Kidney stones and weight loss

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643805 tn?1243972443 I have had horrible pain and weight loss the past few months.was diagnosed with kidneystones. I have had these stones since april nd can't tolerate it anymore.Does anyone know of a way to get them movin?
1223946 tn?1281395958 Hi! After bariatric weight loss surgery it is common to have high urine oxalate and low urine citrate -factors that lead to kidney stone formation .So you need to be extra careful regarding your intake of water and food. Increase your water and fluid intake. Eat low fat diet as the amount of oxalate in the urine increases with the amount of fat in the stool after bypass surgeries.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones at 28 weeks pregnant and my urologist pUT a Stent in my ureter and the pain was gone! But the stent is also not comfortable at all either I hated it!! hope all gets better!
Avatar n tn Since finding out about the gallstones and the kidney stones I find that I am losing weight. I don't, however, eat the same things I use to eat but I am not trying to lose weight. Sometimes I remain the same weight for a few days and then I drop a few pounds. My blood work has not indicated any thyroid or other problem. I am getting a little worried expecially since I have been told that I may lose a few pounds after surgery. What could possibly be going on?
Avatar n tn Don't know that this med was for sure the reason, but my doctor has found no other explanation and I have been tested for everything and poked and vibrated and they can find nothing. Good luck!
Avatar n tn ) I also heard that a cleanse could also jumpstart your wieght loss. I did one before and I did lose a little weight -- colonix is the one I did. Anyway -- I commend you for sticking to it.
Avatar f tn It is not intended to be used for weight loss alone! Did you know it can cause hair loss and kidney stones? By the way, I have been on Topomax for about a year and haven't lost any weight becasue of the other drugs I am on. Think twice before you add another med to your list!
Avatar f tn It took a while but the pain I was having was finally diagnosed as a kidney stone and I have another symptomatic one in the other kidney. But I wonder if kidney stones cause anemia because I suddenly became anemic just over a year ago and we have not been able to find a cause. Although I had occult blood in my urine due to the stone, it was not a lot. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this too or if anyone might know if stones can cause anemia?
Avatar n tn The reason I ask is because several of your symptoms, especially the gut probs and kidney stones are included in hyperparathyroidism which Drs don't look for very often. Do you have frequent headaches, joint and muscle pain, and fatigue? If so, check out and look at the symptoms listed there...This may not be what is going on, but it may point you in the right direction...Good luck...
Avatar n tn the only side effect that I am experiencing with the topamax is I feel a little goofy at times and my spelling and overall loss of words at times can be bothersome....Can anyone tell me if the weight loss and loss of appetite will decrease.... I am on 100mg a day... does anyone think I should increase my dosage? ( of course w/ my drs. permission)... this has truly been a great drug for my mood swings as well.....
Avatar n tn The tingling in fingers, the mood swings, the stomach issues, and yes the weight loss and FATIGUE. I am only on 50 mg, and will not take more. I am surprised that so many people want to use this drug as a weight loss product. This is not a weight loss product, it is a serious drug, with serious side effects that you have to live with for the rest of your life. If I did not have to take it, I would not.
Avatar n tn kidney stones develop by dehydration, weight loss, exercise and diet, if they are not treated they can grow and just cause more and more pain if you dont get them treated the pain may go away but it will come back believe me i have had them myself and the treatment is absolutly nothing well worth having it doent hurt its just lazer treatment which sounds scary but isnt its just like someone is tapping in the same spot repeadedly for about an hour and thats it.
Avatar f tn I've asked my neurologist about increasing my dosage to see if it would help with the daily headaches but he's hesitant due to kidney stones and other side effects. I feel better on Topomax than I did before and can handle the side effects I've had. The first time I tried Topomax, 2 years ago, I tried 50 mg. and went off of it due to the side effects. I had the bad taste from soda and many foods, terrible memory for words, etc.
Avatar f tn My 60 year old husband passed small uric acid type kidney stones in August (per lab analysis of stones), had a blood test that showed high uric acid and was put on Allopurinol 100mg (twice daily) about two weeks ago. He recently lost weight after having an angioplasty with stent in late July (blood work shows normal range for cholesterol- blood glucose elevated at 117, blood pressure is normal, pulse 50 to 60).
Avatar n tn Does any of my symptoms sound like kidney stones? Or is these 2 doctors mistaking the side effects of Cipro for the symptoms of kidney stones?
Avatar f tn These include fungal illness, endocarditis, many parasitic diseases and some other sub-acute or occult infections may cause weight loss. He should keep searching the causes of weight loss it's very important that he stays calm but not waste time with people telling you it's nothing. One test that I could think of is Stool test with fat stool test and search for hidden blood in feces. Fat stool test can reveal bad absorption of food. check complements system and serum proteins too.
Avatar n tn He has had trouble with Kidney stones for years and years and they have never caused him to loose weight. We just keep watching him waste away whiles docs say it is in his head and prescribe anti depressants. We don't know what else to do. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I am not sure if I trust the cysto they perfromed today but they have shceduled him for a ultrasound of the kidneys and bladder as he has also got multiple kidney stones...we are also fighting to get him into gi to do colonoscopy which could be ther "root of all evil" but in any case should I be concerned and go for a second opinion on the urologist report, as he is also battling another uti or something which they are culturing. Thanks for any help here!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar n tn sewcreative, why are you so against doctors, it is because people try to take their weight controll in their own hands that we have more than half of our country being overweight and spending money on unaffective weight loss stuff. anyways, i teach and dealt with alot of people like myself who swasted their time because they didnt want to go to a doctor for their weight. unfortunately for us. their are not alot of doctors specialised in weight problems.
Avatar f tn I also began suffering from horrible double-vision migraines that showed up very oddly on an EKG and kidney stones. After I passed a kidney stone the doctor suggested I try eliminating food from my diet- so for about two years I was very strictly gluten free. This all seemed to help- no migraines, no kidney pain and no bloating. Around May 2013 my symptoms began to return despite my very healthy, gluten free diet and regular exercising.
Avatar n tn Dark spots that appear on kidney ultrasounds can represent cysts, abscesses, abnormalities of the blood vessels, kidney stones, old calcifications or kidney cancer. Cysts on the kidney are usually harmless and large cysts may need surgical treatment if they are producing symptoms. Each of these condition mentioned above will present will associated symptoms and signs like burning urination, increased frequency of urination, weight loss etc.A CT scan will definitely be helpful.
Avatar m tn about three years ago i was around two hundred pounds and within six months i was down to 150. the weight loss was accompanied by nausea always followed by vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and severe abdominal pain. i had an endoscopy as well as various blood tests but no result was ever found, i also had a ct scan, was tested for diabetes and thryoid conditions all was negative.
Avatar m tn My all blood reports, blood complete picture, ESR, urine tests, liver function tests, rfts, hepatitis(b,c), aids, kidney tests, C reactive protein, sodium, potassium,sugar tests, tuberculosis, thyroid tests, lipase, amylase, tumor markers CEA,C19_9 etc all are ok and in normal range. H.phylori and celiac profile are negative. Ct scan abdomen with contrast has been done reveals nothing in January 2015. Endoscopy and colonoscopy revealed gastritis. I am very depressed with no direction.
Avatar f tn I was on Topomax for 4 yrs, and 8 kidney stones. Worst 4 yrs of my life!!!!
387767 tn?1345875627 I am hoping that he will come through but we have managed kidney disease through diet and I am sure you have heard many times that most of these disease's come from feeding your cat biscuits. I have included an excerpt from a Vet finding: Recent research suggests a link between vaccination for feline distemper and immune-mediated inflammation of the kidneys, which is thought to be the cause of CRF. Annual boosters for distemper are completely unnecessary.
Avatar f tn I just recently passed a stone and suffering from a kidney infection ... they treated me for a UTI atfirst but the antibiotic was not strong enough to take careof the kidney infection ... maybe its ppossible you have a kidney infection starting and that's why u only feel the pain when you have a full bladdar? idk just a thought ... but I would go to the doc to be certain because theycan be dangerous untreated for baby ...
2085202 tn?1373203340 He is wanting to write this off as anxiety and muscle spasms. Here's the thing ;I am losing tons of weight. The pain happens at night and am waking up to the pain making this a hard pill to swallow as just anxiety. I have been near tears with how persistent this has become. He has run bloodwork on the liver and other things including the white blood cell count and everything has turned out to be ok.