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Avatar n tn I recently noticed an itch in my urethra. This occurs durring urination and occasionally at random. There is a mild irritation durring urination as well, but nothing painfull. There is no discharge at all. I havent been sexualy active in almost 2 months. Im wondering if a STD check is really necessary and what this could possibly be.
Avatar n tn painful urination, lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge in women, discharge from the penis in men, or testicular pain in men. The usual treatment is antibiotics and infection resolves within one to two weeks. However, one study shows that there is an increased risks of chlamydia reinfection in both males and females in their 20s. ( On the other hand, itching and reddish rash at the tip of of the penis are symptoms of yeast infection in males.
396332 tn?1320007215 I have been having a burning sensation in my urethra along with a come and go itchy sensation in the groin. I had been stupid and had unprotected sex with two girls in the past couple months while I was drunk. Also I better mention I was drinking heavily over the past 2 months (I dont know if this can cause urethritis). I went to my doctor and had a urine STD test for chlamydia/ gonnerhea with what ever else they test for.
Avatar n tn BV is due to overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina, but it causes no problem in men; it's not an STD and men don't catch anything from partners with BV. Chlamydia doesn't cause odor. Yeast is possible and could explain your penile irritation, but usually doesn't cause odor in women. Another possibility for vaginal discharge plus fishy odor is trichomonas, which is an STD and an occasional cause of NGU.
Avatar m tn After that, in May 2011, I went to a reliable public hospital in my born city to have circumcision, after the circumcision, the symptom on the foreskin does not happened anymore. But I feel some mild itchy in the zone of urethra tract or penis sometimes during the day. It occur maybe more often when I was stressful. I do not know whether it is just mental effect causing this feeling due to the cheating experience, or it is really some malady.
Avatar m tn it may be a mild form of non-bacterial urethritis but usually you get pain during or after urination and its not very common in men. You may (unfortunately lol) need a cystoscopy to look in the urethra and bladder to see if theres anything there thats causing the irritation. First things first, go back to your doctor and ask for advice on what steps to take next.
Avatar n tn Previously two years ago had some kind of yeast infection or yeast allergy under my foreskin that caused redness, swelling, and scaling - was cured using Loprox. A few weeks ago I thought it had come back, with an itchy urethra, redness, etc. and tried loprox again but still there. Could it be just irritation or does the urethral itching point to something else?
Avatar f tn 11 days after the incident I had a tingling/irritated sensation in my urethra and an urge to urinate frequently, followed by slight testicle pain and minor swelling in my right testicle. This is also followed having diareha for 5 days from drinking non potable water and 2 nights previous I had very rough sex with my wife. The irritated sensation started to go away after about a week, then I had sex with my wife and the next morning the tip of my penis burned.
Avatar m tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination but it can be jock itch. Jock itch shows up in post-adolescent men and hormonal changes during puberty, lifestyle and heredity each play a role. Predisposing fungal disease like tines cruris may also aggravate it. Wash your groin daily and then dry thoroughly by pat drying, not rubbing. A hairdryer is useful if you have hairy groins. The damp groin is an ideal site for fungi to multiply. Also wear cotton underwear and change them twice a day.
Avatar m tn Though usually asymptomatic in men, this infection is contracted sexually and can result in constant tickling sensation in the urethra. The infection can usually be detected by a urine microscopic examination called wet mount. Treatment involves a metronidazole (Flagyl) 500 mg twice daily for 7 days or a single 2g dose orally.
Avatar m tn I can't tell if it's my anxiety fooling me or not, but I began to feel itchy in thigh and lower abdomen area. As I mentioned no pain when urinating but I'll get stinging/cool burning sensation when dormant. Also, I feel it more sitting down than standing/walking around. Definitely a different feeling from my UTI so I am concerned given I tested negative for gonorrhea/chlamydia and my urine was fine.
Avatar m tn to treat this, I ate a large garlic clove twice a day for over two weeks I smeared garlic paste around my anus I ate a pineapple a day I took ovex 100mg x 2 per day, in two three week courses 2 weeks apart (i didnt take too much ovex it can cause internal bleeding) I also ate 200grams of pumpkin seeds daily meatus has gone down to normal, pain in urethra is gone, tingling in anus is gone, pain in prostate has gone, pain in side is gone.
Avatar n tn Since then, I have had a tingling/itchy sensation at the tip of my penis -- it comes and goes throughout the day, but is fairly persistent and occurs essentially every day. I have no other symptoms -- no discharge, no pain during urination, and no visible sores/blisters. At ten days after the encounter, I tested negative for gon/chlam with a urethra swab test at the clinic. What should I do now? 1) Should I return to the clinic for additional testing?
Avatar n tn on the rest of my body starts out small, and then increases in size and is rarely itchy. This was sudden and very itchy and I visually doesn't look like the GA on the rest of my body, but the labial skin is much different. ***So as for my cycle... Generally it comes every 30-32 days, but every couple months it will be 2 weeks late or skip. As of now, I'm 2 weeks late. Which adds more stress which makes it later. I'm gonna go buy a prego test to hopefully rule that out for now.
Avatar m tn Just this morning (June 13, 2010) I woke up to find the head and the shaft immediately below the head was very itchy. Upon further investigation roughly an hour later I found there to be a spot roughly the size of a small pimple on the head of my penis, I inspected it further and found there were a series of smaller bumps surrounding it. The bump is slightly red in color, probably more pink than red, and has a head similar to a busted pimple, with pus coming out of it.
Avatar m tn symptoms seem to be a discomfort in my urethra and like i said before nothing really visual. My stream is weak when i urinate and feel like i have to pee again right after i finish. Is it possible i caught a UTI from my girlfriend from unprotected vaginal sex? The discomfort seems to come and go and seems to be more of an itchy kind of feeling? I'll be making an appt w/ my GP for Monday afternoon if it doesnt go away by than.
Avatar n tn For about a month and a half, I have had white discharge, itchy urethra, itchy tip of urethra, some burning while urinating, and the feeling that I can't urinate fully. I have been tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia three times and it came back negative. I have been tested for a UTI, herpes, and HIV, which all came back negative. A urine culture was performed and I supposedly had a yeast infection. Fluconazole 100 mg was prescribed to me for 10 days, but it really didn't do much.
Avatar n tn i had sex with foregin men in europe and i think i might have hiv.
Avatar f tn It hurts to pee, to wipe, to walk, it just constantly burns. I have white lotion like discharge and its very itchy. the lymph node in my groin on my right side is swollen like a marble. the very bottom of my vagina is so swollen and red. could this be something more serious then just rough sex??
Avatar m tn In the last two days I've been experiencing an itchy sensation in my anus, sensation in my urethra, and still some tingling/burning in my scrotum. On the outside of my foreskin it also appears like a waxy/whitish layer. Any thoughts? I am on my way to see my PCP.
Avatar f tn Just above my testicals mostly noticable on the left side.I thought it might of been from rough sex or some Semen still left over in my urethra. So i masturbated about 3 times in the course of the day making sure i urinated after each time and no change. After 2 and a half days the sensation was still there and i started noticing a strange tingling and slight burning sensation on the head of my penis and noticed my urin streem wasnt as strong as it ususlly seemed to be before the encounter.
Avatar n tn For the last week or so now I have had a very slight, high-frequency vibrating sensation in my penis (it feels like it is in my urethra, from about the base of the glans to the base of the penis). It feels like varying degrees of the following sensations: - a cellphone vibrating in my pocket - a stream of fluid flowing through the urethra (without the sensation of exiting the glans) It is not usually constant, but is rhythmic, that is, will come and go in intervals...
Avatar n tn I started out with itchy burning redness and a discharge that was creamy yellow in color and was chunky but not like a yeast infection. I went to the GYN she did a culture, told me it was bacterial and gave me a 5 day Z Pack antibiotic and a topical cream(cant remember the name). It cleared up for a couple of months. In late Sept. 09 I started having irritation again with a yellowish white thick discharge.
Avatar f tn 2) Non-STD UTI is rare in men under 40 years old. 3) Conceivably you could have a latex allergy, or chemical irritaiton due to lubricant in the condom, especially if it contained a spermicide such as nonoxynol-9. Check the label on the condom packaging. 4) It would be silly to seek STD evaluation on the basis of the encounter you describe; a waste of time, energy, and money--both yours and Planned Parenthood's.
Avatar m tn Posting for a friend Is it possible to catch chlamydia/any other std from protected sex? (Besides herpes) Where no breakage happened. It all enters through the urethra correct? Had sex with a girl and was protected and he had unprotected sex 3 days later with his girlfriend. She showed symptoms of possible yeast infection itchy vagina small clumps of kind of cottage cheese like discharge no smell.
Avatar n tn I read somewhere men getting UTI are pretty rare, but masturbation can sometimes cause itches in the urethra tract. Correct me if there is any logic issue I guess my question is... Is it possible to get an STD from a handjob covered in lubrication (liquid) after you had protected sex? Thank you so much for answering and commenting.
1279216 tn?1271206834 Lately i have been having this itchy feeling inside my penis i think its in what's called the urethra. its been going on for a couple of days now and just yesterday i was having intercourse and my penis started to burn when i "released," also on the inside towards the tip. i have been with the same partner for two years now and i'm 1000% sure she is too. I do not know what's wrong and i want to know what it is. can anyone help?
1227988 tn?1276508053 I didnt penetrate her, due to erectile problem and was just able to stick my penis head to the opening of her vagina. A month later i got itchy urethra feeling later dysuria. I was given by my doctor cefuroxime axetil after a urinalysis with pus cells of 10-12, after 7 days treatment, the symptoms were gone. Unfortunately a month later i experienced discharge and began having self medication with amoxicillin, it did clear out the discharge but again the dysuria returned.
Avatar m tn The urethra of my penis is itchy Yellowish, whitish discharge (I just noticed this today for the first time, so it's not a lot) Burning when I pee I figured I might have a yeast infection, but information for men on this topic is terrible on the internet, so I was wondering if anyone on here might have any idea of what's going on? There's no rash, no blisters, no itchy red bumps, no discolored skin, my testicles aren't painful or swollen, etc etc.