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Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 23 year-old male and have been experiencing itching and pain in my urethra, specifically the last inch or so (towards the tip). This started middle of this past week (3 or 4 days ago). It was preceded by a day or so where the very tip of my penis near the opening of the urethra was very sensitive. Not necessarily painful, just very sensitive. I had one sexual encounter about 4 weeks exactly prior to this discomfort with a girl on unknown status.
Avatar n tn Lately my urethra has been itchy from the base of the scrotum all the way throughout the penis. I have no other symtoms or discharge, just the itching. I have gotten treated for chlamydia about six months ago. I took zithromax to kill the bacteria. Other than that, my health is been generally fine. What are some possibilities or treatments for this? Is it safe to say the chlamydia is gone?
Avatar n tn ive got an ulcer right at the opening of the urethra, just inside, which sometimes becomes itchy and/or painful. its recurred 4 times now- at first i thought id caught thrush from my girlfriend because the first time i had it was when she had thrush. i took a thrush medication the first three times and it seemed to clear up, although this time it has returned and we havnt had sex recently (2 or 3 weeks) so i dont know if the thrush medication just masked the problem and it may be something else.
Avatar n tn So I've been with the same girl for almost a year and we've been having sex for a while, Saturday night we had unprotected sex. A day or two later I notice that my tip of my dick is somewhat itchy.. which is very odd. Today is Wednesday night (4 days later) and no other symptoms, just itchy tip of penis where urethra is and thats it.
Avatar f tn Hi Doc, i had sexual contact with my gf n noticed sticky stuff frm her Vgna, after a week i've got itchy tip with little discharge that I notice in my pants, am afraid it could develop to a big issue help pliz Doc
Avatar f tn She masturbated herself and than with the same hand very wet she masturbated me all over my penis and urethra. I felt her hand wet on my penis also on the tip. Now after a week I fell itchy all over my body. Could this be a symptom? I'm really worried.
Avatar n tn i had unprotected oral sex performed on me about 5 months ago. For about 5 month I have had a constant burning at the tip of my urethra. It does not burn at all when i urinate. It started with a itcing feeling on my gentials an also on my anus. Then about 2 weeks after the tip of my penis started to have a sharp burning feeling that would come and go randomlly thruogh out the day.Then every so often in the week the same tip of my penis felt very itchy .
Avatar n tn Slight pain and itchy on tip of penis, slight pain. Have been tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea both negative, was still treated before test results came back. Nothing visible in terms of rash or redness, no bumps that i can tell. Perhaps more moist than normal but no real discharge. Just irritated feeling, pain while peeing more intense when pee is yellow than when it is clear. Help !
Avatar m tn I drank water, cranberry, and gave it a couple days before I decided to go to the clinic. The itchy sensation is completely gone. I have however convinced myself that the tip of my penis is slightly burning/irritated. I'm not sure if there is pain when I pee, but if there is, it's not strong enough for me to definitely say it hurts when I pee (same with ejaculation.) I have not been able to find any discharge in my underwear or on my penis, so I do not think there is any discharge.
Avatar n tn I masturbated into a sock about a week ago(thought it was clean, but maybe not) and ever since just the tip of my urethra has been itching. There is also just a little redness. There is no burning and it's not bothered during urination. I haven't noticed any other symptoms. What could this be, and is there any danger in passing it to my wife through unprotected sex?
Avatar m tn I have not tried any creams or anything, either. In addition, the tip of my penis at the urethra feels rather sensitive. It is not discolored nor is there discharge or any growths. Could this be related to the itchy scrotum? Is it a yeast infection or could it be something else?
Avatar f tn I don't have any problems urinating, no bumps, rashes on penis. After 24 hours -36 hours i would feel a very itchy feeling inside the urethra from the bottom to the top of my penis and some anal itching when this flair-up happens..also when i did ejaulate about an inch inside before the opening it would feel very sensitive as the seman ejaculated. until the next time i ejaculate I visited my doctor..he check my blood, urine analysis, said it was urethritits put me on doxycycline for 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn Candiasis in the penis used to be very rare, but now the forums on the internet are flooded with guys just like you and me with the same problem, (Swollen tip of penis, or red inflamed tip of urethra).
Avatar m tn A 7-10 days after the incident, I began feeling a tingling sensation at my urethra opening. Initially, I thought it might just be irritation due to soap, but it hasn't gone away. The feeling alternates between tingling/itching and burning. It's confined to the tip of my penis. I've noticed the skin is slightly red where I feel the pain, and there may be a single small (tiny) sore at the center of the redness. It's very close to the urethral opening and difficult to see.
Avatar n tn About a week ago while in the shower I noticed some redness at the tip of my urethra but didn't think much of it. While in the shower I tried examining it a little more and still really didn't think much of it, however I also started noticing a itchy feeling in my urethra that goes from the base to the head of my penis. It feels good to pinch my penis as that seems to scratch the itch.
Avatar n tn my penis sticks to my boxers although there is a small amount of discharge. the urethra (tip) is also swollen and red. it is irratable to walk unless i wear tight boxers. i phoned the doctors for an appointment and was told by the receptionist after having to explain my problem that this is not a common side effect of accutane and i would need to have a swab test on the upcoming friday.
872452 tn?1274955811 After a day passed I went to pee and after i was done it felt like the was pee in my urethra and now and again i get the same feeling but it seems to be an itchy feeling, like a warm itch, or sometimes it feels like my penis is leaking but its not. I drank tons of water trying to pee it out but it won't move. what could this be? i masterbated (trying to get th feeling to go) and my sperm was lightly yellow and the feeling is still there. what does that mean?
Avatar m tn Feel itchy inside head of my penis (urethra?) worriedsew I have an annoying itchy feeling inside the  of my penis and have the urge to urinate. I had a sexual encounter with a sex workere. I received uncovered oral but the intercourse was protected with the condom remamining intact. Is this an STD? The itchying is so annoying I need to squeeze the head of my penis in order to scratch it. I appreciate a response.
Avatar n tn At the moment i feel itching - not sure if its urethra or head of penis. It comes and go couple times per day. Can some std produce symptoms after 6-7 weeks?