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Avatar m tn just checked what a ketogenic diet is, this type of diet is extremely unhealthy and damages livers of any person hbver or not The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet: high fat damages the liver adequate-protein is ok but from vegetable or little white meat, no red meat, no diaries low-carbohydrate leads nowhere, it is processed and refined carbohydrates to increase blood glucose which makes damage, so the problems is refined cereals not not carbohydrates the a
Avatar n tn I am interested in finding out if Ketogenic Diet treatment has been used for any other neurological disorders besides epilepsy in children? I have been suffering from acute panic disorder, which has been similar to sezures. I have had this condition for 5 years and am current being treated with 20 mg Paxil daily. The Paxil has been effective but I would really be interested in trying a diet approach.
Avatar f tn ) and a slightly elevated glucose at 129 (no guesses here). I know about ketogenic diets as possible relief for at least the frequency of seizures. However, my sister is lactose intolerant, so that might require some adjustments, as the ketogenic diet is heavy on dairy (as in relatively massive amounts of heavy whipped cream, etc.).
5314819 tn?1371280997 I noticed recently that if I eat too many nuts in the evening my blood sugar is slightly raised in the morning I think that the increased level of protein is leading to Gluconeogenisis. on one occasion I measured my blood glucose before breakfast at 95 and about 15 min after eating breakfast and found a very high level (400+) probably due to the glass of orange juice I had with it which contained about 12g of naturally occurring sugar.
Avatar n tn Given your current situation and your extremely high blood sugars, if you want to reduce then using diet, then a very low carb diet / ketogenic diet would be the way to go. This diet however, may still not be enough to get your sugars down and you may still need insulin / other meds. Please know that if you eat a ketogenic diet you need to follow it strictly.
Avatar n tn logdbfrom=pubmed Since there is no source of energy because of the defect, the doctors are trying to utilize the ketogenic diet. This diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet, primarily used in the treatment of difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet mimics aspects of starvation by forcing the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates.
Avatar f tn However, your body can also break down protein to make glucose, and obviously there is some glucose in your body because your blood sugar levels are stable. On your ketogenic diet your levels are totally normal. However, on this diet there is very little demand on your pancreas. if you increase your carbs, depending on the health of your pancreas, you may or may not have high blood sugar levels. So we cannot know if you are diabetic. You do not have diabetic numbers on this diet.
Avatar n tn ) Diet (meaning good nutrition) and excercise can keep your glucose levels pretty level. :) I now try to walk whenever possible, and TRY to lose weight, which is hard, but slowly i'm managing to do so. Try getting out and walking or riding or whatever you're comfortable with. Keep up on your heath check ups, and glucose tests if you've been instructed to take them, and I bet your sugar levels will stay pretty level. :) Good luck and keep your chin up!
Avatar m tn your body turns all carbs to BG be it sugar or whole wheat bread, the difference is the bread has some vitamins and minerals with the carbs. Google ketogenic diet.
Avatar n tn current diagnosis is remote symptomatic generalised but still being investigated Jamie has global development delay, marked feeding problems and has just started the KETOGENIC diet through gastrostomy. My question is --- The doctors took a lumbar puncture sample from him and are going down the lines that he has glucose transporter deficiency... initially GLUT1 but now after a second look at the sample they are looking at SUCL 2A --- What does this mean ?
Tbd Eat low carb / ketogenic diet. Avoid or strictly sugars, grains, starchy vegetables, and sweet fruits. Use a blood glucose meter to determine the effect of your diet on your blood sugar. This will help you fine tune what foods do and don't affect your blood sugars, and to what degree.
Avatar f tn 5 will get you an official diagnosis. Prevention (type 2), low carb or ketogenic diet, exercise, weight normalisation. Hope this helps.
5747555 tn?1408731257 That will determine how much Carbohydrates you should have in your diet. Fat is your friend and carbohydrates are your enemy so to speak. Look up Ketogenic diet and this may help you to improve your weight and labs all at the same time without starving yourself.
5314819 tn?1371280997 I'll go to the thermal bath today and see if the feeling of wearing socks has reduced. I've started try and get to a Ketogenic situation in regard of my diet if I can keep it up it should burn fat and reduce the pressure on the pancreas to produce insulin. This type of diet as also known to increase the particle size of the LDL cholesterol making them less likely to become embedded in the arterial wall. It also boosts the HDL.
Avatar f tn What I found as the most effective way to do this is via a ketogenic diet. There is a great book called the Art and Science of Nutritional Ketosis, by Dr Phinney and Dr Volek. There are a lot of free youtube videos by both doctors Phinney and Volek who describe how to lose fat, while protecting and building physical and athletic strength. Really good stuff. So, through proper nutrition, you can lose the fat and maintain/build muscle. Hope this helps. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn I have heard that the only people who should be in ketosis are people with epilepsy, who are on the KETOGENIC diet. And these folks need very careful medical supervision, while they are on the ketogenic diet. Good luck. I'm not into extreme diets, except extremely "organic" (as opposed to full of pesticides)!
Avatar n tn I personally eat a Ketogenic diet of 20g or less net carbs a day. Most of my diet comes from meat, cheese and non-starchy vegetables. The high levels of fat in my diet help keep me satiated and promotes weight loss. I also tend to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible. I eat gluten free and grain free.
Avatar m tn My doctors (both primary and endocrinologist) have said these results are okay and don't require treatment of any kind. I've tried controlling glucose levels with diet and exercise - sometimes it works, sometimes not. Actual insulin levels have always been low normal and I wondered if that's because I'm not really producing enough, especially, when glucose levels are above range. I know low insulin levels are good, but when is low, too low?
Avatar m tn Thank you very much, in your honest opinion though, does this sound possible or likely?
Avatar n tn Yes, some people live zero-carb. Not humorous, just a variation on the theme of diet. A ketogenic diet can control drug-resistant childhood epilepsy, and is used theraputically. It's not necessarily zero-carb, but very low indeed. And there are plenty of zero-carbers around, for health reasons of their own. (With enough fat in the diet, you don't need all that fibre.) The research has been done - barn babe is right. Low-carb and high fat is healthier than high-carb and low-fat.
Avatar f tn Diet Doctor has an interesting article "Is It Possible to Recover from Hypothyroidism?" which is worth reading. The article ends in a poll (LCHF stands for low carb high fat) which I posted below. Diet Doctor also has articles about PCOS success stories of weight loss/falling pregnant when switching to a LCHF diet. I personally have noted improvements in my hypothyroid symptoms from getting off the foods that kept my insulin high. :) "After I started an LCHF diet I... ...
Avatar f tn Is your daughter on the ketogenic diet? I am wondering if there is any professional (homeopathic dr perhaps) that would could support my desire to look into finding out if there is another way to help her besides medication, although I am not ruling that out as yet.
Avatar m tn Try ketogenic diet. This is low carb, moderate protein (0.8 - 1 g protein / kg lean body mass), and high unprocessed and naturally occuring fats. Ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory. It may help.
Avatar m tn The ketogenic diet (high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate) is popular for weight loss (ketosis is a state at which the body has an extremely high fat burning rate) but is used to help numerous medical conditions. Check out the article from Perfect Health Diet - Migraine Sufferers Should Try a Ketogenic Diet. An excerpt..
Avatar f tn In more extreme cases and conditions, a true ketogenic diet ( 60-80% of calories from medium chain fatty acids) would be necessary. If you are planning to see a doctor, my opinion is to see a Psychiatric-Neurologist. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn My late mother had suffered head and bodily injuries, following an accident which involved a very intoxicated young man, and left her bed-ridden for almost a year.
4879855 tn?1360443797 The ketogenic diet (lots of fat, regular protein, very low carb) exploits the same mechanism, but at a much lower level that doesn't turn the blood acidic. Sorry, the section of bio class that dealt with cell signalling used diabetes as a model to help us understand. And I just spent some time reading wikipedia articles on diabetes because, well, I'm just that nerdy.
20384621 tn?1496634172 This is when the liver releases glucose in response to overnight fasting. Are you following low carb eating / diet. Low-carb / ketogenic can be very helpful for reducing insulin requirements and helping to control blood sugars. Normal blood sugars are typically in the 80 - 120 range. So it would be great if your husband could get his levels a bit closer to this. Can you ask your Dr (or find a new Doctor) who will put your husband on a basal-bolus dosing regime?
Avatar m tn Cutting out the simple carbs was the first step, thats why I wanted a way of monitoring my progress to be able to reach a decision point if further diet changes are required. I want to try and bring my fasting blood glucose down from the 100-110 range it is in now to somewhere in the mid 80s. I think I am beginning to see a correlation between what I have for dinner and the meter readings in the morning.