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Avatar f tn That happens when one miss Junel Fe for one day. Junel Fe usually take the body's bones and reduce the calcium. Using the reduction of calcium, Junel Fe then can make the baby's mess to be less (as babies are made from pouches and the bones). It's a dangerous and really effective drug. Stop the bleeding with ivory (plant) and ivory (mineral).
Avatar f tn I'm on Junel Fe birth control. My periods use to be 5 days before I started taking the pill in January 2014. I've noticed since February that my periods have been pretty consistent. They come on Mondays and have lasted 4 days. This month (June) my period lasted 3 days. My boobs are still a little sore. Should I be worried.
Avatar n tn I recently changed my birth control pills from junel Fe 1/20 to Azurette. I had been on Junel fe for years, and was on Azurette before as well. I decided to switch back to Azurette because it helps my acne. However, I was advised to use a backup method for a month when exchanging. I finished my Junel Fe and got my period, then started Azurette on the Sunday after my period. I had the condom break the following Sunday after.
Avatar f tn I switched to Junel fe 1/20 about 2 months ago, I've taken the pill daily and haven't been sexually active since I switched, but before I was. I have yet to get my period in these two months I've been on it, I've felt like I was on my period and even got cramps but no bleeding. the last time i got my period was July 4th. what should I do? Does Junel Fe cause no bleeding periods? should I be worried?
Avatar n tn Every time I go to my pharmacy to get my BC, they switch me from Junel FE 1/20 to Blisovi FE 1/20. They always say they are out of whichever brand I am currently using at the time. I Googled both brands and they have the same ingredients in them. I was wondering if it is unhealthy to keep switching brands even though they have the same stuff in the pills?
Avatar f tn So I’ve been on Junel Fe for about 4 years now, and I take this at the same time everyday, never missed or skipped a pill. I was on the iron week from September 16 to 22. I had sex without a condom for the first time on September 21, but he peed beforehand and didn’t finish inside me. We also used spermicide. Within the past two days, I’ve been getting light cramps (nothing compared to my normal period) and slight nausea here and there.
Avatar f tn Hi! Im 21...on the birth control "Junel" which is generic for Loestrin 24. I had my period September 21..and recently changed to Junel 3 months ago. I did not have a period in October and have taken several pregnancy tests. Then this past week when i was supposed to have my november period, i only had some brown discharge and its not consistent..just at some point everyday. I have not taken a pregnancy test since this has occurred.
Avatar m tn have been taking Junel Fe 1/20 (28 day) hormonal birth control since November 2017. I am currently still taking it and have had normal periods throughout my time on the pill during the placebo (iron pills) week. I should probably also add that I am a stickler for taking my pills at the same time for pregnancy prevention since I am a student in college. I take my pill every night at 10:15 pm exactly. Here's where my concern comes in.
Avatar m tn have been taking Junel Fe 1/20 (28 day) hormonal birth control since November 2017. I am currently still taking it and have had normal periods throughout my time on the pill during the placebo (iron pills) week. I should probably also add that I am a stickler for taking my pills at the same time for pregnancy prevention since I am a student in college. I take my pill every night at 10:15 pm exactly. Here's where my concern comes in.
Avatar f tn I take Junel birth control pills but ran out. The pharmacy didnt have any more refills and my doctor is hard to reach. I supposed to started taking my new pack last Thursday. What should I do?
Avatar m tn I have been taking junel fe 1/20 for 4 years, with the occasional missed pill but for the most part daily at the same time. I however forgot to take two pills, and then had unprotected sex with ejaculation on one of the days I missed the pills. What are my chances of getting pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm 28 years old, 3 years ago I had an ovarian torsion (twisted ovary) due to a monster 4in ovarian cyst. I lost my left ovary, but now the Gyn says I have a 2.5" cyst on my right ovary. She put me on Junel Fe 1/20 eight months ago and I really don't know that I want to stay on it but I don't know if I have a choice. I feel emotionally devoid ... a lack of interest; I don't have an opinion about anything.
Avatar f tn m now 6 days late my average cycles range from 28-30 days and my period only last 3 days .I have been on Junel Fe for a couple months now me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 20th while I went to go visit him .I lost my birth control the day before and spotted two days later help ?
Avatar m tn I have been in Junel FE 1/20 for three months now. I had my period on Jan 1st. It was my regular period. 3 days of bleeding and the fourth day spotting. Then on February I did not have my regular period. The first week of February I had discharge that looked like it could be old blood, but I never bleed to the point that I had to have pads or tampons on. In March same thing happened. I saw a spot of blood in the toilet water, but I am not sure if this was my period.
Avatar m tn I started my second month on junel fe birth control 4 days ago. the second night i forgot to take it at my regular time of approximately 10pm. and I ended up taking it at like 5am. is there a chance of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I've been taking Junel Fe 1/20 for a few years. For the first time since I've been on this birth control, I missed a period. I've also been having weird non-period symptoms. Did not miss a pill. My period is 6 days late. Took a test this morning, negative. What is going on?
Avatar f tn I have been currently taking Junel fe 1/20 for a year now and last month I forgot to refill so I ended up not taking it that whole month, well after I had my period I started it again and I did skip a pill but took it as soon as I remembered well I have passed week 4 and I didn't get a period this is the first time this has ever happened to me I have never missed a period even on the pill has this ever happened to anyone?
Avatar m tn I'm on my second week of Junel fe 1/20 and have been bleeding the last few days, and the first week I have problens stayin wet, is this because of the Birth Control
Avatar m tn I have been on Junel Fe 1/20 for about 6 months now. When I first started taking the pill, I had normal periods for about 4 days. As the months went on, the periods got much lighter and shorter, limiting them to just about a day. Now, this past month, I had no period at all (but still the normal slight cramping that goes along with it.) This is a normal reaction to birth control and not a sign of pregnancy correct? I was previously on Lo Loestrin Fe and never got periods with this pill.
Avatar f tn I was put on Junell three years ago, my periods were light. And my obgyn wanted me to get the blood flow regulated. I went without having a period for 2.5years, and one period in the past 5/6 months. I took myself off June l, because I didn't feel that I had a sex drive, and I didn't like how my hormones were making me feel. Well I feel more like myself emotionally, but my period is as heavy , (blood flow wise) like how it was when I was a teeny bopper!
Avatar m tn ive never taken birth controls and for the first time in the sonogram they found a 4cm cyst on my left ovary and i have a thin uterus lining. Doctor gave me Junel FE 30mg. I have never taken any medications before for anything and I was also worried if this would actually treat my cysts but I was researching and it said that to not take the medication if youhave history of breast cancer. MY grandmother had breast cancer at the age of 50.
11358685 tn?1435968202 So I have been on the junel fe pill since May note o have been taking pills since February just needed a different dose bc it was causing to much acne, June I had my period regular with flow for 5 days , so in July i got it 1 week late but it was spotting, like light pink , so I'm like okay cool, I spotted brownish this past Friday , but didn't see pinkish spotting until Sunday around 1pm , when I took a shower that night it had already stopped , has this ever happened to any one , I
Avatar f tn I have been taking the birth control pills (Junel FE) for over a year now, and have been sexually active with the same man for 2 years. I have never missed a pill intill recently. I had sex without using a condom on tuesday and he pulled out right after he began ejaculating, i took wed. and thurs. pill but missed fridays and didnt realize intill i took tonights pill which is saturday.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 17 and has been on Junel FE 1.5 mg-30 tablets for 2 weeks now. She seems to be having pains in her chest that hurts when she breaths or swallows food.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 years old and have been on Junel for about 5 months now. I missed my period last month and I'm in the middle of the week of when I'm supposed to now. Is this normal? My doctor only gave it to me because I had very long, heavy periods. I've never had sex (though I came close to it back in late December). I also take Boiron gelsemium sempervirens to help with my anxiety problems. P.S. I recently took a drug test and it almost came up positive for marijuana.
Avatar f tn I was regular until October when I began having severe cramps and periods lasting 21 days with very heavy bleeding. I went to my doctor who put me on Junel (birth control) and the periods slowed some, but I had a lot of bleeding even on the birth control. Stumped, my doc referred me to an OBGYN that specializes in complicated cases. After a pelvic ultrasound (and a lot of blood loss, because by this time it was already January!), the doc saw a tennis ball sized cyst on my ovary.