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1963551 tn?1325604592 his has already been noted and stop the enabling and look at her part in the crazy dance of alcoholism.big cyberhug my bear!
Avatar n tn I now have been feeling a similar tearing feeling on the top of my hand coming down from between my index and middle finger and then it goes numb for a period. What gender are the rest of you? Some things like MS tend to be more common in one sex vs another.
572651 tn?1531002957 However, from the many testimonies I've read here and elsewhere, NO ONE is safe from this type of treatment. I mean that regardless of gender, age, position in life, income, education, geography, or any parameter or demographic, it can happen. Consider that our forum leader is an MD, and as her (very eye-opening) journal entry notes, she went through quite a lot in order to get diagnosed.
Avatar n tn When meds are adjusted on the basis of TSH alone, there are often huge swings from hypo to hyper and back. I'd call my doctor and ask for results of all thyroid tests with reference ranges (these are specific to each lab and have to come from your own lab report). I'm sure there's something in your labs that would indicate why you still feel so hypo with a relatively low TSH. It's very frustrating to deal with an insensitive doctor.
Avatar f tn and what party has done the most, in terms of public awareness, fund raising, etc...for AIDs, and a host of other diseases, particularly those with stigmas associated with them, like ours? The most basic research will answer that, and I'm sure people can guess...I'm not up for a big political discussion (they are so draining! ha ha) and I'm too busy...but I will throw this out there...not to say any party has done enough for our disease particularly,....good question though, food for thought.
Avatar n tn I always thought that masturbation plays a role on my partner's sex drive, but he always said it was part of men's nature and made no difference what so ever in sex drive. But now after reading this my opinion is coming back to its original, which was that masturbating to porn does change the way you look at sex with real people. It is unfortunate ; ( Is that what you guys tell your girls to safeguard you habit?
Avatar n tn i was actually driving one day and i had to pull over because i started gagging to the point that i had to vomit, so i thought for sure i was pregnant, well i guess i was wrong, the shot is a hormone that makes you think you are, it plays games with you i learned the hard way when i got the confirm from my doctors office, so i would just wait till the full 10 days after trigger shot and maybe try to test, im 6 weeks pregnant today, i did injections this cycle with an injection of Ovedril to indu