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Avatar n tn From about half way up the back, but more to the left, side of my head it feels as though I have been struck with an object that has left it sore to the touch. It goes down the very base of my skull. It's about as wide as a banana. It does not feel "swollen" at all. I have strep throat right now and am on penicillian. It started hurting at the same time I started getting a sore throat which was on Christmas Eve. I found myself in the ER on Christmas Day around 1pm.
Avatar f tn Now iv had my filling I no longer have the toothache but I am suffering from this face ache. It is really sore to touch and when I open my mouth my jaw hurts too. Anyone know what this could be? So painful!
Avatar m tn You can purchase Bonjela from the pharmacy or from a large supermarket to apply to the ulcer. This will protect it from being aggravated by your teeth. The sore jaw is likely to be from a virus, or wisdom tooth coming through it they haven't done so. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Im a 51 year old female been going through my menopause hot an cold mood swings, cant sleep resently my jaw on my cheek have started hurting to the touch, its not my teeth or my gums i healthly going out doing yard work I have put on some weight gain im tryn to keep that under control but its just my jaw why would it start hurting me now please help me understand whats happenning
Avatar n tn It is usually not reproducible to touch and does not often have a pleuritic component (worsening with deep breathing). Other causes of chest pain include problems related to the lung, GI, or musculoskeletal system. I would not be too concerned, but if your symptoms persist, I would suggest you see a licensed physician for further evaluation.
Avatar n tn They could be stuffed up and the resulting pressure hurts to the touch. Mine are always sore to the touch and that is what the doc said it was. You can take a sinutab if you get a headache from it, otherwise unless there is an infection (which I have never had so don't know anything about) then headache is all it is.
Avatar n tn The place becomes tender to touch. You have to go for a gastroenterologist consultation to fix your problem. If it would have been a skin problem/allergy then you would have some physical signs and symtoms. Take care!
Avatar n tn I woke up with a tender spot on the right side of my neck, just under my ear, under the jaw bone. I can feel a little something in there, not sure where to start for medical help. I had my wisdom teeth extracted again 2 years ago. (2nd time for me, I was one of those lucky ones who got extras) There were major complications with my surgery, no anti-biotics were given and i ended up with a really bad infection.
Avatar m tn A mouth ulcer does not cause a sore jaw. Your sore jaw and swollen gland is likely to be from a viral or bacterial infection. Wisdom teeth that have a problem to grow out from the gum can cause swelling on the side of the mouth of the growing tooth and can cause painful jaw.
Avatar n tn was posted along time ago but I am experencing the same symptoms now and I was wondering if you went to the doctor about it what did they say. I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to. Will you please email me and let me know. My email is crobin_02***@****. Thank you and I hope all is well!
Avatar n tn hi, I don't know much about ALL, but a guess would be that was much too fast to be a malignant bump - rather if your WBCs are low (because of ALL in the marrow), maybe that set the stage for some opportunistic infection or other immune reaction. As you likely know, soreness is more associated with an immune reaction rather than malignancy in that area. Sorry I can't be of more help. A group specifically about ALL might be a much better help. Maybe ACOR.org Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn Then last night I noticed it was hurting even when I wasn't eating anything, I was just sitting there and it hurt. This morning my entire jaw started to ache, like if I touch my face from the outside it's tender and sore, on both sides, all the way back to my ears. it's especially tender underneath my chin. So, I called the dentist and they had me come in. She said she could see little clusters of sores on 3 different spots on my gums, one on each side and one in the middle.
Avatar f tn When I open my mouth to chew my left side of my jaw hurts up near the ear, I do get a lot o colds and sore throats, would it be a tumor tho?
Avatar n tn it got so sore that i couldn't even stand for an ice pack to touch my jaw. they did a ct and found out that it was an abscess. it was 1 inch by 3/8 inch big. they gave me iv rocephin and drained the abscess. they put me on 250mg of keflex 4 x a day and 300mg of clindamycin 4 x a day for the next 10 days. talked to my dentist this morning and have a follow up appt. with him on weds. then if all goes well i will hopefully get the tooth that is causing all of this pulled next week.
Avatar n tn I am not sure now whether to go to the doctor or not. It is only painful to the touch and not really painful all the time. Thanks for your input!!
Avatar n tn recommends braces and surgery to repair bite; currently in too much pain to undertake any kind of jaw surgery neurologist: - diagnosis of glossopharyngeal neuralgia; currently using medication - have tried tegretol, trileptal, amitryptiline without much success neurosurgeon: - has suggested vascular decompression of glossopharyngeal nerve at the base of the skull symptoms right side: - painful sensation of pinching in ear when talking (seems to be triggered when closing mouth) that becomes p
Avatar n tn It certainly can be a dead nerve. You need to get an x-ray and have it treated.
1679695 tn?1304719741 It could be TMJ Dysfunction. The TMJ is the joint that joins your lower jaw to your upper jaw. You can easily tell if this is the problem if the area in front of your ears is tender to the touch. This can actually be helped by seeing a chiropractor.
Avatar n tn I've noticed after you were posting to Josh before that the muscle below my ear, like where your carotid artery would be, is very sore to touch, the facial tingling is worse when I bend my head in either direction, actually that triggers it. Let me know what you think, you seem very smart at this kinda stuff. Oh, by the way, never no pain in my face, only sore and stiff shoulder and neck pain. Thank you, have a brandy for me!
673940 tn?1232415364 , now i have tmj,and tn, i will be seeing a maxo surgeon next week and my ENT says that i have to have my mental nerve damaged{at last} and my jaw needs to be realigned,does this mean that they will break it first?
Avatar m tn A constant ache in the jaw, sometimes fuzzy ears. - that's my jaw been sore to touch my cheeks near my ears, feeling bruised. Sleeping on my side, eating chewy sweets and foods like toffee, oral sex & stress make it worse. Stress really does effect it, that supprised me but its something to do with clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth.
Avatar f tn It, also, extends to my lower jaw on the same side. I have had an ongoing problem with sinus congestion, but as of late, it seems to have gotten much better. However, in the past couple of days, I've become congested, again. Could this have anything to do with what's going on? I have been taking Motrin every 6 hours or so, but it doesn't seem to provide me with much relief. The pain hits me about every hour or so, then subsides.
Avatar f tn I have Psoriasis, TMJ, an out of aligned jaw (I'm getting corrective jaw surgery soon for it), a very minor case of arthritis (it's off and on), and some other more minor issues. I've also had off and on (more on than off) headaches the last couple of months. I work at a coffee shop where I have my hair up in a tight pony tail and I work about twenty hours a weekI have a family history of back and neck problems but when it comes to brain stuff... There's been nothing like this that I know of.
667923 tn?1421466324 Yesterday, the vein in the arm sunk in and was hurting and I just rubbed it with Moxibustion to soothe it. Now, I can't even touch it! I have a really RAW SORE area at the back of my neck on the "Dowenger's Hump" area, which is at the base of your neck and at the start of your back. I don't understand what is happening to me? My left foot has felt like it is being pulled like a puppet on a string. It feels drawn downward and like someone had their hand, just on the heel.
Avatar n tn It seems to be firm with a slight squishiness to it that alllows me to slightly move it with my finger. It is not painful to the touch, but can feel agitated after rubbing it. It often clicks and is an uncomfortable obstruction to opening or moving my mouth freely. My jaw can easily get tired and sore after chewing food and irritation bordering on pain is common. I have no health insurance so i have not had the oppportunity to have a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn My gum is also swollen throughout the entire lower quadrant of my mouth.. It is sore to the touch.. I have a bridge there (three teeth) that was placed about 5 years ago... It is FRIDAY & my dentist does not work today. I assume I have some type of abscess or infection.. Is this serious enough to go to normal walk-in clinic to get antibiotics & some sort of pain relief until I can get into my dentist Monday?
Avatar n tn During the intervening two years (during which I let my molar problems get worse) I would notice that the area would sometimes be sore when touched and sometimes would not be. I tried to not touch it too much, because the way I could move it up my jaw freaked me out. Still, I assumed it was infected tissue or something. Then, recently, for whatever reason, I started playing with it again and became very nervous about it.
Avatar f tn When I bite down, there is really severe pain in the back of my jaw, like where my wisdom teeth were. It hurts to open my mouth wide and sometimes my jaw cracks. Sometimes it hurts when I swallow too. I do grind my teeth at night, but I've worn a mouth gaurd for 2 months and I haven't noticed any change, in fact, my mouth seems to hurt even worse when I wear it. I've noticed my neck and my shoulders feel really really stiff and sore.
Avatar n tn I have had a similar symptom. First I would get get an occasional feeling of cool liquid in my year but nothing is there. About a month later, my jaw on the same side as the "cool" ear got real sore. It has been a month or so now, with the jaw still sore, and the ear getting those cool liquid feelings now on a regular almost constant basis. Hmm... TMJ? I have some rhumatoid arthritis in my family. Maybe I am disintegrating. Just my luck.
Avatar f tn I have Graves' disease as if April this year and since then, I have had a multitude of strange issues. My left jaw and skin where my molar used to be is sore.y jaw itself and eat ache. More so my jaw and teeth. Been to ENTs, PCP , allergist, endocrinologist. Something is wrong. Period. And my sinuses are continuously a mess. Hope you're doing alright. I go next week to dr again and a new endocrinologist. Good luck!