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8408613 tn?1414894692 Anyone know any good videos or movies on YouTube that are informational or anything.
6965936 tn?1394227011 Just sitting here... watching YouTube videos of CSections.. freaking myself out!
Avatar f tn Get a bignexercise ball and look up YouTube videos on how to use birthing ball, I also use the ball to hold myself doing squats. And I walk a lot.
Avatar f tn want to stretch your legs, you could look up YouTube videos like Leslie Sansone. She does walk at home fitness videos.
Avatar f tn http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCU77auNZwIzXMQ2WtOtOGNQs there anyone here doing YouTube videos? Here is my channel!
5111430 tn?1377663221 does anyone know of any good birth videos, or websites with videos? Water birth natural birth etc. Thanks in advance ladies.
1488562 tn?1288826355 I have been watching the youtube videos about HCV. What's the deal with Lloyd? He scared me.
Avatar f tn reading articles and watching videos has helped me! i definitely recommend "business of being born". it was an eye opener for me. it's a free youtube documentary.
1063386 tn?1287878569 I happened to be playing around and found chiari on YouTube. There are soo many videos. And than fuethur into my investigation I found most med students in basic med schools have to do presentations on chiari and related conditions now. I thought what a huge victory this might be for all of us and for future suffers with med schools no longer throwing a few paragraphs our way. Go to YouTube and type in chiari.
Avatar f tn I swim and do a fitness class twice a week. Swimming is an hour each day. The fitness class involves running laps, squats, kettle balls, planks, etc. I was athletic going in and plan to maintain but I go for walks every now and then too.
Avatar f tn Omg just saw some labor videos on YouTube, WOW ! kinda gets me nervous lol but im ready for it evan though I still have a long while. Plus I was thinking about TRYING to go all natural but yea I dont thinl I would be able to handle that much pain.
522699 tn?1250590716 v=gqseGyvWG1g I like the exercise balls and there is much that can be done with that. There are series of youtube videos to show you many, many exercises. The balls are not overly expensive. Please let me know what you think! Best wishes and happy repititions!!!
Avatar f tn I still Jazzercise 4 times a week and I'm 13 weeks along. You can keep doing your pre-pregnancy workout if your body is used to it. If you're starting from scratch, try walking or water aerobics. Water aerobics is actually awesome during pregnancy! I was told no flat-on-your-back abs after the first trimester, and not to get my heart rate over 160bpm.
Avatar f tn Go on to YouTube and look at some videos on there.
Avatar f tn On YouTube. I just put child birth videos.
Avatar n tn There are a million videos you can look at for free on YouTube for dumbbell routines. If you need heavier bells -- one weight isn't usually enough, as some exercises are just easier than others and need more weight -- one purchase of them might come with a whole set of exercises to do with them if you buy from certain places.
3195521 tn?1348151133 What I do I go on YouTube and and look for workouts for pregnant women and do some of that I really like them...
Avatar f tn YouTube is pretty much all i know. They don't block anything out.
Avatar f tn Youtube has the guided sleep meditation videos :) Iused to never sleep and now excuse my pun...I sleep like a baby lol..my mom introduced me to it :) it works wonders for me..
Avatar f tn Hi All, I'm still pretty new to this and am working on my OCD, but what's been really helping me lately is watching helpful youtube videos on OCD. They're pretty funny too. Below are a few youtube videos that I hope can be helpful to all of you: You are not your thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h62vlSj0KNg Talking about secrets/mental health: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm239DWdOKI How to deal with Intrusive Thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Avatar f tn I found quite a few good ones on youtube. Just be sure to watch the videos all the way through before trying it out.
Avatar f tn Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle.  I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page.
Avatar n tn Anybody can give a suggestion about names of the videos for healthy labor you like? YouTube videos count too.