an Rx anti-spasmodic). What I CAN advise, is that you seek professional assistance, guidance and diagnosis.
Avatar f tn CT scans cleared me from having anything wrong with my spleen, liver, gallbladder, appendix,I have been diagnosed with kidney stones but they are non obstructing, dormant, small stones so apparently they are unable to cause pain since they are not passing and i also i have no groin/ureter pain ever no burning while peeing or anything like that.: extreme right side flank pain ,behind/under ribs, comes in waves, travels to back close to spine.
4879855 tn?1360443797 You might want to get checked for diabetes.
Avatar n tn TSH FT4 FT3 Anti-TPO TGlob Also, sometimes parathyroid disease causes these symptoms, along with kidney stones and bone density issues. If you have stones or bone issues, ask for PTH, serum and ionized calcium. Take care...
Avatar m tn With the symptoms you describe and the pelvic floor area pain, you may have kidney stones. That is why it is important to get the urine checked and ask the doctor to do a kidney function test and also record your blood pressure and possibly send you for an ultra sound of the urinary tract. If your blood pressure is elevated over a course of 3 weeks with other causes being ruled out, the doctor may put you on medication for this.
1358341 tn?1282213443 About Taurine french Wikipedia says the strict opposite of english Websites ( ???) so is Taurine good for liver and kidney ? -> Consumption of taurine is not recommended for children, pregnant women or those suffering from liver and / or kidneys. In addition, people with heart problems or tension should not consume more than 2 cans containing taurine week. ???
Avatar f tn cancer, sarcoidosis, excess vitamin D intake, certain drugs, milk-alkali syndrome, paget's disease of the bone. Testing should include ionized calcium as well as serum calcium. Ionized calcium is clinically more accurate. RBC (red blood cell) magnesium is a better blood test than magnesium serum. However both blood tests are not accurate as only 1% of magnesium is in the blood. Vitamin D levels has nothing to do with making the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism.
572651 tn?1531002957 Colds from hell, a few migraines one summer, kidney stones, whatever it is that brought me here, food poisoning at least twice, a bout with something they called "non-hepatitis hepatitis" (No, I did NOT make that up), and Lord only knows what else, but no flu.
Avatar n tn The consistency of a cooked kidney bean. It doesn't look like ANYTHING I have eaten. I have no other symptoms but have been experiencing more than normal mucuous during my movements over the past month or so. I've been going crazy trying to find something on the internet. They have become more frequent over the last few days (although I have noticed it a few months back a couple of times). Any clues???
244899 tn?1313628239 Health benefits of drinking water include maintenance of pH balance, body temperature, metabolism, breathing, prevention of constipation, heartburn, migraine, gastritis and ulcers, kidney stones, cardiovascular disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, backache and osteoporosis. It is required in excess amount by pregnant women and nursing mother. It also plays important roles in kidney functions, skin tone etc.
Avatar m tn ) Well she also told me i had blood in my urine and something called oxy something stones in my urine too probly kidney stones because of taking NSAID Agents ( asprins / naproxens ect ect) well i told her that i know Tremdol is not going to help me she cuts me off and said this is the first closest thing i am prescribing you to a narcotic for the first time and raises her voice and says SO I DON"T NEED YOU TRYING TO CONVENCE ME ALREADY WHAT YOU NEED AND WHAT YOU DON"T basicly stating
Avatar m tn If it's larger you do not have to go through the painful surgery someone listed above, the stones can be broken smaller and dissolved with ultrasound just like kidney stones can.
670929 tn?1226176781 Here is what Wikipedia says about European Shorthairs: source: The European shorthair (or Celtic shorthair) is a breed of short-haired cat originating in Sweden. It's a recently recognised breed established to preserve the naturally occurring cats that have lived in European villages and cities for ages. Many people incorrectly refer to any stray cat as a European Shorthair. It doesn't mention any genetic diseases or problems.
944027 tn?1245789895 D MMmmmm well ok as far as priorities go in testing i'd be way more interested in the endoscope than the ct scan. Ct scan is good to do to rule out things like cancer/kidney stones/major inflammation somewhere in the colon or liver cysts or just hidden things so it's a good idea as far as eliminating things... but your endoscope will get to the bottom of the bloating,'re having gastritis (stomach inflammation) either caused by a normal ulcer or a h.
Avatar f tn org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Sarcoidosis Wikipedia is not an authoritative source but it will do at the moment. Any doc suspecting sarcoidosis will do a chest x-ray. If there are no lung nodules, they'll reflexively think it's therefore not a case of sarcoidosis. But "Granulomas most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes, but virtually any organ can be affected".
1358341 tn?1282213443 The kidneys produce a protein that helps the blood to produce red blood cells, and with kidney failure this is impaired and causes anemia. I honestly don't believe that a homeopathic med will help with this....only EPO will. EPO helps the bone marrow produce new colonies of red blood cells, that's what your cat needs. No homeopathic supplement is able to do this. I will try to find a link about this a little later. I gotta do some house cleaning!!! FUN!
Avatar n tn finally found out it was kidney stones! I thought it was something older people got. It happens every once in a while. I guess they can move around and not always pass causing a similar discomfort or they are passing through the urethra but are very small so probably not noticable. An ultrasound showed this. They also said as someone else mentioned I possibly may have medulary sponge kidney....but there is nothing you can do about that. Anyway, I am fit and healthy and 31.
387660 tn?1242600342 We are trying to look into environmental causes of your sleepiness since you have noted that this only occurs while you are driving. Have you had your car checked lately ? Do keep us posted with your answers.
Avatar n tn however, with topamax, you need to balance protein intake with LOTS of water to prevent kidney stones, so keep this in mind! I am adding protein by adding a protein powder/plain yogurt/soymilk shake (it tastes terrible!) :) I am also restarting the multivitamin I used to take and taking biotin, which supports hair and skin health. Someone on this board mentioned evening of primrose (thank you!), so I am now going to add that as well.
Avatar n tn It is not only very uncomfortable, very nasty, and makes work difficult, but it has not been determined that I have gall stones, or gall bladder issues. I recently had a very thorough check up with my PCP, and she had a gall bladder ultrasound done. Nothing was found. I have yet to determine any specific foods that start this.
Avatar n tn Now that we have all found this forum, I suggest we try to do some brainstorming together. I want to start with a summary of possible causes. Please let me know what you think of this summary and please help me make it complete or narrow it down.
Avatar n tn I was treated for hcv 1a 5 years ago and it worked I´m still fine but my 1st concern was I couldn´t sleep and I can´t sleep, I can´t gain weight, I´m loosing muscular mass and bone, I get tired, I feel no will, I don´t want anything, I´m tired, and all that you talked about. They (doctors) say I´m fine, well I´m not! They say the causes are sth else, well they can not be! And the thing is all these symptoms have been getting worse instead of better.
Avatar n tn I have, had pain in my vagina and my anus too! but i just take 2 modrin and go to sleep because i can't deal with the pain. Hope we both can come up with a answer for this painful painful problem.
Avatar n tn I get them too. I found out by accident that it causes because of potassium deficiency. I started eating two bananas a day and they are gone.
Avatar n tn It really takes the fun out of sex knowing that I might ejac blood and urinate clots. First I thought I was passing stones or something but now I just don't know and I'm a little scared. Please come back to this forum if anyone with this problem has answers.
Avatar n tn This seems to be a symptom that current knowledge cannot accurately diagnose, other than saying the cause is 'anxiety'. I have seen on another forum that one person had a scan and had some inflammation of the appendix and has been successfully treated (see pasting below). Another cause was inflammation of the prostate.
Avatar n tn Hi KNN555, how are you? How is your shoulder pain? When is your shoulder surgery scheduled? Here is some information on the calcific tendinits causing shoulder pain and restriction of motion and I hope this may be helpful to you in knowing more about the calcific tendinitis: "Calcific tendonitis is a condition that causes the formation of a small, usually about 1-2 centimeter size, calcium deposit within the tendons of the rotator cuff.