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Avatar n tn I am 34 years old and have been putting up extremely itchy skin for a year and half.When I scratch I am causing little bumps on my skin to scab over and they don't seem to heal. I have this rash look all over my body. I have been going to my dermatologist consistently and have been treated for Scabies, allergies.She has given me steroid creams, antihistimine creams, atarax, allegra none of which has seemed to work.
Avatar f tn If exercise is nothing new for you, it's more likely a dry skin issue Dry skin. Since you didn’t mention any other symptoms, it could be that dry skin is the culprit. Are you walking outside or inside? Often, dry weather conditions can cause or exacerbate dry skin. If this is the case, using lotion, investing in a humidifier, and staying hydrated can all help combat dry skin. Skin irritation. Have you switched detergents, started using a new lotion, or are you using a new soap?
Avatar m tn I performed oral sex on a guy 10 weeks ago and 2 weeks after that I start having my throat sore and, at the same time, itchy skin, specially where the hair pops up you know...may be folliculitis...don't know. That itching was really uncomfortable during the first 2 weeks and then it stopped and now came back...but it's just mentally annoying, because it makes me think about hiv. About the sore throat, well....I've been having it since week 2 (I'm on week 10).
Avatar f tn I have had a very itchy swollen and sore vigina for a month now.. I am 25 years old not pregnant n I am not having sex to...
Avatar n tn It is very intense itching (nothing vague about it) but it seems to be getting better and as of yet I have noticed no overt signs of sores or blisters or anything unusual other than red irritated skin. questions... 1) If these throat symptoms go away on their own (even if they temporarily develop into a full sore throat), does that mean I don't need to worry about any kind of STD infection?
Avatar n tn I developed a cough later, and have recently had an itchy throat with sinus drainage. This morning I woke up and the rash had spread to my palms, the tops of my hands and my arms. The skin is smooth to the touch and isn't raised any higher no sores... just itchy red spots on my thighs, hands and lower arms. I went to the health center today and my doctor said the rash may be caused by strep throat, but I am concerned that this is not the case. What could be the problem?
775864 tn?1235524848 I have always been like this, when I stay overseas, well most of iot is either onboard a cruise ship and in Hongkong, I feel just fine but few weeks after I got home to Manila, I develop a dry itchy throat coughing and it embarasses me in my new office. My office mates, though they do no say anything I know suspects that I maybe seriously sick. I have tried taking antihistamines for a week but it does not improve.
Avatar f tn how every to days after i wrote the above incident my throat started swelling up and hurt real bad so i went to see a doctor and was put on some kind of medication for severe allergies,and skin throat is better but my skin is still the same.i have washed my body with dove after finding out thats not what was causing my skin to itch so bad.i have also taken benadryl.
Avatar f tn I know my exposure is at low risk according to wt doc said but i feel itchy all over my body constantly, has anyone experienced the same? Is itchy skin one of the hiv symptom? I also have dry mouth and white tongue started 6 days ago but is getting slightly better.
Avatar m tn skin condition, leg feels itchy and now have some kind of spot which gets firm and the area around feels very firm and is very painful,the doctors make an opening which than takes over a week to heal,antibioctives given fluxcillian 500mg
Avatar m tn My husband age 59 has been experiencing burning, prickly itchy skin at random times but mostly during the evening. He has the sensation of pins and needles pricking his skin from the inside out. This mostly occurs on his arms or legs or back, but not concurrently. First it was his legs then it moved to his back and currently the problem is on his arms. The sensation will be symetrical, i.e. both arms. The prickling turns into severe itching with sensations of pin pricking pain.
Avatar f tn I have the exact same symptoms as well. Very itchy and skin is bruising prob. from scratching it so much. I soaked in the hottest bath imaginable for it on my feet and it relieved it for hours, but yet it still does not explain what this is caused from or how to prevent it. I don't have any faith in doctors or hospitals anymore because honestly they all depend on the net too much for prognosis/diagnoses whatever!
Avatar n tn I'm 25 years old. The last time I went to the doctor was Dec 07 about the itchy skin. They prescribed allergy medicine but I was about to lose insurance so I didn't take the prescription. Plus I felt the allergy med would just cover up the problem, not fix it. Lately I've been having bad headaches, especially on the top left side. Maybe I' not getting enough sleep.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are restricted to the skin and cause an itchy red ring that when scratched gets worse and more itchy. It is irritating and will drive you crazy and often people scratch off the skin leaving themselves open to infection, but it is not considered a life threatening problem. There is no systemic involvement with ringworm. Your symptoms of stool, throat and other problems are not generally caused by ringworm.
Avatar f tn I have started having the following symptoms 1. Severe burning in my ranging from my stomach to my throat 2. Itchy skin (may be unrelated) 3. "lump in my throat" feeling 4. Light-headedness with slight blurry vision especially while driving. 5. Excessive hunger I have tried the following meds: 1. Nexium 2. Pepcid 3. Zantac (best so far) 4. Apple Cider Vinegar baths for my skin I would like to try Orange oil or Orange peel extract for the GERD. Does anyone have any ideas for me?
Avatar f tn We were told we just had some virus and would have to wait it out. Fine, 3 weeks later, we both have extremely dry, itchy skin and our palms and soles of our feet are bubbly and peely. Does anyone know, is this just part of the virus or do we have a skin ifection or something?
Avatar m tn Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places, often in a matter of hours. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications.
Avatar n tn Before I just thought that I'm hungry but even after few minutes after eating I still feel the abdominal cramps or pain. I also have itchy skin, but there sometimes i feel from different part of my body mostly arms, legs, fingers, back and back of neck. during night and early morning, my lower neck(front) upto upper chest is reddish. I can draw a line and it will mark a red line.
Avatar n tn hi i have a badly swollen face especially under the eyes-can hardly see my eyes. my skin is red and itchy and oozes. my throat is scratchy. i am in mexico for 6 weeks and developed this suddenly in the first week. i don't know what to do and am in severe pain. i am worried that it is chagas disease but the head of research says no. (i am at a biological reserve in jalisco, as my husband is on sabbatical). could you tell me what it is? i had fish ceviche the day it happened but am not allergic.
Avatar n tn So, three days later, my symptoms have not ceased, have only gotten worse, and on top of that, my body is incredibly itchy everywhere from my feet to my scalp and when I scratch my skin patches of small red bumps appear...I am extremely tired, my tonsil is very sore, and I itch everywhere, and it has now been 13 days...I don't know what to do and am worrying that these could be symptoms of something serious...
Avatar n tn A few days later a skin infection came out around my lips(not itchy,peeled wen i didnt put cream on it and neva bled). It seemed like stuck on skin and when i put cream on it, the skin was coming off exposing my normal skin underneath it. The skin infection cleared after three days of fuisidic cream treatment and my sore throat was gone but the glands are still there.
Avatar m tn hello there! i am a 14 year old boy.. my skin has been itchy and it is sorta hard to swallow my own spit only like when im just laying on the left side of my chest on my nipple and just like three pimple things above my nipple. they look like pimples but itch and they looked like a pimple but in the center of them looked like a small black needle in the middle in each one.. dont want to go to the dr. plz help me worried!! tell me what i should do! please!
Avatar n tn My mucous membrane tissues seem to be dried out, irritated, and itchy (nose, eyes, throat, vagina). It is quite miserable. My nose feels as if I have inhaled bleach at times. The outside tends to itch. My eyes mostly itch in the corners near the nose but the lids, skin around, and inside eyes also itch. I can hardly tolerate contacts at this point and mostly wear my glasses. My skin throughout my body has began to itch, primarily random spots on arms and legs.
Avatar f tn But it has other associated signs and symptoms such as cough, runny nose, inflamed eyes, sore throat, fever and a red, blotchy skin rash. Hives or urticaria causes red and sometimes itchy rash on the body such as face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs and perhaps anywhere on the body. They are usually allergic (food, medication and insect stings) but may also be due to infections and stress. Many a times no specific cause for them is ever found.