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Avatar f tn This susceptibility decreases with age as the length of the ureters increases as the children grow. In children under the age of 1 year with a urinary tract infection, 70% will have VUR. This number decreases to 15% by the age of 12. Sex Although VUR is more common in males antenatally, in later life there is a definite female preponderance with 85% of cases being female. Medical Treatment Medical treatment entails low dose antibiotic prophylaxis until resolution of VUR occurs.
Avatar f tn Have you been checked for anything besides kidney infections? Like possibly a kidney stone. Do you have any blood in your urine? Do you have any other symptoms. For example - fatigue, body pain, sleep problems or anything out of the ordinary?
Avatar f tn I went to UC for kidney infection/kidney pain in my lower back rt hand side. The symptoms were severe the night before. Left a urine sample and was told i have a bad bladder inf. Dr prescribed macrobid. Then next morning my lower back was hurting again, same spot. Will macrobid help clear up a kidney infection?
Avatar f tn Hi, Usually, the signs and symptoms of kidney infection begin to clear up within a few days of treatment. Take the entire course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated. Recurrent kidney infections may result from an underlying medical problem, such as a structural abnormality.
168077 tn?1200231377 I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but any helpful responses would be greatly appreciated. This morning I woke up and my left side below my ribs in my back is aching pretty bad and if I tap it with my fist it hurts worse. A few years ago I went to the doctor with what I though was a UTI but when they checked my urine there was no sign of an infection so they gave me medicine and told me if it happened again that I may have to see a urologist.
Avatar f tn Even if you think you have a urinary tract infection or kidney infection the best thing to do is call your doctor all they need is a urine sample when tou get there
Avatar f tn A kidney infection is just the result of an untreated bladder infection. I had a kidney infection two years ago and it was awful. The medication you get should knock it out if it is an infection, or stronger ones if it doesn't work.
Avatar n tn He had a stomach virus and he was getting treatment and then it went to a bladder infection and from the bladder it turned into a kidney infection. He got got treatment and he got better. About 2 weeks later he is back in the hospital with the same problem and they cant figure out where the infection is coming from. I am very grateful to you for replying, Doctors in Trinidad aren't very liable.
Avatar m tn I have looked at symptoms of kidney infection and the only part that fits is the throbbing back pain. No fever, no nausea or vomiting, chills. I am fatigued, but I haven't been sleeping well because if the throbbing pain. I have been drinking plenty of fluids, cranberry juice and lots of water. I hate to waste the money on another doctor visit if they are just going to give me a muscle relaxer for back pain.
2176548 tn?1340677817 Anyone here had a kidney infection before? What helps for pain? And how long does the pain normally last??
701581 tn?1279136038 My symptoms have become very debilatating and I am having difficulty watching my children and working. GI: previous diagnosis of IBS/lactose intolerance (have had most of my life: diarrhea/sometimes constipation, bloating every evening, nausea (sometimes vomiting), heartburn-at times. Have lost 12 pounds since June was 115 now 103.
Avatar m tn Most people (about 70% – 80%) with an acute Hepatitis C infection do not experience any symptoms or show signs of the infection. If Hepatitis C symptoms do occur, they usually appear within two weeks to six months after being exposed to the Hepatitis C virus (HCV).
Avatar f tn pain is colicky I guess. She mentioned a kidney stone but seemed to think that the lack of blood in the urinalysis suggested no kidney stone. I haven't had any tests other than the urinalysis. But, again, the pain isn't unbearable as I would think it would be in the case of a kidney stone or even a kidney infection. It does seem to be radiating a little lower down my back than it did yesterday though. I don't know, the doc is calling me tomorrow to check on me.
Avatar n tn i was born with (msk) medullary sponge kidney disease but the symptoms started when i was about 2 and 1/2 years old all my childhood i was told its a kidney infection or a water infection and it wasnt untill i was 19 years old and rushed into hospital after i had moved and the doctor said he wanted to test for kidney stones and yes a very large stone was found and a couple of weeks later i was diagnosed with msk but i have checked in my family and there is nobody with it but i was told that i co
192055 tn?1263555537 When should I see a doc? For the last 6-7 months, I have been dealing with 'kidney stones'. I say 'kidney stones' since the docs are unsure what is wrong with me. Last 6-7 months, I have had a varying amount of blood in my urine (varies from a little to a lot when I visited the doc 4-5 times)... but normal CT scans. I am going through further testing soon...
Avatar n tn When I was 18 I finally had such a horrible kidney infection I had to be rushed to the hospital. I had stents placed and removed twice, and I was also refluxing really bad (so every time I went pee I could feel urine shooting up into my kidney and burning so bad..) and also had surgery to fix that. Since the surgery (which was in Jan. 07), I have only had a few minor bladder infections. Then about 2 months ago I had what I thought was another really bad kidney infection.
Avatar f tn For about 3 months I have had a mild discomfort in the area of my kidney on the left side. It started mid October but was mid to late November before I associated the discomfort with something other than what thought might be a pulled a muscle in my lower back. I'm pretty good at listening to my body and it finally seemed to say "kidney infection" .
Avatar m tn Medullary sponge kidney disease may be asymptomatic in most people .Few people may have a UTI or kidney stone. UTIs and kidney stones share many of the same symptoms.MSK is suspected in patients with repeated UTIs or kidney stones. An x ray called an intravenous pyelogram can help confirm the diagnosis. No treatment can get rid of cysts in the affected kidneys.
554628 tn?1362777919 ok so i don't know if all of this can be related to uti turned kidney infection but i get the pain in my kidneys, down into my groin area as well sometimes. and for the past 2-3 months i've have headaches, fatigue, nasea off and on and etc. i just feel like **** well some ppl told me i may be preg but i'm not bc i've taken test and still have my period but it's much lighter than usual still could i have a kidney infection?
Avatar n tn Looking for some advice, have had a kidney infection on and off for the last two months, i have been on four weeks of different antib's and have had renal ultra sound. Ultra sound came back clear. Was back at doc today with the same symptoms, no blood was found in urine sample, just acidic levels were not normal also protein found. I was prescribed antib's but only to take if things get worse, ie temp continues and back pain.
Avatar f tn You could have an obstruction or an infection in the kidney. I was quite close to dying from kidney failure when I was given the wrong antibiotics to take. This is nothing to mess around with. Please go to the ER, see a urologist, GP or urgent care.