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Avatar n tn I'm on my fourth episode of kidney stones, and all of us that have had them can surely agree, the symptoms are tell-tale and ones you don't forget. I get extremely painful cramping and horrible diarrhea EVERY time I'm trying to pass a stone. Actually, that's the first symptom I've had each and every time. It is the worst, painful diarrhea ever, and something I've only experienced when a stone starts moving through my urinary tract. Like clockwork, soon after, that hallmark back pain starts.
409451 tn?1206900232 The last urologist said he thought it was endo, and def. not kidney stones, but I'm starting to become very confused and just need an answer!!! Thankyou so much for your help, any more info is greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn It took a while but the pain I was having was finally diagnosed as a kidney stone and I have another symptomatic one in the other kidney. But I wonder if kidney stones cause anemia because I suddenly became anemic just over a year ago and we have not been able to find a cause. Although I had occult blood in my urine due to the stone, it was not a lot. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this too or if anyone might know if stones can cause anemia?
Avatar n tn The urologist does not think it is IC because he said that burning is not a symptoms and the symptoms which started with frequency for 2 days and then the burning and pain started. It has been going on for 30 days. Would a cysto retrograde show IC? He still believed it is the residual effects of a UTI. Do you have any ideas. In your opinion what should the next steps be?
Avatar m tn A doctor told me that I did not have textbook symptoms of a kidney stone, and to begin with I had been treated for depression. And I agree with what people say - that having a kidney stone is worse than being in labour!
Avatar n tn the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
456645 tn?1208679571 That is the more common signs and symptoms are flank pain, blood in the urine, formation of kidney stones and repeated urinary tract infections. In your case, is this a confirmed case of nephroptosis ? What examinations were done to establish the diagnosis? Do you have other associated symptoms?
Avatar m tn Struvite stones are mostly found in women who have a urinary tract infection. These stones can grow very large and can block the kidney, ureter, or bladder. Uric acid stones are more common in men than in women. They can occur with gout or chemotherapy. Other substances also can form stones. Tests & diagnosis Pain can be severe enough to need narcotic pain relievers. The belly area (abdomen) or back might feel tender to the touch.
Avatar f tn We were shuttled around several doctors and treated for different disorders such as kidney stones, hernias, bladder and kidney bacterial infections and peptic ulcers to no avail. Some thought we were crazy. Ultimately, a worm ova (for Schistosoma) was found in both our urine sediments and we were treated with praziquantel. There are other medications specific for different parasites.
Avatar n tn I had several kidney stones and hydronephrosis while pregnant (mostly due to improper or inability of the kidney to drain), but at that time my nephroptosis hadn't been diagnosed. If you have a good doctor (OB/GYN and Urologist) you should have minimal issues during pregnancy. If the docs are watching you closely this should avoid serious complication. Good luck!
1522652 tn?1291241954 I know that there is a link beginning with my chronic uti's as a child, to my severe pms as an adolecent into adulthood, and then on to my chronic kidney stones and infections as an adult, and then the loss of my kidney, as well as the problems I'm experiencing now. My question is what specific tests do I need to request to accurately check my thyroid, parathyroid, and my calcium levels? Also, are there any specific questions that I need to ask.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to other things like cystitis, and kidney stone or polyp in the bladder. You would feel the kidney stone but maybe it is a precursor to it coming through. So there are lots of reasons for blood in the urine. Do you actually see the blood in the urine or did the urinalysis show a few red blood cells. If a few red blood cells that isn't anything to worry about. If a large amount seen on the urinalysis, then it could be a problem.
Avatar n tn I have had a KUB that has detected approximately 8 stones in my left kidney and 14 stones in my right. I even had lithotripsy on a 7 mm stone on the left. I continue to have the pain on the right. My doctor says that I should not be having this pain because none of the stones are big enough (all 3-5 mm) to block anything. However, still the pain. He has prescribed Vicodin, which helps a little, but I am beginning to feel a little like a druggie.
Avatar n tn Other causes include bladder stones, ureteral stones, and interstitial cystitis Bladder stones are uncommon in women particularly young women with sterile urine. They can cause slowing of the urine stream and forcing to urinate. Though rare, a urachal cyst might be a consideration. Ureteral stones can cause urgency and frequency with small volumes and yet the urinalysis is clear. You might also consider a problem outside of the urinary tract, such as spastic bowel or diverticulitis.
Avatar n tn There are three types - I, II, and III. The first 2 have raised liver enzymes and/or gallstones or other visible symptoms, the third kind will show normal on tests but just cause pain. That would explain our tests coming out normal There is a procedure that will fix it but is risky and can cause chronic pancreatitis. There is also a specific diet that is also a heart diet that can greatly alleviate pain. They also say that stress can cause it.
Avatar n tn I have a history of kidney stones and basicly try to eat right and all to advoid having them and only have been able to go see a doc about that when they do flare up about every 4 years at an ER. I have been searching online and this is the 1st place that anyone has even hinted at the 3 periods a month is "normal" for being in a menopausal stage.
Avatar n tn I have been on medication for a few months and still have these symptoms off and on. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time.
1832268 tn?1326819610 Breed, Age, Symptoms, Creatine, Bun, and Phorsphorus levels at time of first exam that revealed Kidney Disease, as well as End Stage Symptoms and Lab Values ( if known. ) How Quickly did the disease progress. Did the dog die naturally, or was the death assisted. I think this type of information would be very helpful to anyone and their dog, who has to deal with this disease.
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
Avatar n tn Urinary tract infections are the most common cause of the symptoms you describe. Other causes include bladder stones, ureteral stones, and interstitial cystitis Bladder stones are uncommon in women particularly young women with sterile urine. They can cause slowing of the urine stream and forcing to urinate. Though rare, a urachal cyst might be a consideration. Ureteral stones can cause urgency and frequency with small volumes and yet the urinalysis is clear.
Avatar m tn As I understand, Flomax is off-label for use in women to help passage of kidney stones by smoothing the muscles of the ureter, etc. I know exactly how you feel ... A 3.0mm stone has a high chance to pass on it's own, but the waiting is the hardest part. You've gotten terrific advice above.
Avatar m tn The safety of spirulina in pregnant and nursing women, young children, and individuals with kidney or liver disease has not been determined.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Hi, and welcome to the forum! :) I recognise some of your symptoms, and I think many of them can be realted to the D-deficiency. (If you read everyone elses lists you'll see that there are some similarities, but also differences - it seems like everyone is bothered by their deficiency in their own personal way, somehow ;) ) And yes, I recognise your feeling of being a shadow of yourself! I'm 30 myself, mother of two, and It's been horrible!
Avatar n tn Because of this, your body is trying to have a regular menstrual cycle, but still can't and it causes cramping and pregnancy like symptoms. I don't know if I fully believe that explanation, but I HATE the ups and downs of feeling pregnant, not being pregnant, and then going through the same thing the next month. I am going to get it taken out.
Avatar f tn the doc said the blood in urine could be that he has kidney stones. what's the odds that both os us have kidney stones? I'm back to being worried and paranoid, moreso thna before. I really need advice (not suggesting to go get my blood test o just wait for results). I know everyone is just trying to be helpful, but this is really hard. I need to hear some suggestions as to what this could be. What STD causes blood in urine, if any??? HELP!!!
4173379 tn?1355360151 This can help all family members with early detection. Women are affected as much as men, however men show signs sooner, and are diagnosed sooner than women due to the fact that women menstruate and give birth, and so natural blood loss every month results in less iron accumulation than men. So men are diagnosed usually in their 40`s and 50`s and women 10-15 years later, usually after menopause.
Avatar n tn 3) distal ureteral stones in women of childbearing age; 4) multiple stones; 5) impacted stones; 6) ESWL failures. The good thing is that both ESWL and ureteroscopy are performed in an outpatient setting. I hope this is enough information to help you make an informed decision. More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its urban campuses by calling (1 800 653 6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is your need.
Avatar f tn It started suddenly and originally they thought it was a kidney stone. But it never went away and a CT showed no stones. The pain is in my mid-back. I do have mild end plate degeneration in my thoracic spine but the docs don't feel this explains my pain. The pain is so severe it makes me sick to my stomach and weak feeling. Doing anything for more than about 30 minutes causes the pain to increase, but sitting is definitely the worst.
Avatar n tn I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect. Light headedness, the runs, blood pressure going up, and general fatigue. Lots of fatigue. And some irritability. I am hoping that these symptoms begin to decrease soon. Well, they have gotten better than it was in the first 2 days. I am still wondering how long I can expect to have these side effects of withdrawal?