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Avatar f tn Severe acidosis - where blood pH falls below 7.00 - can lead to a coma and even death. If the pH of your blood rises above 7.45, the result is alkalosis. Severe alkalosis can also lead to death, but through a different mechanism; alkalosis causes all of the nerves in your body to become hypersensitive and over-excitable, often resulting in muscle spasms, nervousness, and convulsions; it's usually the convulsions that cause death in severe cases.
Avatar f tn He recently lost weight after having an angioplasty with stent in late July (blood work shows normal range for cholesterol- blood glucose elevated at 117, blood pressure is normal, pulse 50 to 60). His cardiologists were surprised about the need for angioplasty He is also on meds for Atrial fibulation. He has been eating a healthier diet, sticking to low fat/fat free foods, more fresh fruits and vegatables, whole grains, drinks mainly water (8 to 10 glasses a day) and herbal tea etc.
82861 tn?1333457511 They can become elevated if there is a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection or a prostate infection, or the elevations can be caused by damage to the kidney (either kidney disease or kidney failure). A urinalysis with a microalbuminuria test will determine if it is an infection or kidney failute. Lyme disease can commonly effect the kidneys also causing kidney failure. So if it has not been performed yet I would have your dog's urine tested and perform a lyme disease test.
Avatar m tn Protein in urine can be due to uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, blood pressure (which you have), glomerulonephritis (infection of kidney—you have a history of bacteria or pus in urine), early stages of kidney failure. You can refer to this link: The fragments that you pass in urine could be blood clots. Has the urine been tested for blood? It is important to test your GFR (Glomerular filtration rate).
Avatar f tn I have passed over 10 stones that I know of since then. And pain everyday, blood in my urine, UTI' s, kidney infections and kidney stones to show that I'm passing them. My stupid urologist won't give me anything for pain. He said he doesn't know what's causing the pain. Said I have to go to pain management for something. He wants to do some test that puts a dye in my bladder and up my urethra tubes to see what's going on. He had the nerve to put me on vesicare for overactive bladder.
Avatar m tn I myself am suffering from chronic kidney stones. It seems that once I pass one ( my largest was 9mm, that required surgery) there are at least two more taking its place. Both kidneys are full of stones. My left kidney is considered non functioning because of its size and also is completely full of scar tissue.
Avatar f tn Should some of these enter the blood stream, the ONLY other organ that comes to the rescue is the kidney, that constantly filters the blood and this explains the dehydration, as the kidney now is working overtime filtering out the toxins using extra water. Water is the best detoxifying agent! Also another function of the kidneys is water regulation. When chronic conditions cause the kidney to overwork, kidney dysfunction is inevitable.
635114 tn?1222710503 The ER doctor then did a cat scan to search for kidney stones. He found no kidney stones but did say my atrophic kidney is completely shrived and did not think it was functioning. According to llab results my gfr has decreased by 10% in a year's time. As soon as they did not see infection or kidney stones I was quickly booted out. I reviewed my urinalysis and blood work results when I got home. My ph is 6 and chloride is high at 107.
Avatar n tn And since he said my kidney might be suffering from inflammation, the kidney could not prevent the blood from escaping and he said this should not be the case as RBC are thick and should not pass through the filter. But he told me not to worry. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Also, I do not believe I have Kidney stones as the flank pain is the only pain I have. My kingdom for anyone who can figure out what 2 ER's could not.
Avatar n tn I have heard that nonobstructive stones may never become a problem but does the appearance of blood mean that the stone is moving or getting ready to work it's way to the urethra? I would imagine that would be where the "fun" would begin. I had some blood in my urine a few weeks ago - one time. I did nothing about it. Then last week had it 2 days in a row - almost all the time and thats when I went to the doc.
Avatar f tn I have gout stones and am taking sodium bicarbonate to lower ph in urine to dissolve these stones but this medication makes me nauseated, bloated and raises blood pressure is there anything else i could be taking
Avatar n tn A few years ago I had a head injury and during the mri they found a simple cyst, labor work then showed, Occult blood 2+, protein negative, nitrite negative, luekocyte esterase negative, wbc 0-5, rbc 0-5, squamous epithelial cells 0-5, transitional epitherlial cells 0-5, positive ana, specific gravity 1.026, ph 6.0, glucose negative, bilirubin negative, ketones negative, hemoglobin 13.6, hematocrit 40.1, mcv 92.7, mch 31.5, mchc 34.0, rdw 13.
470425 tn?1246926200 I had surgery in 05, I had gallstones. If you have had gallstones, is there a greater risk of having kidney stones? Or vice versa?
Avatar m tn 0, otherwise is easy to produce stones. Well having only one kidney left I am worried about the ph being too acidic and losing my only kidney! How can I reduce it? I live in Honduras, Central America, I don´t have the resources to travel to the US, see a Doctor and buy prescription Urocit-K which I was prescribes back in 2008. I would like alternatives, natural or chemical since I am extremely worried!
1660289 tn?1302560398 I have a Shih Tzu who is going in for surgery soon to have two large bladder stones removed. He also has two small ones in his kidney. The vet keeps talking about getting him started on Hill's diet. I have no intention of buying this food from them. I have reminded her three times that he needs to be on a grain free food. I will not risk the chance of switching foods & having him go through the miserable itchiness, hair loss & yeast infection again.
Avatar f tn Gross hematuria visible to naked eye is seen in kidney and bladder stones, cancer of kidney, bladder endometriosis, low platelet count, bladder injury and bladder infections. Apart from urine examination, you would need some other blood tests and imaging tests and maybe cystoscopy. I know you lost your insurance, but with a past history of kidney infection needing hospitalization, this cannot be ignored.
Avatar n tn white blood count, red blood count, CBC, thyroid panel to name a few. Just had to fight off a bout of nausea from having a grilled chicken sandwich at lunch, and lost the battle to the nausea. I have an appointment next week for yet another opinion, this from a GI Specialist who is also a surgeon. I just want to feel better and get back some of the quality of life that have been missing for the better part of a year...
6850426 tn?1385502685 Sometimes microscopic blood can be detected in the urine if there is a kidney stone anywhere along the urinary tract. Kidney stones do not cause pain or problems until they start to move or press on tissue. Kidney stones come in different sizes and can sometimes be very small like a grain of sand, but can still do damage if they scratch the linings. Some stones (like grains of sand or sediment) can pass through the urinary tract without you knowing that you have had a stone.
Avatar n tn Would that present the same symptoms as a kidney stone? I have had confirmed kidney stones in the past and this feels the same. Tomorrow I am supposed to get an x-ray of my spine. Any suggestions?????
Avatar n tn I am 24 years old and have had uric acid kidney stones since I was thirteen. I have passed about twenty stones since that time and currently take allopurinol and polycitra to prevent new stones from forming. I have also had two cystoscopies, one when they were trying to diagnose what was causing my urine to be have blood in it, and one when I had a stone stuck in one of my ureters.
Avatar n tn 59 My patient is a male 32 years old has been suffering from formation of recurring kidney stones. The stones are posative for calcium, oxalates, and phosphates. He has also got parathyroid Harmone PTH done which is normal. Even sonography of the parathyroid shows nomal. He has also got 24 hours urine test done which is normal. He has also done a blood test for S.calcium, Phosphorous, Phosphates, Alkaline , albumin and S.creatinine all are in normal range.
Avatar m tn I just want everyone to know, if you start having unusual elevated blood pressure, get checked for kidney stones. I never really had bad stone pain during the 4 months that bugger was lodged in my ureter. Those are called "silent stones". Not all stones cause pain, and sometimes they can cause blockages and resulting elevation of blood pressure and eventually kidney damage. So don't settle for a doc just throwing pills at you to bring your blood pressure down.
Avatar m tn That does not mean that you do not have a problem, especially if you have kidney stones. Kidney stones only cause a problem when they move and by moving, a stone can scratch the lining of the urinary tract, causing blood (sometimes visible), protein and leucocytes. A kidney stone can be as small as a grain of sand, but can still cause problems. The specific gravity and PH levels also are taken into account. Hope that helps.
Avatar n tn He Ph levels are perfect, no kidney stones, and no infection. He is not in pain but urinating blood cannot be good. He will urinate normally and then when he is outside for a while and starts to mark on various things his urine changes from normal to bloody. The same result happens after he has been outside running. A few hours later he will urinate and the color is back to normal. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar m tn Red, abnormal Clarity: cloudy, abnormal U blood: large, says abnormal ph 6.0 protein: 100, says abnormal should be negative for protein, i have 100 mg/dl? <---this worries me the most. leukocytes: large * abnormal Does anyone know, what could cause this much blood in urine? and NO pain? Any ideas... I'm trying to figure this out, u can see in the pic how bloody my urine is.
Avatar m tn The CT scan of Kidney, bladder is normal, no stones. The prostate check is also normal. All the doctors I saw do not know the cause and reason for now and I am still bleeding. My questions are: What could be the cause(s) ? And how can I stop the bleeding ? Thanks.
Avatar n tn For the past several years I have noticed that after eating food (which ranges from just a cup of milk to a full meal) that my heart rate and blood pressure increases significantly about 30 minutes after eating, and it lasts for about one and 1/2 hours to two hours. This occurs about 50% of the time after eating. My heart rate goes from ~75 bpm up to 140 bmp (max todate), and the blood pressure goes from 130/80 up to 180/102 (max to date).
Avatar m tn hi when i test my urine on a daily basis i am getting a blood result sometimes its small sometimes it is goes to the highest dark green, there is also traces of protein and the ph is of the scale, i do the test into a clean container, i also do it mid stream to see if it changes, it dosent, at the moment i feel very ill i am sore from the upper center of my stomach left round the bottom of my rib cage to my back its a pressure feeling just below my ribs the pain is like a gnawing toothache i