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2030686 tn?1351692148 They put me on Keppra since I had another round of seizures, and it is making me rage. I've spent the last 10 years going through one mood stabilizer after another, and finally last year, found the right combo for me. I'm bi-polar and am extremely jealous/suspicious without the meds. Since I react so badly to so many of them it's been a fun journey, to say the least. Aside from being easily agitated/annoyed, I had everything under control and can't remember the last time I got really mad.
Avatar n tn i just started taking keppra and prior to keppra i was on depakote i was on depakote 4 bouut 15 yrs and new bout the side affects reguarding liver and having to do blood count i was ok w that but now here i am depakote free for 9 months taking keepra 750mg=3000 daliy yet i can skip it for time and days and there i go having seizures yet id skip like a month at times w depakote cuz i was doing drugs at that time and realized it takes like 5 weeks of no depakote be4 id be laying out w seizures but
Avatar f tn i called my neuro and it was a side effect of the keppra . my neuro gave me klonipin and it has helped 99% . my neuro told me i could hurt myself or others so call his neuro asap and report his behavior. i still take the keppra but the klonopin has eased the anger and temper .
Avatar f tn Over the last few months,my husband had increased hand tremors,increased somnolence and irritability,and had difficulty with simple tasks and conversation.We returned to the neurologist in June-he had "liver flap" by then.That is when we learned about VPA and ammonia.We did no labs.We reduced Depakote by 500 mg . 12 days post reduction in dose,his serum ammonia was 101ug/dl and VPA was 112.We did no other labs.My husband is less stuporous,but not back to baseline.
7486852 tn?1410355784 My new neurologist wants me to try depakote after keppra, dilantin, and dilantin and topamax together have failed. They did not control my seizures and I had horrible side effects. I have been using my medical marijuana which my neurologist never had anything bad to say about it just wants me to try another pill as well. I'm worried about the side effects and whether they will work when these others haven't.. I also have to have blood work, an EEG, A CT Scan of my head, and a MRI of my spine..
Avatar n tn The good news is that there are many other medications than tegretol and depakote, many with much better dies effect profiles. Depakote can cause tremors, weight gain, hair loss, liver toxicity/failure and platelet dysfunction. Dizziness, balance problems, fatigue and thinking problems can be encountered on any seizure medication if the dose is too high (Depakote and tegretol included).
Avatar f tn i got a magazine and it has a page about keppra .the advertisment says to call your doctor right away if mood & behavior changes-aggression-agitation-anger-anxiety-apathy-mood swings-depression-hostillity-irritabillty.a few people may get thoughts of suicide.i would talk to his doctor about his symptoms and ask if he needs to change meds.heres a site about keppra. hope this helps,really sounds like its this med.
Avatar n tn I was pregnant (yes....on depakote) and as I gained weight, my medication was not adjusted. So, when I was five months pregnant, again, Down, this time, at work. FUN. LESSON 2: Check your medical book under "NEUROLOGISTS" and find another one..... So, My pregnancy went VERY WELL w/ ZERO complications. So, smooth sailing for the next two years. I had another wonderful son, HEALTHY HEALTHY problems during the pregnancy. I did take FOLIC ACID....
559697 tn?1243289985 My son was on Keppra, (750mg 2X day) his doctor changed him to KeppraXR same dosag because he was having more seizures. Since he has been on Keppra XR, still seizures and constant jerking movements in hands and very unsteady when standing. Not getting enough sleep @ night. Took him to ER last night, increase dosage to 2000mg per day. His hands jerk from about 11am to about 7pm or 8pm, then he has a seizure. Sleeps about a hour & half. Have anyone had these problems taking Keppra XR?
479255 tn?1208119748 I have been experiencing terrible nausea and dizziness along with numbness in arms and hands have you the same thing? Going to neuro today and hoping he will decrease my keppra and increase lamictal. I'm currently on 100mg of lamictal and 375mg keppra twice daily. I hate it way too irritable. Any suggestions!
Avatar f tn It was during this visit on june 19 that I first learned about Depakote and hperamonemia.We reduced his dosage by 500 mg. and did no labsuntil 13 days later.His VPA was 112,and plasma amonia was 101 ug/dl.Could Keppra be causing the increased VPA level and that in turn is causing the increased plasma amonia?Pharmacist and neurologist say "no".I say there si no literature I have been able to find-and the only variable has been d/c ing the phenytoin and adding Keppra.
Avatar n tn My husband has been on Depakote for more than 3 weeks (1000 mg/day) and still has extreme drowsiness, having to sleep much of the day. Is this normal? Have others had exprience. The Dr. has suggested changing to Keppra, but the side effects on that seem to be extreme drowsiness too. We'll appreciate any input/ideas you have. Thank you.
Avatar n tn has been on Depakote ER currently 2000mg daily. He was tried on other meds in the past (keppra, topamax, neurontin) but depakote was the only one to control the seizures. Consequently, it seems he has developed a personality disorder...seemingly like sociopathy. He pathologically lies, steals, cheats, etc. and is often depressed and has outbursts of anger. Could this be related to the med?
1994124 tn?1422577699 Im on 250mg depakote extended release and 200mg lamictal now , once a day. Im on transition to lamictal as per advice by my neurologist. I also take 4mg of folic acid to safeguard my pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So Im epileptic and when I found out and told my nuerologist they completely took me off my medicines (keppra and depakote).
Avatar f tn I was actually on Depakote and high risk but I have a very health normal very active 10 yr old boy! I'm taking Keppra now and they still consider me high risk but the risk is much lower with Keppra then it was with Depakote. They have done several ultrasounds and baby is great!! They have me taking 1000mg of Folic acid in top of my prenatal vitamins. It suppose to help with the effects of the Keppra. So far so good. Ready to be done lol!! Good luck to you Hun and don't stress it will be ok.
Avatar n tn After a month and a half of trial and error for the anti convulsants, we seem to have found the right combo of 3 Depakote ERs daily and 2 g of Keppra. Now I'm just worried that the Xanax could interfere with the drugs and lead to more seizures.
452529 tn?1361851455 I feel like a lost a whole part of myself and its pretty depressing. I dont have very bad szs I have partial siezures and am currently on lamictal and keppra. Let me tell you irritable is not the word, I'm horrible on keppra like a different person. I think my doc is going to wean me off and just keep me on lamictal. Although my blood work came back with elevated liver enzymes and low white count so who knows.
Avatar f tn may cause tremors, dizzyness, muscle weakness and lack of coodination, a slow and slumped gait, extreme lethargy (tiredness), problems swallowing..... the list goes on. We are decreasing his intake of these meds, and he is showing remarkable progress! In just 3 weeks, he has made a complete turn around, and his symptoms are decreasing every day! He is in the end stages, but heading towards recovery. The docs and nurses at his rehab center have never seen anything quite like this!
Avatar n tn The neurologist figured the Topamax just was not working and then put him on Keppra. (He was still taking 1 dilantin and weaned off that dilantin just before going on Keppra) I had him wean off the Topamax really slow, much slower than the neurologist wanted at first but neuro. gave us his ok to wean off slow. He also weaned on Keppra at a slow dosage. The Keppra worked ok and then he had a few other seizures, one he actually ended up w/ a compression fracture in his back.
Avatar f tn I find that I get migraines a week before my periods and the first few days. Stress, emotion and lack of sleep triggers migraines and seizures. Since I was put on keppra and tegretol 2003 I don't have so much seizures anymore. I also fell pregnant which I had less seizures and migraines. My girl has turned out fine. I could not ask any better because it took the depression away. I hope you get better.
1255505 tn?1272822715 I have been epileptic since a bout of bacterial meningitis in 2004. I have been on Keppra, Depakote, topamax, and now being switched to Lamactil. The seizures i have are sleep induced grand mal seizures and then when i am awake, i have bouts that feel like electrical surges inside my brain causing convulsions and inability to control muscles in my arms and legs. My epileptologist at my recent appointment now seems to believe it is all Bipolar disorder related.
Avatar f tn He had just recovered from a sinus infection and was on eye antibiotics for a sliver in the eye. (Glucose was at 62) He was put on Keppra 500m twice a day. His EEG was normal 2 days later. The pressure in his head was back, with headaches, dizzy and blackouts... (Never fully fainting) He went to the Cardiologist and failed the Tilt Table Test after 16 minutes and has been put on 6-9 grams of Salt supplementation daily.
Avatar m tn for the last at least 3 years i was taking 3 types of med depakote 500 mg keppra 500 mg and mysoline 50 mg In the past my doctor kept changing my med . i used to take pheneborital then was on tegretol then started on depakote and ysoline the added the keppra In July of 09 i was taken off depakkote and continued on the keppraand mysoline . here is what happened wheni was taking the depakote keppraand mysoline it kep me up till 3 - 5 am so in july i was taken off of the depakote .
1810724 tn?1316936524 Already been through two different seizure medications and now taking the third. I have tried Depakote ER no help (7 months), Topamax (3 months) and now Gabapentin (1 Week) to control my episodes. Tightness in the chest area with warm sensation that would radiate through both sides left more than right with numbness and tingling feeling. I just plainly felt out of sorts followed by weakness that has lately been putting me down not being able to get up on my own.
Avatar n tn He was put on keppra and had about 3 seizures the first year and then I fought for name brand instead of generic. When he started name brand he was seizure free for 15 months. I was so thankful then out of nowhere he had 2 grand mals in less than a week. His dr.increased his keppra to the max of 3000 mg. A day. He also gave me the choice of adding depakote we but said the increase in the keppra would take about 2 wks. To reach max .
Avatar n tn what would cause a 74 year old female who is taking namenda, aricept, keppra, synthroid, depakote, digoxin, carafate, low dosage aspirin, lipitor (and other meds I'm not sure of) to lose her hair?
Avatar n tn 5 years ago they reconsidered this diagnosis and consider possible seizures because sometimes when I get the visual aura I don't get the headache with it. Also I was on depakote and the while the depakote helped with the headache it didn't take the aura and other dissociative type symptoms away. They placed me on keppra and it all went away. Three years ago I got pregnant for my daughter and they removed me from all meds. I did ok, with just occassional problems.
363110 tn?1340924019 Had some other issues so went to see ob specialist and they strongly disagreed with my neuro! Depakote is one of the stronger seizure meds and has been known to cause birth defects so we agreed I would get back on a less potent med Keppra. They told me it was much more dangerous to be off the meds then to be on them. Not sure if this helps but I know there are other med options out there.