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Avatar m tn When i walk or move around there is no pressure (pain) but when i sit or lay down the pressure feeling starts. Some times it feels that the right kidney is pumped with air and swell up. As per ultrasound report there is a minor hydronophrosis in the right kidney. Are there any more stones left in the kidney but not seen in the ultrasound? or there is any other reason of this pressure and dull pain?
Avatar n tn I have had high blood pressurefor a few years now and recently I had lithroscopy(kidney stones) surgery and since then my blood pressure has been normal and they taken me off my hydrochlorizide(water pill), do you have an explanation of why this happened or how.
Avatar n tn Hello, Nephrolithiasis or stones in kidneys does not cause dizziness but if you are taking any drug for kidney stones, it can be responsible for the kidney stones. You need to consult a physician and get the other causes of dizziness like postural hypotension (blood pressure falling with change of position), internal ear problems and cervical spondylitis or compression of cervical spinal nerves ruled out.
Avatar f tn the stones so they can analyze them) is the constituents of the stones. I believe a common kidney stone is made up of calcium oxylate. If your stone has some other makeup, it can be telling as to the cause of your condition. The majority of mine was not calcium oxylate, but the "lead" that gave the docs turned out to be a dead end, so I guess all my efforts to catch that little bugger were for naught. Ah well, at least I got to see my foe!! Sigh.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones almost 3 years ago but I did not get them removed as my Dr told me they could not kill me or cause any life threatening diseases, but recentley I have noticed a little bit of stomach discomfort, I would like to say pain but it doesnt hurt , it kind of feels like something is there like gas, and my stomach gurgles a little bit and once in a while I will feel a little bit of a slight pinching pain in different spots over my belly , it feels like its through the b
1226479 tn?1267209290 Causes include lesions of the urinary tract, disease of the prostate, trauma, tumors, malaria or stones in the urinary tract. In your case as kidney stones are present, so these definitely need evaluation as nephrolithiasis or kidney stones are known to cause hematuria. Moreover it can cause further complications. My sincere advice would be to consult a urologist. I hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Kind regards.
Avatar n tn I have the same abdominal pain, pressure and bloating. No back pain. The CT scan showed a 4 mm stone in my left kidney. I had blood in my urine one day, a fever one day. Now urine is normal. Can a stone cause this pain, pressure and bloating to go on for weeks? It has been 12 days and shows no signs of letting up.
4444545 tn?1355227132 if we delay toilet to pass, is stones form in our kidney ? when we nt go to toilet at the time sometimes in traffic and in busy areas no toilets area, what happened when we delay ? is stones form in our kidney.............?
196896 tn?1189759421 GERD. Decrease in sex drive. Thinning hair. Kidney stones. High blood pressure Recurrent headaches Heart palpitations.
Avatar n tn Weturner, there IS a connection between "bipolar" and kidney stones. His 'bipolar' symptoms and kidney stones are very possibly caused by the same thing. It is called Hyperparathyroidism. Most people have never heard of PARAthyroid glands. But we all have four of them. Please have your husband's parathyroid checked out by the best expert you can find. I was put on medications for years for mental things such as bipolar, I was also getting kidney stones a lot.
Avatar m tn Sulfamethoxazole and blood pressure are not related. Fluctuations in blood pressure can occur. If persistently elevated it needs therapy. Did you mean you have pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen? If the pain is due to a problem from the liver like hepatitis, you should have associated symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Are you an alcoholic? The pain could be from the gall bladder too. It could be if there is a stone in the gall bladder or if its wall is inflamed.
Avatar m tn As far as I know, these are the only treatments - "Watchful waiting About 85 percent of the time, kidney stones are small enough to pass during urination. This occurs usually within 72 hours of the start of symptoms. The best treatment for these small stones is to drink plenty of water (as much as 2 to 3 quarts per day), stay physically active and wait to pass the stone.
Avatar n tn paralyzed stomach, IBS with diarrhea, Urinary tract infections, Low blood pressure, kidney pain, and am very easy to pick something up when someone is sick. I had my doctor say that he thought that maybe my body was stressed out and I didn't know it, and I should try this lexapro for anxiety and depression. I feel like a new person now. it's amazing. I have had almost a full 180 done, and it might be something to think about.
Avatar f tn Found out I have kidney stones. Now suffering from kidney stones, mental confusion, lack of motivation (mild depression), heart palpitations, dizziness/faint feeling. My urine calcium is 416, my blood calcium is 10.2, and my PTH is 23. Wondering if I have hyperparathyroidism? My urologist put me on thiazide and wants me to watch sodium intake-I'm not a salt person anyway so this is easy. My blood pressure seems to be creeping up a bit as well. I would appreciate any help!
Avatar n tn Probably been there for years. If you have high blood pressure on top of chronic stones I highly recommend you get tested. A CT scan is the best way to get diagnosed and make sure you see a Urologist who. If you would like to here more about my story I will happily tell you. Before you get tested you need to know this is a fatal disease and this will affect your ability to get life insurance and affordable health care if you do not have it prior.
Avatar f tn ESWL Studies - Frequent Kidney Stones Hi, My husband is a 30 year old frequent kidney stone producer. He had his first stone at the age of 18 and since that time has averaged at least 1 surgery a year for unpassable stones while passing small stones and grit on a regular basis. He produces calcium stones and has both hypercalciuria and low levels of citrate. We have had 4 to 5 different urologists in the last 7 years as we have had a hard time finding someone we like.
Avatar m tn I am a 24 yr old who has suffered from kidney problems for almost 5 years, 2 surgerys a UPJ obstruction multiple stents. Stones I now have high blood pressure and multiple stones. because of the back pain from hydronephrosis i have been prescribed norco 10 325 on and off for about a year. i am about to start a new job at a hospital, i do not want them to know that i have these kidney problems because i feel it could hurt my chances at the job.
Avatar f tn Urine showed visible blood. They said oh your probably having kidney stones. Ugh. Ct scan found no stones. They checked me then for cysts and gave me an ultra sound..came back negative. The pain was coming in waves with lots of pressure in my back. The nurse said my urine had some bacteria in it..but they doubted I had an infection. Today the pain is ALOT less but I can still see blood in my urine and there's alot of pressure in my back. Im going to see the urologist (sp?) today.
Avatar n tn Can low blood pressure ever be caused by kidney stones? I suspect I have them(colicky pain-back/side, antibiotics didn't do any good + doc said next step, workup for stones)I just checked my blood pressure + it was 100/69 (normal for me is 120's/80's),its hurting + I'm not urinating as much.(although, it still could probably be considered normal output)Should I go to the ER?(BP is whats worrying me the most,I don't feel dehyrated or anything) Thanks.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you could have kidney stones that could be causing the blood in your urine. Either way you need to go to the ER and have it checked out either way.
Avatar f tn He recently lost weight after having an angioplasty with stent in late July (blood work shows normal range for cholesterol- blood glucose elevated at 117, blood pressure is normal, pulse 50 to 60). His cardiologists were surprised about the need for angioplasty He is also on meds for Atrial fibulation. He has been eating a healthier diet, sticking to low fat/fat free foods, more fresh fruits and vegatables, whole grains, drinks mainly water (8 to 10 glasses a day) and herbal tea etc.
Avatar n tn His symptoms include severe lower back pain,vomiting at the time of pain and skyrocketing blood pressure at the time we believe a stone is passing. The past three visits to the E. R no stone has shown up on the cat scans and ultrasound. The doctors tell us therefore there should be no pain which is very frustrating. The last uroligist wanted MORE tests and gave him an antibiotic and some pain medicine.
Avatar n tn This started with a severe kidney infection (very high white blood count & nitrites & blood in urine) where I had a fever & was sore all down my entire trunk of my body with no burning when I urninated & not just pain in my kidney, it was my entire body from my ribs down to my thighs. A day or two into the Cipro (had to take for 3 weeks) it started to hurt in my mid back waist area & had a sharp pain in my side when I walked.
Avatar f tn Previously tested negative for pheo, cortisol, renal artery stenosis. I developed kidney stones and osteopenia at same time as the high blood pressure three years ago.
Avatar f tn The main reason I ended up there again is because when I get this sick and can't keep anything down, it means I can't keep my kidney meds in, but more important in the short term is my high blood pressure med and Tachyardia meds which they have now doubled. Yesterday, after three hours with a short of gravol and Demerol for pain, and my stomach was finally settled enough for me to go home, my vitals were still erratic, Blood pressure was 165/121 and heart rate was 155.
Avatar n tn However, for the past few mths I`m dealing with high blood pressure. At first it would fluctuate some and then level out. Now it`s tending to stay high as I check it more. I`m checking twice daily to send records to my PCP, Nephrologist, and Rheumatologist. Usually around 140/100. Anyone else having this problem? Is this something I should be more concerned about?
Avatar n tn I'm sure this is probably nothing, but I've recently been referred to the hospital for tests due to high blood pressure. I'm only 24 and not over weight but have had blood pressure readings at the doctors office as high as 180/120. I had an appointment with a general specialist who didn't come to any conclusion as to what could be causing it. I have had numerous blood tests and ecg's. I've been referred to a cardiologist and an appointment has been made for an echo to be done.
Avatar n tn He ran a series of tests and came to find I had chronic kidney stones. A total of 6. Just in there. Probably been there for years. If you have high blood pressure on top of chronic stones I highly recommend you get tested. A CT scan is the best way to get diagnosed and make sure you see a Urologist who. If you would like to here more about my story I will happily tell you.