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Avatar m tn Turns out after the vomiting and discomfort that I had developed a Kidney Stone (a pain I would not wish on some of my worst enemies). I was in the ER for most of the day (and trying to rest when I wasn't) so I didn't really get to monitor most of my diabetes. What's scary is this is the third October in a row where something has affected me healthwise.
Avatar n tn So ive been experiencing kidney stones. I had done at 19 weeks passed one now at 27 weeks I have more. They also told me besides the blood in my urine I have too much protein. Not really sure what this means, they are checking for infections but im still waiting on results. I go in for my glucose test and an ultra sound on my kidneys on Thursday. Anyone else experience any of this?
Avatar n tn im having problems of kidney stones and im suffering dizziness is it one of the sympthoms of kidney stones?? I feel dizzy when my kidney is having pain.
Avatar n tn kidney stones need assessed by a nephrologist and also sometimes may be a calcium disorder and endocrinologists see this as well.
Avatar m tn Kidney stones have become a more common health complaint than heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, according to figures released this year from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of people suffering from them has doubled in the past 13 years. If you fall into that crowd, start downing lemonade. Lemon juice has the highest levels of citrate of any citrus juice, and that citrate helps dissolve any calcium deposits that will eventually turn into kidney stones.
554628 tn?1362781519 Hi, nausea, headache and kidney pain can be related with nephropathy (kidney disorder), urine test and blood urea and creatinine are usually done for diagnosis. Kidney stones do cause similar kind of symptoms; ultrasound is quite diagnostic for stones.
Avatar n tn I'm going to have to disagree here and say get to the ER asap. Hard tissue and that much swelling with a kidney stone over 4mm usually means a blockage. With diabetes that could be deadly. I hope you get him in soon. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn kidney stones can be very recurring and can start very young, although ive never heard of someone getting them in their early teens.. usually early 20s, but that doesnt mean it doesnt happen earlier. it sounds like you will have to sit in some pain until you get insurance again. you can try to seek out clinics, but theyre not very good at helping. get your insurance back and go to a dr, because if you have them so often, you might have something else going on.
Avatar m tn As far as I know, these are the only treatments - "Watchful waiting About 85 percent of the time, kidney stones are small enough to pass during urination. This occurs usually within 72 hours of the start of symptoms. The best treatment for these small stones is to drink plenty of water (as much as 2 to 3 quarts per day), stay physically active and wait to pass the stone.
Avatar m tn The most common cause is an infection because of the inflammation in the urinary tract. So it is an important possibility. Urinary stones can cause abrasion and irritation resulting in hematuria. Other possible cause is a kidney condition called glomerulonephritis. I would suggest that you consult your Doctor so further investigation can be done.
Avatar f tn In addition, plenty of people have worse kidney function and don’t feel pain, so the pain is not her kidneyAnd since blood pressure is low kidneys are probably not the problem. (I know she is not a high carb eater…but took it anyway.) Her diet is consistent and healthy and she takes appropriate supplements. Weight goes up and down with no known cause, not a small swing a large swing.
Avatar n tn Hi, How many times have you experienced this ? Was this present prior to the treatment of your kidney stones? What kind of treatment did you undergo? This may be case of dry orgasm or orgasm with no seminal discharge. The following may lead to a dry orgasm: "Retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, semen is forced back into the bladder instead of out through the penis.
Avatar f tn Since there are several posts on Kidney stones, Id like to share my research results that could possibly afford relief to kidney stone sufferers. I am a recently retired ICU RN and I did not realize until now how important Magnesium is in our lives. Its important to know whats the right kind to take as well. This knowledge could help so many people out there .. if they only knew so I wanted to help spread the word......
1789235 tn?1315160481 I also have a rare disease/disorder in my kidneys to where I get stones and reoccurring infections called Medullary Sponge Kidney.. could that also be a disability? I usually go to the hospital 1-3 times a year with huge stones that have to be surgically removed. as of right now I have quiet a few stones in each kidney..
Avatar m tn Emerg visit this month showed (big surprise) on CT, two left kidney stones 2-3 mm, one in kidney and one between bladder and kidney. This is the first time CT has been done laying on stomach. If part of this has been kidney stones all along, why might I be getting severe abdominal bloat with these episodes? I have not passed stone yet (week 3) but put on Flomax 3 days ago and bloat seems to be reducing. Thanks for your suggestions.
Avatar n tn The chemical I suspect does upset a lot of our system AND it causes lymphomas like NHL and leukemias and brain tumors. Often gall stones and kidney stones from the metabolic imbalance. Do you also have fatigue? With direct exposure you get the 'flu-like' symptoms; however, you can get bits and pieces of what this chemical does if a parent was exposed to it (like a birth defect) ...
Avatar m tn When it first began it was so painful that I went repeatedly to the doctors, who initially thought it was kidney stones, as there was a small amount of blood in my urine. I have had a kidney function blood test, which came back fine, a sample of urine was sent to the lab, which also came back fine, and I have also had a CT Scan, and again, I was told this was fine. This made everyone think that I had passed the stones.
Avatar n tn Hi, Was a urinalysis and urine culture done? Was any other diagnostic exam done? Urinary stones, an underlying obstruction, history of surgery or instrumentation , and diabetes to name a few may cause some recurrent urinary tract infections .Have these been ruled out? Do keep us posted for your answers.
Avatar f tn , but I am just anxious about it and hoping it can be possible for this to be simply related to his kidney stones, rather than something more sinister.
Avatar m tn The original stone was solid and looked like real stones; brown/beige, the new ones are redish/yelowish and made up of grains stuck together, they pass either as one stone or fragmented pieces. Have been doing regular kidney function and urine analysis tests; the thing that is worrying me is the existence of protein in the urine (30mg/dl after fasting/morning) for the past couple of months (was 100mg/dl one month prior to Cipro.), other than this all other aspects are within range.
Avatar n tn Since then, the pain has continued and my urologist cannot find any stones in my ureter through x-ray and IVP. He believes that the small stones in my kidney cannot be causing the pain and the stone in my ureter must be gone. He is now telling me to have my ovaries checked. I do not believe for one second that it is anything but a kidney stone. You ALL know the pain. It is the same as it has always been.
Avatar n tn I have heard through the grapevine that people with Diabetes develop lots of kidney stones and was told children have these sort of symptons for years until one day, the pain is extreme and it's off to surgery. I don't know how true this is and have never seen this kind of information posted anywhere. Has anyone heard of this?
Avatar f tn I know because I had three stones removed last week, one of which was 5mm and was blocking my urine flow, causing my kidney to swell to one and a half times its normal size.
Avatar m tn I guess l just keep drinking heaps etc and avoid any other stones forming.......???Y do people Dr's take such a casual view to kidney stones when renal colic is so painful and for some soooo chronic.
Avatar f tn Hello, Cloudy urine is caused by blood in urine, UTI, bladder infection, kidney stones, gonorrhea and other causes. Glucose can be seen in diabetes mellitus, pheochromocytoma or it can be transient stress induced.Urobiliongen in urine is seen in UTI or hepatitis. Trace protein can be seen in normal persons also. The presence of 3-5 RBCs in urine can be seen in urinary tract infection; kidney stone etc. and is an indication of further testing. Any test result should be correlated clinically.
Avatar n tn s came back ok they told me to stop taking antibotic,I did but cont with the pain in flank always after I'm done urinating after my stream I always drip white cloudy substance, my pain is not severe and tylenol usally helps, I was wondering could this be stones? I always read that stones are very, very painful my pains not that bad.
Avatar n tn RBC appearance and character may suggest the origin of the bleed and if there is underlying kidney disease. How old are you? Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? Any associated symptoms like pain in urination or increase in urinary frequency? Inflammation and infections may cause hematuria. With this, your fasting blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well urine protein levels should also be determined. Asymptomatic hematuria may be influenced by stress and strenuous exercises.
Avatar f tn the urethra on the one kidney is very narrow, intern gets bad infections in the bladder, and at times bed ridden. she has been taking antiboitics on and off for a while. she has been to see a specialist but he still has not found a solution. the family is depart. this can not go on, as she is sick every month. and as she gets older it will get worse and take its toll. she is now 62. i am hoping some one will read this and send me a reply. is there anyone who can recomend anything.
Avatar m tn i had an endoscopy as well as various blood tests but no result was ever found, i also had a ct scan, was tested for diabetes and thryoid conditions all was negative. for about a year and a half or so i didn't lose any more weight but since then i have only gained about 15 pounds back, i always find myself hungry and seem to be eating entirely to much at meals but cannot seem to get full.
Avatar n tn Finally gave in and had a Cat Scan that shows on top of the prostatitis I have multiple non-obstructive kidney stones in my left kidney and and a 4 mm stone in my left ureter at the ureterovesicle junction. I am in agony between the 2. Will I pass this stone and will I ever feel better again? Is this all because of my diabetes?