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Avatar f tn I'm 25+5 and my skin is itchy all over. I've read it van be normal but I've also read it can be ICP I guess its a liver condition and it usually starts around the 25th week. I wouldn't be paranoid but read it can cause still birth. Should I assume I the small percentage that can all of a sudden develop this ? I've had two normal pregnancies before no complications and this is my third.
Avatar n tn m constantly itchy and in pain. had an ultrasound and my liver is larger than normal.
Avatar m tn even when you are close to death by cirrhosis or liver cancer you have no synthoms, i ve seen three close persons having 2 cirrhosis and one cancer no signs at all, unfortunately for liver cancer there was nothing to do
Avatar f tn I was literally just complaining about this to my fiance lol. My skin has been really itchy. Ill be 19 weeks tomorrow. The one thing that has helped a little is Johnsons baby lotion. I put it in the fridge for a few mins to get it cold, its really relieving. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I am 19 week and I have itchy skin for the past 2 weeks now, I got rash over my inner thights and my arms, some on my lower back. I tried Aveeno oatmeal bath, Palmer‘s cocoa butter, Eucerin lotion, nothing works on me... what should I do????
Avatar f tn I informed my physician and she did a bile fractioned plasma test and checked my liver. We have a strong family history of liver/stomach cancer in the family, my labs came back negative, thank god! She said if they were positive I would have to be induced.
Avatar n tn i have muscle problems that have been giving me extreme itching and tention in my neck and rib cage i was really concerned about if it was my liver and was really needing some one to give me some time to look into my condition and see if its something to worry about- i guess what i should of said was what do you think it is not what i need to make it go away for the time being, have you heard of this happening to a client before?
Avatar f tn Hello~I am so sorry you are going through this. 13 years is a long time. Has your doctor done any blood work? Have you seen an allergist or dermatologist, you probably need a more specialized physician than just a GP.
16185611 tn?1445949214 Itchy skin is not necessarily due to an allergy. It is a hallmark of liver disease, among other disorders. You need a full in-person work-up by a primary care physician.
Avatar n tn However, it is something to keep an eye on. Bad burns increase your changes of skin cancer later on. In general, strong sunscreen is always a good idea.
Avatar m tn It could be due to iron deficiency anemia, liver and kidney disorders, thyroid disorders, polycythemia, diabetes and malignancies (cancer). It could also be due to certain medications and food. Others could be due to skin conditions like contact dermatitis and scabies. In contact dermatitis exposure to an irritant like a chemical or metal or anything you are allergic to, can cause rash and itching.
Avatar f tn I have been having like spots that are very itchy. The skin around them is red and the itch is intense. They are different size and the biggest is about 2 cm wide. They started to appear on the legs then the forearms, the elbows and now on my back. I have them on the same part of the body. Meaning I have some on the inside of my left and right calves for example. Same on the outside of my left and right thighs. After a hot bath they weep.
Avatar f tn Can someone tel me is it normall to have itchy skin? And if so y do we get it?
Avatar f tn During pregnancy, some women experience itchy skin, especially on the abdomen, thighs, breasts and arms.