Kidney stones and menstrual cycle

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Avatar m tn Does having kidney stones affect your CA 125 lab test and for how long would the test be elevated after having a stone?
Avatar f tn This is what prompted my visit to the urologist. It started during my menstrual cycle and never let up. It would go from gross to microscopic and back again. I've deslt with minor aches and pains in both my back and pelvic area, similar to menstrual cramps. Nothing major. Last Tuesday I was stopped with sharp pains from my back to abdomen and towards my hip area. It wasn't excruciating but not very comfortable by Any means either. That lasted about an hour and a half, in waves.
Avatar n tn Do you agree that it was kidney stones? And that we are doing the right thing with the cyst..taking the wait and see approach?
Avatar f tn While I was pregnant I had kidney stones and a kidney infection. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and that was 2 weeks ago today. I went to the hospital last night with horrible kidney pain that went through to my abdomen and they did a CT scan and said I had kidney stones, a bladder infection and that the cyst on my ovaries from 4 months ago had grown to about 3.2. What is causing this? And what should I do about it? Are any of these things related? Should I worry about the cyst?
Avatar n tn Seven days ago, I had severe pain in my right kidney and vomiting. It stopped after 2 hours, but I woke up with severe pressure and pain in my pubic bone. That has changed in the last 4 days, so now I have severe pain and pressure in my vaginal like I have the worst yeast infection in history. It hurts more when I stand because it's like gravity worsens the pressure. I'm sitting on a heating pad now.
Avatar f tn She has a history of kidney stones, so when this happened the first time we actually thought it might be kidney stones. They ran several tests to check her ovaries etc and everything was ok. Today it happened again, and during the episode she hadn't started her cycle yet, no blood in urine or when she wipes. After about 1/2 hour she started her period.
Avatar f tn She has a history of kidney stones, so when this happened the first time we actually thought it might be kidney stones. They ran several tests to check her ovaries etc and everything was ok. Today it happened again, and during the episode she hadn't started her cycle yet, no blood in urine or when she wipes. After about 1/2 hour she started her period.
Avatar n tn s came back ok they told me to stop taking antibotic,I did but cont with the pain in flank always after I'm done urinating after my stream I always drip white cloudy substance, my pain is not severe and tylenol usally helps, I was wondering could this be stones? I always read that stones are very, very painful my pains not that bad.
Avatar f tn kidney pain..well i had no ins and was on a gov. health program and was able to see their doctors and come to find out i have stones in my kidneys that can never be passed nor labs were done and my calcium was high..sodium high..b12 low..they checked my thyroid and came back every yr they had me do a 24hr urine collection and labs and every result came back the same as above noted...
Avatar n tn just couldn't get comfortable) and heavier spotting, no fever. The next 2 days the pains were basically gone, but heavy bleeding like a heavy menstrual cycle or worse for those two days still no fever. Today I thought it was gone, but some minor spotting at the end of urination. I called my doctor yesterday because seeing blood is making me very uneasy and scared...and she asked that I report in on how I'm feeling...
2042830 tn?1333869167 I just started bleeding really bad and I am only in my 17 cycle of my menus cycle...In really bad pain and taking percocet..... I started my period last month 5 days earlier... The month prior the that one I was 4 days early....This is what happened last year when I had so much cystic chocolate that ruptured. I was in so much pain and so much clotting came out for months and then they said endomitosis ans andomitosis... Wondering if it could be endomitosis cancer??
509093 tn?1210905575 About a year ago I had severe abdominal /flank pain and went straight to the emergency room at that time they performed a cat scan which revealed that I had 7 kidney stones between both kidneys . I was sent home and told to take x drugs for the pain and the antibiotic for the UTI I had as well . I am given a strainer to strain my urine with and so on . I never catch not a one of the stones. I am also told to follow up with a urologist .
Avatar n tn A pap smear and transvaginal or pelvic ultrasound may help visualize the ovaries and the uterus. Are there any associated problems with the menstrual cycle? Any spotting or profuse menstrual bleed? To rule out an underlying urologic disease, I suggest that you have a urinalysis done to rule out an underlying infection. BUN and creatinine levels as well as a KUB or kidney ,ureter and bladder ultrasound may be able to help. A muculoskeletal or arthritic pain may also be a differential.
Avatar n tn Some people say gallbladder, some say possibly kidney stones. Also, this is also the time of the month I would normally have a menstrual cycle. Could that be it? I don't know what to think, but I am growing increasingly concerned. I plan on calling my physician, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn It is not time for my menstrual cycle nor have I overexerted myself with physical labor. I have sharp stabbing pains from time to time in my stomach and my spine aches. I urinate frequently and they are clear for the most part and without pain or odor. I have Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis and take Levothyroxin, Topomax for migraines and birth control for irregular menses. I do not take any supplements because of the palpitations from the levo.
Avatar f tn Is this associated with your menstrual cycle? Are you sexually active? Any fever, nausea, headaches or palpable masses in the body? I suggest you seek consult with your primary physician for a complete physical examination . A urinalysis may be able to differentiate between an infection or some other underlying conditions like probable kidney stones or nephritis. A urinary tract infection may not present with burning pain in urination.
Avatar n tn Hello there I had kidney stones over a year ago, which I passed myself. I had a baby 14 months ago and my blood levels have been low ever since. I have been very tired and been having irregluar periods which arrive 36 days one month then arrive 23 days the next. I had a blood test again and my levels were low. Iv also started to urinate more and have a feeling I need to go to the loo not long after going to the toilet.
Avatar n tn I have had upper and lower endoscopy and they say nothing is wrong. In 2003 I was found to have a kidney tumor and had a radical nephrectomy. This did not stop the symptoms. They tell me it has to be IBS, but I am not so sure. I had my gallbladder removed recently due to "sludge back up and starting of stones", but still having symtoms. I was found to have a small hemangioma or peripheral infarct on the liver. Should I be worried about this?
Avatar n tn Forgot to say, menstrual cycle regular and normal, no spotting or anything like that.
Avatar n tn don't get too upset yet. Kidney stones certainly can do it (that's how I first found out I had kidney stones)...they can cause a good amount of visible blood in the urine at times, even if they haven't yet moved into the ureter. As such you would feel no pain. I believe some infections can cause blood in the urine (do you have a fever?). That having been said, I would certainly get in to see a doctor right away in order to find out what the source is.
Pig Hello, Cause of pelvic pain could be due to kidney stones, pelvic infections, urine infections, twisted ovarian cyst or rupture of ovarian cyst, appendicitis or any other referred pain due to other organ infections. Most of them may not show up on ultrasound. So get all these causes evaluated from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn What could the dried blood clots mean? Could that be what shows up in my kidney on the CT Scans and not kidney stones? Could the ovarian cysts be more than what my doctor thinks? What could the enlarged lymph nodes mean?
Avatar n tn I was (in error) taking alot of potassium with my vitamins in a concerted effort to try and use the vitamin regime the Uroologist suggested to prevent kidney stones from growing or new ones forming. It was ok to take the potassium (I took it in form of alot of juices which contain potassium) and the cramps kept coming.
Avatar f tn but think the stress triggered, combined with the kidney stones, what happened starting in May. I've since moved out again.. and I feel much better.. trying to eat and drink better. I do not sleep enough, I believe that is also a factor. Would like to know what it actually is though.. I did see an ENT last October.. Told me it was BPPV. I don't think so..
Avatar n tn I am too having the same problem!! I started my menstrual cycle on wednesday and was in so much pain I didn't move off my couch all day!! I also have a cyst that is 1.8 cm on my right ovary and a 3cm cyst on my left. All the pain was in my lower right side, in my back and radiated down my left leg!! Last month it was so bad I ended up in the ER!! I have also been diagnosed with HPV with low squamous cells on my cervix which I am waiting to get a colposcopy on.
Avatar n tn Those using Topomax need to be especially mindful about drinking plenty of fluids due to increased chances of kidney stones. Stoney will likely develop if fluid intake is not maintained. Looking forward to weight loss benefit as I gained 30# over the past 4 years on anti-depressents. Has anyone used this for bipolar?
1738210 tn?1310718850 They thought I had appendicitis a little over a year ago, but it turned out to just be ovarian cysts, kidney cysts and a few kidney stones. This pretty much stays between my ribs and belly button. I've discovered if I wear an abdominal supporter the pain is greatly reduced (most of the time). A lot of people are telling me it sounds like a herniated diaphragm or possibly an ulcer. Although, I did an experiment last night and ate food that was somewhat spicy and it didn't really bother me.
Avatar n tn GYN examined me, said she couldn't find any cause of worry and put me on meds for a UTI. Went to ER in Dec and CT showed kidney stones. Got rid of kidney stones and pain continued. Went back to GYN in March and she finally decided to do an transvaginal ultrasound. It showed a 5cm cyst on right ovary w/ a "bloodclot" in it. She didn't seem worried and told me to follow up w/ another transvaginal US in 6-7 weeks.
Avatar n tn At the start I had some sharp grabing pains real low down and thought maybe a kidney stone-s . Doing research I found I was prone for stones as was taking gega amounts of tums ( calcium) and drink lots of milk along with vitamins. I thought this was maybe from irritation of the urithra. Also If diebetic as I am gases can form in urinary tract because of sugars present .