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Avatar n tn Every night (only at night) for the past few nights I get an itchy rash on my wrists, behind my ears, and on the upper part of my stomach. The rash consists of tiny red bumps and a couple of the tiny bumps have a white "halo" around them. I am 39 weeks pregnant, and I thought that it was just a part of pregnancy, but my husband also has gotten these tiny red bumps but they are on his cheek and thigh.
Avatar n tn Didn't blister. Only gets red when scratched. Very itchy, worse at night. 5 weeks now and still itching! Heat doesn't make it worse, but cold helps. Any ideas? Going crazy!
Avatar n tn I have noticed that during the day the itch is not as bad but at night the itch is worse and the bumps appear more read and full. I used some benedryl and cortisone cream one night before bed and I still fell asleep for about three hours and then woke from the itch and had to apply the cream again. Yesterday I found my dead sea salt scrub and started using that to help at night. The sea salt seems to keep it managable for about 12 hours before I feel like I need to reapply it.
3435038 tn?1347357872 My hands and feet are itchy. I just started using this site. Dont know how to post stuff. So im asking this way. My feet and hands are very itchy. My skin is not dry. No rashes. Havent started anything new. I have been taking Benadryl,with no relief. If any one has any suggestions please help.I'm going crazy. I have a Drs. Appt. today so will see what they say. I will write back so if anyone else gets this problem they will have a answer. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Since then I have had a rash on my legs, sometimes it seems to get better but then it comes back, it gets worse when I'm stressed out. I copped a few more bites last night and now it looks like it might be starting on my legs. I thought it might have just been exma to begin with but I don't know anymore, it kind of looks like folliculitis. I do have HSV-1 but it doesn't look like that. It's kind of spread out not in clusters and pimply, I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I have an itchy rash on my both arms only. It is very itchy and i am making myself bleed all the time. I have tried anti histamines but they dont always help.
Avatar n tn I have gone through about 3 rounds of this the last couple of months. First I had a red, bumpy rash on my chest, no itch, felt like tiny bumps. Then it seemed to be on the top & sides of my shoulder/upper arm & upper back. The chest are if scratched seemed to have a minescule hard whitehead in it. It itched at night a couple of weeks. I had a cortisone shot (40 mg), tried different creams, lotions & it went away.
Avatar m tn In particular, scabies is a transmissible ectoparasite skin infection characterized by superficial burrows, intense itching, which tends to be worse at night and secondary infection. The mites which cause scabies are not visible with the naked eye but can be seen with a magnifying glass or microscope. Transmission of the mites involves close person-to-person contact of the skin-to-skin variety. It would be best to have it evaluated by your doctor.
237053 tn?1258832026 Not sure if I have asked this yet or not.. sorry if I have! Anyways, since my first "flare" in May 07 I have been getting an itchy rash just below my belly button. It starts as intense itching and then turns into welts/bumps. The more I itch the worse it gets. When I do have it it lasts several days and may not show again for several more months. Last night I woke up itching and it it back! At first I thought it was an allergic reaction to the buttons on my pants.
Avatar n tn I recently have developed an itchy rash on my abdomen which at first resembled poison ivy. They started out as small clustered itchy bumps with slight blistering along my waist line. These red itchy bumps are now spreading one at a time along my legs arms, one on my neck and ear, now resembling small mosquito bites. I was recently away on business and I thought at first that the rash may have been caused by something from the hotel bed, but after I came home these bumps continued to spread.
4825186 tn?1409023176 Every night before I go to bed I get really itchy everywhere showers or baths are even helping me what's going on?:!
Avatar m tn Hello, Anal itching is also called pruritis ani.Causes of itchy anal rash include moisture(due to sweating or frequent washing), the abrasion caused by clothing,the pressure of sitting,chemical irritants like laundry soaps, colognes and scented toilet paper,certain food irritants,medicines like some antibiotics and laxatives,infections like STD’s and pinworms,anal abrasions and fissures and skin problems such as psoriasis, seborrhea and eczema.
4516107 tn?1356307667 I'm super itchy on the back of my legs. I have no rash and my skin isint dry. What else could it be?! Its driving me crazy!!
Avatar m tn My husband and i ,are having problems with a rash or something on us. the small red looking clustered and wide spread bump like rashes started on our stomachs now spreading worse to our back and arms .I even have these on my breasts. It itches really bad to the point that im making myself bleed. we have tried itch creams calamine lotions oatmeal baths, and everything that i can think of. nothing in the red bumps themselves . just itches like crazy!!!!!
Avatar f tn I get itchy when I'm tired. I have been this way for most of my life...don't know if it's from HCV but I am now in my 3rd week of tx and it hasn't gotten any worse. I don't have the riba rash yet eventhough I spend a good amount of time in the afternoon sun. Everyone is different, I have olive skin and tolerate the sun well. If you are fair skinned you may have more issues.
Avatar f tn it got worse for me as i got to my 40th week... itch all over like i have chicken pocs. but theres nothing there.
Avatar f tn I mentioned it to midwife and that the itching was worse at night. She drew blood and I had elevated liver bile acid levels. She then gave me medication that I have to take twice a day as well as herbal detox drops for the liver. The condition is obstetric cholestasis and you only get it in pregnancy.. It ***** but, goes away after. If you do have it, be prepared for pills and blood draws every 2 weeks while taking them to make sure your blood is clotting the way it should.
Avatar n tn I always thought I had a ingrown hair problem because it honestly felt like when the hair would grow back it was unbearable and I thought maybe my hair is too thick for my pores. But even when the hair had full grown out it was still itchy and was always worse when id try relax or sleep. There was always blood on the sheets from me scratching in my sleep. It was so embarrassing and put me off going on dates and wanting a relationship.
Avatar f tn I itch everywhere. So bad. It is awful. I rub cocoa butter on every night after a warm shower. It seems to only make matters worse. Is this normal?
606428 tn?1220238336 im not sure if i have developed eczema but my legs are extremely itchy. there is no rash or anything but both my legs from the feet up to my hips and sometimes other parts of my body like my back or my breast itch so much that i just want to tear them off. its very annoying and i dont know what cause it or what is going on. people tell me its just dry skin but lotion does no justice... what am i to do? im in pain and i cant stand it anymore.
Avatar f tn It is small hard pimple looking that is VERY itchy and is randomly spread over the body. We were convinced it was scabies as it looks much like it and itching is much worse at night time. We have been to three different dr. and they all said it is not scabies because it does not leave a track like scabies where we have scratched it. the pimples bleed when attempting to pop and when scratched real hard.
Avatar f tn I had a rash that started with little red bumps all over "heat rash" area... under the breast under urms and inner thighs. went to the dermatologist..first treated it with over the counter stuff... sarna cream ..cortizone and such...than when itch got a lot worse and bumps went everywhere biopsy said alleergic reaction to some chemical?? but dont know what!! ..after 3 visits... he gave me steroids. first 5 days 60 mg and next 5 days 40 mg and so on until the last 5 days 10 mg.
Avatar m tn Itching is the most common symptom of scabies. The itch of scabies is insidious and relentless. The itch is usually worse at night. For the first weeks, the itch is subtle. It then gradually becomes more intense. Self-treatment is not recommended. Although there are many remedies on the Internet, none are as effective as prescription medications. The most appropriate treatment is for a topical medication or cream to treat the scabies and anti-itch medications for relief.
489228 tn?1291535054 I am also allergic to methlyparaben which is in most over the counter treatments however I found one cortisone ointment without it and have been opening a benadrly capsule and mixing it in my MSM gel. The rash gets better each night and worse through the day when I take my antibiotics. I am also on oral benadryl for my IC (I also have IC, Medullary sponge kidney disease, and a chronic infection)> Any input would be helpful!