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Avatar f tn Come to find out I have two kidney stones one that is in the process of passing and one that is still in my kidney.. I am 27 weeks ... Has anybody else had kidney stones during their pregnancy? I'm honestly so miserable and I can't eat and I'm worried about my baby . Any suggestions ?
Avatar f tn I was tested for an infection many times during the time I had the stones, and even again, at a follow up appointment after the stones were gone, and the tests all said no infection. Now, my doctor is treating me for one, since the WBCs are still showing, which doesn't make sense to me (she also sent my pee away for further testing AGAIN, but I won't get those results until later this week).
Avatar n tn kidney stones need assessed by a nephrologist and also sometimes may be a calcium disorder and endocrinologists see this as well.
Avatar f tn No i don't have any other pain conditions. Just stones and kidney infections as a result of the stones. I take antibiotics about 2 weeks out of every month to keep the constant infections at bay which i can't imagine is good. Im assuming he refferred me to the pain mgmt dr because he's afraid of prescribing pain meds on such a regular basis. I can understand it but its still not easy for me because I'm uninsured and can't really afford to add another dr to the mix.
Avatar m tn kidney stones can be very recurring and can start very young, although ive never heard of someone getting them in their early teens.. usually early 20s, but that doesnt mean it doesnt happen earlier. it sounds like you will have to sit in some pain until you get insurance again. you can try to seek out clinics, but theyre not very good at helping. get your insurance back and go to a dr, because if you have them so often, you might have something else going on.
409451 tn?1206900232 The last urologist said he thought it was endo, and def. not kidney stones, but I'm starting to become very confused and just need an answer!!! Thankyou so much for your help, any more info is greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar m tn I had a CT scan in October (which detected kidney stones) I have had two u/s - one in April and one in July to check for stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). I have had two flat panel x-rays (June/July) prior to each lithotripsy to locate stones. (Stones were the only thing seen). All other tests from my physical are normal. I have an appointment with my PCP next week. I am going to mention endometriosis.
Avatar f tn My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet. Yesterday I felt pretty good, just some lower back pain, occasional nausea and I did have two hot sweat periods followed by chills but again no fever. Today I woke up with severe lower back pain.
Avatar f tn I am not allowed to put in the dosage of supplements here , but the books I listed will give the answers. Hello to all, Kidney stones can be or are caused by too much calcium and lack of Magnesium > Since you are researching. I'd like to direct you to Search "Magnesium and kidney stones".
Avatar f tn I have multiple stones in both kidneys, doctors just say my body is a stone making machine and always run urine on me and sometimes its full of protein and sometimes it has microscopic blood and sometimes visible, and just ever so often it has a bit of an infection but rarely. I have pain all the time on my left sid emore than right, sharp stabbing sometimes in the bladder and sometimes just ripping down side and into hip for hours or days or weeks.
Avatar n tn I am a 36 year old female. I have had approximately 11 kidney stones and currently have a stone in each of my kidneys. I experience chronic back pain on my left side. I often experience nausea. I have had several kidney infections. Whenever I have a virus it seems to settle in my left kidney. I have been very frustrated as I feel that doctors do not take my problem seriously. I am treated when I have stones.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago, I had a kidney stone and passed it. It was painful and took only a about a day. About a week later I started to get constipated. Right now I have been struggling with the constipation for about two weeks now. I drank 6 tsp Epson salt with water and passed all of that until clear. I still feel like I have a softball inside me pushing all day every day. A few days later I took Castor oil with the same results. Then mineral oil enema.
Avatar f tn I've been having a lot of pain on my right side, front, back and side and the pain takes my breath away. I had CT scans and ultra sound to determine if I had kidney stones. Then they sent me for x-rays with contrast and I was told I had a floating Kidney. The nurse for his office said there was nothing that I could do for the pain. "Just deal with it". Wow how can I when the pain takes my breath away and the pain is so bad that I have to lay down in bed until it goes away.
Avatar f tn I started to feel the syptoms return about 6 weeks ago so went straight to the doctors and was given the cyprofloxicen and codiene and was to assume a kidney infection had returned and told to go back with 24 hours of taken the antibiotics if i felt no better. The next day i vomited half an hour after taken the tablets and was feeling extremely poorly and the doctors (very reluctantly) sent me straight to hospital.
Avatar f tn So my question is has anyone had the blood in their urine and stomach cramps and had something else other than the kidney stones. Also I like to mention that my kidney function test came back fine. I would appreciate anyone's input.
Avatar n tn So far no answer has been given as to why this happens other than the reuptake of Red Blood cells from internal bleeding. I have tried all the usual kidney stone medications and none help during these periods. The crystals are quite large and visable to the naked eye. It feels like I am passing glass. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop these crystals from forming besides drink water, lots and lots of water.
Avatar f tn We were shuttled around several doctors and treated for different disorders such as kidney stones, hernias, bladder and kidney bacterial infections and peptic ulcers to no avail. Some thought we were crazy. Ultimately, a worm ova (for Schistosoma) was found in both our urine sediments and we were treated with praziquantel. There are other medications specific for different parasites.
Avatar n tn I had several kidney stones and hydronephrosis while pregnant (mostly due to improper or inability of the kidney to drain), but at that time my nephroptosis hadn't been diagnosed. If you have a good doctor (OB/GYN and Urologist) you should have minimal issues during pregnancy. If the docs are watching you closely this should avoid serious complication. Good luck!
Avatar n tn increased hydration, medication for treating infection and reducing pain, and diuretics to encourage urine flow and prevent further stone formation. In most cases, a smaller stone that is not symptomatic is often given up to four weeks to move or pass. Otherwise, surgical intervention is considered because waiting longer tends to lead to additional complications. It would be best to have a follow-up with your doctor within these time for further evaluation. Take care and regards.
231903 tn?1281486184 But i was told that kidney stones dont cause nagging pain?? with my other stones i have always had sharp severe pain. As of february my dr had told me that i did not have any stones in the left kidney anymore, just in the right. could one maybe be forming? maybe if its moving around in the kidney it could be causeing the nagging pain? i do not have a high fever, but as of right now it is 99.
Avatar n tn Now all of a sudden she tells me that she has regular urinary tract infections and something in my head just clicks, and a kidney infection comes to mind. Does this sound like a kidney infection to you? We won't be able to go to the urologist 'till February so I want to learn as much as possible beforehand. Thanks in advance; I'm grateful for any help you can give.
Avatar f tn In addition, plenty of people have worse kidney function and don’t feel pain, so the pain is not her kidneyAnd since blood pressure is low kidneys are probably not the problem. (I know she is not a high carb eater…but took it anyway.) Her diet is consistent and healthy and she takes appropriate supplements. Weight goes up and down with no known cause, not a small swing a large swing.
Avatar n tn occasional spotting.My periods are very heavy.I am also a kidney patient.I have one kidney with stones and my GFR is 29 & holding,no dyalisis.Constant bladder infections.I have heart arythmias,my left diaphram is paralized,COPD,and seizure disorder.I am on several medications now.Keppra for seizures,Toprol XL, Lipitor,Plavix, Asprin, Tricor, Macrobid.Due to my health surgery is risky for me.My DR has mentioned Provera,which I read about & sounds kinda scary to take.
Avatar m tn So i was told I have two small kidney stones and have most likely recently passed a third. What kind of pain can I expect and is the pain I'm having normal? I've been having some pain in the lower stomach and right testicle when I wake up which usually goes away after I go to the bathroom. Then after being on my feet for 3-5 hours it starts again and gradually gets worse until I'm almost doubled over by the end of the day.
2042830 tn?1333869167 I have no insurance and went to the ER this because my left side below my rid cage has a sharp side and lower back were my kidney is I am in so much pain... I have this really bad odder on my tongue, it smells like copper or bowl odder. I have had this same odder when I had endometriosis this pass year off and on..... I have regular bowl moments that are normal color...
Avatar f tn My PCP felt it was kidney stones and prescribed me flomax to help pass it. Days later no change. They did a CT scan, but it showed no stones. I still have blood in my urine so they suggested I see a Urologist. Feeling frustrated I have not made an appointment yet. Yesterday I felt pretty good, just some lower back pain, occasional nausea and I did have two hot sweat periods followed by chills but again no fever. Today I woke up with severe lower back pain.
1522652 tn?1291241954 I know that there is a link beginning with my chronic uti's as a child, to my severe pms as an adolecent into adulthood, and then on to my chronic kidney stones and infections as an adult, and then the loss of my kidney, as well as the problems I'm experiencing now. My question is what specific tests do I need to request to accurately check my thyroid, parathyroid, and my calcium levels? Also, are there any specific questions that I need to ask.
Avatar n tn like the rest of you I am having troubles at night laying down when I stand up pain seems to be better I have a lower right abdomen and back pain that comes and goes . I do not have kidney stones and I do not have difficulty urinating. the pain is in the lower rear right abdomen. has anybody found any solutions please?
1963554 tn?1325451090 He said that his right kidney is destroyed and that his left kidney has about 25% left. He has a tumor within his bladder and his urine cannot pass thru which goes into his kidney and damages it. When we had Shaggy checked out in May our vet said that it's UTI...because I mentioned to him that he'd pee and then go to other spots and nothing comes out. So he was given anti-biotics. This went on for several months.