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Avatar n tn I have jaw pain in my upper left jaw that radiates up to my eye and head on that side. It is a kinda dull pain and also kind numbing feeling. Anyone else experience jaw issues with fibro?
Avatar n tn excellent sprinter, but unable to run for more than 4 minutes since I was 10. Jaw, neck, tongue pain, dizziness, nauesa starts 3 minutes after beginning to run. same thing for the last 12 years. I didn't think it was weird, but finally decided it was a problem this year. I just hate not being able to excercise like everybody else. Resting ekg normal, bp normal, constant resting tachycardia ~100-110. Thyroid normal. My cardiologist did a stress test today, and I feel totally scammed.
1099201 tn?1338184518 Is it normal to jaw pain in association with hashimoto's thyroidits. Also why is worse when I go for walk in the cold weather.
Avatar n tn I was told this was connected to jaw which I said had been numb, he also did a neck epidural that has caused horrible pain. MY muscle and jaw swelled a week later and was put on antibiotics by doctor and later oral surgeon to no avail. Finally had a Ct at er .tests results and said status post section of left thyroid with triangle anterior small lymph nodes on jugular. Tests were ran and my TSH was 0.35, T4 was low, A MRI was run , several nodules were found on right lobe largest 8 mm.
Avatar n tn My bite feels off and my lower jaw does feel as if it has retruded some. Have you seen jaw issues effect the hyoid area? I know when orthoganic surgery is done that the hyoid is usually advanced and from that I am assuming there is a connection between the hyoid bone and madibular placement.
Avatar n tn I began with pain in my jaw bone, just under teeth 20/21 towards the front of my mouth. Suspecting root canal, antibiotic was issued for 7 days. After visits with 2 endo- specialists, root canal has been ruled out, as well as additional cavitiesl. Pain is bad enough that Tylenol #3 was issued. 4 weeks later, pain is still there. Second round of Antibiotics issued last thur, as well as Advil as an alternate ( anti-inflamitory).
Avatar n tn Then about 6 wks ago started with very bad headaches, and left jaw pain kind of like TMJ, was sent for CT of sinus they dont see anything then a week ago woke up in pain with swollen Pirotid gland in my neck and jaw. I was given antiobiotics and a shot of steriods and was told it's just swollen. Do you think this has anything to do with my thyroid??
233616 tn?1312790796 had 4 days bad lower jaw pain (at end of shot week number 4. Am mid week 5...or is it 6...sheesh) then it moved to back of right knee for half a day and left the jaw.... , now its like a karate kick to the left underarm. Sounds lymphatic to me, waiting for call back from docs..... monday they said "we don't want to give you antibiotics" but that was a nurse not liver people....they were all in Boston...or playing catch up.... is this normal for tx?? how safe are antibiotics?
Avatar n tn the specialist thinks that my weight gain (10 kg, 22 lbs) tiredness, tingling and pain in hands and feet, feeling cold, pain in jaw and neck and ear, hair and eyebrow loss, dry skin and general being is due to anxiety problems? huh? can blood tests still come back normal and display underactive symptons. he did not tell me my levels, but just said that they were normal. i know that this is not in my head and i am not making this up because they are real. any advice for what to do?
Avatar f tn At the time of the EKG, I didn't have that episode I had a couple days ago (sweating, pressure in chest, and trouble breathing) Is that why the EKG came back normal because at the time I didn't have these symptoms; just chest and jaw pain. I still have chest and jaw pain now. I feel lightheaded sometimes also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have known TMJ and an unknown thyroid problem (what are the odds???). Right before the thyroid hell started, I was having bad enough TMJ ache in my jaw that I went to the dentist and had a night guard made, thinking I was clinching my teeth while I was sleeping. The night guard had helped, but I still get an ache some. Every other muscle in my neck and back hurts too.
1099201 tn?1338184518 Is it common for people with Hashimoto's disease to have jaw pain that extends all the way to the hyoid bone just one side of the face.
Avatar n tn He put me on beta blockers first and I had pretty dreadful side-effects so I went off them and have been on neomercazole for about 3 weeks now (he told me the highest dose of 20mg daily. The last 5 days I've developed jaw pain and what I thought was tooth ache. Initially my teeth became really sensitive to hot and cold and I hadnt done anything different... Thought I damaged a tooth so went to my dentist as I thought my wisdom teeth were also maybe the cause of the pain.
Avatar n tn Hello Bubbles I understand all your symtoms I had TMJ yes It does travel down my neck and also to the top of my shoulder blades! I also get ear pressure, headaches, face pain and blocked sinus! Addidionatl to your symtoms I would suggest that you also suffer with Anxiety. This will highlight any symtoms you have and make them appear much worse.
Avatar n tn Im 49 been having a lot of headaches with jaw and neck pain Left eye left temple hurting with blurred vision. My head feels weird and my face. I have tried excedraines migrains heat on my neck. I have even tried a icepack on my neck. I have tried ibueprofen , norco . I do have a bulging c1, c4, c5 l5 , disc degenative disease, I have a srynx at t6 to t9 I also have osteo arthritis. Sleep apnea, hypothyroid disease the low thyroid. I am in every day .
Avatar n tn needles (tingling) in arms and legs, I get pain in my back on the upper left, my jaw sometimes hurts like a tooth ache, and i get a stabbing feeling in the upper left of my chest like someone is poking me with a pin just under the skin but ontop of the ribcage, also I get tighting of my skin across my shoulders and upper arms as if its being stretched. The odd headache in the temple region that is sharp and pusle's in and out( as if being hit ) that runs through to my eyeballs.
Avatar f tn Referred ear and jaw pain are uncommon symptoms of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. My mother was warned of referred ear pain when undergoing an FNA biopsy for enlarged thyroid nodules; the procedure could irritate the cranial nerve near the thyroid gland. Thyroid eye disease (TED) symptoms include blurred vision. While TED is more commonly seen with Graves' disease, 10% of TED cases are seen with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. A few articles with more information...
Avatar n tn it is very uncomfortable and i can certainly wait it out for another week or so to see if the pain will go away. it is not a constant pain, however, when i feel the pain, it radiates. Does it sound like the thyroid or something else?
Avatar f tn A recent thyroid ultrasound did not show any nodules, but the right side of the thyroid is 5.6cm tall, and the left is 4.0cm. I am having tremendous pain in the right side of my neck that radiates to my jaw, ear, eye, and face. Sometimes my face becomes puffy on the right side only, and I have enlargement of the right pupil, vision changes, and ringing in my ears (worse on the right) with this. The pain is always worse at night than in the morning.
Avatar m tn Throat tenderness but not pain (more a feeling that something is there), constant need to clear throat but no coughing, dry feeling in throat, slight pain around jaw, ringing in ears, small round bump with warty temperance right next to uvula.
198187 tn?1190637930 Does anyone else have pain from time to time under jaw line and sometimes on the sides of my neck and it looks like one side is puffed out ..I cannot feel anything really thought I felt a small knot but Husband said "no" ...or he was just saying that..has anyone experienced this before.
384737 tn?1200052645 My legs give out. Now the pain is in my jaw and teeth. I have told the doctor he says it is just Thyroid it will go away with medicin. We have checked for ulcers and stones in my gaul blatter nothing. Please help i cant even hold my 6mos old son for long with out the pain. I currently do not have anything for the pain.
Avatar f tn It has been two long months of jaw pain that comes and goes for no particular reason. Day, night, eating, not eating, drinking, hot, cold, and so on and so on...I had several fillings done following perio cleaning two months ago. The dentist has x-rayed, poked and prodded with no answer. The chiropractor has adjusted and adjusted with no answer. My general doctor made no head way and the ENT has now been stumped.
1156727 tn?1309571208 I have been having chest pain, palpitations, neck pain, jaw pain, weakness in legs, headache & dizziness. I have a pacemaker b/c I have complete heart block. Pacemaker is working ok. I went to ER last night...they did bloodwork, chest x-ray & EKG...kept me for overnight observation & said I was fine. I DON'T FEEL FINE!. I'm exhausted all the time....have appt w/ cardiologist that i can't get moved up b/c she's so booked.
Avatar n tn Are you on thyroid hormone replacement med? Sounds like your next move is to find a different doctor.
Avatar n tn The other issue has also happened a few days ago. I woke up with a bad ache like pain in the right side of my jaw, seems to be under the cheek bone. Again it varies from day to day but it does annoy when I move my mouth and eat. The thing is I was fine then all of a sudden I have these two odd pains in my neck and jaw which I have never had before.
Avatar n tn I have been to my GP twice and neither doctor could feel any glands up and said every thing was fine even though i am aware of discomfort and even slight pain , I have had a full blood count done and thyroid check all was fine there too . I still can feel a lump on each side under my jaw bone and if i lie on one side and press on a certain part of my jaw there is pain , but as i stand up it dissapears PLEASE HELP.