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Avatar n tn what supplements should i take for joint pain especiallly creaking neck pain would oils help ?cod liver oil?
1327032 tn?1288840755 Wow I have to say I have been pretty much sx free and today my knee joint started acheing bad! I put a benjay like patch on my knee tonight. I hope that is ok on tx what else can I do to make it feel better?
Avatar f tn Hi, this is for anyone here. I have been having some hairloss and I have been taking MSM aka Methylsulfonylmethane and my question is can it cause heart disease? Or any other heart problems or high blood pressure? I am a 23 year old male and just wanted to know if I should quit now and try taking fish oil? I like the way MSM works but if it is going to do damage to my heart or body then I want to quit while im ahead.
Avatar m tn glucosemine and msm are not pain meds thay are joint supplements
398377 tn?1201534325 Can you give your dog that joint medicine that's for people as long as you get the dosage/weight right?
436713 tn?1408884730 I also starting having migrating joint pain in my fingers, sometimes my wrists, my feet, etc. After a ton of tests, nothing really came back besides low iron & b vitamin levels. Which to me, means there is absorption problem. I eat tons of organic veggies & grassfed meat every single day. I also supplement with eating liver once a week, fermented cod liver oil, a lot of bone broth, and mineral rich herbal infusions like nettle.
765775 tn?1366024691 I have several joint problems and this suppliment is supposed to work well for the pain symptoms related with these probelms but I have read that it can cause anxiety. I already suffer from anxiety symptoms from Mitral Valve Prolapse and have to take Xanax for that so I don't want to try something that could make the symptoms worse.
Avatar n tn t have rheumatoid arthritis. At any rate, there are so many remedies for joint inflammation -- MSM, chondroiton and glucosamine sulfate, proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain, quercitin, vitamin C, ginger, turmeric, boswellia, devil's claw, yucca -- I mean, the list is very long. Perhaps the best thing is to buy a good book on natural treatment of this problem since there are so many combinations of options to choose from.
471161 tn?1317190950 Do you take the 3,000mg of MSM in one capsule daily, or if not how many mg do you take at a time and how many times a day to equal the daily 3,000mg. I used to take the MSM for joint pain but that was a while back and I forgot how much I use to take, but I'm glad you reminded me of it, since I think it did help some at the time. I mostly have tingling, pins & needle pain from my hip down to my toes. Advil, Aleve etc. helps some but not for long.
1110049 tn?1409402144 I have been doing this, but I am not sure it is doing any good. The worse pain is now in a thumb joint, and keeps me awake at night. AS small join t with a lot of pain? Is Glucosamine a placebo? Does it work? Well perhaps there is no scientific evidence for a lot of things, but that does not mean they don't work.
Avatar f tn I have been waking up for over 2 months now with severe pain and burning in my hips. First it started just in the side I was laying on, now it is waking me out of a deep sleep and both sides are killing me. Anyone else having this problem with fibro and have you found anyway to relieve this?? meds??
Avatar m tn 2- i have joint pain since 3 months ( arms, legs,) plus somes fatigue but im working after midnight shifts so... 3- i went to the hospital for my joint pains and my symptoms, and the doctor at the emergency room did a blood test to be sure i dinnt have musles problems or others. But he diddnt specified hiv test . one hour and a half later he came back with a very complete blood test results, and said everithing was ok about my blood.
Avatar n tn * Why is the joint stiff? Is there material in the joint? Is it swollen inside? Is it due to damage to connective tissue? As an engineer, I need to know - can't help it. * What's the long-term prognosis? Will my finger regain normal range of motion? And will it be pain-free? * What can I do to help the healing process? Physical rehab? Medications (like anti-inflamatories, etc)? I'm doing stretching excercises.
Avatar n tn We both - husband and wife, have been experiencing these symptoms. We have been on simvastatin for (wife for 1+ years, me for 2+ years) and stopped about 5-6 months ago - wife still having pains in the butt some dizziness and leg pain, but getting better - I am having butt pain and leg pains, swollen left knee, (but joint pain seems OK on stairs), recovery seems slower than my wife's.
Avatar m tn For the pain DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) a cousin of MSM will produce faster relief, however, it has to be a 30% solution with distilled or filtered water over very clean areas. Multiple fine applications work better. Available at farm supply and vet. supply shops. Not FDA approved for humans, but I have been using this for years! No problems. Neck line and above it must be only 10% DMSO and 90% water, because of the lipids in the neck and head.
Avatar m tn 21century, product: k9 maximum joint health). At my work (agriculture supplies) we have a formula for horses. 50ml dose Glucosamine is HCI (10,000mg) Chondroitin is shark cartilage (1,000mg) MSM (2,000mg) Boswellia (4,000mg) Yucca (500mg) a one liter bottle is $40 and would last almost a year at 750mg glucosamine doses. My question is can I use this for my dog, are the supplement ratios okay?
757137 tn?1347196453 It does not say it BLOCKS cortisol,rather it has the OPPOSITE effect. This is the comment: "MSM: MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulphur mineral. and natural pain killer. MSM blocks the inflammatory process while simultaneously stimulating the body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormone, cortisol." Which in essence means that it actually stimulates cortisol not blocks it.
Avatar n tn I find that my symptoms are always worse around my period. The joint pain, chils, cold hands and feet, and red nose and cheeks can come on suddenly and last only a day. Extreme emotional stress can also make my symptoms worse suddenly. I even found that certain foods triggered a flair. I am lactose intolerant and slightly allergic to dairy as well. I started noticing that I would have joint pain the day after eating pizza for dinner or some other dairy food.
Avatar m tn s fish oil with enhanced DHA and EPA (15 grams daily), megadose vitamin E, and megadose glucosamine+chondroitin+MSM daily for anti inflammatory effects for my joint and tendon problems. I am looking to treat trauma of the brachial tendon to treat pain during bicep workouts by using a glucosamine cream. I have heard anecdotally that the cream format increases bio-availability by a staggering amount and that the oral supplement is essentially a snake oil product.
757137 tn?1347196453 The oils are essential for eyes, and my joint pain improved as well. I am 59 and almost got cataract surgery, but holding off on that now. Eating 1 cup raw kale a day also really made my eyes see and focus better!
Avatar n tn I'm taking Ameriden Olive Leaf Extract - 6 caps a day, I was instructed to take only this brand. Plus Glucosamine 1500mg 3 X a day and hyaluronic acid (cushions joint) 100mg 3X a day. It'a lot of pills but would rather do that than take drugs with bad side-effects (had really bad reaction to Celebrex). You can go to the website Arthritis Help For Me ******* for more info.
1232362 tn?1333135406 poor little Spirit, its so hard to see our babies hurting. NO NEVER give a cat aspirin in any amount!!!! for arthritis you need to use the Glucosamine/chondroitin MSM that I told you about before dear. the one on the market that is SAFE for cats is the brand NATURAL FACTORS called MSM JOINT FORMULA. this one has NO additives like soy and such that aren't good for cats. I use it for my Nemo not for arthritis but for urinary tract problems..
1278098 tn?1297646373 I was on Perks for 3 years and have quit 32 days ago. I am having a hard time managing my pain..I take Tylonal and anti there anyone out there that has any suggestions for pain management? I am at my wits end and I will not go back to anything that is addictive. Thanks everyone for ur support during these tough times!
Avatar f tn I am living in a timebomb and ya I experience pain more than often. muscle, joint, back, pain in liver area. Emmotional pain as our disease is not visible. I acquired it thru a tainted blood transfusion after an emergency C section having my daughter. I am treated like a 3rd class citizen because I have Hep C and judged even in the medical profession. I feel the tension at the dentist office, the nurses at the clinics, people I know, my family and friends.