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Avatar m tn 20 mm stone in my right kidney which was removed by lithotripsy and now as per ultrasound report the kidney is clear and now it is two month since the treatment. But after two months still i have now a different pressure like pain at the right side (back side) due to this pressure i always feel anxiety and tiredness. When i walk or move around there is no pressure (pain) but when i sit or lay down the pressure feeling starts.
Avatar f tn Iv had afew kidney stones in the past and it is n absoulte living hell. When i first found out i was pregnant i would joke like " watch im gonna get one while im pregnant" well its no laughing matter now that im 17 weeks and pretty damn shure i have one. Less sever then the previous ones but i do fear it becoming more question is, does anyone know what they do for them during pregnancy? Befor they just threw a script of percs at me and idpass it on my own.
500419 tn?1220128343 At the very least you could discuss it with her and opt for the least expensive tests- an ultrasound and a urine examination. Meanwhile try to drink plenty of water to facilitate easy pasage of the stones. Hope you can work things out and continue to have a safe pregnancy.
Avatar f tn UTI can also be due to the polycystic kidney disease as well. Kidney stones and kidney failure are late-stage symptoms of the disease. I suggest you an immediate urologist’s evaluation. If the size of the stone is small, it’s usually treated with ESWL in which shock waves are given from outside and stone breaks into small pieces. On the other hand, if the stone is quite big, then the surgical removal of the stone is a better option. Also her renal functions need to be studied.
1583226 tn?1297770275 Hello, Pain or burning while urinating can be a sign of a several different medical conditions like a urinary tract infection ,a sexually transmitted disease, a prostate problem, such as a prostate infection or kidney stones. Drink plenty of water every day. You need a physical examination and tests like urine examination and ultrasound kidney ureter bladder. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause. I hope you find this information useful. Best luck and regards!
4231247 tn?1351951856 boyfriend has kidney stones he is now 30.We recently had to rush down to the hospital because he had a severe belly pain he knew that the kidney stones was causing it he got sent to a ultra sound can a kind doctor respond to my question by telling me y was he feeling that much pain and is it really something to worry about?
Avatar f tn I am really prone to kidney stones and after a lot of pain on Wednesday an ultrasound reviled another one. :( My doctor is wanting to put in a stent but says he usually doesn't do them this early so most likely it will have to be changed in a few months. I am scared. Has anyone had one in pregnancy before? Someone told me I would be awake the whole time. That makes me more scared and anxious. Is the stent painful? I am 11 weeks today.
Avatar n tn Do check your diet. One high in calcium (cheese, milk, yoghurt) and fats can lead to kidney stones. Also you must drink water to keep the kidneys hydrated and efficient. My male friend gets them often and I have watched him go through them and the advice above is what the doctor's tell him every time.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had kidney stones during your pregnancy and what did the pain feel like. I went to the hospital earlier and was sent home and told I was just experiencing round lig pain but I'm a bit skeptical of that verdict because it lasted for hours and the pain was so intense. I didn't test positive for a uti either but idk what to think. I dont have bloody urine but i swear i peed out something resembling a small pebble earlier too.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have kidney stones..? If so what do you do about it. It is SO painful..
540521 tn?1221703306 I have not yet passed the stones and i am still getting pain and the stones will not pass. The stones seem to bother me the most when i am standing and being active, Can kidney stones lead to kidney Failure? How much worse can this get? I don't know what else to do , I am at a loss, any help would be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You..
11610581 tn?1419818408 I just recently was diagnosed with an 8mm stone in my ureter, half way between my kidney and bladder determained by an ultrasound despite clear urine (no infection or blood)
Avatar f tn Water may wash out the crystals before they build up leading to fewer stones and keeping the kidney healthy.
Avatar f tn I consulted a GYN and then a Urologist and a ultrasound which tells I have few small size (4mm and 6mm ) stones in my kidneys. My urine reports were normal, and they told they have not caused any infection. I am drinking about 7 litres water since last 3 days and some other fluids. However, the pain never vanishes and never becomes very sharp but continues troubling me always.
Avatar f tn She said i have kidbey stones that i have to let pass and ive never been in such pain.. i was throwing up pisssing my pants and experiencing the kidney stones all at once. she gave me painkillers and im waiting for them to pass.. has anyone else had an experience with being preg with kidney stones??
Avatar m tn That discomfort certainly doesn't last more than one day either and is very off and on and not steady discomfort. Hope this helps and please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn As long as the flow of urine is not blocked and you do not have a urinary infection, you will not damage your kidneys. This could be assessed by a simple urine analysis and a kidney ultrasound, neither of which should be terribly expensive even if you have to pay out of pocket (I don't know where you live, but in the US it is often possible to negotiate a price with a hospital or lab for a service you will be paying out of pocket for).
Avatar m tn I'm figuring that kidney stones take a while to form and that, if I have kidney stones and possibly an infection, it's likely that I had the kidney stones first and they contributed to the infection, rather that having an infection first that contributed to the kidney stones (sorry if this sounds confusing).
895634 tn?1283992810 But there are some of us like hrsepwrguy and myself, that have stones chronically. When ever I have an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI kidney stones are found. I have some form of imaging done at least ever 6 months due to cirrhosis and liver cancer. Most of the time they are small enough to pass. In the last few years I have had to had stones removed by either capturing the stone or blasting the stone with a laser.
Avatar n tn I have done this for 11 months and had no UTI's and no kidney stones since then. I was always getting 'burning and smelly urine and no infection. Now I get none of that and if I miss 2 night of taking them, the smelly urine is back and the slight burning. My Doctor says that Cranberry is not toxic either and that we urinate what we dont need like most other vitamins. Allow 3-4 days before seeing some effect. Worth a try....
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but do have too much experience with kidney stones. For me, I'd get pings and pangs in my kidney as well as microhematuria (blood you cannot see by eye) in my urine when I have stones. I've also had the flank pain you describe .. for me it's been in the lower back. I hope with lots of water your stones move out for you uneveventfully. Please keep in touch. From what I've read stones <5.0mm usually move out on their own with a high % of non-complications, etc.
Avatar f tn She was very sick just over a week before she was diagnosed, and they don't know if she was sick from the kidney stones,or if she had the stomach flu,and getting dehydrated caused the kidney stones. However she never really got too "dehydrated" when she was so sick. She did vomit alot, but was still having plenty of urine. So who knows. Any experience on how long these things take to pass? Thanks again.
Avatar m tn At first it was only in my side so I thought I had appendicitis. Went to the ER and they said it is possibly stones. They gave me some ibuprofin 800 and told me to drink plenty of water. I have been doing this, but a year later the pain is still there. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and makes me feel sick to my stomach, but I down a gallon or so of water and it goes away only to return later. The pain is getting worst.
Avatar n tn kidney stones need assessed by a nephrologist and also sometimes may be a calcium disorder and endocrinologists see this as well.
463595 tn?1334000822 I end up in ER yesterday due to colic pain im my rt kidney. They did an ultrasound and said that I have a preasure in my right kidney and liquid in it . And thats mean that I either have a stone or I just past it. I have a history of calcium kidney stones and I know it is easier to get them while pregnant . Is there anything but drinkking plenty of water that you would recomend?
Avatar f tn Has she had a CT Scan w/o contrast in regard to the stones? What has it shown? I have an uncommon kidney condition called MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) along with having had out 1/2 my thryoid bcz of nodules that were atpical but my parathyroids were fine and all tests were A-OK that both my Uro and Endo have run inc. a 24hr urine test. Has your daughter had a 24hr urine test? That is important too.
Avatar n tn Hi, Are there other symptoms present? A kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals which may present as abdominal pain, blood in the urine, chills, excess urination at night, fever, flank pain or back pain, painful urination or urinary frequency/urgency. Abdominal CT scan, xrays or ultrasound of the kidneys will confirm the diagnosis of kidney stones. Menstruation problems are hormone and stress related.