I've been coughing for weeks

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4838207 tn?1363921330 I've noticed that I have been coughing now that I'm pregnant. Is this normal or should I be worried?
7169697 tn?1389441134 Omg I'm in the same position. I've been coughing for a week!! I just finished my mucinex this afternoon and I've been using vicks vapor rub.. It still isn't better. I'm going to the hospital if it doesn't let up by morning.. my Dr said a cough is fine but if you think you have a virus to get checked because viruses can pass to baby. That's what I'm worried about...
Avatar n tn After sugery my cough continue but it wasn't dry anymore, I know had drainage. I've been coughing now for about 5-6 weeks. When I cough now, it gets very bad that I can't breath. I went to see both my primary doctor and the surgeon for my lapband and they both just gave me coughing medicine w/codine, but that isn't working. I don't cough anymore like I used to, every 5-10 minutes, but when I cough now it's sounds like I have a lot of mucous, that I can't bring up and spit out.
Avatar n tn I've been coughing for about 2 months. I went to the doctor and he said that I had bronchitis, but it was pretty much gone so, he perscribed me cough medicine to supress the cough. It's been two weeks now and I have taken all the medicine, but still have the cough. Any ideas what it could be? -I don't smoke -I'm not around anyone that smokes -The doc ruled out allergies -The cough is sometimes with flem and sometimes without.
250701 tn?1320978365 I'm also looking to quit smoking too, but one thing at a time. btw, I've been UND from wk 6 thru my last test on wk 6 pt----I test this Friday for wk 12 pt. Good luck w/ your treatment and always talk to your doctor prior to taking anything during treatment.
Avatar f tn Since we are talking about coughing. I had a few questions of my own. I have had issues coughing for the past 4-5 years. I caught constantly. Sometimes it makes my headache worse but sometimes I don't have a headache so it doesn't bother me. I do have sinus disease as per my MRI. So that explains the post nasal drip. I always have problems coughing whenever I am near or around water. For example I cough so much in the shower that sometimes it will make me throw up or gag.
Avatar f tn It is hard on my body, I haven't been able to gain any weight and was actually put on bed rest for a couple weeks because I was in such bad shape that my midwives were scared about the health of my baby. But we're both doing just fine now. Use the old standby remedies. Chicken soup and rest. Hopefully you'll get better soon.
Avatar n tn I have been suffering with chronic cough for 6 years now. I've been through everything mentioned above, and then some. I've been told it's acid reflux, and even went for a 6 month period of being virtually cough free after a cough specialist had me try an over-the-counter antihistimine (Drixoral) which he said is one of the strongest antihistimines around. Then, it started to come back. My episodes happen day and night, when following strict acid reflux diets, etc... there is no pattern.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has 3 dogs, 1 of which is a female blue heeler (Tyler) about 4-5 years old. Tyler started developing a cough in mid-August, 2013. She has been coughing for the past 6 months. The 2 other dogs are in perfect health and have not developed a cough. I have outlined below the steps that have occurred during the past 6 months. - Month 1 - Normal coughing with a foamy white substance coming up after cough. She eats grass. She was prescribed antibiotics and small strength of steroids.
Avatar n tn At first it was a normal cold with runny nose and light coughing, but after runny nose went away the cough got worse. I've had it for about 4-5 weeks. Right now its at the point that when I cough its only once an hour or 1/2 hour or so, but when I cough it lasts a few seconds and it seems like its 3 coughs in a row. After coughing when I try to breath for the next 2-3 seconds its like I have hiccups and its hard to inhale air. After the 2-3 seconds its gone tho.
2015036 tn?1333001388 There are also newer problems (by comparison)- but not brand new. I've been searching high and low for answers, but the search has only given me more questions. Here's what has been going on: *I've been waking up choking/painfully unable to breath. Sometimes it seems to be acid reflux; but more often I am choking on saliva. I'm almost afraid to go to sleep. I occassionally have the same problem when I am awake too. *My food has been getting stuck in my esophagus.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been coughing very badly for over a month now. I also have asthma, and i've been to see 4 different doctors. At first i was given steroids (prednisone) for the coughing and it didn't help at all. 3 weeks ago i did a chest x-ray and it was clear. The doctor gave me an antibiotic (roxo) 2 weeks ago and it didn't help so i went back to him. A week ago i did another chest x-ray and was told i have pneumonia.
Avatar m tn I don't know if its considered as a cold & flu but I've been coughing for two weeks now. It all started from me throwing up then a day later I started coughing non-stop. The coughing is starting to hurt my lower right and left abdominal region. I don't weather to go to doctor to get it check or just wait it out to allow it to heal.
Avatar m tn You weren't at risk for HIV, Any follow up HIV questions need to be posted in that forum Oral is a low risk for gono, HSV and syphilis. Testing for gono 7 days, HSV 3 months, Syphilis 4-6 weeks.
Avatar f tn For 3 1/2 weeks now I've had a pretty bad cough mixed with some cold-like symptoms. I've been to 3 different doctors, the first said it was a cold, the second said I had Bronchitis and post-nasal drip, the third said because I haven't gotten any better I most likely developed pneumonia. The coughing is not my problem, however. My problem is that for the past week and a half every time I eat, I cough and vomit up everything I eat.
Avatar n tn I've been coughing for quite some time now and I just hit 19 weeks and my doctor tells me my baby is perfectly healthy and fine.
Avatar f tn Ok so I've been coughing so bad for 2 days strait I woke up this morning with abdomen pains like as if I was sore from coughing does this affect the baby at all???? I'm worried I'm currently 27 weeks.
Avatar f tn I posted awhile back, about a chough for 4 weeks and had tried a pred burst and changed asthma meds to Advair 250/50 with no help. Now it has been 6 1/2 weeks with a dry non-productive cough. Though my peak flows have been good (500). I saw my PCP 5 days ago because in about 6 days I will be out of my Advair and wasn't sure if I was supposed to keep taking that or go back to my Flovent 44mcg. Well, my dr said that my cough didn't sound like an asthma cough.
Avatar m tn so I've been coughing up black coffee grounds for a few years, I've seen at least 5+different doctors that have not been any help, the only thing 1 doctor told me was to try to stop smoking,I've smoked cigs since I was 17,so I quit cigs for 6 months with no change and saw the doctor again and he wasn't able to tell me anything.I cough the stuff up at least 10 times every 18 mins, sometimes more. Does anyone else experience this?Also can anyone provide insight to this?
Avatar n tn Help me please. I've been sick for 4 months. I've had this dry cough for about 4 months. It started with bronchitis. I had it for 3 weeks and every week I'd go back to the doctor and they'd put me on different antibiotics or steriods. On my 4th trip to the doctors office they said I had pneumonia. So i did steroids again and more antibiotics and an inhaler. Two weeks later I still had the cough and they told me bronchial spazms and yet again more steroids.
Avatar n tn As for my background I'm a 26 year old male who is active with soccer however as of late I've only been able to play one game a week which is way below the norm. I was doing P90X for about a month but stopped a few weeks ago as work has been busier for me. I am a bit overweight holding some fat in the gut area but like I said I play soccer which has never really been a struggle for me. I have a GI condition known as IBS, and I have been diagnosed with allergies in the past.
Avatar f tn I was fine with that, I simply assumed it was good for me. But for the last 3 weeks I've been throwing up constantly. The cough is getting better. I just have severe coughing fits where I feel like I cannot breathe and my body just shakes and tenses up uncontrollably. Then I throw up large amounts of food. I thought that as the cough went went away the vomiting would too, but i guess not. this usually happens after I eat food, although I experience no other symptom of acid reflux.
Avatar n tn I'm a 27yr old female who has had a persistant cough for going on 3 weeks now. the coughing is my only symptom. No fever, swollen glands, or anything else that indicates some sort of infection. My sputum is always white. My cough is a hacking cough and I can't breathe and I gasp for air. It feels like I'm choking on dust or something. Also, now when I eat popcorn or chips little bits seem to get into my lungs because it feels like I'm choking on it the whole time I'm eating it.
Avatar m tn I live in NY so I'm not too far away and for the past two weeks I have been coughing so HARD all night long (I sound like a giant seal I really do with this harsh bark) that my eyes are starting to get black and blue from lack of sleep. It sort of does make sense with the lungs/nose situation maybe it's a grass or tree pollen allergy contributing? Did you try some benedryl (like I am going to tomorrow once I get paid!
Avatar f tn Hi, For the last couple months I've been sick off/on w/a URI..........I've had 2 rounds w/zithromax, now on Augmentin since last Sunday. This past Friday saw the doctor and received a low dose of steroids (shot) as I do not tolerate steroids well. Coughing continues - also taking Cheratussin. Since this morning have developed pain in between my shoulder blades upper back. Could this be cause by coughing? Very painful. Don't know if I should go to ER or wait till AM to contact physician.
Avatar n tn Hello, About 2 weeks ago I picked up a common cold from my husband, just a couple of days ago, I've noticed that in the mornings when I wake up, I've been coughing up blood. It doesn't last all day, it's only immediately after waking and I start coughing. The rest of the day my phlegm is clear with maybe a tiny speck of blood occasionally. I feel an irritation and fullness in my throat, although my chest feels clear, and there is wheezing (in my throat).
Avatar m tn The temperature also seems to contribute to the effect of the coughing and vomiting. When it's too hot and too cold the coughing and the vomiting gets bad. I've been to the GP and the Hospital they thought it was a stomach bug but this has been going on for nearly 4 months now. Please Can You Help? P.S. She gets to no other pain from the vomiting & coughing.. only her throat hurts. Other body parts are fine!