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Avatar f tn I have a very itchy scalp not all over but in patches. Ive tried every scalp treatment shampoos etc, my doctor gave me zamiol which hasn't worked. I haven't got a dry scalp, no dandruff, redness or rash. I even tried nizoral fungal shampoo with no luck. At moment using a coal tar based shampoo but with no results. Could this be caused by an internal problem and not actually the scalp it self. I'm 45 and poss pre menapausal, could the hormone changes be responsible?
Avatar f tn Sorry but I don't have scaly, flaky, itchy, red skin; just itchy scalp and some pimples. I also have had no hair loss; if only I could on my legs and underarms, ha ha. That's why I asked if it could be related to rosacea. Has anyone every heard of rosacea spreading to the scalp; I know it can affect your eyes.
977806 tn?1249070946 Preferably those without added ingredients that may make itching worse. I did have itchy patches around my hair line and later on my neck. Post tx, my derma gave me Desonide Lotion 0.05%....I'm wishing I had thought to ask about it during does help. I colored my hair throughout tx also and only lost about 10% overall. Atarax before bed also helped with the itches.
Avatar m tn Hi i am 23 years old and in the beginning of march I got a buzz haircut and noticed several bald patches on the front, top,& sideburn area of my scalp..I have been suffering from sebhoric dermatitis since i was younger. I went to the doctor & she told me the patches were from sebhoric dermatis & did not think it was alopecia aretia..i have an appointment with a derm. In a few weeks..
Avatar f tn From the symptoms it does not look like any fungal infection which presents as itchy patches with hair loss. However to confirm the diagnosis I suggest you to get a biopsy of the scalp skin done. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn I have had itchy patches that itch really bad and when I itch them they bleed. My scalp will be red with blood, but it is a clear liquid that makes my hair stick together at night. It started about 3 years ago and then went away and came back last year and never cleared up. When I do itch my head, I have these big clumps of scabs that come off with it. I have tried T-gel shampoo and nothing is helping. Can you suggest anything? I have also put neosporin on them.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if I have Psoriasis or not but I have very dry, scaly, itchy scalp. After washing my hair and conditioning it, it starts to peel off like scaly pieces of white. I have tried so many dandruff shampoos including selsun blue and also used tea tree oil. The tea tree oil helps with the itching a bit but the scaling is getting worse each day it seems. Is there anything I can use or try that will hopefully help my scalp?
1273473 tn?1270779440 This last time, I got some relief from itchy scalp with a topical steroid (prednisone) preparation. Get some Scalpicin!
7639611 tn?1392880861 )The past few weeks, I've been experiencing itchy red patches of skin that look like a rash on my arms, hands, and legs. The skin on my forehead is red, irritated, dry and flaky, though not quite as itchy. The skin all around my eyes is also red, irritated, dry and flaky. Oh, and my nipples are cracking. I use a humidifier, and I've tried applying Allegra cream, Vaseline, and Neosporin. I've also been taking Allegra orally. I wash my sheets, vacuum, and keep my living environment clean.
Avatar f tn I have a scalp problem. Started out as very itchy then thinning of the hair, then hair loss in patches. Dermatologist prescribed clobex shampoo and spray. Very effective however after using it 3 months I started lessening the frequency of use and all symptoms returned so it seems to be effective at controlling the symptoms but not curing the condition. Is there something else I can use to cure this.
Avatar m tn Right I am 18 and currently getting these patches of hair loss in my scalp. I also had red spots scattered near the back of my head. My doctor said it was a fungal infection in the head and so subscribed me with some shampoo (ketoconazole) and some fluconazole tablets as well as some antifungal cream. I have been using all medicines for around 2 months or so now. At first I had a patch at the back of my head (in the middle) this now has hair growing in, really tiny, thin hairs.
Avatar n tn I have Red patches, itchy, scaly, on my scalp it itches and it gets kinda of red and the white dry skin is behind my ears and now in my ears I have had it since 83 thats when I notice it. It seems to stay right at my hair line. I have it know where else. But my head and behind my ears and in my ears, I have to use hair spray because my hair will not hold a hair do without and that seems to make it worst. I try to use one that doesn't have a lot of alcohol. But it is hard to find.
Avatar n tn Then my forehead, around my left eye and a small portion of my scalp became very itchy - burns when I scratch it. There are NO visible signs of a problem but it is very itchy. I saw my Dr. who prescribed me eye drops and augmentin. She thought it was a bacterial infection. I have been on the meds for almost a week with NO relief. My skin and eye look fine but the itching is unbearable. I also can't sleep on the left side of my feels like little needles are poking me.
Avatar f tn I notices dry patches on my scalp and the back of my neck. My dr hasnt diagnosed me with it but I know thats what it it cause of all the research I've done. Has anyone had this problem? Or is anyone going through this?it ***** and I cant get treated for it cause ill put my baby at risk.
Avatar f tn Hello, Sometimes dandruff can be due to fungal infection/ring worms which start out in spots of thick patches of flakes throughout the scalp then they end up uprooting the hair in the hair breaking it off until there is a bald spot. This is highly contagious and you should not be sharing pillow cases or sheets with other family members. Treatment includes washing the scalp with shampoo with selenium sulfide (2.5%) or zinc pyrithione (1-2%) used 2-3 times weekly at home.
Avatar n tn They just say I am experiencing hair loss and ignore that fact that I am complaining about an itchy scalp. Do you know what this could be? Thank you!
609540 tn?1257320441 The other type of stress-induced hair loss is known as alopecia areata, and involves a white blood cell attack on the hair follicles. The hair also falls out within weeks, usually in patches, but can also involve the entire scalp and even body hair. Aside from dandruff, other causes of flaky scalp are psoriasis, scalp folliculitis, tinea capitis, infrequent shampooing, changes in weather or humidity, or hair care products.
Avatar n tn Hi, This could be - Seborrhoeic dermatitis, which is a skin disorder affecting the scalp, face, and trunk causing scaly, flaky, itchy, red skin. It particularly affects the sebum-gland rich areas of skin. Side effects to inflammation may include TEMPORARY hair loss. If severe outbreaks are untreated for extended intervals, permanent hair loss may result, because of damage to hair follicles. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn My two-year old has eczema and her pediatrician believes it is directly related to her dry, itchy scalp. She is constantly (vigorously) scratching her scalp (even immediately after washes). Her ped recommending using Selsun Blue no more than twice/week. I use Selsun Blue naturals and find that her scalp is still dry and itchy if I only wash it twice/week. It's better if I do it daily. However, she is African American and I'm afraid that the daily washes will dry her hair.
Avatar n tn I've noticed that my scalp has been rather itchy lately, and also that my hair seems to be thinning a bit (23 Male). I'm not sure if the hair loss has been gradual, but I haven't really noticed it up until now and it's mainly in the front of my scalp (though not affecting my widow's peak, that I can tell). The hairline isn't receding, to clarify, only my hair looks less dense on the both sides of the front of my scalp.
Avatar n tn It all started fifteen years ago when my husband's grandparents were in a nursing home. His grandmother complained of an itchy scalp. Then the parents started having the same problem and both were diagnosed with psorasis. Then my husband's scalp also started itching in addition to his legs and arms. He has been seeing a dermatologist for treament of psorasis for several years. About a year after his problems started my scalp also started itching and I was diagnosed with psorasis.
Avatar n tn Symptom: The forehead area closer to the hair has patches of dry scalp that sheds when the area is rubbed. I'm not sure if its a dandruff problem or something else. Right now there are two major red patches: one on the right and the other on the left in front. I have tried using anti-dandruff shampoo but it doesn't seem to work, at least not yet. The dryness is scaly and is located both in areas of hair growth and upper portions of the forehead. Occasionally it is also itchy. Please advice.
Avatar f tn The red areas are not flaky or raised, just noticeably red and itchy. This does not affect my entire scalp, but only specific areas mentioned above. I do notice my hair is thinner in these red patches which is very disconcerting. I've consulted with a dermatologist and I was told it's likely seborrheic dematitis. I was given a topical solution, Clobetasol, and also capsules of Mimocycline. I've consistently used both and have had no improvement to my scalps health.
Avatar n tn I inherited dandruff problem from my father. I take head bath everyday, if i dont my scalp gets filled with dandruff and extremely itchy. I used Head & Shoulders shampoo everyday which worked for dandruff but not itching. And it seemed that the shampoo worsened the hair loss problem; I started using herbal essence shampoo since last 15 months, i use it everyday. Dandruff and itching are controlled but I still loose lot of hair.
Avatar f tn I am a 26-year-old female with no family history of female hair loss. Most men in my family also have their hair except for my father who has had some hair loss (but isn't completely bald). I recently saw a dermatologist for hair loss that had been occurring for a few years. He looked at my scalp and told me, after listening to my hair loss history, that it seemed to be early onset female pattern hair loss.
13745079 tn?1432445099 I’m new here and reading this forum makes me feel better about myself. I developed psoriasis on my scalp since my senior year in college in '03. When I first had an outbreak, large portions of my scalp were VERY red. This redness was on the scalp only and didn’t go anywhere else on my head. After years of having flaky/red & itchy scalp, I began to realize that food was contributing to it. Dairy & gluten are the biggest problem foods.
Avatar f tn i used t-gel shampoo (nuetogenia--the spelling, i know) found at wal-mart for the itchy scalp that itches and bleeds and heals and i scratch it again. maybe try that. i bought one for my friend because he had the same problem, and he said it stopped.