Itchy skin under pubic hair

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Avatar m tn It's quite uncomfortable, itchy and you could end up getting spots from the hair being shaved under the skin (the hair grows back in on itself, it can be painful and go quite red). You can trim your pubes using scissors. Just be careful, if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you could ask them to do it.
Avatar n tn Recently, about 5 days ago I discovered similar bump under the skin in pubic hair area, couple inches above penis. It appeared overnight and almost did not change in size after that. This one is little bigger, about the size of pea. My first impulse was to squeeze it, which I did. Same white acne-type secretion came out, however pain while doing that was much worse than from acne type pimples.
Avatar n tn I have a hard, pea sized lump under the skin in my pubic area (less than 1/2 inch above clitoris and slightly to the left). It's not visible at all and can only be felt by touch - I first noticed it about 1 1/2 months ago. Went to my obgyn and she quickly told me it seems like an ingrown hair and I should put warm compresses on it. She even said it looked like a white head was coming up. Well, the compresses didn't work.
Avatar f tn I'm 14, and about a week ago I shaved my pubic hair, but not fully - just to clean it up. Ever since then I have had an unbearable itch around my labia/pubic area, which is embarrassing when I'm at school or out with my friends. What can I do to soothe or stop this itch?
Avatar n tn hi A while back i shaved the base of my penis to rid of growing hair i think it was after this when the hair grew back spots it seems only at the base of the penis came and has spreaded only where my pubic hair is and seems only at the roots of my pubic hairs what is this is it a rash, spots etc.
Avatar m tn This is worse when I am active and walking or running around a lot. When it is very itchy, The skin under the hair seems to be pinkish red which may be from scratching it. I also have a lot (15-20 ) very small white spots on my penis shaft that look like tiny pimples. I don't think they are pimples though becuase they never break through the skin and They seem to dissappear and reappear throughout the day.
Avatar n tn for the past 6 months I have had severe itching right at the bottom of my pubic hair, my vagina does not itch only the hair above my vagina... I went to the Dr. she found nothing and made me an appointment with a dermatologist..yeah right like I was going to a dermatologist for this embarrassing problem. It went away for a bout a week and reappeared.. I am a profuse sweater and sweet down there a lot. I bought all cotton panties, feminine wipes, tons of creams over the counter...
Avatar m tn I had protected sex with a new partner a few times, several weeks ago. Several days later, a number of 1/8'' (3mm) ish white, itchy, spots appeared under my pubic hair. They generally seem to be at the base of hairs. They have recurred in decreasing numbers since. When I scratch or wash them with a facecloth, the white, dry skin easily comes off, generally relieving most of the itchyness, and leaving a slightly red-ish area (somewhat raw looking skin).
Avatar n tn While having pretty rough protected sex with a woman who had short trimmed pubic hair, I felt her pubic hair pinching or poking my skin on my pubic area. Since then I've had an itchy rash in that region similar to small ant bites throughout that area for approx 4-5 days. It has been slowly getting better. My first thought was that I had contracted an STD, but I keep remembering the sensation of her pubic hair on my skin and keep thinking that it was just her hair.
Avatar n tn pimple kind of thing is developing in pubic hair its not on the shaft reddish colour non itchy and tough, Pl suggest This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241788'>bumps in pubic hair region</a>.
Avatar m tn I am a sexually active 19 year old, and two weeks ago i noticed an itchy red lump right in the hair above my penis. About a week ago it stopped itching and after shaving the hair off from above it there is brown scar-like tissue and a small bump beneath the skin.
Avatar m tn A few weeks later, i noticed a very itchy feeling in my pubic hair. I hoped it would go away... it didn't. It has been itchy for months. There was little to no redness. I freaked out about having an STD, and was tested for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia at the local health department. All were negative. I shaved the area to hopefully stop the itching, and some red bumps appeared.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I started to notice a small patch of discoloration under the pubic hair above my genitals, above and slightly to the sides of the base of my penis. Over the last few months, that discoloration has spread, so that it almost completely covers the skin under the - excuse me - "bush" area in an irregular, patchy, almost birthmark-like pattern. In fact, it looks like a birthmark - very light brown, almost coppery. It is not raised.
Avatar m tn As well now the blister in my public hair has gotten itchy and there are cyst like bumps under the skin of my public hair. I have swollen glands as well. I AM SO CONFUSED AS TO WHAT IS GOING ON. I booked a Doctors appointment, but I won't be able to go for another couple weeks. If anyone has ever had some similar experience or any insights I'd really appreciate some feedback. I'm getting a little concerned.
Avatar n tn It causes chronic scarring and pus formation of the underarms, groin/inner thigh, and pubic hair areas. In women it can also occur under the breasts. It is similar to acne, which is also a disease of the sebaceous glands. Hidradenitis is more common in people who have had acne. It may be an unusual type of adult acne. This condition is slightly more common in women and African-Americans, but also affects men.
Avatar n tn Ok so heres the deal, about a week ago i noticed these little red bumps under my pubic hair. Now im a pretty naturally hairy guy and i wasnt all bushy but i had a little, so i started to notice there was a rash looking thing. So i buzzed my pubes down like i do when i trim up. Well theres red bumps all over my pubic area, theyre not really really bad, but bad enough to notice and they itch pretty badly.
Avatar n tn Starting a month or so ago, I noticed some spots of discoloration under my pubic hair. It seems to vary in intensity from the normal (pale) color of my skin to a light brownish to a light red. There are no bumps and no itching (or maybe very, very slight, occasional itching that might also just be the hair being a little itchy). It doesn't seem to be anywhere on the penis or scrotum and it doesn't get outside the area of pubic hair. Can anyone tell me what this is?
Avatar n tn I am writing in response to a question that went up in 2006.. I am a female in my mid 30s. At the beginning of July, I noticed some itching in the groin/pubic region (not on genitals, just in region of pub hair above) when I went to the beach. I had not had any sexual contact since mid-May. The area has remained somewhat dry, red, and itchy ever since, although it varies and is worse at night and when I wear bathing suits.
Avatar n tn It doesn't have a white head and its definitly under the skin. At times it is soo itchy and I have a large amount of vaginal discharge. I feel too embarrassed to tel anyone and certainly couldn't bear anyone looking down there. Can anyone give me suggesitons on what to do?
Avatar f tn I have noticed my pubic region has been itchy over the last week or so but just figured it was overdry skin. While using the bathroom, I noticed a small spot of blood in the pubic hair and with a closer look, about 5 spots that were bleeding from scratching. They were about the size of a pinhead and appear to have broken from the scratching. I saw another tiny bump and scratched it and immediately the skin broke and it began to bleed a small amount. Overall the area is still itching.
Avatar f tn The brown skin and spots under my arms never itches, however sometimes the brown skin under my belly will itch. It is very unsightly. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
Avatar m tn The skin has gotten tougher in texture in the irritated areas, and has minimal pubic hair. I've used many over the counter anti-itch creams with no success, and now only use skin lotion for temporarily relief. There were also a few times where I noticed a small "ball like thing' (for lack of better words) emerging under and around the areas of discomfort. Due to embarrassment and stupidity, I decided to remove these "ball like things" myself.
Avatar m tn they are painless, no discharge and not itchy. they're not exactly under pubic hair root and not scaly. they are slightly hard, round. i also have some red bumps mixed in, oblong shaped and are not painful without discharge. I don't know how long it has been there since it is covered by hair. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn i am 13years old had have never had sex. i noticed a pee sized lump under my skin near my pubic bone with no white head or anything like a spot but it is really worrying be and i hate doctors, i am very shy and dont even think i could tell my mother about it. its scaring me to death SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn Iam assuming that if this was pubic lice it would be very itchy and i dont think they would be restricted to one area. As it is though i have never had it so im not sure. And since you have never had sex it definately would suggest that this isnt pubic lice. Have u ever had oral sex? This could be some kind of skin or fungal infection.
Avatar n tn where the pubic hair grows is swollen on the left side, i have two red bumps and two white bumps on my labia minora and they hurt and itch. i've only had sex with my boyfriend who has only had sex with me. what could this be? i'm terrified right now.
Avatar m tn I am not sexually active (last time was 3 years ago) and under no circumstances we removed the condom at all during the act. Thing is after 1 day I feel moderately itchy in my pubic area and after I took many hot showers it still persists on. I looked a lot of times if I could find any pubic lice, even tried with a comb but I couldn't find anything unusual in the comb, also no spots or anything weird on the skin in my pubic area.