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Avatar n tn Hey, I have a itchy scrotum. In my genital area, i have these red looking pimples and they also seem to be somewhere really close to ma anus. I have also noticed some white dots on the underskin of my penis. I think i might have these dots on my testicles too .This is happening to me from the last 10 days. I wake up in the middle of the night and start scratching my scrotum( testicles). I apply creams such as Candid,Fucidin and Calendula to my pimples( in the genital area, even the testicles).
Avatar m tn I always feel my testicles moist and sometimes itchy, but the worst problem is the smell. The smell and moist feeling has been around has been around since I've been a freshmen in high school and now I'm a senior in high school. I thought it would go away but it doesn't. I dry myself thoroughly and put powder to try to stay dry but it doesn't help. It has destroyed my social life. Everybody tries to avoid contact from me, even my teachers. I'm not overweight.
Avatar n tn I have had a problem with itching in my private area on my testicles, scrotum, the area between my scrotum and my butt for about a year. It would come back and go away, however, for the past three months I have been itching so bad that I cannot sleep. I have itched my butt crack and taint raw to where it is bleeding and pusing. I have had to change my underwear multiple times a day to no avail.
Avatar n tn So over the last two months I have had really bad itching all over my body, especially concentrated on the underside of my testicles and thighs. It started with the testicles so naturally I though I had jock itch, having had it once before. On top of the jock itch like symptoms my body has been itching espcially my legs arms and scalp. The itching gets really bad at night. It has kept me from sleeping over the last week. The only thing that seems to help is benadryl. Do I have scabies?
Avatar f tn I began to have an itchy penis and testicles around 3 weeks ago. The itching became severe and my penis shaft wept fluid from the constant scratching. This is only localised to my shaft, there is no itching on the head or under my foreskin. I also have very itchy and sore eyelids. They split and will not heal. I have used hydrocortisone cream on both to no avail. I also have a rash now developing on my thighs and chest. I also cut myself shaving around 2 weeks ago and the cuts will not heal.
Avatar m tn Then in November 2009, the tingling and burning sensations spread to my testicles, followed by pain in testicles. I was really worried by this point. Tingling and burning sensations spread to the legs and arms over the course of the next 3 months, with muscle twitching in arms and legs. Irritated penis tip and itchy/tingling/crawling sensation in testicles & scrotum persisted, however pain in testicles subsided, but there is mild pain on and off.
Avatar n tn i have this itchy skin irritation around my testicles/scrotum. The problem is the area gets sweaty, which causes me to scratch it and then it becomes red but does not bleed though?
Avatar m tn I have skin fungus that speads and almost looks like skin pigment, very bad build up of yeast in my ears, itchy rectum all the time, dry skin and dandruff, sensitive to cleaners and dust, swollen stomach, sexual disfunction, sore testicles, cloudy thoughts, inability to think or concentrate, sore throat for years that causes headaches, and I feel like I am going crazy because first, I am getting no help, second nothing is being found in tests.
Avatar f tn Hello am Baba am 21 years old, like 2 years ago i noticed a change in the skin around my groin area, the skin turned red, scaly, dry and sometimes itchy under my testicles my groin and along the ventral aspects of my penis also and is sometimes associated with a lump that is painful when touched which eventually form sores.
Avatar m tn Then in November 2009, the tingling and burning sensations spread to my testicles, followed by pain in testicles. I was really worried by this point. Tingling and burning sensations spread to the legs and arms over the course of the next 3 months, with muscle twitching in arms and legs. Irritated penis tip and itchy/tingling/crawling sensation in testicles & scrotum persisted, however pain in testicles subsided, but there is mild pain on and off.
Avatar m tn For the last month and a half my testicles have been very itchy, whenever im at home or sitting down in a warm area its not bothersome. But whenever i am moving around at work or just light walking they begin to itch. I cant resist the itch because its so painful little shots, iv been to a clinic. He gave me some painkiller medicine said give it time, he checked for testicle cancer and some other easy 5 minute tests.
Avatar m tn and sticky, much like you might feel after a long run. My genitals are constantly itchy in various places on my penis, testicles and pubic area. When I sit down, I experience a burning / prickling feeling in my groin, buttocks and thighs. The feeling is constant but is not generally felt when standing up or lying down. Minimal alleviation from the burning feeling is gained if I sit on a donut shaped cushion, but it does not help much.
Avatar f tn I have burning while urinating, and the opening to the urethra is red and swollen like the rest of the penis head and hurts when rubbing up against clothing. I have had some pain in my testicles and overall pressure in the pelvic region, along with a sore/itchy area above my butt, right on the tailbone, and an occasional itch in my anus. I have had sore and stiff muscles, and a rash on other parts of my body. My primary doctor did not seem concerned, and told me to put lotrimin on it again.
Avatar f tn I should also let you know I was drinking lots of beer so I'm curious if this is a yeast infection. Also there is a history of diabetes in my family. Please help.
Avatar m tn Over the course of the next year the frequency of the symptoms continued to get worse - they went from being present maybe a couple of days per week, to being present most days, to being present every day. And they moved more strongly towards feeling like peeing all the time, rather than just feeling itchy. Over this period I had many tests and treatments tried - my urine and blood was checked for glucose, I was tested for STDs and had my prostate examined, all normal.
Avatar n tn I also have had dry scaling skin around my nose since than and every once and a while my groin still feels itchy and gets a little rashy. Is it possible I still have the infection after all this time and the swollen testicle is a symptom? It's not really painful, just a little swollen and itchy. What can I do? Posted by HFHS M.D.
Avatar f tn Around July of this year, my ex called and told me that he think I had given him something. He was experiencing pain in his testicles and abdomen and said it hurt when he ejaculated. At that point, my world started to collapsed. No, I haven't always protected myself and yes, I've made some pretty awful decisions when it comes to my sex life. At the age of 25, I had never been tested for any stds before because I had no symptoms.
Avatar m tn Red testicles with brown spots on the bottom. They itch from time to time. They also are "pulled up", rather than hanging. Inner buttocks was burning for about a week. Doctor said that I had an anal fissure. Doubt this because I had no pain during bowel movements or wiping, so I don't know about that one. Felt a couple pains in my toes. Could this possibly be something I picked up at the gym?
Avatar n tn I happen to also shave my testicles with a razor blade that same night after and the bumps seem to just be from my pubic hairs on my testicles. Is it also possible I opened myself up more that way too even though I shaved after dry humping in jeans with an infected person?
Avatar n tn Frequent urination 10 days onwards post exposure, genitals burning, testicles hurting, always felt wetness on the boxers. No discharge however on milking. 3. Bad stomach cramps and diarrhea from day 15 to day 40. 4. Around 2.5 - 3 months post exposure constant burning of hands and feet gave way to occasional burning and pain in the soles felt at times. This has continued till date and I am at 8 months post exposure 5.
Avatar n tn My penis just became very itchy and i put some cream on it. Next thing I knew it was pretty lifeless with hardly any feeling of blood in the head. I've had all the bloodtests and appointments with hotshot urologists. I'm seeing one right now that is going to do the Duplex ultrasound on me. They think it's my prostate that's causing the mayhem. I just want an MRI of my prostate and the duplex.
Avatar m tn Dull and constant testicular ache. Hyper-sensitive testicles. Testicles slightly reddened, shinier than normal, but also usually slightly moist. Swollen inner cheeks and sometimes tongue. Very white tongue/soar throat/thrush symptoms Almost all symptoms worsen in sun and heat exposure, including if I induce the heat by working out (can be in a cool room).
Avatar n tn Along with the constant urge to urniate I have pain in my testicles,between my anus and testicles, a tight feeling in my anus, pressure in my bladder, and a sort of weird pain in my penis. I find when driving it's especially bad with the sitting position and the vibration of the car. To date I have had a colonoscopy 12 years ago which showed up prostatitis and I was also in hospital getting my bladder stretched twice.
Avatar n tn My brother had cysts on his testicles and the doctor operated to remove them. He was still in pain from his testicles and his left abdomen. For two years he was on Percocet. He finally went to a doctor who injected Novocain into the epididymis and scrotum. He has no pain today. I’m experiencing the same thing and after a short run on antibiotic, ultrasound and examination by the urologist I’m going to go and have the same procedure done.
Avatar m tn -weight loss (19 pounds in 6 weeks) - Itchy and tingling acne that shows up as white heads or just as red bumps and when it leaves there are red scars where they were -frequent urination -white tongue once in a while -tingling- originally started around left eye then spread to my entire body then disappeared and now only shows it self when i break out with acne on my face -Red eyes with mucus in the mornings- eyes are slightly irritated most of the days -swollen lymph nodes- groin and thro
Avatar m tn when i masturbate i loose my testicles sensation. it is like i dont have testicles. it feels like really relaxed and nothing in there. does it happen to you as well?
Avatar m tn Until I turned 34, I was very healthy, with the exception that I smoked. When I was originially dx'd with diabetes, they dx'd me with T2 diabetes, which seemed really odd, because I only weighed 180 pounds, and was really, really healthy... or so I thought. I had made so many lifestyle changes leading up to that year. I had been regularly exercising, eating healthy, etc. I felt fit as a fiddle, and was able to do things I'd never done before.
Avatar m tn In one study, rats in the higher dose groups, there were signs of damage to the testicles that included low sperm production and smaller and softer testicles. This was not seen in similar studies in dogs. Other tests showed that telaprevir may interfere with sex hormone receptors in rats but not in humans. Laboratory tests (inhibin B) to examine for changes in testicular function in humans have not shown adverse effects, but men in this study will continue to be studied.
Avatar m tn diary), take your notes with you to the doctor so that he will see a pattern of what is going on. Hopefully he will take a blood sample to check for anaemia, diabetes or other illnesses (depends on what the doctor thinks you may have) NOTE what I have said "MAY have". As you are not experiencing any digestive problems apart from loss of appetite, best to see the GP first, he will then determine whether you need to be examined by a gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn Condoms protect his fluids from getting in your, but your fluids could get on his pubic hairs or testicles and keep reinfecting you. So, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get him treated as well as you or this could keep reoccurring.