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Avatar f tn in july i had an asthma attack which led to a cardiac arrest my eegs kept coming back abnormal so i was put on keppra although i never had a seisure the drs are weaning me off it now. since i started weaning im having trouble walking and i keep falling i never did this before why???
Avatar n tn on Depakote ER. The Dr. wants to try weaning him this summer, before he starts driving. My son and the rest of the family are extremely apprehensive about this. Dr. says if he has one seizure, he goes back on the med. for life. Only possible side-effect he has is fatigue, but not sure this is due to med. He has always been a "low-energy" kid. We are all scared about the possibility of another seizure and having to take precautions for an undetermined amount of time.
Avatar n tn This can be made more likely, for example, when you are sleep deprived, take alcohol, fevers, miss your Keppra etc. Try to avoid these precipitating events, try to get enough sleep etc. 2 grams of Keppra a day is a standard dose, and should hopefully protect against a furhter seizure. If not, then there is room to increase it further, unless you have intoelrable side effects.
1168938 tn?1327157832 He confirmed spinal myoclonus and tremors in both legs, he has decided to take me off clonazepam and try Keppra so I will be interested to know anyones experiences with Keppra, I shall be weaning off clonazepam slowly whilst starting with Keppra, I feel like a Zombie most days with clonazepam so I am hoping Keppra won't be as sedating.
479255 tn?1208119748 ) My son is on Keppra (he's only 30 lbs, and he takes 1200mg/day), and it's definitely caused some awful behaviors, so we're titrating Lamictal in hopes of weaning the Keppra eventually. His neurologist labeled his "psychotic behaviors" Keppra-related (he has pica and ate a lightbulb), and I completely believe him.
Avatar f tn So, then our vet recommended us weaning him off Keppra. She believed his seizures may of been triggered from him being on trifexis flea pills - he has always been using. Within a week to week and half we gave him the lowest dosage of Keppra - 125mg for the entire day. That day, he had 4 seizures! I called and was told to give an extra dose then continue back to his previous dosing the next day. For 24 hours he was fine. Then at 8pm the next night he started to frantically run around.
Avatar n tn I understand your family and yours worry about weaning him. I never got sleep during the med change or weaning. Every noise made me jump thinking it was him. Most of my son's was at night, as soon as he went to sleep. Stress also triggered them. I hope all goes well for your son.
Avatar n tn I need some advice. My son, 15, has had two seizures, a year apart and due to unusual conditions...first was staying up all night and playing video games, and the second was 6 weeks after he suffered a concussion in football...he played a game after 6 weeks off and then the next day had a seizure Since he now had two seizures, albeit a year apart, his neurologist says he is epileptic and was placed on Dilantin (in the ER) and continued. It seemed he was having some side-effects from the drug.
Avatar n tn He is on Lamictal and Keppra. We decided with the doctor to wean him off the Keppra. We will be finished weaning tomorrow. About a week ago, he started a tic of clearing his throat. Today, he started a facial tic of raising his eyebrows, flaring his nostrils and pursing his lips. Are these tics a form of seizure? Are they a side effect of coming off the Keppra? Will they go away? Any insight would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn since the keppra gave me terrible mood swings he is titrating lamictal while weaning me off of EEG and neurological tests all came back normal...I am scheduled for MRI nxt question Is how common is adult onset epilepsy? I am anervous nelly and scared if I have a brain tumor cause I read alot of new seizures are related to brain tumors. I also had a baby in April and my first seizure came right after my first period...
Avatar n tn Hi, My husband is a TBI/Multiple strokes. The Neurosurgeons put my husband on Keppra 1 year ago and now they say he is medically stable. I've ask to wean from this drug and they have referred me to a neurologist. I've been denied by the neurology team to be seen. PCP says to go ahead and start weaning. She stated I could go from 1000mg to 500mg in one week. That scared me and I only reduced Keppra by 250mg for a month. At this time we are at 500mg and it's only been 1 week. Any recommendations?
697386 tn?1241030155 ) dexoscan came out good, sure wish they'd told me i was going to feel like **** for a week after all these tests.. continued weaning from Dilantin to Keppra XR, getting more tired.. brain fogged, still clumsy, and cognitive speech is a joke.. doc didnt really seem to listen.. hubby and i told him about sz and how they are, except he seemed to only respond as if my very last sz wasnt bad at all.. just bc i didnt lose conscientiousness, now he acts like all my sz.
641243 tn?1235755684 Kate - will you please let us know how Wentworth does with the keppra? My nephew has fairly severe epilepsy and keppra never seemed to help so they're weaning him off it now. What it DID do was send him out into the ozone and turn him into a drooling idiot, and he still had daily multiple seizures. I have no idea what kind of side effects, if any, occur in dogs with this medication. Have you posted this over on the Ask a Vet board here at Med Help yet?
Avatar n tn Ask your doc about adding Keppra or Tegretol and weaning off of Dilatin. Another reason he may have put your husband indefinetly on Dilatin is because it is available via IV. Take your doc to a neurologist who is familiar with Brain tumors (ask how many of his patients have tumors). It is the neurologist's job to manage medications. She/he is most familiar with medications your husband will need. Neurosurgeon focus is not medication management. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn My child has Doose syndrome. He is on Keppra very low dose which we are weaning as altho it seems to control nocturnal sz's it has aggravated his perseverative behaviours and defiance. He is tenex for attention which he tolerates well and seems to helps somewhat with his attention. Melatonin and remeron have been suggested to help him sleep. he seems to have night terrors and does not sleep well / is restless. He also only sleeps for about8 hours at the most. Any thoughts?
1168938 tn?1327157832 I have been taking clonazepam which settled jerks down enough for me to get sleep at night but I have now been changed onto Keppra and am weaning off clonazepam. I have been told they may never find a cause for this and it will be with me for life. I am interested to know what could be a cause of spinal myoclonus and what my options are for living with this condition and the pain that goes with it, am I destined to take meds for the rest of my life?
Avatar m tn DS had 1 seizure 2 years back from the onset of encephalitis and has been on Keppra ever since. We have been discussing taking him off the meds but our Dr. wanted to run these tests before any decisions would be made however after these results we are wondering if taking him off the meds is a good idea. At our last appt. he indicated that normally if they are seizure free for 2 years is when they discuss weaning them off.
Avatar n tn She has many little seizures at night-time without a clinical presentation and I was wondering if the vns has ever been attributed to a eeg showing marked improvement with sub-clinical activity? She is also on 3 anticonvulsants, mysoline, Keppra and tegretol. Mysoline and Keppra are at theraputic levels and tegretol is being weaned slowly and is at a blood level of 3. I would like to also know if you believe that the 3 anticonvulsants have a effect on her cognition and clarity?
Avatar f tn He's been on Keppra, 2,000 mg and Decadron starting at 8 mg/day since January , 2008, and slowly weaning down to 2 mg/day presently. The Decadron wrecked havoc with his body and he is finally starting to feel better but not completely. An MRI done last week showed no tumor growth but no decrease in the swelling plus he's had minimal increase in neurologic symptoms which comes and goes. Are there any other medications to decrease the edema around the tumor? Will the swelling ever decrease?
Avatar f tn He's been on Keppra, 2,000 mg and Decadron starting at 8 mg/day since January , 2008, and slowly weaning down to 2 mg/day presently. The Decadron wrecked havoc with his body and he is finally starting to feel better but not completely. An MRI done last week showed no tumor growth but no decrease in the swelling plus he's had minimal increase in neurologic symptoms which comes and goes. Are there any other medications to decrease the edema around the tumor? Will the swelling ever decrease?
Avatar f tn It could also be that I am weaning off Keppra, now at 500mg at night and this is what is causing it. Who knows....
1638868 tn?1309546028 Does the keppra help with the myoclonus? I was taking gabapentin which didn't help at all, only helped with electrical things/creepy crawly sensations. I had to stop taking it because it was causing too much bruising.
787406 tn?1339206783 The meds have to be kept at a constant level in the bloodstream -- and this helped the doc and me to figure out when to take the doses and when I needed to increase my meds (when I was weaning onto and off of the meds). Maybe something like that could help you out. Hope your pain level lessens!
585414 tn?1288944902 The fact that I slept better and it worked on what was obviously rapid cycling would not be a surprise as many mood stabilizers (Lamictal, Keppra, Tegretol, Trileptal, etc.) were originally developed as anti convulsants. The fact that it has a mitigating effect on the dissociation/dysphoric mania of what they are tentatively terming tardive dysphrenia as well as the loss of cognition from what they are terming tardive dysmentia does point towards future recovery for others.
Avatar n tn At any rate, there are many other options available for antiseizure meds in the year 2003 depending on what type of seizure you have. For complex partial seizures, Keppra is a newer drug with less side effects. Depakote and Dilantin are used for generalized seizures or complex partial seizures that turn into "grand mal" seizures and are known to cause tremors especially in combination. Topamax and Lamictal are other options.
Avatar f tn no changes in diet, and ibuprphen a no no.. i dont drink any alchohol.. or tylonol.. new neuro weaning me to keppra, not sure if i like it.. but said dilantin was causing side effects (chest pain,, kidney probs) i'm starting to wonder if age is a factor, I'm 44, or perry menopause? even though my gyno says my hormone levels are not consistant with menopause..
Avatar n tn Hi there rumpled, Because of an increase in the size of his cystic tumour, my son was operated on, in October last year. Suboccipital craniotomy as you said. The op went very well. Not sure yet on the amount that was able to be extracted in the debulking. An MRI will reveal all in June this year. It is noted that he has had a 50% decrease in the intensity of his headaches, with the occasional bad day.
Avatar f tn MRI should a lesion near the operated area,no body could affirm whether it was recurrence or radionecrosis despite MRI spectrography,she was given treatment for both including Avastin,Temodar,Tykerb(lapatinip) and Hyperbaric oxygen for thirty sessions,she receives also Keppra and oxcarbazepin(Trileptal) also up and down decadron and because of worsening her hemiparesis she took physiotherapy,as time elapsed with these mesures her right arm became completely paralysed,MRI done after two months fr
Avatar f tn Evan was put on phenobarb at that time and the seizures were well controlled with a completely normal EEG in 8/06. His neurologist is currently weaning him off the phenobarb and putting him on Lamictal. This has been an almost year-long process starting with the slow introduction of Lamictal in 10/07 and decreasing of the phenobarb starting 1/08. He has had a very hard time getting off the phenobarb and started having the atypical absent seizures up to 40 times a day.
327385 tn?1378364331 Here I si, like others, taking Dexamethason - tried to wean off but it is masking so many other symptoms that it has not been possible, Keppra (google Keppra rage - not a nice drug) and various other medications. What did I lose, half my sight, a large portion of my skull, my driving licence, my indendance, my job the list is endless. For all that I have amazing family and friends so count what I still have.