Kidney stones and water retention

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Avatar n tn I have been having this problem for about 4 months have been dilated didnt help. i drink water and tea all day. going back to urologist friday. strange but true have 2 sisters having the same problem.also i have a bladder sling.
Avatar m tn I'm not a big fan of chronic pain. I do realize that bloating and water retention is not a symptom of stones, however, i'm hoping that this is the case for me. I'm tired of trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I've had this stone for quite a while now, seems doctors are too busy to listen to their patients, they seem to attribute everything to depression and menapause.
Avatar m tn Hi, Bladder stones may not be as common as that of kidney stones and mechanism for their development is not as well understood. However, in calculus or stone formation it is important to note that certain factors play an essential role: Urine supersaturation,the interplay between crystallization promoters and inhibitors, particle retention and the matrix content (1). Supersaturation refers to urine supersaturation ( less water,the higher the concentration of particles)with certain salts.
Avatar n tn i have msk meddular sponge kidney and i get stones 2x/year and i get very serious urinary tract infections and they are very painful if your throwing up, coldsweats, and just feel like you have the flu i seriously urge you to get your kidneys checked out for stones etc best regards... sheri y.
Avatar m tn I am so terrified that I have one because I still have frequent urination and the feeling that I have to go right after I just went. No pain when urinating anymore. I have a long history with IBS and it's been bad this week with constipation could this be a factor? Please help. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Water accumulation under the eyes (eye bags) can be caused from kidney or heart complaints. Some people get it regardless. Why were you taking the diuretic medication? There are different types of diuretic medications. For example I was prescribed to take 2mg of bendroflumethiazide with my blood pressure medication to reduce and control my high blood pressure. Frumil is a diuretic usually prescribed for people with fluid retention that have heart problems.
Avatar m tn i am in exactly the same boat as you un diagnosed recurrent kidney infections its very frustrating and worrying i know.
Avatar f tn We were shuttled around several doctors and treated for different disorders such as kidney stones, hernias, bladder and kidney bacterial infections and peptic ulcers to no avail. Some thought we were crazy. Ultimately, a worm ova (for Schistosoma) was found in both our urine sediments and we were treated with praziquantel. There are other medications specific for different parasites.
Avatar f tn Hello, For cloudy urine and such crippling pain, the most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. It can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction. The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones or diseases like tumors. So you should get done an ultrasound, CT scan and also urine examination and kidney function tests.
Avatar m tn I have a history of kidney stones and already have another calcium deposit that has developed in my left kidney (just 5 months after lithotripsy!). I also suffer from low testosterone and GERD and take Testim and Nexium, daily. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there such a thing as a hernia that can't be seen on ulrasound? Can a back injury cause these symptoms (the middle of my back has hurt during all this time, but only when in certain positions. Dead center, on spine.
Avatar n tn I had constant BV, UTI's (which were always really kidney infections too), and indifferent and negligent doctors who just prescribed me whatever they where prescribing at the time for UTI's. They did this without ever seeing what bacteria and what antibiotic the infection was susceptible to, and more than that, in chronic cases no thought was given to the underlying cause of re-infection.
Avatar f tn After going for my check-up in the first 3 years, the doc ruled me out of SLE, kidney stones and any other kidney related diseases. I admit that my salt intake is quite excessive comparatively. However, there were times when i experiment taking my meals with lowered or without sodium, but, my situation did not improve even after 1 week. Since 3 years ago, i've increased my dosage from 1 pill to 3 pills. And lately, my feet swell again. I don't think i want to up my dosage again.
427265 tn?1444080036 i don't think there are any problems with drinking water and can't see why it should overtax your kidneys, it should actually be good for the kidneys so it filters out more waste and toxic materials and prevent kidney stones. water is good. i try to drink as much and as often as possible. but sometimes it's a hassle at school bc i would have to go to the rr often. but with the dry teary skin, i get that on my lips, i have to constantly apply lip balm and ointments on my lips.
2042830 tn?1333869167 I have no insurance and went to the ER this because my left side below my rid cage has a sharp side and lower back were my kidney is I am in so much pain... I have this really bad odder on my tongue, it smells like copper or bowl odder. I have had this same odder when I had endometriosis this pass year off and on..... I have regular bowl moments that are normal color...
Avatar f tn of two or more stones. Please let us know what you find out and how you are doing and make out on this problem.
Avatar f tn I was thinking that this could be a UTI or kidney stones but as we live in a small village in Alaska and it is a monumental monetary undertaking (plane ticket or ferry ticket just to get to a larger town with a doctor, not to mention transportation and THEN the doctor visit... she is on a fixed income), we need to be VERY sure its not something that can be rectified at home before we commit to the expenditure. Any advice, recommendations, suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Any kidney or bladder related dysfunctions? - Is the jury out on the vitamins C and D as risk factors for kidney stones I posted elsewhere in the Forums also some related: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn m only peeing 4 times in a 24hr period and its only 200 milliliters max during this time also I can only eat a few bites of food a day having lower back pain on both sides extremely fatigued and I do have a history of gallstones with gallbladder removed and kidney stones what is wrong
Avatar f tn The risk factors for recurrent UTI in females are sexual intercourse, use of spermicidal products, having a first UTI at an early age, and having a maternal history of UTIs. Most common causes are stones in kidney, changing sexual partners frequently, pregnancy, diabetes and childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction. Inherited factors may be related to recurrent UTIs in few females. Drink plenty of water.
Avatar n tn It almost *always* feels heavy, and more often than not has a kind of achy numbness (particularly increased when my kidney infection was going on)... almost like super water retention on that side only, or like a leg feels as it's just starting to wake up from falling asleep. Also, my right arm falls asleep extremely easily, with the pinky often being numb. I am 35/f, have absolutely no history of kidney or bladder infections in the past.
Avatar n tn Recurrent urine infections could be due to various reasons. Most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. Other causes are changing sexual partners frequently, pregnancy, diabetes and of course childhood infections. The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due t obstruction. The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones. So you should get a ultrasound, CT scan done and also some urine and blood tests.
Avatar f tn I have today been diagnosed with a water infection and I have just started taking antibiotics. My GP did not know what my symptoms could relate to and said to come back if it gets worse. I am a little worried as this numbness in my fingers is not right surely? Thanks G.
Avatar f tn Could this have caused damage and impaired function? Also I have ruled out any other reasons for water retention. I am not on the pill, just ended my period a few days ago, not pregnant, not on any meds, and do not consume much salt. My BP is fine as well.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 years I have been diagnosed with severe depression and am taking 200mg Zoloft daily. I am also prescribed 20mg of Lasik daily for water retention (which by the way is not working as well lately) My husband knows someone who had kidney stones and thinks that might be what's wrong with me. But every time I decide to make an appointment with the doctor the blood in the urine stops for the day - but then comes back again within 1-3 days later. Why do I wait???
Avatar f tn The urine can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction. Drink plenty of water and fluids. If the symptoms persist then get it investigated from a physician. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones or diseases like tumors. So you should get done an ultrasound, CT scan and also urine examination and kidney function tests. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
529224 tn?1400651819 Swollen legs and feet can be caused by a number of reasons, from hormonal problems, circulation (heart) and kidney problems (and kidney stones) as well as problems with the lymphatic system. If she does consume a lot of salt, it would be a good idea to reduce this. The doctor will be able to check your daughter's blood pressure and examine her to rule out any problems. Even though there is swelling which may be due to fluid retention, it is still important to drink plenty of water.