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Avatar f tn I am a 26 year old male and I have been getting these bumps on the back of my hand from sun exposure for the past 5 years. At first I tried to use sun block and avoid the sun because I knew that the sun would just give me a reaction. I always noticed that in the Spring/ early summer was the worst time for these bumps to occur. So I decided to create a little experiment!
Avatar n tn After being in the sun, I had about 2 dozen itchy bumps all over my body. A week later, I was walking with my son in the july 4 parade. That night, the itching got worse. Now, after laying in the sun for an hour today, I have an itchy red, rash with lots of tiny bumps all over my chest and upper abdomen (oh-and I had a pretty nasty sunburn after the first day in the sun. Although i live in the mountains, and the sun is really strong here, i grew up at the beach.
Avatar f tn Is this a sun allergy? It only happens when I am out in the sun. They burn and are itchy. Will a certain sunblock help prevent this? Or what can I do?
1725147 tn?1309672947 When in the sun, I literally feel my skin burning from the inside out, even if I've only been in the sun for just a few seconds or minutes. I've tried creams to calm the burning and itching, I've also tried aloe with lidocaine. Nothing works, it only makes it burn worse. I am very worried about what is going on, I am only 16 and it's taken a toll on me. I can't go to beaches, if I do I suffer so greatly I could cry about it.
Avatar n tn Over the past 6 months, my skin has become increasingly "itchy". It started on my legs and has ultimately found it's way to my scalp. Its noticable after showers (med. in temperature), water on skin will sometimes make it itch. After an "outbreak" about 20 minutes later it stops itching and all looks/feels fine. It appears to be the hair follicle that is raised and irritated and it loks like several small bumps in patches. I can not issolate what casues the outbreak.
Avatar n tn I dont have any hives, welts, or bumps. It is nonstop itching from head to toe. I dont have any allergies or eczema. At first i thought that it was dry skin but i have been lotioning after every shower and if i dont i itch more. I havent changed any thing like detergent, soap, or lotion. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Please i just want the itching to stop!
Avatar f tn Symptoms follow any stimulus to sweat such as exercise (sometimes called exercise-induced urticaria), heat from the sun (which could also indicate solar urticaria), saunas, hot showers . The visible hives (sometimes called heat bumps) appear as a multitude of small 2-3 mm welts typically surrounded by patches of red skin. The affected area will often feel warm and can be extremely itchy or exhibit a burning sensation.
Avatar n tn On the other hand, heat rash develops when your sweat ducts become blocked and perspiration is trapped under your skin. In particular, miliaria rubra causes red bumps that are intensely itchy or prickly, giving rise to its common name, prickly heat. There is often little or no sweating in the affected areas adults develop miliaria rubra shortly after they're exposed to hot weather, but the rash more often appears after several months of exposure.
Avatar m tn Small bumps all over the body Dense clumps of bumps Hives, usually on the arms, lower legs, and chest A hereditary form of PMLE occurs in Native Americans. It can last from spring until fall. Symptoms at first include redness, burning, and itching, which usually last two or three days, but can persist for weeks. Other symptoms may begin within a few hours of sun exposure but go away within hours. They include: Fatigue Chills Headache Nausea Solar urticaria.
Avatar f tn I recently became itchy on the base of my neck, i discovered what felt like bites, i ignored it and just kept on scratching, then my hips became itchy and upon a doctors visit i discovered i had scratched my hip so much it had become an open wound and it was starting on the other side, now it has gone from head (still itchy) but it is on my fore arms, my back, my knees, behind my knees, shoulders and my lower legs, the doctor i saw prescribed a steroid cream which has kind of helped with the itc
Avatar n tn I too suffer from red itchy skin with little bumps, mostly on my chest after sun exposure. It will go away once you get a base tan! Just get your tan slowly. In the mean time when I am trying to get tan I use lysine its an herb you can get at the grocery store in a pill form, it is supposed to be for blisters or cold sores but it works great for my problem.It took me years before someone told me about it. You only take it right before you go out in the sun.
Avatar n tn After sun exposure, usually the next day, I get an itchy rash. They are little red bumps and they form where ever I have been exposed to the sun. I have been to the doctor and they usually give me some cream and pills for the itching. My question, is there anyway of preventing this from occuring? Until 3 years ago, I could go in the sun without a problem. Why is this happening now?
Avatar n tn Let me start from the beginning. When i was about 11 or 12, was the first time i noticed this problem. Then it was a hot summer and i developed a rash on the back of my leg/legs right behind my knee and on my hand. It did not affect me every year. But now that i am 24, I get it every year only on my elbows. It itches so so bad, and it looks like little small red bumps. It usually goes away by this time of year, but not this year. I really think it is caused by the sun but i am not sure.
Avatar m tn over time they have spreaded all over my body and some are just red bumps. i have them everywhere and in the last few dayson my genetals except from my face and neck. they are extremely itchy and have not responded to various forms of anti histamine or hydracortazone. i have changed washing detergents to a non biological one and i use no other chemicals or shower gels except from frangrance free soap and even these varieties have changed.
Avatar m tn I have like 3 different style bumps, though - tiny pink bumps on hands and fingers, dry (ringworm-like) bumps on my upper arms, and tiny pin ***** bumps on my stomach.
Avatar n tn I have been taking an antihistamine which hasn't cleared it up yet but the bumps seem to be flater but darker. They do not itch or don't hurt. Could this be from the sun because I have been laying out and am I doing the right thing by taking an antihistamine?
Avatar n tn I have been in the sun all my life, I am dark complected, with dark hair and olive skin. What I'm trying to get across is that I am NOT fair skinned where I might be sensitive to the sun. I have never had a problem until about 6 years ago. We went to Florida and my friend and I developed a rash on our stomach and arms but our other friend didn't. We were in the sand on the beach, she wasn't.
Avatar n tn My skin is very sensitive to sun. I have blue eyes & pale skin, and am allergic to sun. My allergy is 'awaken' only when I burn my skin when I am on the beach or a similar place that has no tree or house shadows. Then I feel a sudden, very strong and irresistable rash all over the place that has been burnt by the sun. I cannot concentrate on anything else except to rash. I am then scrubbing that area usually with the towel but as I rub more, the rash intensifies!!
Avatar n tn I also have red,itchy,bumps mainly on my chest when I get too much sun. It is really bad and keeps me up at night. I have tried everything and nothing worked until someone told me about lysine its an herb in pill form you can get in any grocery store it says its for cold sores and blisters but it works! Take it before sun exposure. Also good news, after you get a base tan the itch and bumps go away,so just get a slow tan and dont let yourself get burnt.
Avatar m tn Wow, this thread shows how many people are suffering from the same mysterious little red bumps. I've had heat rash while taking diuretics that make one sun sensitive that created small clear blisters but the little red bumps I have now are on one foot only, and have reoccurred in the same place several times. I am feeling that it may be stress related as I have had an outbreak of oral herpes in the form of a canker sore at the same time I have the bumps twice now.
Avatar n tn Rockoff doesn't seem to have posted it in his other replies to people suffering from itchy rashes with small red bumps. The itching can drive you near to insanity. There is no cure - the only thing that works is to cover your skin when you're outside. Period. I can get it through sunscreens of SPF45 and even through glass windows. Yeah, I know it's rotten - especially since I'm into kayaking and love the beach. Oh, well.
Avatar n tn and one on my balls) there is no bumps or itching on the inside of my penis...and the bumps kinda look swollen these bumps itch and the more i scratch them the more they itch until they stop after a while today i noticed some clear and white discharge coming from my penis..only been with one person for the past 6 months and she says the same its not burning when i pee or anything like that...
Avatar m tn felt great to scratch while i showered and did add eucering plus alpha-hydroxyl which i beleive aggrevated my condition and the neutragnea seemed to dry out my skin... anyhows i don't know what it could be... right now skin is softer and not itchy (only one in awhile is it itchy on the outside of elbows (not inner elbows)... maybe some sory of heat rash but i dont think it would last this long would it?
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Liz I suffer from extremely itchy skin It's mostly itchy on my legs And I am not allergic to anything too I scratch my legs so hard I leave bruises on them Even my tongue and my fingertips and my lips are itchy I went to the doctor and they don't know what it is either
Avatar f tn I went from shaving every once and a while, to shaving every SINGLE day from mid-july to end of august. I started noticing raised bumps on the skin of my vulva, as well as a milky discharge that came up between my lips at times. it went on like this until I got my period. The thing is, i got a fever the day before my period, and i felt horribly sick. The day after i started my period is when i noticed a papercut looking cut, small, above the top of where the lips start to seperate.