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Avatar n tn Discomforts vary from person to person for some reason, maybe it is to do with where the blockage is, which artery. The symptoms can be back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, throat pain, jaw pain, chest pain. You may or may not experience shortness of breath, you may or may not sweat a lot. Some people notice an increase in heart rate, some may notice a drop in blood pressure, and some may feel nauseous or even light headed. A huge variety of possible symptoms.
Avatar n tn Question #1:If angina presents as jaw pain with no chest pain, what, typically, is the nature of the pain? Diffuse? One-sided? Squeezing? Including the neck too? I have a mild discomfort only in one particular quarter size area of my jaw, just to the left of my chin that comes and goes. It can last a few minutes or a couple hours. Exertion does seem to bring it on, but I also sometimes have it at rest with a heart rate about 75.
Avatar f tn I have had a pain in my left shoulder/shoulder blade, left arm aches, and fingers tingle once in a while. No jaw pain. I do get a sharp pain in my chest that comes and goes. The last couple of weeks I have been waking up in a cold sweat, a puddle of sweat. I am soaked. Once in a while when I bend over and stand back up I get lightheaded and dizzy. My energy level is low, tired a lot. Could I possibly have a clogged artery?
Avatar n tn Other heart conditions such as pericarditis, valve insufficiency, enlarged heart, etc. can cause heart related symptoms you experienced due to reduced cardiac output and bp and arteries can be normal.
Avatar f tn As long as you are not experiencing any of the typical symptoms of heart issues like shortness of breath, pain in the arm or shoulder or jaw, nausea, sweating, etc. i would definately consider process of elimination and possibly speak with your family doc to make sure that none of this he/she believes could be heart related. Sounds like when you re position your body you are getting relief which comes back to your muscle groups.
Avatar f tn it could be something not as sinister, in a heart attack there is chest pain, lower jaw pain, dizziness, pain radiating down the armmainly left side, sometimes with heart disease there is a mucasey cough that lasts for months, are you healthy? have you checked your cholesterol? and bp?
Avatar f tn At the time of the EKG, I didn't have that episode I had a couple days ago (sweating, pressure in chest, and trouble breathing) Is that why the EKG came back normal because at the time I didn't have these symptoms; just chest and jaw pain. I still have chest and jaw pain now. I feel lightheaded sometimes also. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn My main concern is jaw pain. After short periods of running I am experiencing pain, specifically around my joints. After doing some light background research I saw this this could be linked to heart disease. Before anyone responds a few points should be made. -I was tested extensively for heart issues when I was 4 due to a benign heart murmur. - I have scoliosis which causes one of my legs to be approx .25 inches shorter than the other. I require the use of a lift in one shoe.
Avatar m tn It doesn't take that long to go back to normal). - no arm pain, jaw pain, or other symptoms of heart attack Current lifestyle food Lots of fruit Lots of veggies Mostly lean meats Several smaller meals most of the time Junk food one meal every two weeks or so. One coffee in morning, but almost everything else is water. Exercise -high intensity cardio workouts (P90x exercise video’s), every few days -some yoga -no weights at this time.
Avatar m tn Thought I'd add - I read somewhere that I think the ACC recommends that if symptoms can be removed via lifestyle and meds, then angiogram shouldn't be done due to risks. In my case, my only symptoms are jaw pain, and it only comes on at a certain exertion level (like 4-5 minutes into stress test). Do noted that some docs might agree with that approach, but that it's too conservative for me in his opinion since I'm only 34. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn yesterday i had my 6th cardiac cath with no new findings although the monday before i had problems with a stress test that included nasuea, shortness of breath rise in blood pressure and jaw arm and neck pain. i also had two doses of nitroglycern before i stablized. my cardiologist said he can't explain what happened but there was no significant change in my heart and vessels since the last cath.
1166205 tn?1263080452 Often times when PR is misdiagnosed the patient may have Rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus SLE. Especially with Lupus TMJ and jaw pain are definitely involved. Do get the the pains when you breathe checked out as that could be a result of lung or heart involvement.
Avatar m tn 15 years ago i start to feel chest pain and shortness of breath i went to the cardiologist he did ecg and said everything is fine any way the chest pain is gone when i was 23 i start to feel headeache everyday with dizziness and lightheadness for six month neurologist did ct scan everything normal he said anxiety he gave me drug for anxiety which helped me a lot when i become 30 years old i start to feel palpitation dizziness went to cardiologist stress test echo all test were normale my cholest
Avatar n tn I do know from studying panic disorder that indeed a very high percentage of people with anxiety deel with false heart symptoms. I am not a doctor but if your doctor ruled out heart problems and wow, you have had the symptoms 15 years, I would say it sure sounds just like anxiety to me. We anxious people are our own worst enemies. Try to relax. Be careful taking other meds. Nitro spray? Did the cardiologist tell you to take it?
Avatar f tn in the sense that the symptoms of panic/anxiety can be frighteningly and maddeningly similar to heart disease. You are one of countless people who are enduring the same thing. I know because I've been there, for a long time -- actually since I was a kid. You have every reason to believe that you are totally fine physically. Your young age, the tests, etc all indicate that. If you can get to the bottom of your anxiety, the chest pains, palpitations, etc should also go away.
Avatar n tn Pain from gallbladder disease can be in center of chest. Producing pain similar to a heart attack. The pain I had radiated to my jaw, making it more like a heart attack. Just because you can eat anything doesn't mean you should. Stones are from cholesterol. Also lower you fat intake. Ulcers usually do get relief after eating. The treatment for H. Pylori is simple and effective, but it doesn't fix the duodenal ulcer. Which if it turns into a peptic ulcer you have serious problems.
Avatar n tn If it's heart ischemia and brought on by eating, it would also be brought on by exercise at that stage, even walking up a slight incline. Stress can obviously affect the digestive system dramatically, so I would get a Doctor to check you out.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing jaw pain(left) and pain under fingernail. I also have some muscle pain in left upper arm and forarm these symptoms occur at the same time.. I have had fibromyalgia for many years, but this is a new sympton and the pain is different. I have found that once you are diagnosed with fibro. I feel that everything or pain that you experience is blamed on it.
Avatar m tn 6 months ago I had trouble chest pain that I felt move into my jaw. I was working and not stressed. It was so bad it scared me but went away in about 15 min. Then in the middle of the night it woke me up same symptom . Very painful . Went to the hospital they found nothing wrong. Didn't have this happen again until about 6 months later.this time I had several attacks. .Went to the hospital . Showed I had a small change in my EEG . They kept me overnight and I had a stress test.
Avatar n tn If you have the complete workup and everything turns out fine with your heart - you may want to check out costochondritis - I had recurring chest pain that mimicked heart pain and even ibuprofen didnt do much - its an inflamation of the lining in your chest wall - usually, once people get it - it can recur for the rest of your life - I have it on and off all the time - usually after Ive done something like lifting or wallpapering - but sometimes it will come on for no appearant reason.
Avatar f tn Did you symptoms come and go? Like my heart palpitations and many other of my symptoms went away, but I still have really bad joint popping and stiffness, extreme exhaustion, and really bad depersonalization. But alot of my other symptoms have went away, and they sneak back here and there. Is that consistent with Lyme disease? What blood test did they give you that confirmed that you have Lyme disease?
Avatar m tn about a month ago i had what i think was a heart attack. i had throbbing pain in the left side of my chest, i was short of breath, my left arm went numb, and i started sweating on my forehead. it lasted about 6 seconds. since then i have seen 3 doctors, paramedics, and been to the ER. i have had THREE ekg tests, a blood test, an x ray, i've had my heart listened to, and had my bp checked more times than i can count. the only abnomality i've had is a benign arythmia.
1161780 tn?1266715444 Why is it that the symptoms of heart disease in women are often times difficult to quantify? The very nature of heart disease in women has yet to be fully understood. Perhaps assigning it a proper name will help. Ischemic Heart Disease Also known as Cardiac Syndrome X, also known as Microvascular Coronary Disease. Confused yet? You are not alone.
Avatar n tn he doens't get chest pain. It's arm pain and jaw pain, without any chest pain. Can these pains be heart related without any chest pain? Thank you and sorry for a sort of duplicate post. - Jenny S.
Avatar n tn Concerned that with the arm, jaw, and chest pain is that it is still heart related. No pattern, no change with exercise. Q's 1. Heart Related? 2. Other suggestions?
Avatar f tn I also get pain on my stomach right where that bump is where your ribs come together on the lower chest bone (especially upper middle pain), the pain can go up to my left shoulder and even sometimes up the side of my neck and jaw. Now very comfortable. I was on Arthrotec and Mefenamic (at different times) and both really did a number on my stomach. Now I'm on iv morphine.
Avatar m tn My arm is feeling sore and I have been worrying my self to death as to whether I may be experiencing some sort of heart disease, I work in a warehouse so I get alot of walking and exercise in on when I work and my eating habits are not that bad, I haven't had any back pain which I read is a symptom of multiple types of heart disease, but when I start thinking about the whole situation I get a slight numbing in my left arm and places along my neck and jaw.