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Avatar m tn Both of my lymph nodes on my neck are slightly swollen. They are movable and a little tender. The glands are soft and not very hard. I also have a pain behind my jaw near my ear. I recently had my wisdom teeth taken out and the pain is close to wear the teeth were removed. Is this why my lymph nodes are swollen?
Avatar m tn anyways for the past couple of weeks my lymph nodes under my jaw have been slighty swollen.. no pain/sore throat or congestion etc. Does this sound like an std?
Avatar n tn I have three lymph nodes swollen on one side of my head/neck. One under the jaw, second at the corner/back of the jaw and one at the top of my neck. I have some viral thing going on on my lips, but why isn't the swelling symmetrical? And why are so many nodes affected? The one under my jaw is really quite noticable, if I tilt my head back, you can actually see it sticking from under my skin.. Should I just wait it out, or do something?
Avatar n tn The following day I discovered more swollen (but not painful) lymph nodes in my neck/jaw region. The lymph node was painful for 2 days. On January 5th I discovered swollen lymph nodes in my armpits. One lymph node, on the left side, was painful. The pain went away in 2 days as well, but they're still swollen like the ones in my neck/jaw. Right now I have a small, painful lump in my leg, close to the back of the knee.
Avatar n tn 5 months later (recently) i started experiencing headache and some minor jaw pain then i noticed my neck was swollen on the left side (cervical chain) sometimes i feel some pain in my neck also.. My question is, is it likely that the swelling in my neck is being caused by the impacted wisdom teeth? I was supposed to take all the antibiotics the dentist gave me, but i didnt i only took 2-3 of them because the pain went away.
Avatar m tn Sorry to be saying the same thing from now and then..but these swollen lymph nodes are just kind of weird..... I have got one on left shoulder,one under my left jaw,one each side of my throat...they are not visible at a glance..only if i do some kind of movement i can feel them....my doc told the one on the shoulder is not a node..dunno...my they dont pain..my throat does not pain....today i was comparing my two nodes on each side of the throat with that of a friend,mine is quite big..
Avatar n tn Hi.....here are the symptoms..Swollen cervical lymph nodes very sore ear, jaw, cheek and alot of pressure on top of the head..Feels like someone is pushing down on my brain....had a CT scan, blood work and can't find what's wrong?.....Sometimes i get dizzy but it comes and goes...What to do now..The pain in my face doesn't go away....Doctors are having a hard time diagnosing my problem...If it wouldn't be for the swollen nodes they would think it's all in my head...
Avatar n tn My root canal lower molar was 6 months ago and I have been suffering ever since with facial swelling at the area of the jawline and terrible submandibular gland pain and lymph node pain in my neck. Had ct and sialogram and nothing noted. I feel for anyone suffering with this. I believe it is some kind of inflammation happening has anyone had lymph node biopsied after this and is anything found? I am interested in the idea of seeing an Endocrinologist as pointed out by maggie.
Avatar n tn For the past year the lymph nodes under my chin have constantly been swollen. In the past four months I have been constantly sick. The doctor would give me antibiotics and I would get better, but when I was through with the medication within a couple of days I was back to being sick. I am a teacher and contributed my sickness to being around my students with their germs. I began getting concerned with the pain in my neck went to my jaw and then to my ear.
Avatar n tn Had a CT scan, and the secretary told me that it showed 2 swollen lymph nodes. My doctor is away until next week and I'm going crazy! I have had these swollen for almost 3 years!! Any idea? Could this be caused from the surgery or the swollen tonsil? I have no other symptoms except for this. The nodes are painless, but uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn We treated him with antibiotics for 2 weeks thinking it may just be an infection, but the lymph nodes have actually increased in size some. Our dog has had enlarged lymph nodes for about 2-3 months and isn't acting any different. The vet came out yesterday and did a blood test and depending on that may do another biopsy. He's somewhat confused because based on the physical exam, age, and breed of the dog he thinks it's lymphoma.
Avatar n tn This morning I noticed a few more swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my neck, as well as what seems to be a lymph node along my jaw, about an inch from my ear. It seems odd to me. I am scheduled to go back to the doctor in about a month, but I was just wondering if this is significant at all or even related? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi there, I've had swollen lymph nodes in my neck and throat for about two weeks now. I initially had a sore throat with slightly enlarged glands and doctor started me on amoxicillin. After 5 days my symptoms worsened - very red sore throat, dry cough, swollen glands so went back to doctor and he said to stop the amoxyl and start clarithromycin 250mg BD. I then started to feel even worse 4 days later and wasn't tolerating the clarithromycin very well - tummy upsets and "racy" feeling.
Avatar m tn I now have a lump on my left flank (side) and my right flank. I also have swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. I notice the in class I will sweat in my armpits and it makes me cringe. I wear anti-persperant deoderant. I have also noticed that I have gotten extremely irritable. I am also tired alot of the time. I will find myself waking up and not knowing when I fell asleep.
Avatar f tn I have swollen nodes in my jaw and neck. Been to thedoctors they did blood work altrasound on my neck they said nothin was wrong. I also have had pain in jaw and ear for six months. Doctor said my ear looks fine. Don't know what to do. Do not have insurance so can not go see diff doctors. Hope you can answer!
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has had swollen lymph nodes lately. I have been told it's not hiv. Does anyone know how big lymph nodes get and does it matter where they are located?
461010 tn?1208486059 I guarantee you your 12 weeks AB test would be negative 2. Swollen nodes associated with HIV are generalized, one or two swollen nodes don't suggest HIV. 3. If your lymph nodes were really swollen due to HIV, you didn't have to feel it but you could have seen it standing in front of the mirror because HIV related swollen nodes are huge. 4.
Avatar f tn Also the same lymph nodes are in pain again. Are my lymph nodes swollen because of the sore throat or do I have something serious (ex. Lymphoma)?
Avatar n tn Hi All I have had painful lymph nodes under my jaw and infront of my ears both sides for about a week, Also feel some discomfort under armpits. I cannot locate any swollen glands. I have been to the doctor and he didnt know what was wrong. I have been regularly monitoring my temperature, which is normal. The pain is a dull ache, and I feel throbbing and pulsating in the nodes under my jaw. Today I have a very sore left side of neck, I dont know if it is more lymph pain or muscle pull.
Avatar m tn At this point I have no swelling, no pain, and no abcess (at least I don't think so). But i have one swollen lymph node (which does NOT hurt) on the left side of my neck (between the shoulder and head). My question is, can this swollen lymph node be caused by the abcess I've had on and off? I also have a very mild pain on my left side when swallowing sometimes. I'm asking this, cause I have this swollen lymph node and I don't know what the cause is.
Avatar n tn A few weeks later I went to my primary care doctor because I was still feeling very fatigued, constantly am spitting up mucus and had a swollen lymph node under my jaw, it was squishy and movable. She said that my lymph node felt normal and she ran a whole bunch of tests (allergy etc.) This was a couple weeks ago and she still didn't call so and she said if she didn't call then all is well. However today I felt and I have two swollen lymph nodes under my jaw, toward my ear.
Avatar f tn the muscles around my jaw and ears tense up and it feels like a ripping stabbing pain. Possibly lymph nodes. 1 single Beer takes a few hours to subside but pizza takes 15 to 20 minutes. I have had kidney stones and this pain can make a kidney stone feel like popping a zit by comparison. I can drink rum, vodka, wine and other hard liquors but not beer..
Avatar n tn I have had Very painful swollen lymph nodes in my arm, ust by my elbow, and also under my armpit. I am worried that I may have some sort of cancer , even though doctors said it is only an infection. The skin has become very intchy, and the lymph node is extremely hard. I am only 21, and am very worried. Any suggestions or thoughts???
Avatar m tn After my exposure(unprotected vaginal and oral with prostitute) I started to searching the net about the symptoms and saw that lymph nodes are very common in HIV. So I started poking myself and looking for lymph nodes on myself and I found several nodes in my groin(those are still the same size) and one small under my jaw. That's it! I couldn't find any nodes in my armpits and neck, although I was looking for them very often.
Avatar f tn 1 1/2 years since February 2014, experienced right jaw pain, swollen nasal passages, ear pain at times swollen lymph nodes, found I he several small nodules in MRI nothing can do because they are small, every test under man kind and at times low wbc. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I now have swollen lymph nodes in my neck (front, back, under jaw and under ears), groin, and armpits. There is a pressure in my stomach (along the left side, just under the bottom rib) that makes it painful to lay on my side or stomach. I have joint pain in my elbows and knees, as well as reddish-purple rashes that come and go on my legs and upper arms. I am constantly tired. My appetite is dead. I was tested for Lyme Disease, Mono, Lupus, Tuberculosis, and HIV.
Avatar m tn Fatigue which has subsided, headache which has gone but I still have swollen lymph nodes in my necj, jaw, groin and knee but only on the left hand side of my body. I also have severe what feels like muscle pain in my left leg, it starts in my thigh and goes down my leg. If I stand up it goes away but sitting and laying cause the pain. The doctor did blood tests and said there was no sign of inflammation or infection and the pain is probable reactive arthritis!!