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Avatar n tn I have decided to blog about my day-to-day struggles with Juvenile Diabetes for a year (I started on February 1st), recording every sugar reading and trying to ultimately bring down my A1c to under 7 (I just had my blood test done and it's 7.6). I struggle to keep my sugar within the normal range, although I technically know what to do - it's just so hard to be on top of it 24/7 and to get it right every time. I'm not shooting for perfection, but I am trying to come as close as possible.
Avatar f tn my almost 16yr old daughter has had diabetes since age 9. over the last 3 months she has restricted her diet, over exercised and omitting a large proportion of her insulin. as she was not at all overweight to start with she is now unhealthy low bmi. she has been referred to an eating disorders unit were she is currently being assessed. the majority of her weight loss has been achieved by not giving her insulin. her last hba1c was 13.
Avatar n tn Just a note for some people, I have had juvenile diabetes for 17 years and I am struggling with my weight more than ever. Although a lot of people talk about lowering carbs etc, please be careful, it is ok to cut out pastas and breads but ensure you are still eating fruits vegetables, dairy etc all of which contain carbs as your body needs them to function.
521840 tn?1348844371 Depression alone costs more in terms of diminished worker productivity than most diseases like heart problems or diabetes. Mental health related problems like substance abuse, juvenile behavior problems, and non-adherence to medical treatment plans (like not changing your diet if you have diabetes!) not only cause a lot suffering, they have a significant economic impact.
Avatar n tn More important how long has this person been a type 1? I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 2. I have many complications now. I'm surprised I made it this long.
Avatar n tn I want to give you my perspective as the Mom of a 16 year old girl who has had diabetes since the age of 21 months, and also the Mom of a 20 year old boy(non-diabetic). Hopefully, I can add to the insightful response from JDRF-Team-LRS. There are also quite a few terrific and interesting responses in the Diabetes Forum's archives that you may want to read before approaching your son.
Avatar f tn I also would like to encourage you to check the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website at www.jdrf.org. There is a section that discusses clinical trials that deal with attempting to avoid the destruction of beta cells that you may be interested in. Are you taking her to a different endocrinologist than you've been seeing? Do you have a large medical facility with a reputable endocrinology department near you? Joslin has an amazing reputation.
Avatar f tn what chicks talk about - wrinkly fingers show gluten intolerance. My heart rate is high 90's/100 + range when I overmedicate and my temp is over 37C as well. Prior to starting medication my temp was around 35C. Not sure of heart rate at the time. I can't feel my heart rate anyway until it's like 250bpm. That's weird lol. Sounds like you are overmedicating but the body temp doesn't match it though. That's weird too.
Avatar n tn As I have gotten older I have started to notice that my right side of my body is slightly larger than my left ( more than the doctors generally say is nomal). The latter of these issues is how I came accross this blog. I had always wondered if that drug had anything to do with the size discrepencies, but had no idea that there was a link to polycystic ovaries.
Avatar n tn Make sure the Endo you will be going to deals a lot in thyroid issues per year, if not, you might be wasting your time. Most of us with experience with Endos, find that they deal mostly in diabetes and very little thyroid. Thyroid specialist/thyroidologest is best. Good Luck with you next Labs.
Avatar n tn not to sound sick but, it's good this blog was created. I from time to time have had twitching on the right side of my head (Ha funny just had one as I typed). I went to a ear, nose and throat doctor NOTHING. I went to a cardiologist to check for any possible clots that may be affecting the areas NOTHING. Lastly, I went to a Neurologist for an MRI and again NOTHING. This twistching is not painful and does not occur for longer than a day if that off and on.
Avatar n tn I just started getting the same thing about 2 hours ago....i got on the net and this blog is the first thing I saw. I thought it was my cell phone in my pocket going off too (vibrating)... I looked down and I was in my underwear..... I blew it off for the first few mins...but then it didnt go away..so here I am..... mine is the upper right thigh. I'm 37 and in pretty good health. anyway, I hope Fathom's (above) solution works for me. Best of luck everyone.
530191 tn?1214166411 Hi- just came accross this site and blog, and count me in as well. My hives started 2 weeks before my wedding, which was almost 6 months ago. Everyone (except me) assumed it was stress and dismissed me. It wasn't until I was fully loaded with steroids, and 6 days into the honeymoon covered head (literally the scalp) to toe in those awful, painful red monsters you all seem to know so well, that anyone started to take the symptoms more seriously.
211940 tn?1267884866 I suffered with this excruciating upper arm pain for 6 months which kept me from sleeping, the pain was so bad I was almost suicidal, depressed and crying all the time. Was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome which they said was causing the pain in my upper arms. The compression of the median nerve can cause pain all the way up to the neck and is not relieved by pain meds because it is nerve pain.
Avatar f tn I know it sound kind of juvenile, but it the closest feeling I can think of that makes me feel like I do when the PVC's come on strong. Exercise can improve health. I notice that when I am running or biking vigorously that I don't get skip beats at all, and even after recovering from the workout the heart beat steady until I have fully recover. As for the panic attack, and the rapid heart beat, I would inhale deeply and hold for a count of 3 second and then exhale and repeat cycle 3 time.
Avatar n tn Entire year 1998 was insanely stressful - job-related. In 1999, I almost had neck surgery due to the great suffering for one year - they said I had 3 herniated cervical discs. Funny thing happened, May 1999 I was fired and 10 days later my neck popped in the middle of the night and all the pain went away entirely. Miracle! A stressful periord started-up about 3 years later and my neck "gave out" on me again but went away after several months.
Avatar n tn I found this blog and was so amazed that there are so many of us suffering the same thing and no dr's can help any of us...I am trying alternatives since the typical prescription steroid creams do absolutely nothing...this is coming from inside our bodies...its not coming from detergents...stress..etc...It is a Yeast Infection....the reason I know Ive been doing so much looking up on my hands and found a slew of info on excema related to yeast infections...google it yourselves...
Avatar f tn //thedermblog.com/2008/02/24/brachioradial-pruritis-scratching-makes-the-itching-worse/comment-page-3/#comments I have this also, I suffered trauma from a fall 5 years ago and am quite certain nerve damage to the C5-6 area plays a role!
Avatar n tn For those who compare methadone to diabetes, how much you want to bet diabetics will have no trouble getting their insulin during a disaster??? I hope your husband can mamage without it. Because one of the things doctors neglect to tell you, is pain medication only works for so long. Then you're fighting addiction on top of it, and then the meds stop working efficiently for the pain...
Avatar n tn He has ascites, portal hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, adema and varices that were recently banded. Two weeks ago we found him in a coma with a blood sugar of 17. He bounced back. I finally talked him into living with me until our last doctors appointment when we were told he is doing great. He now moved back to his apartment. Can anyone please tell me with what he has going on if his time is limited? I am very concerned and frustrated.
Avatar n tn This was the night I came closest to taking just one tablet to try to get some peace. I didn't. I had read someone's blog which said never to do this. Thank you whoever you were....I didn't take the pills. But I found a pack of valerian herbal sleeping tablets and took four of them. Don't worry, 4 is an ok dose. It made no dent in how I was feeling though so I took another 3....heading towards the ridiculous again.