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Avatar f tn The foul smelling urine doesn't fit, unless there's a coincident urinary tract infection along with kidney stones, which may be seen in struvite kidney stones. Ultrasound is the safest investigation to figure this out, as there's no radiation involved. If your pain still hasn't gotten any better even after a few weeks I would see your doctor to make the ultrasound urgent, as symptomatic kidney stones left too long can cause problems for your kidneys.
Avatar n tn Hi, Causes other than a UTI than can cause blood in urine include, kidney stones, underlying kidney disease, STDs that are not detected on routine urinalysis (chlamydia and mycoplasma infections), increased blood pressure, exercise-induced bleeding, general bleeding disorders, etc. Kidney stones up to 5 mm in size can pass through the urinary tract, though with significant discomfort.
Avatar m tn I have kidney pain that's being treated with oxycodone but they can't work out what's causing it. They've said it's not kidney stones, kidney cancer or an infection. My kidneys are also sporadically leaking red blood cells, protein and white blood cells, all at different times and in different amounts.
Avatar f tn - calcium oxalate struvite uric cystine The rarest form of kidney stones is Cystine stones. Cystinuria is an inherited condition that affects the amount of acid that is passed in the urine. Struvite stones are caused by recurrent kidney infections. Uric stones are caused when there is too much uric acid in the urine with rheumatic conditions like gout. Calcium oxalate stones can from with too much protein in the diet, too much calcium and Vitamin D and through dehydration.
Avatar f tn MRI results show at least two 2.0mm stones in each kidney. I passed my second stone (left kidney) a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then, my right kidney has been giving me on-and-off pain. Should I be concerned about this chronic, low grade pain? I always wonder if it's sand passing, but I'm not sure now. The last 2 or 3 urine tests I've had done have all shown a low level of protein in the urine.
Avatar f tn My periods do not occur with out a medicine to start them, I cant take birth control of any causes me to form multiple stones daily...a glass of darkcola or coffee puts me into pain with in minutesof drinking. I dont know if MSK is what I have or not....but if I put my issues out there maybe someone can help me with a diagnosis or something I can bring up with my doctor and hope that that can help me get better...
987242 tn?1335494370 Hello, Presence of RBC’s and protein in urine are not normal findings. One of the important causes for them is kidney infections or kidney causes. Blood in the urine can present in one of two ways: gross hematuria (blood that you can see in the urine), and microscopic hematuria (blood that is only seen when the urine is examined under a microscope). Both types can have serious causes.
Avatar f tn my question is I take prescribed percocet and other pain killers sometimes more than i am saupposed to and i am wondering if this would cause protein and blood to show up in my urinalysis or what are other causes of this i DO Not have kidney stones and would like to know any other causes that would make these show up.
Avatar f tn But the few times they have sent the same urine samples that come back with protein on the dipstick to the lab the lab results always say no protein present. What would cause that? Also could kidney stones from years ago have left damage in my kidney causing this also?
Avatar f tn Kidney stones can give white blood cells, protein and blood in urine due to the irritation and inflammation it causes. I have kidney stones and also have white blood cells, protein and slight blood detected on urine strips. Unless the stones are causing major problems though, many people have these - they are quite common, sometimes they are best left alone. However, this depends on where abouts in the kidney they are located.
Avatar f tn Hello, Cloudy urine is caused by blood in urine, UTI, bladder infection, kidney stones, gonorrhea and other causes. Glucose can be seen in diabetes mellitus, pheochromocytoma or it can be transient stress induced.Urobiliongen in urine is seen in UTI or hepatitis. Trace protein can be seen in normal persons also. The presence of 3-5 RBCs in urine can be seen in urinary tract infection; kidney stone etc. and is an indication of further testing. Any test result should be correlated clinically.
Avatar n tn I have been reading many message boards and feel am self educated about kidney stones by my own body. Each kidney stone is unique in severity of pain. The bigger ones don't always have bigger pain. The largest I have passed was5 ml. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im tired of passing them, tired of being in pain, tired of missing work and could be in danger of loosing my job. The painkillers are great , but takes a day or so to get back into functioning mode after taking them.
Avatar f tn Hello, Causes of hematuria can be divided according to the affected organ and they are Kidney conditions (infection, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease), Bladder conditions (cystitis, bladder polyp, bladder tumor), Urethral conditions (Sexually transmitted diseases, urethral injury, vaginal inflammation), and certain bleeding disorders.
Avatar f tn Sounds like kidney stones to me. Go to the doctor for a urinalysis to check for a UTI. If kidney stones are suspected, he/she will probably take xrays.
622940 tn?1252518707 Hi There are multiple causes of blood in urine like viral infections, inflammation of the kidney, medications, benign prostate enlargement, cancers, trauma, stones, infections, and obstructions of the urinary tract. Increase in urine protein in small amounts is rarely a cause for concern and may be due to fever, heavy exercise. Large amounts of protein in the urine may indicate a kidney problem, and diabetes.
Avatar m tn I have had some sharp but minor pains from what feels like my right kidney area, but not painful enough for my understanding of kidney stones etc. I am a nurse, although knowledge in this are probably falls into 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing' catagory, I mention this as I am aware I could be reading too much into things. My main question therefore, while I realise cancer/kidney disease etc can't be excluded, is are there any less worrying causes that I haven't considered?
Avatar n tn Hello. I have a history of kidney stones and passed about 3 stones roughly 8 years ago. For the past 4 years I have known of the presence (confirmed by IVP) of a stone in my right kidney. There have been few symptoms, just an occasional jolt of pain (maybe once per month). Most recent CT scan showed it is now 8mm. I believe it was originally around 3 mm when first diagnosed. My physician is sending me to see a specialist due to the current size of the stone.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to other things like cystitis, and kidney stone or polyp in the bladder. You would feel the kidney stone but maybe it is a precursor to it coming through. So there are lots of reasons for blood in the urine. Do you actually see the blood in the urine or did the urinalysis show a few red blood cells. If a few red blood cells that isn't anything to worry about. If a large amount seen on the urinalysis, then it could be a problem.
Avatar n tn There can be many reasons for this - the most serious being bladder cancer. Other causes can include a kidney stone, lower GU infection, or intrinsic kidney disease. A cystoscopy is recommended for a comprehensive evaluation. Imaging the kidneys with an ultrasound or CT scan can also be considered to evaluate for stones or any anatomical causes. These options can be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar m tn I am living in Denmark. I have been diagnosed having MSK. All stones have been removed from my kidneys and I have no longer infections. But my problem is heavy pain in the kidneyes and my pain specialist has problem to find the right medicine to take care of that? We are not sure if the pain is nerve pain or caused by the MSK. Has anybody experience in this area?
Avatar n tn Hello, If the ultrasound scans have shown some problem with the kidney then you should get kidney function tests done to rule out kidney causes which seem to be responsible for all your symptoms. My sincere advice is to consult a nephrologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
110491 tn?1274485537 There are many different causes for this but if the test shows that you are losing protein, then they would try to determine why and what to do about it. I have been on steroids for about 14 months and it is going well. By the way, I was seeing a urologist who did not catch what was wrong with me. It was a nephrologist who finally figured it out and who I see now. Good luck. I hope they can figure out what is wrong.
738333 tn?1232971075 i have had chronic recurrent kidney inefections with protein in urine always what could this be will i die ??????
Avatar f tn Hi, Infections in the urinary tract are indeed a common cause of blood in the urine, hence the treatment with antibiotics. Other causes would include kidney stones, but this would usually be accompanied by other symptoms such as pain. Another reason is inflammation on the filtering units of the kidney (in which there is destruction of the lining of the filters usually due a defect in the immune system). The blood may be the presenting sign.
Avatar m tn A few points in response to above to myself----kidney stones take a few months to form. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I have not had the elevated calcium that long--so now I think maybe it's not the calcium that caused my issue. I also mentioned above that I dropped 90 pounds in just a few months. I have read that rapid weight loss leads to acidic urine, which can lead to stone formation. That was news to me.
Avatar f tn Weak, lightheaded, shortness of breath and constipated again. An EKG was normal, chest x-ray normal, an ultrasound did not reveal any kidney stones or gall stones, but liver enzymes were elevated. Two subsequent blood tests showed liver enzymes continued to elevate. My PCP wanted me to go back to the gastroenterologist, but first I went on a strict diet for 3 weeks as part of a fast, eating no meat, animal by-products, sugar or grains. Two days after the fast ended, I ate some chicken and rice.
335728 tn?1331418012 I only know this because I was on Htcz (not for bp but for the side affects) to reduce kidney calcium because I'm a kidney stones grower, lol Can you ask specifically what calcium it was?
192055 tn?1263559137 Hi there, I have had about 12 kidney stones and even when my stones are in my kidney I am having flank pain. My doctors tell me that i should not be having pain when the stones are still in the kidney. I also have blood in my urine and have had two clear CTs ... I saw a nephrologist today and he is wanting to do a 24 hour urine sample to figure out why i have blood in my urine. I will keep you posted on what happens with me..
171927 tn?1294027323 Usually the first signs of kidney damage are protein leakage in the urine. I have fsgs and one kidney and I have protein in my urine all the time. You can do a 24hr urine test for total protein. That is a good way to see what is going on with your kidneys. The reason he wants the first stream is to test your urine when you have had less or nothing to drink or eat. Plus exercise and other things can give you different results. That way its more like a fasting urine test.
1832268 tn?1326819610 com/My_10-Point_Plan_for_Dogs_with_Kidney_Failure If you want to find a low-protein diet suitable for kidney failure dogs, look for specific renal canned (wet) food, as this contains about 80% water and helps flush the kidneys. Most good pet stores will sell at least one variety. Low protein may be helpful, but it's the quality of the protein content that's more important. The amount of phosphorus content is important too - try to maintain a diet that is low in phosphorus.