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Avatar n tn Every night, literally a few minutes after I lay down to go to sleep, I develop this horrible itchy throat that always leads to coughing and gagging. This sensation will last for about ten to fifteen minutes, which i will spend coughing, drinking water, blowing my nose, and trying desperately not to throw up. Then it will fade to a more mild itch that I can sleep though. I will feel fine all day, and then, consistently, this cough will rise up as I'm about to go to sleep.
775864 tn?1235524848 I have always been like this, when I stay overseas, well most of iot is either onboard a cruise ship and in Hongkong, I feel just fine but few weeks after I got home to Manila, I develop a dry itchy throat coughing and it embarasses me in my new office. My office mates, though they do no say anything I know suspects that I maybe seriously sick. I have tried taking antihistamines for a week but it does not improve.
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2131426 tn?1361423243 I have an itchy throat with dry cough. My voice is affected . I melted lozenges for my throat and gargled with warm salt water , still it's uncomfortable. What natural remedy can I relieve myself of this itchy throat, dry cough with a low unusual sound of my voice? Thanks.
Avatar m tn so for the past week, I have been having this itchy feeling in my throat right underneath my larynx. I am having coughing fits every few minutes and every time I breathe in deeply it triggers a coughing fit. it is a dry cough for the most part with a little bit of phlegm, but I am also having on and off cold symptoms (runny nose with clear mucus, sneezing). some of the coughing fits have gotten so bad that I have not been able to breathe and almost thrown up.
Avatar n tn I am a normally healthy person who had a sudden attack of my throat closing up very suddenly in my offic. My throat felt itchy like I needed to clear it which I tried to do which then turned into a cough which then seemingly turned into a spasm. I felt about to pass out when the episode subsided. The ER doctor thought it might be VCD as a reaction to something. I do work in an old building which they are constantly working on. Right now they are doing masonry work.
Avatar f tn About two month ago I was cleaning tool shed and there was lots of dust and mice infestetion. As I was sweeping it I must have breathed some in. Since then this is two months I have had problem with swollen uvula in the throat, hoarsness and some wheezing on exhale, also swollen glands in the neck and burning pain in the neck area. I also have itchy forehead, with little rash. I am tired and worn out most of the time. Could this be some allergy or virus?
Avatar n tn The symptoms of my allergies (grass, ragweed, dust, mold, cats and cockroaches) has always been itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion and an itch in my throat at the sides of my tongue about where the Eustachian tubes drain. For the past couple of months the throat itch has become more like an attack of pin jabs further down the throat that makes me cough until I gag.
Avatar m tn Everytime i go to London to stay with a friend, the room has been a little dusty, and I always developed symptoms of dust allerg ie itchy nose, eyes and throat. My question is, I have never had such a high frequency of getting allergy. is this a symptom of HIV infection? Do my unprotected oral sex experience either giving or receiving pose any risk of me getting infected with HIV?
Avatar f tn Hi Just thought I'd let you all know how I cured my husbands dust mite allergy problems. For years he had driven me mad with the coughing, wheezing and itchy throat he had every morning and the noises he made were disgusting. As he was not prepared to do anything (typical man) I did some research myself on line and decided that as the problem was mainly after sleeping that the must be allergic to dust mites.
Avatar n tn Help!!! i have been experiencing itchy throat, watery left eye, headache and sneezing since 2007. It has been going on and off eversince then and seemed to eased off with the use of Levocethirizine 10mg. The problem now is that this symptoms has been persistent and very embarassing and troublesome. I have used Levocetirizine and Piriton but with no change this time. It has now gotten to the point where I have nusea everyday and have to vomitt everyday before i feel any kind of relief.
Avatar n tn I've had an ongoing cough for a year now. My throat always feels itchy like there's dust in the throat and it makes me cough. When I feel the sensation coming on, the only relieve I get is if I drink water. My cough is also of a white/clear phlegm and it leaves me breathless afterwards. Its affecting my work and sleep at night. Smoke, spicy food and dust also sets me off. I've been tested for allergies and the only thing I'm allergic to is grass mix.
681588 tn?1275086789 For the past 3 months I've been experiencing throat irritation. My throat is red and raw every day, though not dry. It doesn't hurt when I swallow, nor do I feel like I've got anything with substance stuck in my throat. I've been known to have minor colds once a month for the past year, but for the past 2 months I've been cold-free. I've never had strep, pneumonia or any major respiratory infection. But I do get sick a lot. My immune system is crud for some reason!
Avatar n tn I am 59 and allergic to dust mites. Although I have been generally better the last couple years with fewer long-term episodes, the attacks I get are extreme and severe. My eyes itch, itch, itch! I also feel miserable and am easily irritated. The nose, throat and ears also itch. Big time headackes also. No amount of new or old anti-histamine medication works. All types of eyedrops have been tried and are useless. Immunization also did not work.
392548 tn?1216614379 When I look on the web there's a lot of itchy throats but I wanted to find itchy lungs. I think my problem may be to do with dust and cats. My cats come into my bedroom and I can sometimes see the dust motes in the air. I'm going to start a better regime of clearing dust because in the long term my lungs could suffer. Make sure where you sleep is as dust free as possible, this may help.
Avatar m tn Would there be something that would cause PND / mucus to irritate the throat but not reach the nose? I have noticed that the throat feels _much_ better when I prop up my head with two pillows to sleep the night before and when I get a full night's sleep.
Avatar m tn Hello, I started having this random itchy, tickle in my throat that would cause me to cough, during the day and night during most of the year. It didn't dawn on me that it could be allergies, as at 47, I had never had any problems. Someone with similar issues turned me on to Loratadine(Claritin), which worked GREAT for several years and in the last few months just stopped working.
Avatar f tn I have been wanting to do an allergy test because my allergies are so bad. I think I am super allergic to dust, which is very difficult to get rid of enough for t to not bother me. I was kind of wondering if I had tangled with something I was allergic to just before this last time that it flared it. I wasn't sure if the ears thing could be triggered by an allergy though, since it is not commonly known as an allergic reaction.
Avatar n tn If you are having a horribly itchy scalp, itchy forehead, red bumps on scalp or face, dry skin, itchyface, "eczema" pimples on the scalp or most terribly the itchy scalp that will not go away that leads to hair loss; you have probably come in contact with a person who has one of these symptoms in their mouth or have touched an object after they have had their hands in or around their mouth. You may even be the carrier.
Avatar m tn he bought off-brand detergent trying to save money and I broke out in small red bumpy hives...itchy everywhere! Also if you have eczema make sure you are using hypoallergenic lotion such as Cetaphil and a sensitive skin soap (non-fragrence) such as Dove. Hope this all helps!! ALSO make sure you change your bed sheets every couple weeks!
288415 tn?1231634102 I sense relief then the symptoms return. Most days I can hear but am constantly aware that my ears are itchy. The challenge is to not itch. If I itch, I usually get flaky stuff that I literally can lift off my inner ear.If I itch too much it becomes wet and begins draining a wet clear fluid. Then at night, whatever side I lay on clogs shut. In the morning there is thick crusty crud that again I try not to pick at. Im obviously in continual circle of symptoms here.
Avatar f tn OK, I'm 36, and I've had the same itchy leg problem since I was in elementary school. It only comes up when I walk or jog in COOL weather, not in the heat of Summer. It happened again this morning and I hate it! It can definitely drive someone completely insane! I'm not sold on the 'rise in body temperature' theory b/c I'm able to exercise when it's hot - and we also have a hot tub that has never given me a problem... I'm so tired of not knowing why!
Avatar f tn lots of thick saliva after I eat/drink 2.sticky gelatin like mucus in back of throat constantly, it makes my throat is closing or swelling, I am allways am chooing gum trying to make more salivia so I can swallow 3.burping/presure in esophagus while eating 4. weight gain/upper stomach fullness/bloating feeling 5.tierd all the time 6. feeling of throat swellig and supper dry mouth after brushing my teeth?
Avatar n tn One of the most common symptoms is the need to keep clearing your throat. If it is more severe reflux, you can have hoarseness and chronic severe sore throat as well. Coughing, especially at night, is another very common symptom. You could try some OTC Prilosec while you wait to see your doctor again.
Avatar m tn In the naughtiness of the moment i performed oral sex on her and immidiatly after i felt like a heavyness in my throat, like when one has trouble swallowing certain types of food. I forgot about it and the next day i had an itchy sensation in the area i felt the heavyness the day before, i know that at some point i did swallow some of the vaginal discharge. 3 months later i went for an hiv test it came back nagative.