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Avatar m tn I've have dry flaky skin under my beard and eyebrows pretty much all the the time. I apply moisterizer after my showers and in the mornings before no effect. It doesnt itch or burn...just flaky and embarrasing because i look like i've been eating glazed donuts or soemthing. I drink plenty of water daily and i take multivitamins as well. not sure why i mention that but if that informations helps. Is there any suggestions as to what i can to do solve this problem?
Avatar n tn Hello I have a beard and on my cheek under the beard there is a patch of very red skin, about the 1 inch radius. This has been like this for about 8 months, it is not itchy or painful at all, I barely notice it. It is very red skin and it develops little yellow spots inside it and sometimes forms a scab and gets a bit dry, eventually the scab falls off, and then the skin is very red and shiny. This seems to repeat itself every 2-3 weeks.
Avatar m tn Recently (a few weeks) I developed very itchy, dry, flaky skin under my chin and on my upper lip under my goatee. It itches much more under my chin than on my lip and it's much more flaky on my lip than under my chin - odd, I know. The only facial product I use on my face (other than bar soap on occasion) is Just for Men Beard & Mustache coloring.
Avatar f tn Just a thought, I have PBC and AIH so I can suffer terribly from itchy skin. It is that bad that you want to rip the skin off. Now my meds have sorted I am ok for now but I did have something general at the start which was helpful. Questran. This product is for itchy scalp conditions, scalp meaning the skin all over the body. Also , a general vitamin E6 cream to put back some of the essentials on to the skin helps. Try anything, its worth it as not every remedy suits every person.
Avatar n tn One thing I noticed is that there is a small white/clear hair-like strand left under the skin after the bump has drained and if it touches any other part of the skin, I experience a stinging or numbness where it does. I experience the same sensation on my fingertips just after washing my face as well. I don't know what to do next, It seems like some symptoms would make it seem like Herpoes, some like staph and some like a fongus.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar f tn I am desperate and have dealt with this my whole life. I have itchy bumps on my entire arm/shoulder area which leave horrible scars. I am unable to wear short sleeve shirts most of the time. The bumps will start out as red welts, which turn into tiny, tiny white heads. These things itch uncontrollably! Sometimes they fill up with with the pimple like puss. If I squeeze them I get some relief. Dermatologists state this condition is eczema, I do not believe it because A.
Avatar f tn My husband has large itchy, flaky skin on his scalp and in his beard and mustache. It flakes in large yellow chunks that tend to be quite thick and if scratched off will often bleed. It is embarassing as he has large yucky flakes falling out all the time. He has tried prescription shampoos which worked for a couple months only. Now he uses a different kind of shampoo and conditioner every time he washes his hair which helps a bit but not much. Also have used different oils, etc.
288415 tn?1231634102 No running in ears but still maddening external itching. Crusty **** can be scraped off the itchy area. Its like dried onion skin. C'mon I know I am not the only one with this ****. Help!
Avatar n tn Lately I’ve been getting it more often, once or twice a month, and not only around my right eye but it has spread to an area under my nose and my chin. I feel it spreads more and more every time I get it. It starts by getting red and slightly inflamed. Then it starts to itch (a lot!) and if I scratch it, it weeps. The liquid turns yellowish and it creates some kind of scab. A few days later it dries up to the point that it flakes off. I’m not sure if it’s an allergy or a skin conditions.
Avatar n tn Whenever I place a hot towel (with hot water) on the area concerned, it itches and relieves it temporarily. I cannot see any visible spots under the beard but sometimes after I shave, it leaves a trail of bumps (not red or white), within the skin. Please help as I have had this problem for years. I use anti-septic soap to wash my face once-a-day and shampoo once every-few days.
Avatar n tn * Ringworm infects your scalp or beard. * His skin does not improve after 4 weeks of self-care. If suspected ringworm does not respond to routine antifungal treatment, further diagnostics must be performed, like a skin biopsy, a fungal culture, or a skin scraping for fungus identification. Let us know if you need any further information. It would be advisable to consult a skin specialist for the symptoms and a proper clinical examination.
Avatar n tn Hi, You may be having skin tags or warts. Skin tags are extensions of all the layers of the skin and are caused by obesity, diabetes or other causes. Warts are caused by infections by viruses, leading to extensive growth of the outer layer of the skin. Warts spread through auto-inoculation as well as injuries at the sites makes them propagate, this is known as Koebner phenomenon. If this is a wart, there is a fair chance that more will crop up.
Avatar f tn He said that your hair is growing back, and it itches to help the hair pierce the skin better, and remove dead skin from on top of the new hair growth. When you scratch, you naturally remove the dead skin on top of the new hair growth. He suggested encasing my bed as well, and it really did help. Finally, he suggest shaving downwards (from knee to ankle) instead of upwards. This really did help.
Avatar n tn My husband gets red flacky skin around his nose and beard. What would cause that, and is there anything I can get to stop it.
Avatar n tn It is a sort of itching sensation and then a sensation that there is something crawling under my skin. When I rub it with my fingers it disappears for a while but inevitably it returns within a few minutes. There is no pain involved. Would be interested to find out if there is a medical explanation for this!
Avatar n tn Small itchy red bumps are all over my cheeks and chin. They aren't pimples. I typically have clear skin so I don't understand where this is coming from. I'm 31 years old by the way. No history of allergies. Please help!!
Avatar n tn i hope i'm not offending u but what if there is no discharge. i have absolutely problem is the itching, especially on my right side of my "lip". it feels as if bugs are scurrying under my skin.
Avatar m tn Also the under belly of my arms that didn't get any sun are also itchy and have tiny bumps only at itchy moments. Back to the dermatogolist I suppose for my 5th visit.
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms (red swollen eyelids, both top and bottom, red swelling on the skin to the outside of the eyes, flakey, dry itchy too) for about 5 weeks. I thought it was becuase I am newly pregnant (hormones?) - have tried the baby soap and have been not wearing makeup, washed all my makeup brushes, changed pillow case more often and nothing is helping. However, Aveeno HAND cream does help with the dryness and itching a bit, but it does not cure it.
Avatar n tn About six years ago, I noticed nasty little puckers and crepiness in the crook of my elbow. About six months ago, the skin under my underarm (on the inner side of my arm) started to look saggy. I have an antiaging blog and have used this to document everything logical to be done about this since many of my readers are experiencing the same.
Avatar m tn I was told by my dermo that I had Seborrheic dermatitis. It was dry itchy and scaly under my beard, in the nose folds, ears and eyebrows. I was given desonate gel to use for 2 weeks and things calmed down. However now I just have a redness itchy forehead. I put moisture cream o it and it doesnt really help. Is this still donsidered Seborrheic dermatitis? And would the desonate gel still be the right rx to use?
Avatar n tn For the last couple of years I have had a problem which has caused me great discomfort. Whenever I grow a beard, my skin around my beard (in the SAME certain areas) are sore and itchy. Whenever I apply a HOT towel to those areas, the feel of relief is tremendous, but also causes excess itchiness (especially in hot climates).. Whenever I shave, the area on my skin is mainly clear with a few red spots on both cheeks (similar to red bumps and without whiteheads).
Avatar f tn The rash started on the right side of my neck and quickly spread to the centre then to the left side it is red and pimply in some spots, felt like there was something under the skin in another spot some spots, it was very tender,itchy and inflamed, and would get very irritated from colar of coveralls rubbing on it at work, i let my beard grow out for a week and though it was going away but when i shaved it irritatated it and now its just like it was before and looks a little bumpy..
Avatar f tn I got ringworm under my breast last Sept. and topical ointments didn't clear it up. My doctor put me on Fluconozole for 14 days and that did clear it. btw: they did a test on my liver first. The doctor said he's positive it's ringworm. It is a red ring with clear center. Okay, now I contacted this thing again and under the same breast. The creams did nothing for it. So the doctor put me on Fluconozole again after doing the liver test.
Avatar n tn However, for the past year or so I have been developing a strange rash on my forehead which seems to come and go. The rash isn't itchy at all. It is like raised bumps all over my forehead and the skin appears greasy. The bums are generally skin coloured, not red. When I brush my hand over it, it feels a bit like sandpaper. It started when I was about 4 weeks into using the Duac Gel and appeared quite suddenly, within about 2 days.
Avatar m tn Beginning of 2012 get a small red patch on upper lip, try moisturising it, antifungal creams, steroid creams and nothing changes, so for the rest of 2012 I moisturise it with Almond cream and doesn't bother me much At the beginning of 2013 the only thing I changed was that I started exercising more, it's progressively gotten worse, as of the beginning of September 2013 it was well and truly in my eyebrows, up past my nose almost to my right eye, to the point of last month I started growing a
Avatar n tn In the lower middler jaw, besides large red razor bump spots there were 2 masses under skin they would move if pushed around. They did not hurt that bad but get inflammed at times and have had them for a long time off and on, hair stopped growing over them.
Avatar m tn Searching on the internet points to skin irritation caused by beard but it looks more like dermatitis than skin irritation. I got sebboric dermatitis (either from worry/dandruff or from HIV who knows?) I got tested for HIV/VDRL last year twice (4 and 8 months post exposure). Both were non-reactive. Still couldn't believe that i dont have it.
Avatar m tn The rash itself is cocentrated on my jawline, somewhat like a beard would be. It is red, scaly, iritated, mildly itchy. Absent are zit-like pimples, whiteheads and so on. I am intersted in your input. I have done independent reseach. Looks like a facial yeast infection, however; I would like to know other ideas. I have been to an allergenist. Nothing worthy of mention. I am slated to see the dermatologist the end of this month. Thanks.