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Avatar n tn Hi! First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Here is the background info: So a few days ago, I experienced symptoms of an UTI. Frequent urination, burning, fatigue, some blood in cloudy urine. I recognized what it was immediately and the first thing I did was drink a TON of water and cranberry juice, as well as taking cranberry extract supplements with Vitamin C. Within less than 24 hours, my urine turned clear, the burning stopped, and there was no more fatigue.
489000 tn?1364302227 I had a bad case of pyelonephritis (kidney infection) this past week, I had to spend a night in the hospital. It was so painful, when I stood up, I could barely catch my breath. I had to walk hunched over until it let up a bit so that I could make it to the car. I thought for sure I had another kidney stone but they finally dx me with a kidney infection that had spread from my bladder. And to top things off, it took the nurses 7 tries to get an IV in me at 5am!
Avatar n tn He had a stomach virus and he was getting treatment and then it went to a bladder infection and from the bladder it turned into a kidney infection. He got got treatment and he got better. About 2 weeks later he is back in the hospital with the same problem and they cant figure out where the infection is coming from. I am very grateful to you for replying, Doctors in Trinidad aren't very liable.
Avatar f tn Do you have an abscess in kidney detected by CT scan or ultrasound or is it that you have a urinary tract infection and want to know the treatment. Kidney stones too can cause infection of urine. Kidney abscess is a serious problem. Any infection of the urinary system is treated with antibiotics, pain medications and fluids. However it is not something that can be treated at home. There are various tests like urine examination, ultrasound or CT scan that need to be done to diagnose.
Avatar m tn it sounds like a water infection you need to go to the doctors for treatment before it gets worse and causes a bad infection in the kidneys,make sure you are drinking alot of fluids to it helps to flush it away
Avatar f tn I researched online and was 100% sure I had a kidney infection. I was tight on money so I got Cipro from a friend. On day five of the antibiotic I still felt ill. I went to the ER for same day tests. They said my urine was "contaminated" since I was already on antibiotics. They said to keep taking it and maybe slept wrong. I took it for seven days. I started feeling better and went on a hike, it was hard on my body and I was exhausted.
Avatar f tn So i have a kidney infection. They gave me eds for 14 days. If this dorsnt work she said i would be put into the hospital. I am totally freaking out and my back is still hurting. I am 26 weeks and 2 days. Any ideas on what i should do to help prevent the hospital?! Is cranberry juice good to dribk and water?!
Avatar n tn Let me begin by saying that I have a kidney condition known as FSGS. My kidney function has basically normal (stage 1-kidney disease). I check my urine at home with Chem Strips to check for protein. About a month ago I noticed nitrates were testing positive on the strips (Only +first morning urine), I had no symptoms of a UTI and I did nothing.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever treat a uti with home remedies? I'm 18 weeks i have a uti but the antibiotics i got from my doctor is killing me i just threw all my meals from this morning. I threw up soo much that i am sweating I have never felt soo horrible in my life.
Avatar f tn Hi, Usually, the signs and symptoms of kidney infection begin to clear up within a few days of treatment. Take the entire course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated. Recurrent kidney infections may result from an underlying medical problem, such as a structural abnormality.
Avatar f tn hi vicki, i suffer with chronic kidney disease and i think you still have a kidney infection by the sounds of your symptons and the swelling of your ankles may well have something to do with your kidneys as i myself get swollen ankles when i have a kidney infection the specialist can tell you more as everyone differs hope i was of some use gud luck linzi!!!
1194973 tn?1385503904 a uti is just a bladder infection. an upper kidney infection is just a upper urinary tract infection. upper kidney infection is known as pyelonephritis. it comes with abdominal pain going from the back to whichever side is affected. there is some tenderness of the bladder area and on the side of the kidney that hurts. it acute cases it can cause nausea and vomiting. you can look it up to find out more. i had an uncomplicated uti and i was given antibiotics and it was gone within a week.
3242115 tn?1447004766 I have a throat infection, a kidney infection, and now a yeast infection, all of which don't seem to be improving and I take my last antibiotic for my throat and kidney infection tomorrow. Should I seek more help? How serious can it get if I don't bother go back to the doctors about it or get treated?
Avatar f tn A kidney infection is just the result of an untreated bladder infection. I had a kidney infection two years ago and it was awful. The medication you get should knock it out if it is an infection, or stronger ones if it doesn't work.
729288 tn?1251254433 On Tuesday I saw my family doc ( my gastro always says to see my family doc) and this time on top of the kidney infection I have some really bad wheezing and he said infection in my lungs and sinuses. More antibiotics. He also said all bladder infections stem from different types of ecoli. Now here is my question. I could have sworn I read somewhere on here where the Peg-intron contains a small amount of ecoli.. but I cant find it. Remember I am on my 11th shot week (whew almost half way done!
362203 tn?1248810310 Hi, my best friend suffered from a really bad kidney infection that landed her in the hospital this past Thanksgiving. She was in ICU for 3 days with severe vomiting and high fever (103.0). She now keeps getting kidney infections over and over. Know though she recognizes the signs before it gets too bad. What should she be asking the doctor? I want to help her be more proactive in her treatment. Her doctor said that she just needs to rest and drink fluids and take meds for pain.
Avatar f tn Not a big deal, lot of preggo ladies have it at the beginning. Just make sure you get it treated now before it turn into a kidney infection. And drink pently of water. Cranberry juice help too.
Avatar f tn m 20 weeks pregnant and I was having a really bad back pain on my right side yesterday so I came to the emergency room, turns out I have a kidney infection ugh I just wanna go home my fever doesn't go down and the pain doesn't either but I'm just glad everything is good with the baby ;)
377521 tn?1203473172 I have hep treatment yet, but I have lots of sharp pain in my midright back about where the kidney shold be (I think). Maybe it is unrelated. Just seems strange it has come at the same time I am dealing with this hep C issue.
850587 tn?1238905914 If you have a fever I would be concerned about infection in the kidney, called 'pyelonephritis'; such infection can be a progression from a bladder infection that is insufficiently treated, or can be caused by an obstructed ureter-- for example from a stone in the tube that goes from the kidney to the bladder. This type of infection can be very serious, and requires IV antibiotics for treatment.
Avatar n tn My doctor is telling me to give my 7 year old Zantac for a kidney infection, but I can't find any information on whether or not this is a proper treatment- I just want to be sure??
5739386 tn?1378836460 Omg I swear kidney stones are no joke. They hurt like hell. I had it on both kidneys but they said it passed and the one on my left side was just swollen from it. And I had blood in my urine. I was in so much pain and crying. I hope it don't come back I only got 11 weeks left. Because I can't deal with that again. That had to give me Medication for pain, my sickness cuz I threw up. And one for infection they said my urine came back clean so mayb that's for the kidney part.
Avatar m tn A patient developed kidney infection and high blood pressure. The kidney infection was diagnosed and treated through IV, the high blood pressure failed to normalize after kidney treatment, the kidney were still passing some proteins in the urine after treatment. His legs started swelling and he was diagnosed with heart problems as indicated below.
1541328 tn?1293054222 First off, I want to inform you that I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis and have had consistent UTI's since I was 5 years old. Three days ago, I noticed a gradual discomfort as a UTI was setting in. Since I don't have health insurance due to this pre-existing condition, I drank a ton of water and took OTC bladder relief pills (similar to urimax). This morning, I woke up with a lot of pain.