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1319928 tn?1274351472 If the doc says you do then there are many types of meds you can take so you can live a long and normal life.With lupus there is a lot of the wait and see thing and if you can do that then half the battle is over with. If the rhuemo doc says you have it watch your kidneys and the sun, get used to appling sun tan lotion every morning it will be your best friend. I can tell you a lupus burn feels worse then a normal sun burn and takes alot longer to get over it.
Avatar f tn These last few weeks I wake up and can barely get ready for work because both my arms, wrist, hands and fingers hurt so bad. I went to my physician Tuesday and he decided to test me for Lupus because all the symptoms point to Lupus. The ANA test came back negative. So with that being said here is whats going on so the end of last year I noticed my urine was dark and had a smell to it so I went to my physician and they found blood in my urine.
695104 tn?1442197188 I also have Interstitial Cystitis, and way too many to count kidney stones among other things...He has prescribed Plaquenil....I am just wondering about all of it? My head is "spinning"...I mean I kinda suspected I may have one of them...but???
701581 tn?1279139638 As a child I was diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance and then as a teen IBS and anemia. As an adult I have had several bad bouts of stomach problems usually when it gets really bad I get a kidney stone. I have had two workups-one which showed inflammation but biopsy was negative(13 years ago) next showed slight hiatal hernia but nothing else.(7 years ago).
695104 tn?1442197188 achy joints, severe heat intolerance, cold, burny hands and feet, lots of stomach trouble, too many kidney stones to count, red cheeks and nose, migraines, heart palpitations and the above "dry" eyes/throat symptoms...My grandpa also had lupus, and I do know it severely affected his skin...Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn Have they checked for MS, your TSH (thyroid level), Vit D, parathyroid (which can cause kidney stones), and lymes disease. I agree with Joni, it would be a good idea for them to check your ANA. But as far as I know, lupus can not cause kidney stones. But again, there could be more than one thing going on here. Here are a few conditions and their symptoms. Hopefully they will help you narrow down your search.
Avatar n tn The Neck pain could be Lupus Arthritis, and Lupus sufferers are twice as likely as the general population to suffer from migraine like headaches, although these headaches can be treated differently than migraines. Neurological symptoms are often one of the first major signs of Lupus, so the posible stroke also fits in. Here are some likns from my favorite Lupus website. This is the UK site, and I think it is much better than the US site. This one is about eye problems:
1224706 tn?1267223743 I have been told by so many others that these symptoms sound akin to the Lupus family and that the problems with my mouth and eyes sound like Sojrens syndrome. I think I spelled that right, not sure. Can someone PLEASE help guide me in the right direction with all this ?. Maybe someone out there is experienceing the same things. Either way, PLEASE HELP !
Avatar n tn there are a combination of symptoms/conditions in Addition To the ANA antibodies that would conclude a lupus diagnosis. The worst cases of Systemic Lupus effect the liver, kidney, heart, and connective tissues. Lupus is an autoimmune disorder; it gives us an over active immune system. The Plaquenil "mothers milk" for lupus, is an immuno-suppressant. Kidney stones can be connected to many other things, and may not be connected to the old ANA tests at all. It should be fine.
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with lupus and kidney function is at 50% Been passing stones, and urinating blood, vomitting, pain, dehydration, etc. My drs seem to just be "waiting" for what, I have no clue......... Let me know what yours tell you, please ?
Avatar m tn For the record, I've had seven kidney stones by the age of 22, I KNOW pain, and whatever I'm going through right now is no joke- I'm not a wussy. Whether it's lupus or not... I just want to get it figured out. I can't miss school when I'm so close to the end. Night!!
Avatar f tn I have experienced kidney stones and lower back aches. Last year I suffered from shingles in my most private area. I occasionally run a low grade fever for weeks at a time. I developed a lump on the top of my hand at the base of my index and middle finger that was treated with a splint and ultrasound therapy. I have had extreme keratitis on my right cornea to the point of scaring. and of course most recently I am suffering from 3 weeks of chest wall pain with breast tenderness.
Avatar n tn Kidneys are very unpredictable and tempermental. I have Lupus with kidney complications. I am fine one minute and wake the next morning with an infection, or I walk around with a high Creatine level and have no clue.
1319928 tn?1274351472 I have had persistent kidney stones for the past three years and bleeding gums. The past year my symptoms have been dry eyes mouth nose lasting a week at a time during my period. Epis Scleritis, tinnitus, puritus,mouth ulcers lasting three months or more all these start with my period.... I have joint pain in both knees and ankles but this occurs less frequently. I have tightness in the center of my chest and throat it feels like someone has their hands on my throat.
394610 tn?1326728995 I had an unexplained Pleurisy (which turned to pleural effusion) around 4 or 5 years ago. I have various muscle and joint aches. Arthritis in my neck and hips and fingers and wrist. Cramping in weird under my jaw and neck....along the whole left side leg area... I am 51 now. So, thinking back, I must have been 45 or so when the skin patches started. Aren't I kind of old to just be getting Lupus? What should I be asking my doctor on Monday?
1477978 tn?1289505731 Is it possible to be diagnosed with Lupus almost 20 years ago and not have a flare up in the past 15 years and living pretty healthy until recently? I admit that I have been in & out of the hospital for kidney stones, kidney infections, bladder infection, uterus infection, diverticolitis, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, etc in the past 3 years but I didn't want to even mention Lupus to my doctors or family and have to face up to it all over again!
1793142 tn?1315382976 For a while my son also had ANA's in his blood and had autoimmune problems, in ER a lot and was diagnosed with lupus. But now no more ANA's and immune system has been doing well(thank god) for last few years so doctor now says was not lupus. I really hope this is the case! I am worried, however, that he may have further problems in future because when I am stable, doing well on medication, and no serious autoimmune problems the ANA's leave my blood too.
1575708 tn?1296057884 I am not a Doctor but I do have Lupus and my Doctor also put me on Amitriptaline. Now that was a few yrs back and I know that it wasn't for the Lupus itself, she told me that it was to help with the pain.
Avatar f tn We were shuttled around several doctors and treated for different disorders such as kidney stones, hernias, bladder and kidney bacterial infections and peptic ulcers to no avail. Some thought we were crazy. Ultimately, a worm ova (for Schistosoma) was found in both our urine sediments and we were treated with praziquantel. There are other medications specific for different parasites.
Avatar f tn The way I understand MSK is that because of them being like sponges, where there are holes or pockets in the kidneys, urine will sit and form stones there instead of the urine just flowing through. And that even if we removed all the stones, more would just form because of them being like that. Please correct me if I am not right but this is what I was told. I drink LOTS of water but can't understand why all of the sudden I am passing more stones than ever before.
Avatar n tn charts, so he can see that something is not right..whether it be lupus or not. This many UTI's and kidney infections is not normal.Along with all the other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Initially it is itchy then i have small spots that have dry skin at the base and some are filled with small amoounts of fluid. The rash is spread across my nose and cheeks and is very silmilar to lupus rash or rosacea .If i use a sunbed a get round dry patches on my arms and back like excema that dont tan. I have persistant kidney stones. Joint pain in knees wrist ankles. i have ibs/celiac disease symptoms. I have flares of dry eyes mouth and lips and no amount of fluid intake resoves this.
Avatar f tn 9 months ago, getting less and less get up and go, seem to be putting on weight but my diet hasn't changed, keep getting kidney stones or renal infections, ache so much, physically and emotionally exhausted, however this is when I was looking after my Dad... At the end of May, my dad had an appointment with a Rheumologist, we were seeing him because my dad had Pulmonary Fibrosis and he was having really bad problems with his hands and feet too...
Avatar f tn I also have MVP and at first I thought I was having one of those attacks until it wouldn't quit and I almost passed out. Do you think the Lupus could have caused this? I know it has the kidney, liver and thyroid problems. Thank you for listening. This discussion is related to <a href=''>One episode SVT & Ablation?</a>.
Avatar f tn Have you had an IVP test? This is an x-ray with contrast, and is the best test for kidney stones.
Avatar m tn now i am having joint pain in hands and feet. have had kidney stones and infections for several years. i'm afraid i'm going to be bald before my appt comes! does this sound like lupus? any insight is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn I have experienced kidney stones and lower back aches. Last year I suffered from shingles in my most private area. I occasionally run a low grade fever for weeks at a time. I developed a lump on the top of my hand at the base of my index and middle finger that was treated with a splint and ultrasound therapy. I have had extreme keratitis on my right cornea to the point of scaring. and of course most recently I am suffering from 3 weeks of chest wall pain with breast tenderness.
864672 tn?1265667990 Pleurisy and kidney cysts too! You definitely have to have SLE at least until proven otherwise. Although in a some cases people with Sarcoidosis also develop Pleurisy and Kidney "cysts"(actually a consolidation of granulomas)and kidney stones due to Hypercalcemia. But Pleurisy and Kidney Cysts are more common in SLE.
Avatar f tn when u mention brain frog ive had bits of it when i feel so confused and have to stare more before i realise, mum picked that up today. Ive had past kidney problems before but they only found kidney stones. then ive gotten back pain knee pain etc.. Ive seen the gp so many times its not funny i feel like crying, thats why i see this other dr that i saw today.
Avatar n tn They could be stones but I've had quite a few urine tests and an ultrasound and no stones were seen. I've had protein in my urine on multiple tests and one of my most recent ones I had blood and free hgb. My doctor told me not to worry about it. At the time I didn't know about the hgb, I was told females can have blood in their urine up to a week before their period and pretty much any time after.