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1237761 tn?1285113685 Had a pretty high fever all week, bad kidney infection. So as often as I would wake up very warm, I woke up chilled. My temps are all over the place.
4943237 tn?1428994695 Hi Poppy, To be honest, if you've not experienced any of the typical unary track symptoms along with it or even just prior, i'm really not sure if it all wouldn't more likely be related to your spine. The nausea has been going on for weeks right, so that's very possibly not connected to these new symptoms if you don't have a fever with it.
362203 tn?1248813910 Hi, my best friend suffered from a really bad kidney infection that landed her in the hospital this past Thanksgiving. She was in ICU for 3 days with severe vomiting and high fever (103.0). She now keeps getting kidney infections over and over. Know though she recognizes the signs before it gets too bad. What should she be asking the doctor? I want to help her be more proactive in her treatment. Her doctor said that she just needs to rest and drink fluids and take meds for pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, yes, kidney infection can be related to the pyelonephritis. Urinary tract infection can be due to infection involving any part from kidney to urethra. Infection may be pyelonephritis (involving upper urinary tract), urethritis, uretitis, cystitis (lower urinary tract) etc. Presence of Anatomic abnormalities resulting in obstruction, stasis, or reflux of urinary flow all predisposes towards recurrent urinary infections.
Avatar n tn Went back to doc and my liver panel was elevated, my potassium level was elevated and I did show that I had a kidney infection. They are sending me to a cardiologist. I am confused. I feel like my kidneys are killing me. Shouldn't I be getting them checked out? Or get another antibiotic? No fever but achy, weak and tired. Should I request more tests for my kidneys?
Avatar n tn While I've had abdominal pain and slowly increasing fatigue for the last two years, it's never been this bad, and the usual suspects for that kind of thing didn't check out when I saw my GP. The doctor at the ER said it could be a kidney infection, but it didnt look like there was enough blood for it... She also mentioned "Addisons" disease as something to look into.
397460 tn?1268537336 This is the first time he sent off a sample for testing. He says it is a kidney infection due to the high levels of blood in my urine and fever. I am now taking a three week course of antibiotics in an effort to clear it up completly. I have taken note of all your advice and will follow thru with it. Thank you for taking the time to answer, it is much appreciated. Cath278.
Avatar f tn Dr claims it is a bladder infection again, not kidney. They had to use dye cat scan last time to find the kidney infection so how would this guy know? April 1 - Urine is clearer, back feeling better temp range 99.3-99.9 I once again feel cramps in the front of my pelvis, not anything I can identify. Maybe ovarian cysts. It came off and on for a day, then came off and on again a couple of day later.
Avatar f tn So after a long week of being misdiagnosed twice, I've finally been hospitalized with a kidney infection. The doctor said the good news is I caught it early despite none of the typical symptoms. She said the baby is fine but I can't help but worry. I'm here for a few more days connected to IV fluids and antibiotics. Has anyone else who's been through this have any advice for getting through it and making sure it doesn't happen again?
Avatar m tn The only thing i can think of is a kidney infection, though her pain her kidney areas is not as severe as what it maybe should be. she is also getting some headaches as well but has no fever. Can anyone help shed some light on this situation? she also just got her period so it looks like it has nothing to do w/ pregnancy or anything.
Avatar n tn I got very sick last week... I started out with very bad chills then a high fever (my temp went from 95 – during the chills - to 102.5 within 30 minutes!) At first, I wasn't sure what was wrong, but after half a day, the dull ache I usually get during kidney infections started to become more apparent. I also had some pain in my bladder area and diarrhea, which I usually have during a kidney infection. That is when I realized it was a kidney infection.
Avatar m tn I had an oral intercourse and the next day I experienced a sore throat and high fever with intense headache at night though the fever was gone in the morning but still I went to see a doctor for a throat checkup The sore throat lasted for three days as I am taking some medicine the doctor prescribed me. Is there any relevant cause of the high fever, severe headache and sore throat with the oral intercourse I have had? Is this a sign or symptom of being "infected" of HIV?
Avatar m tn High Fever - High WBC Oct 18 Ivy, a 15 months Female show some stiffness with pain on her top line and neck, she also had some very small bloody discharge and hard time to get up in her feet, I take her fever she had 103.5 next morning we visit the vet, the WBC was at 19.000, they give her 500 ml Cephalexin for two weeks he think she had UTI the fever wend down for the next 12 days, week later the dog felt good, then the fever then back up again after 7-10 days and show the same symptoms.
1296191 tn?1280703473 The body won't let a fever get too high from an infection unless there has been damage to the temperature regulator or "thermostat" of the brain, the hypothalamus. Damage to the hypothalamus can occur from a brain infection (meningitis or encephalitis), or a poisoning. When the weather turns warmer, there is a danger of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. During heat stroke, the body loses the ability to cool itself and control body temperature, and brain damage can result.
Avatar n tn At any time you feel that symptoms are worsening (more than 8-10 loose stools in 24 hrs, vomiting, feeling faint, high fever etc) please go to the ER. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn After being told I needed to call the doctor, I did. She told me that I could have a kidney infection and if it gets worse I need to go to the ER. Not what I wanted to be told :( anyone else experienced a kidney infection while pregnant?
Avatar f tn When I was 6 I got scarlet fever doctors refused to help so my mom pit me in an ice bath my fever got to a high of almost 107 I actually got some brain and nerve damage from it and ever since my natural core temp runs high at a100-101 doctors don't know why it's been 21 years now and I hate the heat I love in vegas too which make it miserable sometimes I sleep on ice packs and run my AC at 68 just so I can stay cool
Avatar f tn I just can't face the er another weekend with docs saying no blood in urine, tests look good, then finally doing ultrasound (had way too many xrays/ct this year) and hello you do have stones and a ballooned kidney. As long as I'm peeing, not vomitting and no high fever there isn't any benefit to go to er right? anyone else like this?
Avatar m tn I went back to the urologist the next day to have the doctor prescribe stronger antibiotics and tylenol for the fever. My fever continued to rise. Several hours after I left the doctors office my temperature hit 102.7. I got very scared. I was also extremely constipated. Apparently a side effect of pain medication is constipation (at this point I hadn't done a number 2 in over a week). I went back to the er and they told me immediately that they were going to admit me. Which they did.
Avatar f tn It may be possible a stone is blocking your urine flow. that can cause the symptoms you are having. I gather you are pregnant. You need to notify your ob doc and and all other docs involved. If no immediate steps are taken GO TO THE ER. It also might mean your docs are not doing there jobs. Retired critical care nurse with MSK.
Avatar f tn This may lead to an upper urinary tract infection or kidney infection. In the presence of chills (or fever), it is important that you seek immediate consult with your physician. You may be needing oral antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Still have slight discomfort in upper quadrant as writing this. No fever or nausea accompanying. Is this kidney pain, as it is worrying me. Atenolol is mostly excreted from urine and creatinine has never been this high. Thank you.
Avatar n tn In the absence of hematuria, urinary tract infection, or renal calculi, medullary sponge kidney is usually a nonprogressive asymptomatic condition. Under normal conditions, patients may have a mild urinary-concentrating defect or low-grade proteinuria. Patients are at higher risk of developing calcium oxalate/apatite or struvite renal calculi.
Avatar n tn And since he said my kidney might be suffering from inflammation, the kidney could not prevent the blood from escaping and he said this should not be the case as RBC are thick and should not pass through the filter. But he told me not to worry. Any advice?
Avatar n tn Now it has happened again. Last wed her fever came to 105.4 and remained pretty high through today. Due to kidney reflux we have had the catheter test so many many times. This time the office petri dish came out positive for kidney infection, the lab came out negative. So today she had to have contrast put in and have radiology take pictures of her kidneys which show no scarring. They are again saying "it must be a virus". Are you kidding me? The same scenario in 2 months?!
Avatar f tn You have mentioned of associated nausea,weakness and pain in urination. This may suggest an underlying kidney infection. Kidney stones when they pass through the ureters may manifest with severe pain that comes in spasms. A urinalysis , urine culture and a CT scan may be able to help rule out an underlying infection or the presence of stones.
Avatar m tn I also have back pain on one side. Could a UTI have traveled to my kidney? My back pain gets worse with the fever too. It's always worse at night. I almost went to the ER the other night. But usually by the morning the fever goes down and I am able to get things done. Right now, Wednesday, I am hovering at around 100. Should I go to ER? I will feel stupid if it's just a cold but I am nervous something big could be going on.