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Avatar m tn Hi there my name is Shannon and just had blood work done i went to my doctor about on going rectum pain beore christmas i vomited and was not ill and having these migraine headachs plus had extremy itchy skin that i was put on cortizon cream not i was able to check my blood work online i had the blood work done mon my white blood cells are high 2 are high one is low also my c reative is high can anyone help what this may mean
1553907 tn?1367613186 So, I have been getting the run-around for nearly 3 years now. I am 39 years old. Complete hysterectomy 14 years ago. No estrogen therapy as I have fibrous breast tissue. My recent blood work platelets 559,000 wbc 13.9 and have a swollen lymph node. I am consistently tired and achy as if I have a chronic flu. Low grade fever that comes and goes and extreme nausea (taking Zofran, Maxeran & gravol for this). I also have tiny red pin sized spots all over my body.
Avatar n tn Hi Ken! You r a wonderful person! I once had a primary care doctor, who ws facinated by my medical history, & he thought i should donate my body to science, cas they would have a field trip on me! Unfortunately, i lost him, cas it ws on a Sat. afternoon, & he ws closed, so i went to my pharmacist, & showed them my skin. It ws blacl n blue, itchy, & the skin ws peeling off-like. They told me to go to the ER, & I DID?
727499 tn?1239631255 2) I am anemic (low hemocrit-low rbc) about half of the time on CBC 's-So, does the basic CBC show the whole picture really for lymph and leukemia? I have been ill for over a year with a weight loss of over 40 lbs. (108 now) Fever as I mentioned as been daily for over six months. It stayed under 100* most of the time, but since december it is always over 100 and has registered 104, for the last two evenings in a row. That has to be a mistake.
Avatar n tn I am an 18 year old female with a severe rash. its itchy, red, and bleeds easily i also bruise whenever i scratch it. i have missed several periods and am not pregnant. ive also had a non-productive cough for several weeks. also, the other day, i slept for twenty hours unexpectedly. What could this mean?
Avatar n tn hi , im wondering about tiny red blood spots under my skin. I have been noticing them a while now but t hey come and go , i tend to get them on my chest when its itchy and on my neck and shoulders and arms. just a while ago i noticed a patch of them about the length of my thumb on my shoulder and im gettging a bit worried , any ideas ?
Avatar m tn 3 weeks later I decided to go see my doctor because things just weren't getting better, I had new symptoms like itchy skin, lack of sleep, and bone aches (not just in one place but everywhere) I notice the bone aches more in my upper legs, lower legs, upper arms, lower arms and my fingers. My doctor ordered more blood tests which turned out to be normal.
Avatar f tn - weakness - General feeling of being unwell - swollen/enlarged tonsils for weeks - aching neck and sometimes face - itching in armpits - general itchy skin - particularly armpits, neck, stomach - pain, where I previously had appendix operation on the right, but also on the left - sometimes pain on left of back - occasional bleeding when brushing teeth - sometimes have irregular bowel movements Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn ) sharp intense at first, then ache awhile ITCHY skin in ONE spot, right hand, wrist, and forearm, which oddly enough is same location of most frequent joint pain....... Just realized that. Maybe I'm over analyzing everything, but, at a baseball game with a friend recently my 2nd toe on right foot cramped "down". It was the strangest thing! My friend was laughing at me. Had Chacos on and if was that obvious to see the toe bending down and extending "out".
Avatar f tn I have the exact same symptoms as well. Very itchy and skin is bruising prob. from scratching it so much. I soaked in the hottest bath imaginable for it on my feet and it relieved it for hours, but yet it still does not explain what this is caused from or how to prevent it. I don't have any faith in doctors or hospitals anymore because honestly they all depend on the net too much for prognosis/diagnoses whatever!
Avatar n tn I am also not allergic to anything, and do not even get seasonal allergies. I think I would normally overlook such itchy skin and chalk it up to dry skin/stress/etc, but I googled this symptom (I know, bad idea) and everything from leukemia to lymphomas as possibilities showed up. Needless to say, I am not increasingly concerned with the possible relationship between this symptom and something sinister.
623944 tn?1244039090 i ave a small painless not to really painless ,when i squeeze it it have a slightly pain and its movable lymph node in my neck cant be seen by eyes only by feel,i have itchy skin bumps that looks like a ants bite,i have no other symptom only symptom of anxiety,and sometimes i even feel symptom of brain tumor.can this cause from a terrible i had months ago are a bad tooth in my mouth.
Avatar f tn It goes away, then can happen here and there for a day, and may be sick 1-7 in an hour and I am then as right as rain. I have not been sick now for 7 weeks, but this is quite typical. My skin has got really itchy later but much worse after 10pm for some reason, and I itch anywhere and everywhere, although I have itchiness in the day its not so noticeable. I'm hot allot at night time, and sweat allot but not to the level of drenching the sheets. Not much in the day.
Avatar n tn They are increasing in number and a few are starting to show up higher on my stomach. They are neither raised or itchy, and the skin doesn't feel any different or drier. They appeared around the time my menstruation started, but I don't think it is related - my period ended two days ago. Two months ago I got HPV, Hep A, Varicella and Meningococcal Conjugate shots. I looked up side effects and I shouldn't be having any this long after receiving them. I included a photo.
Avatar f tn It doesn't itch, and it's very red/pink. Hives usually itch. Excema may or may not be itchy. Heat rash or prickly heat from being overbundled, may or may not be itchy, can be painful - everyone is different, although it's typically not *comfortable*. Yeast infection/Candidias can occur if you're not keeping your clothes clean or you're rewearing the same clothes without washing them - can be itchy, can be painful, but again, isn't typically comfortable!
Avatar n tn Thankyou for your response to my skin problem i have recently recieved word from the hospital regarding my biopsy results and to say the least it has left me shocked, i am told i have cancer, and not as you would expect skin cancer but cancer of the immune system something like leukemia apparently it was even likened to HIV which was scary to hear all this, i was told over the phone and now apparently i have to have a ct scan and go see a hematologist i dont know what to think now, my next appoi
Avatar n tn About a six weeks ago I had two TB skin tests (negative) and began volunteering in a local hospital. Around that time I noticed what looked like a bug bite on my lower abdomen, but it didn't itch. The spot grew into an irregularly shaped, 1 inch raised spot. About 2 weeks ago I noticed 20-30 raised red bumps that do not itch and are now growing like the other one did. I have not changed soaps, detergents, or lotions.
Avatar n tn Hi: I know itchy skin doesn't sound like a big problem, but my legs and arms itch like they were about to fall off everytime I take a shower. I don't have dry skin and I use Aveeno body lotion everyday to make sure I get enough moisture. The itching is like an intense tingling only on my arms and legs (mostly on my legs) and it's so bad that sometimes I just want to run yelling into the street.
Avatar f tn In March of this year I developed an itchy rash with pimplelike eruptions, almost mosquitolike. It has subsided some from the onset in March, it actually appears to have changed around August. Everyday it itches, but most days not as badly as before, then about once or twice a week I will wake up with massive hives on my back (beside shoulder & armpit). Afterwards I will have bitelike marks that tend to go away around 10 days.
Avatar f tn The final doctor was getting ready to do a skin scraping to see if it was a type of skin cancer when another doctor came in and recognized it at SCABIES. She had little bugs ubder her skin for over a year!!!! None of my other family members had caught it even though it is contagious. It took a ton of Docs to discover this pretty common thing. Pretty gross.... Id def get a 2nd or 3rd opinion if your diagnosis doesnt match up with your symptoms. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn Those excoriations are quite severe, and she certainly looks miserable, I am so glad that you are going to catch her and take her to a veterinarian, she is sorely need of care. Potential causes for the itchy rash include skin parasites (demodex, ectopic ear mites, notoedric mange), fungal skin infection (ie. ringworm, usually causes scaly hairloss and not as itchy as the pictures look), and food allergy. With the pus you describe, a secondary bacterial skin infection is likely.
Avatar n tn Female, 50, and think I have had herpes about 10years, however the outbreaks do not look like classic herpes blisters, but rather like a pimple/bump under labial skin that erupts and becomes raw. I had an outbreak two weeks ago that took five days to go away. This outbreak, for the first time, looked more like classic herpes with small blisters.
Avatar n tn Petechiae is blood leaking into your skin from tiny little capillaries just under your skin. This blood leakage causes tiny red skin dots, little red skin spots or a pinpoint red rash symptoms to appear. Petechia dots routinely emerge in the lower leg region, but you can experience red spot distribution all over. Its red pinpoint rash can materialize very quickly or slowly over time. The predominate cause of red skin spots petechiae is thrombocytopenia.
Avatar n tn In early July, I woke up and my eyes looked like they had aged about 20 years. The were itchy, dry, and scaley. I went to the opthamologist and he just told me to wash and moisturize my face daily and use Restasin (sp?). The eye irritation went away after about two weeks. During that time, I noticed that the itching on my arms was becoming worse and I also began getting the small bumps on the back of my thighs and they itched as well.
Avatar f tn Do I have Leukemia? Here are my recent CBC labs that showed inconsistencies with the national average. WBC 12.800 RBC 4.
Avatar f tn •Dry skin. If you don't see a crop of bright, red bumps or some other dramatic change in the itchy area, dry skin (xerosis) is a likely cause. Dry skin usually results from older age or environmental factors such as long-term use of air conditioning or central heating, and washing or bathing too much. •Skin conditions and rashes. Many skin conditions itch, including eczema (dermatitis), psoriasis, scabies, lice, chickenpox and hives.
Avatar n tn For the past few months, I occasionally get very itchy on my outer legs just below my hip area. If I scratch it, tiny bruises or splotches appear and the itch subsides. I've heard that this can have to do with anemia or leukemia, but I can scratch til the cows come home in any other area without bruising. I'm wondering if some bruising could be normal because the skin is sensitive in the area, and why an itch might be recurrent here.
Avatar m tn It sounds like a whole lot of misery for you. for the itchy skin, did you try QUELL lotion (over the counter item)--maybe scabies. Or cortizone cream? For the things crawling out your anus (maybe pinworms). ask your doctor for a prescription for Vermox or Mebendazole(by Rx only). In general, just google MORGELLONS SYNDROME or Morgellons disease and see if it fits you. I do not think you are imagining what you are feeling.
Avatar f tn I have aged noticeably since i got sick. <My skin has gotten sooo THIN and deep wrinkles all within 2-3yrs. I am just wondering if this is normal? I put up a pic on my profile, and i was wondering if u guys could take a look at it(again, on my profile).its the most recent one with my breast(nipple blacked out/covered, dont worry!)(and how bad my skin looks). Can anyone relate? U would not even believe how bad it looks.
448147 tn?1269821687 my first journal entry-overall situation. Ive been reaching out more & more, researching blogs and other peoples experiences. Its comforting when people come forward and share such private moments. a human connection. Im hoping to find someone in a similar situation (maybe a mother with the same age, in the last stages, etc) My mother is in the last stages of liver failure caused by hepc. Theres nothing else they can do for her except keep her comfortable.