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Avatar m tn In the meanwhile I went to the doctor for sore throat and had done hiv antibody testing(too soon I know) after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks antibody and antigen. Negative result. Doctor said sore throat is caused by virus. Two days ago I had cramps, had to vomit, and had a slight fever. Also pimples and small red area on my glans penis. Fever and cramps lasted only 2 days. Further still got folliculitis and acne on chest and upper legs. Don't know what to think.
Avatar m tn Hello Sir, thanks for your suggestion, but doctors could not find any results in blood samples. Everything is normal .Still I am suffering from dry cough, itchy skin, sore throat and ulcer. Can I do a HIV test?
Avatar f tn I have a sore itchy throat from my allergies and since I can't take my allergy medicine what are some things I can use to make this annoying feeling go away on 6 weeks 5 days today.
Avatar m tn and recently (starting from 1 and half months before) i started to have a mild itchy rash on outer forearms where my skin got dry and itchy with pores becoming white; (now they are not that itchy). and i started having sore throat time to time and as i'm typing this, im recovering from a sore throat which is at its end trails, that lasted for about 5 days; that gave me mild fevers in day 2 and 3.. am i showing early symptoms of hiv? im so scared and depressed.
Avatar m tn I have nearly completed the antibiotic course however I have not yet completely recovered from the sore throat and other symptoms. also I have developed itchy feeling and irritation on my penis. Does this mean I have HIV?
1399033 tn?1449587779 It started making my throat itchy again. Df and I were getting ready for bed and my nose started to bleed a little. After going to bed and waking up, my throat is sore. I can feel some discomfort when I swallow. I'm 6w 3d pregnant. What can I take for this soreness in my throat?
Avatar m tn but this persistent sore throat is still on...the guy I slept with had it too for a long time...possible HIV?...And after giving head on him, 2 weeks later I feel this itchy rash all over my was swallen fever... Teak, I just need you to give me some many people that get HIV feel their skin itchy during the first weeks of seroconversion?...does a sorethroat lingers on for a long time after being infected?...
Avatar n tn I am also experiencing some mild abdominal discomfort, a fever, sore throat, swollen glands in the throat, mild headache, and aches and pains. At first I assumed that the two were unrelated and I might have a cold. I've had swelling in the vulva and specifically around the vaginal opening for about 5 days. These are all of my symptoms, could someone please tell me what's wrong.
Avatar n tn Was this associated with flulike symptoms, sore throat, abdominal pain, insect bites or fever?
Avatar n tn Went to ENT, he checked my nasal/throat with camera, said looked fine, probably allergies or acid reflux causing the sore throat. No discharge from penis or anything like that. Now my question is this. Just to be safe, 29 days after exposure, I had a full STD screening (HIV PCR, Syphilis, Hep B Surface, Chlymydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes 2 IgG type specific HerpeSelect; I have had cold sores over my lifetime so I know I have at least Herpes 1).
Avatar m tn So why do I have these unexplained symptoms? First the aching leg muscles and sensitive skin now a sore throat and runny nose? Should I be concerned? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I know my exposure is at low risk according to wt doc said but i feel itchy all over my body constantly, has anyone experienced the same? Is itchy skin one of the hiv symptom? I also have dry mouth and white tongue started 6 days ago but is getting slightly better.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a sore throat for 3 days about 8-9 days ago, felt a bit feverish with chills for 24 hours maybe. 2 day's ago, 8-9 days after the onset of the sore throat I noticed a non-itchy, red rash on both legs just above the knee's, which subsided the next day, about 24 hours in total. The rash was bumpy but I checked all over and it was nowhere but on my legs, just above each knee. Anyone have a clue what this could be?
Avatar m tn I had spots on my penis but my Doc said it was a reaction to alot of maturbation, but now those spots are kindha like itchy. I'm not sure if its the spots of just the skin in general. But I'm totally freaked out. Could I've possibly caught something from her skin on her butt? Is it an STD or just a allergic reaction etc.?
Avatar m tn to date 8/7 (over 2 weeks) who are always tired, headache every day do not exceed 2 hours, then dim eyes, swollen glands, sore throat, sputum, dot hemorrhages under the skin, bleeding teeth every day. I worry about HIV infection.
Avatar m tn A few days later, i had sore throat and cough but no fever, or tiredness. I thought i caught cold. 2 months later, i again caught cold and i had severe sore throat and my coughing(not dry) took a long time to get over. Nowadays, i feel itchy in my skin sometimes and i noticed red bumps in the back corner of my tongue and they aches sometimes. Am i at risk of hiv or any other std?
Avatar n tn Have had a "sore" throat since mid June 2009. Sometimes sore but mostly sounds like a frog in my throat, (thick mucous) prevents me from talking in normal tone. Some days a small amt chest pain with sore throat but very slight and usually goes away by afternoon. Have to clear throat often though may not allow voice to come back, occasional itchy throat and dry coughs.
Avatar f tn I have red itchy bumps on my vagina that are irritating. I have never had sex or any skin to skin contact besides kissing should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn About a week later i developed a sore throat and my genital region was also itchy. i was given meds for the sore throat but in the process of taking them i was also smoking weed daily because then i was a pothead. The sore throat pain seemed to go away but when i looked in the mirror at my throat i could see my tonsils were raw and the back of my throat had red bumps but i ignored it because the pain was gone and just assumed it was normal.
Avatar f tn And it has been about 2 days now and my foreskin is itchy but it is not abnormally red and has not got any spots or discharge. I also have a sore throat. Is this herpes, yeast infection, or just irritation from a somewhat rough hand job? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi, last week, i have notice a few pinkish dot on my chest. I am 17 years old male. I thought it was acne and ignore it. Weirdly the bump occur mainly in places where people cannot see. Chest/ back/ inner thigh. From the knee down, it has nothing. my stomach doesn't has much but the sides of my body have the most. There was 2 on my hand. I observed it everytime since it's easy to see when i'm outside.