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Avatar n tn the itch occurs before going to sleep and then in the middle of the night. there is no odor, no burn, no discharge - just severe itching. my doctor did tests - no yeast. she suggested it may be PINWORMS. apparently, the worms hatch eggs at night, that's why it's so damn itchy. and they can crawl up from the anus to the vagina.
Avatar n tn recently I noticed that the back, inside of my penis which I believe to be my urethra, to be slightly itchy. Its nothing excessive, just some mild itchiness which comes in occasionally. There's no feeling of burn or sore. Just itchinesss. In addition, there's also not a single weird discharge like pus or any substances. It just worries me. So I would like to seek help and advice here before I go down to DSC clinic. Anybody knows or experience the same thing?
Avatar m tn No HIV concern and if no discharge by now most likely non specific urinary infection and itchy is a symptom. Its really annoying. You really should have protected both oral and vaginal to be safe.There a lot of crazy things being spread around these days.
Avatar m tn I get test for Herps, HIV, Gonorrhea and Syphilis in France (moving to France since September 2011) in September 2011, and the results are all negative, I also did biopsy for foreskin, it is no problem. Just mild itchy feeling, no discharge, no painful feeling, or others anomalies. About 2 weeks ago, I had Ureaplasma urealyticum urine test whch is 10.6, so the French doctor gave me doxycycline for 2 weeks doses. The Chlamydia test is negative. The leukocytes is 10.
Avatar m tn I also had soap irritate my urethral about 2 weeks ago, this only caused slight irritation and itchy urethra but it went away about a week later. Just incase this affects anything I have also had surgery on my testicles due to a burst in the left one from a hard impact. It has been about 2 years since that and is fully healed.... please give me some advice, thanks, Steven.
Avatar n tn I started to notice that the head of my penis was sticking to my underwear. Upon inspection, I noticed the urethra tube was blood red. There is no pain associated with this. Nor, is there any discharge of any kind. Just feels sticky. I assumed it was part of the side-effects of Accutane as even my eyelids feel sticky at times. Therefore, I massaged some Aquaphor onto the head of my penis getting the tip of the tube moist. The redness went away by the next morning.
568812 tn?1379169394 I think even mild thrush can irritate the urethra. For me the link is that I have no urethra pain when I have my period, and when I have that I never have thrush. Also another test is to wear a tampon when not on your period which effectively blocks any discharge, and if you find the urethra discomfort stops, then it stands to reason that the thrush discharge was irritating the urethra.
Avatar m tn The final symptom is the opening of my urethra is slightly red and Irritated. Once again, I have no discharge nor does it burn when I urinate. I've used antifungals, cortisone and lotions to relieve psorasis. The dr seemed to think it was fungal but it hasn't gone away no matter what I do. My question is, Is It possible that I have a yeast infection and if it is, what can I do about it?
Avatar n tn Within 12 hours of this bit of idiocy I began feeling the need to pee frequently and my urethra was itchy. I went to my general practitioner the following day and described my symptoms. I was tested for a "urinary tract infection" and given 3 days worth of amoxycillin. The test came back negative and within a day or so my itching and peeing went away. The woman involved assured me that she has no STDs and has been monogamous with her spouse for 4 years.
Avatar n tn Somes times it fels like some thing is crawling from the tip of my ureathra. I have no discharge and it does not burn at all when i urinate. I had a herpies, Gonorrhea ,chlamydia, syphilis test that all came back negitive. I had a hiv and aids test done too but sinc it was before the 3 month or 6 month window i will get tested again in 6 months. I also have had a cystoscopy performed and it also came back negitive.
Avatar m tn last nght my entire groin area was incredibly itchy i could not sleep, no redness, no rash, no lumps or bumps of any kind.....i have been told it may be a uretheral yeast infection as all the antibiotics i have taken have killed all my good on diflucan 150mg every day....i had white milky patches on my tongue last week but they seem to have improved.... a week ago i thought id try zithromax again for the itching qand it seemed to kill it totally within 24hours...
Avatar n tn i also feel as if there is an itchiness when i masturbate if any semen gets in my foreskin (I'm uncircumcised), almost like the semen itself makes me itchy I have not seen a rash or anything I have no had any discharge or anything else that would lead me to believe it is syphilis or gonorrhea (done some research)... and the girl also said she has been tested for STDs and everything came back ok... I also have never had any STDs what could be the reason for this happening?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 23 yo male. 1 month ago I had symptoms of, burning when I urinate, itchy feeling in my urethra and a slight whitish discharge (not white, maybe cream). I went to the doctor and she prescribed a single dose of azithromycin (a fat tablet). Now a month later, I woke up and when i squeeze my penis i see the whitish discharge (again). I don't have any burning, my urethra tickles just a little( if i think about it) besides that I feel fine.
Avatar m tn She said it was possible but with no discharge there is no way to check/test for it. Asked if I should try to treat for it anyways and she suggested not treating since we don't know what it could actually be, this way we don't cause other issues. Also advised that if it happens again to have it looked at. January 7 - First Thing In The Morning Noticed a little bump on the left side and right side of the head, like a pin *****. No itching or pain.
Avatar m tn My doctor didn't think it was an std, he also suggested that it might be yeast. But unlike a lot of photos of male yeast infections online that i've seen, in my case the glans has no redness. all the pain is centered in the urethra. I've been trying to coax some of the anti-fungal cream the doc gave me down my urethra and it sometimes causes burning when i do. also i tried the spit in a glass test today and my spit didn't dissolve, suggesting yeast infection.
Avatar m tn HI, im a 32 year old male,married, working out of my country (saudi arabia,strickly no contact neither going near a woman since its prohibited by their law or else lashes)which means not having sex for the past 5 months.definitely no sex but i masturbate almost everyday. Having this itching problem which i believe its my urethra. the day after i masturbate i felt my shaft starting to itch,very itchy.
Avatar n tn I went on therapy and within a week there was no discharge, no headaches, no itchy legs nothing. Of course I continue going with lower dose of garlic for next several months just to make sure. Be aware that when candida start dying you will start feeling very sleepy, having headaches etc... That is because when this fungus is dying leaves strong toxins in your body. You must drink a lot of purified water to flush toxins out of your body.
Avatar m tn I had unprptected anal sex with a guy, where I was the insertive one. After couple of days I got an itchy rash on my penis. No doscharge. No specific sores. No pain. But some uneven red rashes and sometimes small blisters on my glans; sometimes they itch and mostly they do not. I took an HIV test but ot came back negative (although seroconversion doesn't occur that early, and I didn't have other symptoms as well). Now its been two months and the conditions have not improved AT ALL.
Avatar n tn my husband cheated on me without using condoms i suffered from yellowish discharge and itchy swallen vigina my reslut was negative i thought it was thrush so i bought thrush treatment but it didnt work the swallen later reduced and the yellow discharge stil there thick smelly and covers the whole area i dont know what is it i am stressed and scared of what i had to pay 4 my hubby mistakes having him risking my life please help and advice
Avatar n tn i am a male who thinks he may have hsv1 of the genitals, do you know if itchy anus, slight discharge after urination, itchy urethra, are these symptoms of men with hsv1 of the genitals? or could it be something else? i have hsv1, but was not diagnosed as having hsv2. thanks.
Avatar f tn Like I said no pain no discharge, never had sex or anything.
Avatar m tn Hi, most stds like gono and chlamydia symptoms show up about a week but chlamydia tends to have less irritation symptoms than gono and often appears as an urethra itching followed by a white/yellow discharge. If your not have a penis discharge you may have contracted a UTI which is bacteria common for the vagina or mouth not common in the urethra. If i were you id see a doc and have some tests to confirm all is ok.
Avatar m tn Does anybody know what is happening or what I have and how it can treated?? Just to clear things up- NO white discharge and no Itchiness on the outside on penis. What I have - Burning irritating sometimes itchy sensation inside my penis.
Avatar m tn 14 days following an unprotected oral sex encounter I experienced pain in my urethra. Mainly just discomfort kinda itchy and burning feeling. No discharge or pain urinating. No visible sores on genitals. I drank lots of water and cranberry juice and 4 days later all pain is gone. Could these symptoms be std related. NGU, Gonerreah etc. The day before symptoms occurred I masturbated in the shower using shampoo as lube I assumed this is what caused my urethritus symptoms.
Avatar m tn Also, I'm a 19 year old male with no recent sexual partners.
Avatar m tn This time, I have an itch in my urethra and there was a pus like discharge (slight yellow white color). My urethra feels irritated/ itchy/ slight pain when I urinate and there is no fever. This time, I decided to visit a Chinese hospital (it's much cheaper) and the doctor did a swab test by putting a cotton swab down my urethra 3 times (it hurts... trust me). I wasn't diagnosed anything yet as the bacterial cell culture test will be ready 3 days later.
Avatar n tn It also felt like i had something i needed to pass through my urethra, and there was a mild discharge. I waited about 2 weeks and then went to a free clinic. I was diagnosed with NGU and gladly took the medication. It has been one week and the discomfort in my urethra is all but gone. However, the itchyness and irritation at the tip is still just as present as ever. I am a circumcised male, and I know that balanitis is uncommon for me, but I read that some STD's may cause it.