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Avatar n tn Hey, I have a itchy scrotum. In my genital area, i have these red looking pimples and they also seem to be somewhere really close to ma anus. I have also noticed some white dots on the underskin of my penis. I think i might have these dots on my testicles too .This is happening to me from the last 10 days. I wake up in the middle of the night and start scratching my scrotum( testicles). I apply creams such as Candid,Fucidin and Calendula to my pimples( in the genital area, even the testicles).
Avatar m tn Then in November 2009, the tingling and burning sensations spread to my testicles, followed by pain in testicles. I was really worried by this point. Tingling and burning sensations spread to the legs and arms over the course of the next 3 months, with muscle twitching in arms and legs. Irritated penis tip and itchy/tingling/crawling sensation in testicles & scrotum persisted, however pain in testicles subsided, but there is mild pain on and off.
Avatar n tn t consider myself overweight. I have had very itchy testicles, from my scrotum to my testicles and a little on my buttocks. I started using an anti-fungal cream, however, found that it wasn't working. I went to the doctors and she had a quick look and prescribed me Nystatin for jock itch. I have no pimples, blisters or warts. I have been finding no relief from the Nystatin, and have been also using Gold Bond medicated powder in between morning and night treatments.
Avatar m tn Sure it could be a number of things, people get itchy testicles all the time, very few times is it an std. The chances you got an std are close to none. Anxiety can even make you feel something that is in reality very minor. Try to calm down and relax and your symptoms will probably be much better.
Avatar n tn I suffer from constant itchy testicles even during the day, but more so at night...which lets me only sleep a couple of hours...Any reason for this? tried oils, lotions etc...with no help....sometimes seems to be more so the next day when I've gone out and had a drinks etc... anyone else had this??? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1106806'>Ichy testicals</a>.
Avatar f tn I began to have an itchy penis and testicles around 3 weeks ago. The itching became severe and my penis shaft wept fluid from the constant scratching. This is only localised to my shaft, there is no itching on the head or under my foreskin. I also have very itchy and sore eyelids. They split and will not heal. I have used hydrocortisone cream on both to no avail. I also have a rash now developing on my thighs and chest. I also cut myself shaving around 2 weeks ago and the cuts will not heal.
Avatar m tn my balls they have a red rash its itchy am usin the aqueous cream to calm the itch down the rash as spread on the balls area i have had it for sometime now its been 2 months what shall i do
Avatar n tn Sounds more like a reaction to the lotion you used. You changed the lotion you used and the next day red and itchy-sounds like they go together.
Avatar m tn I failed to mention in the above post that I have been suffering these symptoms (anus discomfort etc) for nearly 5 months and just now the red itchy testicles is a new one, very recent last 4 days. I felt it all started after a sexual encounter (hetero) but so far docs thing I am std free, according to examination and tests. Thanks again for your help.
Avatar n tn Two months is a long time to have itchy testicles. You are just treating yourself? Have you seen a doctor. I know people have avoided going to the doctor, however, that is starting to get better. They may also guide you over the phone. Are you sweating a lot? How's your hygiene these days? No chance you have an std or anything, right? Fungal infections are common reasons for itching like this. This gives a whole list of reasons for itchy balls. https://www.medicalnewstoday.
903167 tn?1242174418 hi, my testicles kinda itch (sack), tingly Feeling, and i kinda dont feel like eating could this be like the first sighn of herpes or infection maybe please help really worried ThankYou...
Avatar m tn heya everybody ive been having some issues, the doctors think i have jock itch and at the start so did i, it started as jock itch to the left of my testicles and i was given canesten hc cream and it worked for that area but now ive gotten worse much worse my testicles and entirely red not itchy and burning just red how ever my inner thighs are very very itchy and burning feeling but looks clear and is mainly triggered by sweat and moisture and ive been to the doctors 4 times and nothing they giv
Avatar n tn I've discovered white patches on the inner thighs just under my testicles. The patch area is pretty fair, soft and clean with no hairs.
Avatar f tn This isn't really general health.
Avatar m tn I have sweet smelling skin, dizziness, blurry vision, tightness in arms and feet, neuropathy in my feet, gastroparisis, heavy heartbeat, itchy/burning skin...don't know what to do and don't know what cuased this.
Avatar n tn Now the blisters are not painful or itchy in any way and are not clustered together, the thing that concerns me is that a few days after I noticed the blisters I keep having dry and itchy testicles which is new for me. Im alittle confused by this whole ordeal and any information or tips would be helpful.
Avatar f tn It’s been roughly 105 hours (little over 4 days) since the encounter, and I’ve noticed that the top of my testicles have been slightly itchy. The itch doesn’t necessarily stay in the same spot, and as far as I can tell, there are not yet any bumps. Rather the skin looks dry and scaly. I should also mention that I’ve been pulling at it and looking at multiple times the last few days. Also, the location of the itchy is basically on either side, maybe half an inch away from my penis base.
Avatar f tn Hi, on an average the would appear in the first week but not 1 or 2 days after. Also the first outbreak would be at point of contact like the shaft area not under your testicles. Also if she did not have any genital sores at the time your risk would be close to zero anyway. Test in 3 months if your concerned or 8 weeks as an indicator.
Avatar f tn my testicles were really itchy one night to the point where it hurt the skin under the tip of my penis also had Very dry skin. A day later the skin on my testicles became hard and then started to peel.
Avatar n tn i notice now 3 bumps on my penis head 1cm in diameter and also on my testicles and butt.. the itchy bumps on my inner thighs are not that bad.. but still itchy once in a while..
Avatar f tn I had sex with my partner a couple of weeks ago and a day or two later he complained of itchy red pimple like bumps on his groin area and testicles. He said this had happened before with a different girl he'd had sex with, and it was caused by my bacteria interacting badly with his own causing folliculitis. He started taking a topical antibiotic and applying that once every 8 hours. The bumps started to go away but keep showing up in different places (face, armpits, side, arms).
Avatar m tn I always feel my testicles moist and sometimes itchy, but the worst problem is the smell. The smell and moist feeling has been around has been around since I've been a freshmen in high school and now I'm a senior in high school. I thought it would go away but it doesn't. I dry myself thoroughly and put powder to try to stay dry but it doesn't help. It has destroyed my social life. Everybody tries to avoid contact from me, even my teachers. I'm not overweight.
Avatar n tn Hey I have noticed pea sized bumps on my penis head, butt testicles.. and itchy thighs.. they were smaller about a month ago.. but now are bigger.. the ones on my penis seem dry and splitting slightly.. i also notice cut type scratches near my penis hole.. ive been to the doctor about a onth ago and he prescribed me 1% cortizone cream.. but didnt really solve the problem.. could it be herpies?.. hpv?.. scabies?.. fungus?...
536029 tn?1213648108 Hi there, I actually have been experincing that too, at first i thought i was allergic to something, but I have Diabetes and my doctor said it has alot to do with that.. my blood sugars are not controlled. I guess that causes the itchiness. Have you gone to the doctor? What have they said or done for you?