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Avatar m tn Can Kidney pain be a side effect of taking Ibuprofen? I was taking ibuprofen last week consecutively for 3 days (400mg t.i.d) after laser eye surgery. A day or so after starting it I experienced mild pain/discomfort in my left flank that came in waves. When I stopped taking the ibuprofen the flank pain also stopped. The next day I took one more dose - the flank pain started again within an hour, but was gone the next day.
Avatar f tn It is painful, frequent urination of small volumes that are expelled slowly only by straining and despite a severe sense of urgency. Get the size of kidney stones evaluated. Drink plenty of water and talk to your nephrologist regarding the treatment of kidney stones which include pain killers, trying avoiding taking calcium rich foods. If the symptoms persist then surgical intervention is needed. This includes, ureteroscopy, ureteral stent placement, ESWL and percutaneous nephrostomy.
Avatar n tn I had a kidney stone one year ago. It was my first and it was very painful indeed. I am beginning to have the same symptoms I had last time (sore lower back and tender testicles). The difference this time is that I have had a problem with erections ever since my kidney stone symptoms started. Since my groin has been sore the last 5 days (also same time period my problem with full erections have started), is it possible that this is the reason for my lack of labido?
Monkey Cause of pelvic pain could be due to kidney stones, pelvic infections, urine infections, twisted ovarian cyst or rupture of ovarian cyst, appendicitis or any other referred pain due to other organ infections. Most of them may not show up on ultrasound. So get all these causes evaluated from a gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
452063 tn?1324078516 I have seen at least a dozen posts with kidney stones. There has to be some correlation between opiate use and kidney stones. My surgeon showed me mine on the CT scan and it's a white circle as big as a golfball. He feels it might be from chemicals but said that it's probably from my chemo. I keep thinking that he is gonna pull out a big white opiate that either says Endo or Watson on it lol. Just wondering if anyone else was told theirs was from chemicals?
Avatar f tn The treatment for kidney stones depends on their size and what they are made of and also if they are causing pain or obstructing the urinary tract. Small stones usually pass through the urinary tract without treatment. It is good advice to stay well hydrated as that should prevent the stones from getting any bigger or new ones from forming. For kidney pain you may take a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen or naproxen .
Avatar f tn I have MSK I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and only after 5-6surgeries and move then 100 kidney stones. I feel for anybody who has this as there are time I honestly consider suicide over the pain and being tired of passin stones and being told that there is not much they can do avoid calcium and protein.. good luck with that one. Since almost everything has both in it. Again my heart goes out to all you guys suffering from this.
Avatar m tn However, when I went in for my follow up apointment the urologist ordered a xray which came back clean, no stones, no fragments and no blockage. But I am still feeling a great deal of pain and blood in my urine. He said he couldnt see anything urologicly wrong with me so I had to return to my family doctor. I saw him December 30th 2010 and he ordered a urine test done, which came back postive for blood. So he said I have to go back to see the urologist. Inwhich he in now ordering a ct scan.
2143924 tn?1545287730 The size and location of ureter stones are the most important factors for predicting the spontaneous passage of the stone. Lithotripsy is a good option for stones 1 cm or less in the kidney and upper ureter. Consult a nephrologist for more queries and assistance. Hope it helped. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn I had a uti turned kidney infection when I found out I was pregnant and the doctors asked if I could be pregnant I said yes, they didn't even take it into consideration, but I went on antibiotics and ibuprofen and it not only helped the pain tremendously but the infection went away. Good luck girly! I feel your pain!!
Avatar m tn First off, I'm not doctor, but I do have extensive personal experience in the kidney-stone arena. As far as I'm aware, kidney-stones and creatinine levels are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. Again, I'm not a doctor, so it's best to ask your Nephrologist when you see him/her. As for your 4mm stone, tell your Urologist that you're nervous about its implications, and that you'd like it removed.
Avatar n tn my husband has just had kidney stones removed - is it normal to have extreme pain when passing urine?
Avatar m tn Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. My kidney stone problem is a problem with oxalate. I think I will stop the turmeric for now. I am disappointed, as I thought this would help the arthritis. I certainly don't want kidney stone problems again. The calcium supplement I take is calcium citrate (not carbonate). Since I already take a prescription potassium citrate (Urocit-K), I guess the turmeric would be keeping that from doing its job of breaking down the oxalate.
3112653 tn?1351625681 and I trust you all I just diddnt wanna screw up I hold my clean time so dear to my heart I worked so hard for it. my own doctor even said how proud he was of me and even thou I had kidney stones and was sick he said you look so much better now I thought wow when I was using I must of really looked like crap. well guys this has took quite a bit of energy I think I'm gonna go lay back down for awhile thanks for being my rock. one more thing this doesnt mess my clean time up does it.
Avatar f tn My daughter has a history of kidney stones. She had them at 10 yrs old, and now has them again at 16. She has 1 definite 3mm kidney stone in the right kidney, and another possible stone forming in the right kidney. When we went through this before I remember it took a lot of of eliminating other possibilities before it was correctly diagnosed. She also didn't follow the "exact" symptom list. Over the past few days she has started experiencing some of the same symptoms.
Avatar m tn A few days ago I had an ultrasound done to investigate a hernia (nothing special there) and they found a new kidney stone measuring 3mm in the right kidney (all my previous kidney stones have been left). Has anyone got any idea how long I will be waiting for this ticking time bomb of a stone to start its painful journey and does anyone know of any early warning signs that may exist to indicate that a stone may be ready to come out?
86664 tn?1291561395 I've had just about every side effect in the book and then some, and I haven't needed any opiate based pain killers. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, anti-histamines, moisturizing lotions, sleep aids (lunesta), anti-depressants and prednisone? Saure. But opiates? Nah. Treatment usually causes fatigue, exhaustion, irritability, insomnia, mental confusion, depression, hair loss, itching, skin rash, dandruff, psoriasis, anemia, neutropenia etc etc.
Avatar n tn The CT scan showed an inflamed kidney. The doctor now believes a kidney infection and has prescribed cipro and Tylenol and Ibuprofen for pain. After 5 days, the pain (while not constant) has not diminished. He often has the chills and a fever that runs 2-3 degrees above normal. One other (possibly not related) issue is that his pain is usually most significant early morning (possibly due to 8 hours of sleep with no tylenol/ibuprofen).
Avatar n tn I have had a KUB that has detected approximately 8 stones in my left kidney and 14 stones in my right. I even had lithotripsy on a 7 mm stone on the left. I continue to have the pain on the right. My doctor says that I should not be having this pain because none of the stones are big enough (all 3-5 mm) to block anything. However, still the pain. He has prescribed Vicodin, which helps a little, but I am beginning to feel a little like a druggie.
Avatar f tn On friday I went to the ER with horrible pain in my right side by my hip and throwing up and was told I have a 4mm kidney stone.I did a urine sample and a CT scan.SInce it was the weekend I have to wait until tomorrow morning(monday)to call the urologist to make an appointment.Im terrified.Ive never had surgery and I am greatly hoping for esw(the shockwave surgery)My question is with a 4mm stone that hasnt caused me any pain since ive been to the ER is it likely I can get eswl?
Avatar n tn There are a wide variety of causes ranging from cancers of the bladder and kidney to stones. Routine evaluation includes an IVP ( a dye test of the kidneys ), cystoscopy ( looking inside the bladder with a lighted scope ) . When these do not yield a cause, CT scan is performed. Other less common causes include a condition called papillary necrosis and AV malformations ( a connection between the artery and vein of the kidney).
168348 tn?1379360675 I have had two complete round of bloodwork ($1,600 worth) to ascertain that mine is not due to thyroid or any other medical condition (I have history of calcium oxalate kidney stones, early small melanoma and small finding of thyroid cancer both in '07) and all thank goodness came back 100% normal except for the Vitamin D which was 9 on a ref. range of normal being 32-100.
570614 tn?1217472249 After the ultrasound came back and the urinalysis, my doctors came to the conclusion that i had kidney stones. The weeks that passed were extremely painful, but im glad to report that i think its finally over. Thank you so much Ms.Santos for helping me the way you did.
Avatar m tn i went back about a month later with same pain, and they finally told me i had 2 kidney stones in my ureter that were blocking my ureter, so my kidney would swell, and thats what caused the pain. the dr sent me to a specialist. i went to see specialist, and he said easy fix, they were gonna put me out, do a lithotripsy and it will be done, quick and easy..... a little while later we find out i'm pregnant! (YAY!
Avatar f tn MY husband took me to the ER, and it turned out I had a deformed kidney that was blocked, full of stones, and I had a stone trapped in my urethra. A kidney specialist actually told my it was the "funkiest" kidney he had ever seen. They put a stint in me for 3 months, and then they blasted the stones with a laser. My left kidney is now about 30% functional. (My right is normal.) I'm now 4 months pregnant, and having pain on my left side.
Avatar f tn Incredibly, mutant, toxic nuclear painful and just plain HURT, A LOT, multiple kidney stones. Kidney stones can pass and poof - all gone. Then another - or a few others - can make their ugly journey into your ureter days or weeks later. This experience is not fun. I speak from experience. One little 5 mm just about made me grind the enamel off my teeth - but the lovely wretched staghorn model at a whopping 9+mm? And hooked and now on display in a window box?
Avatar f tn I had 3 ultra sounds and a CT scan. I was diagnosed with medullary sponge kidney and a 4 1/2 cm cyst on my ovary. It is a simple fluid filled cyst. Neither the Urologist or the Gyn thought that my pain could be caused by either condition. The pain has been very weird. It has bounced all around the place. I felt like I was in an unending contraction from labor,. I felt like I had a baby, my kidneys do hurt, under my ribcage hurts...
Avatar m tn One of my family members has been suffering with most of the same symptoms - particularly the pain under the ribs, neck pain and kidney issues - it has been several years and a solution has not been found. Any information you could provide would be so very appreciated. Please feel free to comment or email me at bl_cookie***@****. Thank you and I hope you are feeling better.
592774 tn?1325397342 I have not had any kidney pain since last Tuesday, when I began Bactrim for 7 days. I have already been on macrobid since Nov. 13 and had 1 IV dose of gentimicin or floxin on Friday. I guess this flu with bronchitis treatment has allowed me to attack my Kidney infection with some strong meds. DH thinks it was gentimicin and I think it was floxin. I am going to have to get my records to find out for sure. I am going to try to call my Uro and see if I can get a long term bactrim Rx from him.