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Avatar m tn I had a CT scan in October (which detected kidney stones) I have had two u/s - one in April and one in July to check for stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). I have had two flat panel x-rays (June/July) prior to each lithotripsy to locate stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). All other tests from my physical are normal. I have an appointment with my PCP next week. I am going to mention endometriosis.
Avatar f tn As of yesterday, he has been presenting with blood in the urine. Is it likely that the stones could be causing this blood, even without pain? He has no pain in his sides or back, and urination is not painful either (thus not likely a bladder infection). He has already been to the doctor who has done bloodwork etc., but I am just anxious about it and hoping it can be possible for this to be simply related to his kidney stones, rather than something more sinister.
440941 tn?1243651684 I have been told that testing in only about 75% accurate. Then we see people pass small blood clots or in my case a piece of cellular material that we assume is part of my biofilm infection. Either way it won't show on the test but it shows in the pain levels LOL> The big reason for testing is to make sure that the kidney is not being obstructed for a long period of time which can cause kidney damage. The ultrasound should have at least told them if the kidney was enlarged.
Avatar n tn I laid down for awhile and the cramping started up again, went to the bathroom and started passing large blood clots. This continued for about an hour, dark, mucus, blood clots. I went to the hospital as I was out of town. They received a sample and said I needed to my doc at home. I did so. The Doc did a scope, she saw a few ? said their was nothing to worry about and had me taking fiber, which did nothing, except bloat me. Life goes on.
Avatar m tn If you found this thread, no doubt you did the same as the others.. Googling to find clues.. Ive dealt with this for 5 years on and off.. Ive learned some lessons the hard way, and some the easy way.. First off.. No doctors are going to have a clue.. They will stick with the " it's impossible" stance So, what are your symptoms ? Clots in your blood after sex ? After masterbation ? Heavy thick clots, that look like leeches ? Let me give you a bit ofadvice ...
Avatar n tn when it first occurred i thought that i might have kidney stones and did not associate the passing of blood with masterbation but now i see that the two are linked. needless to say, i do not indulge in masterbation now but i would like to know the cause of these symptoms. please treat this question seriously as i am worried about my health. thank you in anticipation.
Avatar f tn Hi, Since you have a history of kidney stones it is the most likely cause for blood clots in urine, although infections in the urinary bladder and kidneys cannot be ruled out. Do keep us posted!
Avatar m tn I was in the ER 3 times and was loaded up with Toradol and Dilaudid for basically 48 hours straight. After passing the stones my kidney, uteter pains etc were mostly gone in 48 hours but i started getting bad leg cramps in the calfs. This has been ongoing for 5 days now and I feel like i just hiked up a mountain! My doctor told me to drink lots of Gatorade and V8 juice but that is not helping. Could this be a problem that i need to go back for blood work? clots?
Avatar n tn They stuck a catheter in me and drained a TON of blood, urine and huge red blood clots. I tore my ACL in high school and the catheter compared to that painwise was not even on the same scale. I had never hurt this much in my life. They ended up hooking up this thing that flushed my bladder out with a saline solution via some double-tubed catheter. Once they were satisfied that my bladder was blood-free, they told me to try and urinate. I couldn't, 4 hours later.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms it looks like kidney infections which may be due to kidney stones. Presence of visible blood clots in urine is called gross hematuria or macroscopic hematuria. This signifies any underlying medical conditions which needs investigations to confirm. Most often it is related to urinary tract problems like kidney stones, inflammation of urinary tract, renal vein thrombosis, certain kidney tumors and polycystic kidney disease, blood coagulation disorders and anticoagulants.
Avatar n tn I am also prescribed 20mg of Lasik daily for water retention (which by the way is not working as well lately) My husband knows someone who had kidney stones and thinks that might be what's wrong with me. But every time I decide to make an appointment with the doctor the blood in the urine stops for the day - but then comes back again within 1-3 days later. Why do I wait??? Because I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac.
Avatar n tn Sure enough, the next time I had sex I actually ejaculated a mix of sperm blood. I went to the doctor and they thought I had kidney stones (I had lower back pain also). I had an CT Scan and nothing showed up irregular and no stones. I was told that the Doctor wanted to do a cytoscopy, but I never went back because the appointment was set for three weeks later and the problem seemed to resolve itself. Now here I am 3 months later and I have the same problems occuring.
Avatar m tn The presence of blood in urine, proteins in urine and abdominal pain indicate kidney stones. .Clots can be wormlike, and if associated with pain it could represent clots coming from your ureters(tubes from your kidneys to your bladder). This may be due to an obstruction in the kidneys or uretrs like a stone.When the blood in the urine is at the beginning of urination, it most likely comes from the urethra, (the tube from the bladder to the outside).
2042830 tn?1333869167 Hello, In absence of any UTI, other causes which may cause urinary retention are urethral syndrome, any blockage in the flow of urine like any scar tissue, injury (as in a car wreck or bad fall), blood clots, infection, tumors in the pelvic region, and stones, infection or due to disruption of the delicate and complex system of nerves that connects the urinary tract with the brain and the nervous system.
Avatar f tn Was I misdiagnosed? Did I pass a kidney stone? I have been having symptoms that originally were thought by my Dr. to be UTI. All 3 urine tests showing all the signs of infection (white blood cells) yet the culture showed no bacterial growth. Doctor continued on trying to figure it out and told me in the meantime to make appointment with my gyno, since I have had a history of issue in that area(Previous abnormal pap, LEEP procedure, Secondary amenorrhea).
Avatar f tn • blood pressure high; • blood clots slowly; • brain is foggy; • memory worsening, forgetful; • no libido (very different from past); • dehydration; • vision blurry; • severe osteopenia (2-yrs ago); • kidney stones; • intestinal bloating; • urine excessive volume; • urine, excessive calcium excreted; • depressed; • tumors, cysts, and polyps all over my body; • blood test PTH: normal; • blood test Calcium: High Normal; • 3-neck/thyroid Ultrasounds, 3-Sestimbi Tests: all inconclusive/suspicious.
Avatar n tn 30pm yesterday I went for a wee and had a shooting pain behind my pubic bone, when I wiped there was blood with clots like a period but it was to early for my period. Later that evening it looked like I was weeing blood, I know that it wouldn't take a lot of blood to look really bad so tried to stay calm, then had to keep going to the toilet with little success but before getting to sleep I had clear urine with no visable blood but still with a cramping sensation.
Avatar m tn Age 19 Summer- Pain in lower back, presumed to be kidney pain. Eventual blood in urine and extreme pain assumed to be kidney stones but no stones ever seen. Blockage in one kidney is documented by ultrasound. Treated with Prednisone for a month and the blockage cleared. Age 19 Winter- DVT in left leg causing immense pain. Hospitalization and a surgical procedure to clear out the clot. Heparin for the first few weeks and then Coumadin for 6 months.
Avatar n tn they would not be detected by blood and urine tests designed to evaluate infection. It may benecessary to continue antibiotics as prophylaxsis for the rest of pregnancy. These issues should be addressed soon, but this is not an emergency, with your physician. Ultrasound of the kidney is a good starting point: it will identify many stones (some are made of materials that do not image with sound waves) and any dilation of the kidney collecting system.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed w/ a blind ended ureter when I was 4 and had half of my right kidney removed. I developed "kidney stones" about 10 years ago. When I was initially diagnosed, I had numerous a year. Only a few showed up on the CT scans. I experienced the typical colic pain in my right flank and blood in my urine. I sometimes passed clots. During these episodes the scans would come back as normal and my symptoms would be dismissed.
1216899 tn?1288573925 No, I have not noticed a change in blood sugar, though I sometimes think some of my symptoms are diabetes-like. I'm not a doctor but a blood sugar above 200 indicates diabetes(as do some of your symptoms); below 100 is normal depending upon how low (range - I think under 50 is hypoglycemia). It sounds as though your blood sugar is really fluctuating. Have you seen your PCP? An endocrinologist?
Avatar f tn I know I've flushed out kidney stones. I've figured out that the cause of my kidney stones is high fructose corn syrup in some of my favorite foods like fig bars which I've given up. I would not be surprised if that had something to do with my gall stones.
Avatar n tn I also have bad cramps for about 2-3 days before my period starts. I usually have a lot of blood clots during my period too. It's like I'm in middle school again when it comes to acne. I can't keep my face clear. It takes no time for my hair to become greasy from the time I wash it every morning.
Avatar n tn I am not pregnant, have not been sexually active in about a month or so and have already had my period this month. I do have a history of kidney stones..I am not running fevers nor am I experiencing cramps. HELP!!!
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, when I drink the night after I get blood in my pee at the end and a few little clots, noticable on the tissue, I am a girl, healthy and fit for my age within my weight range for my height.... no medical conditions either. I am wondering if you followed up and were able to figure out what it was...
Avatar n tn I have been to a GYN, Urologists, primary care physicians, you name it I have seen them. I have had kidney stones removed, laproscopic surgery (nothing abnormal) and a cystopy (spelling). I was actually hoping that the Lap would indicate that they had found something wrong so they could fix it. My GYN seems to think our next step is to remove the uterus, I just don't see how this can help.
Avatar n tn i am wondering if my pain and blood is from kidney stones or my iud. i also dont drink alot of liquid i find it difficult to do other the 2 cups of coffee and a bottle of water that is all i drink in one day. i also realized that in my urin there are some blood clots. i have an appointment with the doctor on friday. can you please tell me what is wrong with me and if it is serious?
Avatar f tn Any issues with elevated or low calcium levels, gut problems, kidney stones, hot flashes, brain fog? I had thyroid and hyperparathyroid issues at one time, and experienced an endocrine upheaval. I was even told that, at age 38, I was starting perimenopause. Puh, shows what the Dr knew. I had a parathyroid tumor (not cancerous) that freaked out my entire body. Well, that's fixed now, and I'm symptom-free.
Avatar n tn Brain fog, CFS, gas, bloating, muscle pain and weakness, lower back and shoulder pain, moodswings, ibs, food allergies out of no where, leaky gut syndrome, depression, feeling alone, crying, sadness, dizziness, UTIs, kidney stones, kidney infection, sugar cravings, carpal tunnel syndrome, thyroid problems, weight gain, rapid heart beat, bronchitis, sinus problems, ringing in ears, fever, chest pains, shortness of breath, disturbances in the monthly girl thing, sudden hunger with feelings of ang
Avatar n tn I am 61, have a normal sex life and a couple of years ago started noticing blood in semen and also urine, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, large clots small clots, fresh blood, old blood. At first I freaked too! Eventually I went to see a specialist urologist and after I had a mini-camera shoved up my JT (how painful is THAT!!!) I was told I have no protate cancer and that these episodes were nothing to worry about. Well I can go a few weeks without any sign of blood, then it returns.